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    Unreal Engine 4.19 On Thin Ice Game UE4JAM Winter 2018

    This is the complete gameplay of Unreal Engine 4.19 On Thin Ice Game UE4JAM Winter 2018. We hope you enjoy it.
    This is a game about a tundra with bears and giant spiders as enemies. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    Download here.



    On Thin Ice Game Readme

    #UE4JAM Winter 2018
    1 Person Team.
    Unreal Engine 4.19
    February 11, 2018

    W - Move forward
    S - Move backward
    A - Move left
    D - Move right
    Left Mouse - Primary Weapon
    Left Shift - Run
    Space - Jump
    M - Menu
    Health - Pickup health from floor
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      Frozen Lake, a VR ice skating game.

      Push your 'snow stick' into the ground and push away to glide along the ice. Push into the ice again to stop yourself. Navigate the frozen lake, avoiding the treacherous holes.

      (Built and tested on Oculus Rift. Vive or MR support is unknown)

      Playable Link:

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        Game title: A business on thin ice
        Download link: HERE

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen.jpg Views:	2 Size:	200.8 KB ID:	1427025

        Why not build a factory on an iceberg? Naturally because it's a really bad idea.

        To save your sinking factory, you have to earn $ 50,000,000.00 to move the factory back on land. And the time to save the factory is very limited.

        How to play
        All you need to play is a mouse and a windows computer.

        Used Software
        - Unreal Engine 4.18.3
        - Inkscape
        - GIMP
        - Audacity
        - LMMS

        Good luck and have fun


          Less sleepy version of the post on the other thread:

          Our team (AlexRichards / chrismcr / edoartworks / efrenstudios) made a game called "Do Cats Dream of Electric Tin Bulb-Bots?"

          It's set in a dark future where you must pose a robot made out of a cat food tin and lightbulbs for the amusement of of disinterested Kitty Overlords.
          Controls: use the mouse to drag the ANKLES, WRISTS and NECK of the bot. It is unfairly difficult, sorry! (but maybe that's because the cats don't want you to win)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	cats.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	258.2 KB
ID:	1427077

          We spent around 24 hours in total on the game - nobody took time off from work and we weren't going to skip sleep at any point, so I'm quite pleased with what we managed in that time.

          Originally we'd interpreted "on thin ice" as "on your last chance", which made us think of being held in judgement.. that led to cats because there are no creatures more judgemental than cats... 3 days later and we had a game that frankly didn't have a lot to do with the theme - so we put some ice textures on it. Ta-da!

          Assets not made by the team were a material and a couple of particle effects from InfinityBladeIceLands, some SFX from and SFX from the following users on
          TheDweebMan, TheGertz, shymary, InspectorJ, Puniho, passAirmangrace, Timbre,, magedu, kwahmah_02.

          Attached Files


            Team name: HOT DOGS STUDIO

            Welcome to Raining penguins VR!
            Protect your ice floe from fat penguins and keep an eye on your little penguins while they are fishing!
            Little penguins earn fish which you can spend to upgrade your ice floe!
            If you loose all of your penguins or all of your ice float fields you will loose!

            Press (Y) to reset your position
            GRAB - to grab fat penguins,little penguins and ice floe upgrades!

            -Your little penguins will repair damaged ice floe fields!
            -If they cant reach it simply tranfer them to it!
            -Try trow bad penguins at each other for better results!
            -Fish bone upgrade - +1 life to ice floe field
            -Turret - will help you to protect ice floe!

            DOWNLOAD LINK
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              Our entry for ue4 winter game jam, me and my team learnt alot while developing this game. All the audio ingame was voice acted by us :P

              Download link:

              VR Game using the oculus touch
              Please set your default audio device to the oculus headset and stand in the center of the room before starting.

              Enjoy !!


                -= D.E.S.T.E.N. - E 7 =-

                I sadly had to work alone on this jam but I did my best. Dedicated to my friend Trisu.

                You control a little robot who has to escape from deadly and earth melting sunbeams.
                Run through the levels as fast as possible and escape earth or get melted by the sunbeams.

                Have fun and thanks for playing!


                - Move with Keys A and D
                - Jump with Space Bar (The robot has a booster for double-jumps)
                - Aim with the mouse
                - Left mouse button fires a fireball to melt ice blocks. (Warning, can destroy your robot)
                - Right mouse button fires a ball of ice to freeze water and/or your robot


                Google Drive

                From my Webserver


                  My first game jam ever - wow! What a fun weekend! ​ We had a team of 5 and really worked up to the wire to create all of the visual assets from scratch (Submitted at 11:49)!
                  Watching everyone else's progress on Twitter was also amazing!

                  This is what ours ended up looking like:

                  Introducing our VR game Ice Castle Hassle!
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	image_129250.png Views:	1 Size:	567.5 KB ID:	1427274

                  Let the villagers through, but sink the monsters by shooting fire balls to break the ice or ice balls to restore it.
                  Full instructions included in the "README" in the zip!

                  Here's a small trailer I cut together last night:

                  And this is what some unedited gameplay looks like:

                  Download the game here:

                  We'd also love to hear your feedback!

