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    Originally posted by ActualZak View Post

    At this time, no. Currently only the iPhone X has the necessary hardware and only ARKit (Apple) has an API we can tap into for this kind of feature. Not to say it'll be that way forever; it's just the way it is right now.
    Hello Zak,

    Alex O said ARkit 3.0 Update is coming with 4.23.1 :

    Is this working with the new iphone 11 as well?
    Last but not least you guys plan an update of the ARkit sample project with iphone 11 support?

    Many thanks



      Is it possible to use ARCore on Samsung S10 for facial capture? ArCore has augmented faces feature that does the same as arkit facial tracking.


        Originally posted by Enter Reality View Post
        I've been using te FaceAR for quite a while now, and I've also been experimenting with optimization and easy use of this app in order to drive different characters.

        You can see an example of a retargeted character here.

        You can either retarget the KiteBoy AnimBP to your character, or you can get the values from each morph target curve ( as I did in the video above ) and cast those to your character.
        In order to increase the quality I also added an option to switch between 30 and 60 fps, in order to improve the facial tracking quality, and it does look better and smoother, so is something that you might want to try.

        Together with IKinema Orion and the Hi5 VR Gloves, I'm now able to get true Full Body Motion Capture setup, and it's working nicely, I also did a live demo of the entire setup, and people were shocked when they found out about the overall cost of the entire setup, since it's really something innovative and easy to use, and the pricing is far to be as expensive as professional solution like Cubic Motion/Vicon.
        How exactly were you able to change the quality of the track to 60fps? Was it something you did before compiling the iPhone app?


          Originally posted by ChapmanVRClub View Post

          How exactly were you able to change the quality of the track to 60fps? Was it something you did before compiling the iPhone app?
          Just change the framerate within the project settings

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            Use UE4.23Pack it on IPhone Open the app, it's always looking for my face "Searching for a face to track",How do I fix it?


              • Package successfully with 4.24, it's not communicating with livelink on my PC,Why?
              • Has anyone found a solution


                Originally posted by RogueSheep View Post
                We have followed the instructions and have everything running.
                However the Livelink does not seem to be activated: the Windows 10 app does not show any updates the iOS app should be sending out. iOS does detect the face and updates within the app.
                -> Both machines are on the same network and should be able to see each other. (Check with a small setup using OSC communication)
                -> Tried this in 4.20.3 and 4.22.1
                Do we need to add any special rules to the (Windows default) firewall?

                In the docs ( it says:
                "Launch your Project, and in Project Settings set Supports AR to On."
                Searched back and forth but I cannot find this setting in the project settings, can this be the cause?

                Thanks in advance for any tips which will push uis in the right direction towards a working setup.
                Hello,Package successfully with 4.24, it's not communicating with livelink on my PC,
                • Have you found a solution yet?


                  Hey, it's my first time using MAC and I can't compile metal shaders. I'm only using Mac so I can try this out and see if I can create facial animations for my other project in this way. As I understand it Xcode is supposed to handle this. Am I missing any additional necessary software or is it just some settings that I have set up wrong?
                  "331 Shader compiler errors compiling global shaders for platform SF_Metal: Xcode's metal shader compiler was not found..."
                  I would really appreciate some help.
                  I'm working on 4.21 of the engine and Xcode version 11.3.1


                    Hey guys,

                    does anyone know if it works with iphone11 as well?


                      In 4.23 I can get it on my phone but it never comes off the "searching for a face to track" popup. Anyone get it to work on 4.23?