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    Unreal Engine 4.18 Darkness Attack Game

    This is the complete gameplay about darkness attack for UE4 Mega JAM for Nov 2017. It is plenty of vamps that going to damage our héroe.

    Download here

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    Originally posted by MatthewPalaje View Post
    Ray The Robot

    Information - A 3rd person VR platformer game. Developed for the Oculus Rift + Touch. This was my first Epic Games MegaJam, I'm very proud of what I've created and I hope you all enjoy it!
    Team - Matthew Palaje
    1 Member - Matthew Palaje
    Download links:
    Google drive -
    Itch IO -
    Disclosed Content - The song in the game was created by Raymond Cripps, I got his permission to use it. All other content for the game was created by myself.

    Screen shots:

    Congrats on the win, shame that you've clearly been working on this for months, as can be seen on your YT channel. But congrats though, for taking the chance away from someone that might have legit only been working really hard for the jam week, as per the valid entry conditions.

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    did not know about this page silly me, so i don't think so many of you have seen my game but here it is and it's pretty funny

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    My very first game jam entry! Thanks for the opportunity!

    This is a king of the hill type shooter game.

    Game play video footage:

    Play REACTOR7

    Please note that this is a multiplayer game that uses authentication ( to keep track of score and rank) , and regional matchmaker ( to connect players on low ping servers ).

    Bring a friend, and set your regions to be the same. Hit 1v1 and matchmaker will connect you in the same match.

    Nobody in queue? Grab me (Element) in discord. I'll play a round with you.

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    Ghost Problems: Halloween Leftovers
    Developer: Gamejaxx (1 member)

    Download Link:

    Story: It's a week after Halloween, but some ghosts decided to stick around in an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere. You're a ghost exterminator, and your job is to kill all the ghosts before exiting. It's fairly dark, so you need to use your weapon to light the way.

    This is a fairly simple run-n-gun FPS with one weapon, one level, and one enemy type. It's also the first game I've completed.

    Disclosed assets:

    8bitoperator JVE font (Copyright nipcen 2011)

    Fire texture:

    Fireplace brick texture and front door texture were found on Pixabay and cghub

    Player weapon sound by fins on

    Enemy weapon sound by jeckkech on

    Known bugs:

    Fireplace has no collision detection

    Ghost AI occasionally doesn't respond properly

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all you fine people, there is celebrating Thanksgiving, it is today a great day to play a fun multiplayer game. And therefor I will recommend to you, to play my submitted game for the Epic Mega Jam. The game is called "The War Against Darkness", and it is a digital board game for two players. All you need to play the game is a mouse, a windows computer and a friend or perhaps even better a family member to play the game with.
    You can download and learn more about the game HERE

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen.jpg
Views:	32
Size:	94.4 KB
ID:	1390724

    And as always I will wish you good luck and have fun

    The linked version of the game, is not the same as the version of the game that I have submitted for the competition. In this version I have fixed a lot of bugs, and I have made some small changes to the visual appearance.

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    The Last Light
    Red Tentacle Games
    Mathew Tomberlin
    Harlan Cheer


    Aliens have invaded the city and the military is pulling out of this district. Your squad has been tasked with rescuing as many civilians as possible before calling in the last evacuation helicopter. Sneak around the dark city and find the civilians, defend them with your rifle, lead them to safety and summon your ride to freedom!

    A new city district is procedurally generated every time you play!

    Handcrafted, MegaJam 2017 unique soldier, alien and civilian models.


    Move: Left-click on the ground
    Attack: Troops will automatically attack aliens they see.
    Stop/Start Follow: Click the button in the bottom-right to toggle whether the civilians follow you or wait.
    Call Helicopter: Click the button in the bottom-left to throw a smoke grenade, then wait for the helicopter to land. Anyone standing very close to the helicopter will be rescued, including your squad! (There is no indicator to show whether they are close enough, better squeeze in!)

    Downloading and Running
    Click here to download the game from the official link (where I forgot to zip it first), then click on the name of the folder 'RedTentacleGames_TheLastLight' and select Download from the drop-down menu. The folder will be zipped and downloaded. To play the game, unzip the folder and then double-click the executable file, RedTentacleGames_TheLastLight.exe.

    Click here to download the game already zipped version (but otherwise exactly as the official link). To play the game, unzip the folder and then double-click the executable file, RedTentacleGames_TheLastLight.exe.

    Known Issues
    -The military drop beacons are inaccurate and sometimes result in the squad spawning inside a building. Squad may appear half-inside and half-outside of a building and may be unresponsive. If this bug occurs when the game starts, please restart the game.

    -Some aliens seem to be able to evade notice entirely, after having already been spotted by the squad. Sometimes, if the squad all lose sight of an enemy squad, they may be unable to re-acquire that squad as a target in the future. There is no fix for this issue, simply try to avoid that squad.