                  Have fun!
                  I can't wait to try out everyone else's games!
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                    Team: NoAudioGuy
                    Members: Gigo, FrostyChimera73, ghost4277, Kinthamen

                    Most of us are new to game jamming or our fist time doing it for the Unreal game jam, but we had a lot of fun and despite our busy daily lives, managed to make something fun too! In this game, you are a snow plow trying to plow the neighborhood street as fast as you can! Just watch out for the ice on the streets and the parked cars and other things as you go because they will get in your way! There are two ways to be on thin ice in this game; Literally being on ice and based on time, but we found that it was just as fun to just plow everything in sight! We hope you guys enjoy it!

                    Controls: Left and Right arrows.

                    Thanks to Kevin Macleod for making Cyborg Ninja (background music) and posting it online for all to use!



                      Just realized this thread was here. Copied my post from the other one:

                      Team: Head and Heart Games
                      Game: Break the Ice
                      Team members: 2
                      Angela - Game Design, Programming, Level Design, Art
                      Adam - Array logic, Debugging


                      Grab a rock and break the ice to knock your opponent into the water in this 2 player game.
                      Player 1 keyboard, Player 2 controller.
                      Sounds are from and, all other assets were created for this game jam.
                      I would've liked to have created more levels, but think it was my best game yet!

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                        Team: Hard Mode!

                        Title: Iceholes

                        Team Members:

                        Programming and stuff - BATTLESQUATCH - @BattleSquatch
                        Art, Audio, and Playtesting - Kallvin Hobbes - @StudioKallvin
                        Script & Voice Acting - itsnirishthing
                        Script & Voice Acting - God_Damethyst
                        Script & Voice Acting - Big_D


                        Description: Use WASD to move and shift to sprint as you navigate a tremendously painful course over a frozen river.

                        Download link:

                        A huge thank you to Epic Games / Unreal for the opportunity to take part in a community event, and last but not least the awesome team members I had the pleasure of working with!
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                          Nanuq on Ice

                          Concept: Typical platformer with destructibles, sounds effects made with my mouth, and a few glitches! Play as Nanuq as you try to get from one side of the lake to the other. As you progress in levels, the size of level increases and traps making it increasingly harder to progress. An endless game of fun! If endless isn't your jig, try out time trials!

                          WASD - Movement
                          Space Bar - Jump
                          Shift - Boost
                          ESC - Menu

                          Team: TheDude

                          Members: Just Me - Rob Steiner

                          Download: TheDude_NanuqOnIce

                          Twitter - Github - UE Blog



                            Game Name EGGSPIONAGE
                            Team NameTeam Has No Name
                            Each Team Member's Name
                              • Alonso Caballero
                              • Sardorbek Mamasadikov
                              • HUANGCheng
                              • Nick Lato
                              • Emmanuel Pires da Cunha Peixoto

                            About the Game:

                            Eggspionage is a 3rd person top-down stealth based game, where players will navigate through an icy polar environment inhabited by the big barbaric viking polar bear. The players will assume the role of a stealthy ninja penguin whose mission is to acquire the all missing eggs that were taken from their colony by the Barbaric Viking polar bear tribe. Now it's time to take back what is yours using the legendary penguin ninjutsu techniques of stealth

                            Key Mapping:

                            ASDW:Move the Penguin
                            Left Shift:Stealth Mode
                            Space Bar:Zoom Out the Camera
                            Right Mouse Button:Prepare to throw the fish
                            Left Mouse Button:Throw the fish
                            *The thrown fish attracts the polar bear

                            Game Download:



                              Icy Bois

                              Endless Arcade Racer: You're in a sled racing through an endless icy landscape, collecting snowflakes and ice pops, and crashing through ice obstacles at high speed.

                              Controls are WASD, or left-stick on a controller.

                              Solo Project - All assets either created or default engine stuff.



                                Hey all, here is my first ever entry into the UE4 game jam as well as my first post!

                                Thin Ice Fast Arrows
                                Survive. Keep Warm. Keep Moving.

                                Solo Entry

                                Had fun, ran out of time towards the end to polish the UI and get the custom character in there.
                                Also unfortunately I realised the version I submitted for entry had a game progression bug that stopped you from reaching the Boss.
                                This version has that bug fix and a couple of tweaks.

                                Here is a version with the progression bug fix as well as a couple of other bug fixes;

                                And here is the OG submission version without the fixes;

                                Used a few sounds from and some textures from game textures as well as an Ice Shader from Gumroad.
                                Along with a few particles with some slight tweaks from Infinity Blade: Effects and a tree from the Soul Cave assets and the UMG system from the Game Jam Kit.

                                About the game:

                                Keep moving
                                The Ice will crack and break under your feet.

                                Keep Warm.
                                Find campfires to warm yourself up and restore your health and use your torch to slow the drop of your body temperature, but be weary as the Ice around you will melt quicker.

                                Hunt down the mysterious dark beast lurking beneath the ice. Use your all powerful Arrows to pierce the dark energy trying to stop you.

                                Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad controls (minus the menus)