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    Originally posted by alvarofer0020 View Post
    Click image for larger version Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	42.0 KB ID:	1382832

    Name:They Come At Night
    Download Link:
    Team Name:Goose Boys
    Team Members:3

    Objective:Survive for as long as possible
    Controls: WASD - Player Movement
    Space: Jump
    R:Reload Weapon
    Left Mouse Button:Fire Weapon
    Q ( Hold ) :Show radial menu for tilting soil ( to place crops ) , Plant Crop Seeds & Build fences
    E:Place Crop, Interact, Place Fence etc

    Disclosed Content
    Orbit Weather System from the Marketplace
    Radial UI From the Marketplace

    During the day manage your crops to harvest them for money to buy ammo for your gun and fuel for your generator that will activate your lights at night, during which zombies come to destroy you and your crops!, Zombies are much more vulnerable when they are in the light, so make sure to keep that generator fueled during the night!, Survive for as long as you can
    Here's some gameplay from this project!



      - Spoiler Warning - Don't watch the gameplay clip if you want to fully enjoy the discovery / exploration aspect of the game.

      Title: Woods Of Blah

      Team Name:Nuldrums
      Members (1): Troy Maynard


      Move: WASD // Left Joystick
      Interact: E, J, or Enter // X button, Y Button or B Button
      Jump: Space // A Button

      Concept: The inhabitants of the Woods of Blah were once avid creators. They have lost their tools and need them to return to the joy of creating and break their spell of pure unadulterated boredom.

      Disclosed Content:
      - All but 1 of the trees are from the Polygon Knights Pack by Synty Studios off the Marketplace
      - The 2 fonts were free downloads
      - The water splash, footstep and wind sounds were pulled from an old project

      Full Playthrough Video (10 minutes):

      This is in case someone gets stuck or lost but is still interested in seeing the rest of the dialogue / story.
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        Kaiya, Goddess of the Moon

        Team Name: MCKV

        Team Size: 5

        Disclosed Assets: Everything was made by us except for the background music.

        Oculus + Touch only, sit down on a chair comfortably! Press Trigger while looking forward to reset view.
        Left Analog Stick to move, Right "A" Button to Attack/Interact
        Use motion controllers to block bullets in physical space

        Description: The game depicts a girl, Kaiya, with her moon deity guardian working together to defeat darkness and using light to solve puzzles. A top-down RPG VR game.

        Download Link (Oculus Only):


          A light in the dark - made by team WolfFlare

          powerforce - coder, game designer
          dhose - coder, game designer
          shayade -modeler
          mind.set.go - sound designer

          When the jam ended we sent other version. This is the game after fixing stuff.
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            Will continue streaming in about an hour of all gamejam submissions:

            Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

            Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :


              Originally posted by VictorBurgos View Post
              Will continue streaming in about an hour of all gamejam submissions:
              Hey, would it be too much trouble to add my game from the last page, "Knight's Lights", to your list? I missed the deadline because of a packaging bug, but I'd really love to know what you think of it.


                Porphyria Banner

                : Porphyria
                Team: Five guys

                Dafydd John
                Jack Penny
                Philippe Valensa
                Joshua Payne
                Ricky Barnett

                Disclosed Assets:
                Mixamo Animations
                Picket Fence
                Music and sfx

                Description: The game revolves around the day cycles. You play as a survivor and have to loot buildings throughout the day in order to find light sources and power to keep them going. At night the survivors will be besieged by light sensitive creatures which they can only fight with light. Explore the town to find your weapons and survive as long as possible. As the game progresses nights will become longer and days shorter so be on your toes and make sure you have enough to last the longest night.

                Instructions: WASD movements, space to jump, “e” to interact, right click to shine your torch onto the enemies and tab to open up your inventory, drag and item out of your inventory to drop it.

                When near a searchable item a prompt will come up on your screen to search it, press”e” to interact with it. When inside the inventory interface, your character's inventory is placed in the center of the screen, the inventory of the item you are searching will appear on the right and when selecting an item that needs a power source, it’s inventory will appear on the right for you to drag a battery into.

                Different items take different sorts of power so make sure you have the right batteries for the job. Shine your light on the enemies to get rid of them.

                If you die there will be a short period of time where a friend can help you up before you die and only respawn the next day cycle.

                In order to play with your friends simply launch the game to host a session and then your friends will be able to join you via your ip using the command Travel “yourIpHere”.