    -Civilians are petrified, too scared even to follow the safety of the squad! Sometimes a civilian squad will be unable to see a squad. Sometimes this is indefinite and the civilians should be left behind, other times they may follow as the squad leaves and should work properly after that.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	2 Size:	482.9 KB ID:	1390421Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	498.6 KB ID:	1390422Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	517.0 KB ID:	1390423Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	454.1 KB ID:	1390424 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	38.8 KB ID:	1390427
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    My Very Own Light, by The Wild Games

    Here is our submission with few improvements:

    And here is a quick teaser done with the original version:

    Vincent Jumelet has done the main character, his "lantern", interface visuals and has chosen and slightly remixed the music (The Ninth Crewman from Patrick de Arteaga), I've done the rest.

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    We finally had some time to create a trailer for our entry, so I thought it might be about time to actually add our game to this thread.

    Multiple Realities

    Bas van Nuland
    Arne Bezuijen

    Multiple Realities is a VR/AR crossplatform multiplayer game.

    Two players need to work together to solve a puzzle. One player moves around in the VR world. This player needs to find puzzle pieces and put them together. The other player can see the VR player's movements in the AR environment on their phone. This player can also influence the VR world by moving around their phone to control a spotlight in the VR world.

    All art is custom made, but we did use the Augmented Unreality AR plugin ( We would have liked to use ARCore but as the game already required a VR headset we didn't want to limit out audience further by also requiring one of the very few phones that currently support ARCore.

    Download link:

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    YouTube playthru with timestamps:

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    Lux by Rockpunch Games (4 Members)

    Disclosed Assets:
    Mixamo Animations
    Infinity Blade Adversaries

    LUX is a game of light, the balance and creative usage of whilst trying to escape your classic retro dungeon crawler, alongside completing puzzles and avoiding deadly traps and monsters.

    You can summon various-sized LUX (Light Orbs) at the click of the Mouse. The controller is supported but we recommend using mouse and keyboard input.
    WASD To Move, Shift To Sprint, Left Click To Summon Orbs, Right Click To Turn Ethereal.

    To complete the game you need to fight your way through the dungeon, lighting the specific braziers to open doors and find your way to and defeat the boss.

    Tip: Some of the braziers needed to open the final doors may be earlier on in the map, hidden behind doors that may of been closed at the time.

    Full disclosure: We can make it to the boss but die everytime facing him.

    Good Luck!
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    Decided I could share our submission in this thread too!

    Nothingness of Void by SkyKey (3 members)

    (sorry for missing sound in the video, but that's how it went on submission)

    You can download game here (same link as in announcing thread):

    Game's plot:

    A man wakes up near bonfire in a strange place, as he starts exploring, a lot of things remind him moments from his past, telling his life story to player. Darkness blocks his way, but bonfire helps push darkness away, to find memorable items that are the best to fuel it's flame.


    WASD - to move around
    E - to interact
    R- to respawn in case you stuck
    Q - quit the game
    mous wheel - adjust camera distance.

    Disclosed content:

    Meshes: big rocks, fences, trees and big wind mill, well, rocky wall at the right side (only meshes though, as materials are all custom made during jam for every item, including fire)
    Textures: landscape textures: diffuse, normal and roughness taken from
    Skeleton asset: character skeleton was premade, but mesh and animations were crafted during jam
    Sound: wind, fire and chopping effects are from

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    Title: Light of Darkness

    Team Name: Lit Dynamite
    Team Members (5): Viktor Bastnes, Anette Moseidjord, Baard Magnus Riis, Knut Andrè Bjoergum, Vilje Hliðskjálf

    Download Game Here

    About the game:

    You are playing as Aaron Lee. A normal guy in, what seems to be a normal world. One day in his apartment, he started to hear voices in his head. They keep whispering to him, and at the same time, a portal emerges in front of him. He get sucked into the portal, and then finds himself in a dark, mystical place.

    Help the two light spirits to succeed in this game.


    Ground Movement:
    W,A,S,D: Movement

    Space: Jump

    Mouse: Look

    Left Mouse Button: Strike with the weapon

    Pause Menu: Escape, TAB

    Disclosed Content:

    - Character rigging, skinning and animations:

    - Sound Effects found at:

    - Audio Converting Program:
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    We're excited to share our Megajam submission: Shaanti! Our studio developers, who are scattered across the world (India, Canada, USA, Brazil), worked relentlessly on this project. We hope you enjoy it!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.12.05 PM.png Views:	1 Size:	256.0 KB ID:	1385423

    Step into the dream of a tormented veteran and succeed in his last quest to find what he is looking for...
    Team: Legendary Minutes (5)
    Alex Kolosov | Writer, Art Director, Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer
    Dillon Vetere | Sound Director, Game Designer, Composer, Sound Engineer
    Leandro Rodrigues | Lead Programmer, Gameplay Scripting, Game Designer, Puzzle Programmer
    Rahul Ghosh | Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer
    Tabrez Pirani | Game Designer, Puzzle Lead

    Move: WASD
    Camera: LMB
    Interact: E

    Download Link
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    I have started a video series of the games in this thread (and will continue with the ones outside of this thread as well )
    Updated daily at 10:00 PM GMT+01 currently

    So far, the first two episodes are out:


    EPISODE 1:
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