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Unreal Engine Livestream - Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough Part 2 - May 3 - Live from HQ

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    can you explain please in the shinbi locomotion state the transition between the jogstop and idle and why there is two transitions rules ?
    thanks .


      Where can I find a replay of the previous live stream on Artistic Lighting in UE4?


        I thank you guys for this and plan to turn in.


          Hello Amanda and Tim,
          I'm struggling with Twitch black screen error for a long time. Can you please share this content on YouTube as well?



            Any chance for a proper root motion controller? And correct in place/standing pawn rotation?
            I'm getting tired of seeing in all tutorials sliding feet, and rotating like on ice without legs moving..
            I didn't see any good explanation from Epic on how to use the root motion, yet.
            Hell, all the other engines are using the root motion system as default, and you can find a lot of tutorials for it.
            Sorry, I'm quite new to this, but I wish to know how to achieve: input keys>blend space values>animation plays>character capsule direction and speed drive FROM the root motion.
            How do we achieve that? All tutorials I see goes like: input keys>drive capsule direction and speed>play animation without root motion>hack with curves capsule speed. In my opinion you're doing it in a very outdated Quake/Doom fashion...

            Sorry for my rudeness, and thanks in advance.
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              Kia ora

              I'm hoping these WILL end up in a cohesive play list on Youtube so they can be worked through as a series, NOT jus a buch of disjoined video dumped in with everything else


                Something to note what I seen they look like the Pro are teaching the Developers (with all the Thank didn't know I forgot that. I'm not a Pro, I'm very new to it really but understand enough to see that). There are help video's on YouTube that can teach how to do better controlling the Character ""From the Beginning it's more and more like this is how you control Paragon characters from a Moba point of view which of comes to mind Epic fail at ..Doing great at Battle Royal though which isn't the point of Paragon Characters because they are only Moba"" My point is if you place Paragon characters in Fortnite - Paragon players will scream blood murder, You Place them in a Fighting game (Bloody Murder), you place them in VR (Bloody Murder) and so on. So really at the end another Game dies and so does the Characters that were mainly made for that game. The truth is The Characters could be use in any game the Developer see fit So why is Epic on they are made for Moba and if we **** off the Paragon fans we are Screwed (Hint you already did that by ending the game and Favoring Fortnite above it ""Why did Paragon Die because of Fortnite!! there are videos the fans are posting on YouTube or saying on these Forums). while some people would love to see these Characters live on in any game be it (Battle Royal , Horror, action adventure , Moba , Fighting, or VR and anything else you can think of). Here the only thing that should be on Epic mind We ARE Tring To Save A Part of Paragon anyway we can. or why else give it out freely so any Developer can use them. you really don't have to give them out at all. The Fans can hold on to the dreams and memories of Paragon as it was and I don't think giving out 12 million dollars of assets from Paragon freely is a We're Sorry note. because the Die hard Paragon fans are ****** (We want Paragon they don't live on any other way Turn the servers back on).here a hint I can see these Characters with more Promise then a We tried Moba Game. They Deserve Better (the Fans of Paragon).


                  I was working while it aired. Any chance I could get it on youtube or such? I was really looking forward to this live, such a great way to make better anim graphs!


                    FredPoissant usually up on youtube fairly quickly but the twitch VOD seems to be up already here (click the top link):
                    UnrealEngine - Unreal Engine - Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough Part 2 - Unreal Engine 4 - Twitch


                      Thanks for the livestream,
                      I've a question about how do you add double conditions for Jog Stop state to Idle state ?

                      ABC Augmented Reality by UE4

                      ArchVis VR


                        HosFross Hey Jay awesome tutorial, glad to finally learn on how paragon implemented their systems. I have two questions.

                        - The Sync Markers you said that are simple and set and play inside of BlendSpaces, but how about an AnimGraph? Is it that Sync Group setting on each node? How does that work exactly?

                        - What would be your approach to a TurnInPlace like Assassin's Creed for example, where you press to go backwards, the character first turns and then moves. Could you show that off too?


                          First of all thanks Jay! (& Amanda & Tim).

                          This has been very useful. I was familiar with the basics, but not super comfortable yet so extra detail helps a lot.

                          One thing I immediately noticed about the Paragon setup is the way the montages are used and controlled, partly from within the character Blueprint. Which is interesting. The approach in Paragon seems easier to manage .

                          My question, and does this goes back to Jay's skin the cat comment, what is the difference between this approach and the one used in the UE 3rd person montage tutorial ( )

                          Is this just preference?


                            HosFross @amandambott

                            I know its been a while that this stream went on. But i would like to point out a small issue with the Jog Start and Stop Blendspaces.

                            In case the player attempts to start or stop in a 45 degree angle in any direction, the result of the blendspace is totally off. It seems that the 4 animations don't blend well together.


                              anyone ever notice this?
                              I find it quite amusing...

                              If you start picking it apart there are tons of issues to work out...


                                The Exorcist : the game .