                Enjoy and see how long you can last

                Download link:
                Video link:


                  Click image for larger version

Name:	5SVDujSl.png
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                  Hi everyone, for #screenshotsaturday just wanted to show the game jam project inspired by the UE4 theme," However Vast The Darkness, We Must Supply Our Own Light" (how would you have made a game from this theme?). The game my team made was a collectathon. Collect 50 penguins while using WASD for movement, F to push characters, press left shift to dash and perform a stronger jump while dashing using spacebar and E to interact while in dialog.

                  If you are interested in playing this project, the download link is below. If you would like to support indie efforts like this, please give these links your love and follow! We're always looking to interact

                  Programmer Allen

                  3d modeler Ashley

                  2d artist Xavier

                  3d modeler Jack

                  DL Link:
                  Attached Files


                    For my playlist:


                    And I sort of agree with Antidamage. But I would like to see Epic Games Hosted Servers for submissions. One easy, painless way to upload everything, includingthe new submission form. But more extensive. We need to know if it's VR (and which HMD is supports), Multiplayer (local, online, steam, number of players, etc), IF it has an ended, so I and other don't waste our time playing too long trying to win something unwinnable.

                    I want Epic to host, or use so that the submissions are properly time-stamped and there's no guess work if there's a late entry or not.

                    Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

                    Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :


                      Hello I did a small game too
                      GAME : Girl Inna Shadow
                      Team : Sasaki kujiro (code and GFX)

                      music Xavier massard

                      Done assets and script withing the 7 days, all live on periscope, nothing disclosed.

                      First jam, so it s not that nice of a game, but was fun to do

                      Small in game Video

                      Dl link if u want to give it a try



                        Restarting #ue4jam playthru stream in about 30-45mins

                        Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

                        Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :


                          I have started a video series of the games in this thread (and will continue with the ones outside of this thread as well )
                          Updated daily at 10:00 PM GMT+01 currently

                          So far, the first two episodes are out:


                          EPISODE 1:
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                            We're excited to share our Megajam submission: Shaanti! Our studio developers, who are scattered across the world (India, Canada, USA, Brazil), worked relentlessly on this project. We hope you enjoy it!

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.12.05 PM.png Views:	1 Size:	256.0 KB ID:	1385423

                            Step into the dream of a tormented veteran and succeed in his last quest to find what he is looking for...
                            Team: Legendary Minutes (5)
                            Alex Kolosov | Writer, Art Director, Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer
                            Dillon Vetere | Sound Director, Game Designer, Composer, Sound Engineer
                            Leandro Rodrigues | Lead Programmer, Gameplay Scripting, Game Designer, Puzzle Programmer
                            Rahul Ghosh | Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer
                            Tabrez Pirani | Game Designer, Puzzle Lead

                            Move: WASD
                            Camera: LMB
                            Interact: E

                            Download Link
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                              Title: Light of Darkness

                              Team Name: Lit Dynamite
                              Team Members (5): Viktor Bastnes, Anette Moseidjord, Baard Magnus Riis, Knut Andrè Bjoergum, Vilje Hliðskjálf

                              Download Game Here

                              About the game:

                              You are playing as Aaron Lee. A normal guy in, what seems to be a normal world. One day in his apartment, he started to hear voices in his head. They keep whispering to him, and at the same time, a portal emerges in front of him. He get sucked into the portal, and then finds himself in a dark, mystical place.

                              Help the two light spirits to succeed in this game.


                              Ground Movement:
                              W,A,S,D: Movement

                              Space: Jump

                              Mouse: Look

                              Left Mouse Button: Strike with the weapon

                              Pause Menu: Escape, TAB

                              Disclosed Content:

                              - Character rigging, skinning and animations:

                              - Sound Effects found at:


                              - Audio Converting Program:

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                                Decided I could share our submission in this thread too!

                                Nothingness of Void by SkyKey (3 members)

                                (sorry for missing sound in the video, but that's how it went on submission)

                                You can download game here (same link as in announcing thread):

                                Game's plot:

                                A man wakes up near bonfire in a strange place, as he starts exploring, a lot of things remind him moments from his past, telling his life story to player. Darkness blocks his way, but bonfire helps push darkness away, to find memorable items that are the best to fuel it's flame.


                                WASD - to move around
                                E - to interact
                                R- to respawn in case you stuck
                                Q - quit the game
                                mous wheel - adjust camera distance.

                                Disclosed content:

                                Meshes: big rocks, fences, trees and big wind mill, well, rocky wall at the right side (only meshes though, as materials are all custom made during jam for every item, including fire)
                                Textures: landscape textures: diffuse, normal and roughness taken from
                                Skeleton asset: character skeleton was premade, but mesh and animations were crafted during jam
                                Sound: wind, fire and chopping effects are from
                                Check out my twitter @Strandcliff where I post progress on my game "The Secret Ties of Strandcliff".