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2018 Spring #ue4jam - May 10-15

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    [GAME JAM] 2018 Spring #ue4jam - May 10-15

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Springue4jam_770.jpg Views:	1 Size:	62.2 KB ID:	1459671

    Background by Rachid Iyarmen

    Be apart of the Unreal Engine Community, join up with a team and prepare for the next #ue4jam! Once a quarter, Epic hosts the #ue4jam to give developers a chance to create new projects, sharpen their skills and compete for awesome prizes.


    Here are some resources that will help you get prepared for the #ue4jam.

    Need help finding a team? In search of members? Head over to to get started!

    Check out Tom's presentation on Game Jammin With UE4, livestreamed for our Winter #ue4jam.

    SideFX is offering a FREE 2-month Houdini license to all Spring #ue4jam participants. These won’t be available once the jam gets started, so be sure to sign up for your license today!

    Assembla will give all participants of the #ue4jam access to their platform for game development teams to build iterations of their game using their Perforce and SVN repositories. As a cloud version control provider with PM tools built in, Assembla is an effective asset to any gaming developer, and we are excited to watch Assembla’s continuing emergence within the game development community. To get access to the Perforce server, PM me that you will need access and your team's email addresses. Please also check out tutorials on using Assembla and Perforce beforehand.


    Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members total) to make the most incredible project in Unreal Engine 4 based on the given theme and submit before the deadline.

    Official Rules will be available at the start of the jam.


    Here's the list of submission requirements to win a prize:
    • The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds the gameplay found in Epic Games’ starter templates.
    • All art assets in the game must have a material other than the default applied to it.
    • Submissions must be packaged for Android (unfortunately there are limitations with iOS), Windows or Mac OS. No full, unpackaged projects. VR projects are accepted. Android games can be distributed via the Play store as well.

    In Unreal Engine game jam tradition, we'll be kicking this one off and announcing the theme on the livestream on Thursday, May 10th at 2PM ET and giving participants the weekend to create and submit an awesome game built in the engine. The jam ends on Tuesday, May 15th at 2PM ET.

    Submit your game on the Unreal Engine Spring #ue4jam page on before Tuesday, May 15th at 2PM ET.

    You will need the following information:
    • Team Name
    • Each Team Member's Name and Email Address
    • Game Name
    • Name of your submission
      • Please format your the name of your .zip file with your team's name attached, ex. TeamName_GameName
    • List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
      • This does affect the score, as we judge on what is made during the jam's timeframe. Submitting an entry with pre-made content that is not disclosed may lead to disqualification.
    • A link to gameplay footage to be included in our highlight reel on the Spring #ue4jam results livestream, if you so desire.
      • Please keep your video between 30-60 seconds.

    The Spring #ue4jam will feature a Grand Prize raffle, plus additional prizes for the finalist teams. We judge submissions for their visual aesthetic, unique use of the theme, and gameplay on a 1-5 point scale. The top 3 teams will be declared our finalists.

    Check back for prize updates from our sponsors: Intel Software, Falcon Northwest, SideFX, Assembla,, and more!


    All Finalists will receive:
    • a 280GB Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P from Intel Software
    • a 1-year Houdini Indie license from SideFx
    • the Ultimate River Tool​​ from VEA GAMES
    • a 1-year VectorayGen ​license from JangaFX​​​
    • an Unreal Engine swag pack per team member, including a Spring #ue4jam t-shirt
    • a "Game Jam Finalist" forum badge
    • a featured playthrough on the May 31st Unreal Engine livestream
    • a highlight on the Unreal Engine blog

    Every individual from the three finalist teams will also be entered into the Falcon Northwest Grand Prize Raffle, where only one lucky person will receive the Spring #ue4jam’s biggest reward; a custom Unreal Engine-branded laptop from Falcon Northwest.

    Specs coming soon!

    Many thanks to Intel for sponsoring the Spring #ue4jam and supplying our community with rad prizes! I encourage you all to check out their Game Dev Program at and sign up. They'd love to provide your team with resources to help you succeed -> Get ready. Get noticed. Get big.

    Happy developing, and good luck!

    Theme Announce Countdown
    Deadline Countdown

    Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
    Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam hashtag!

    Helpful Links for Jamming!

    Official Sites
    Getting Started Docs
    Reduce Your Package Size
    Top Tips for Game Jams
    Wiki Tutorials
    Wiki Code Tutorials/Snippets
    Training Videos
    Tutorials and Guides
    Blueprint Getting Started Thread
    C++ Getting Started Thread

    Unreal Engine's Official Youtube Channel
    Peter L Newton's Youtube Channel
    TeslaDev's Youtube Channel
    Mathew Wadstein's Youtube Channel
    Luos' Youtube Channel

    Tutorials and Guides
    Tutorials by Tom Looman
    Blueprint Guides by Romero
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    I would like to think that the theme is not going to be too narrow or unsellable.
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      I'm part of a 2 person team that's been using ue4 to make our first "official" game for a year now, we will take a little break to compete, it sounds like a nice change of pace, a short and sweet project, never participated before. thanks for doing this, should be fun! This is just my individual account so we will be participating under another name. good luck everyone!


        Hope it's something with ocean or boats...


          Good idea to use for the entries.


            Hey All I am a experienced C++ software engineer looking to put a team together for next month ideally it would be good to have;

            1 More experienced c++ software engineer,
            2 Designers (2D/3D),
            1 SFX Engineer,

            Get in touch if your interested or would like to discuss further.


              I am a game designer and can do overall system, numerical, battle, story design, and also take care of simple level construction operations. I hope to find a teammate or team to participate together.



                I wanted to talk about the artwork used for the banner of the spring gamejam. It honors me that you used my work but I would've liked if you at least put a link to my page or credited me.

                It's a school project so at least contact or credit the school about it.

                For any details, feel free to contact me.

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                  that is a nice shot ! and credit would be nice, Amanda was probably busy and didn't think about it.

                  no one ever reads licenses do we?


                    Oops, looks like someone didn't follow their own rules about declaring sourced assets!


                      Yeah it happens To forgot with the amount of work they have. Just wanted To point it out. No harm. ☺


                        Is there a sign up page? Or do we just submit to itchio the day of with all info?


                          Originally posted by Psynema View Post
                          Is there a sign up page? Or do we just submit to itchio the day of with all info?
                          I think there's a join button on the page.


                            Originally posted by ag858 View Post

                            I think there's a join button on the page.
                            Yep! As soon as you load the Itch page there should be Join Jam button