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    Project Name: Shaman
    Team Name: Team Awesome Cats
    Team Members: 5
    Download Link:
    Download Link (fixed version):,

    Sadly we found nasty crash after submit, it crashes after cleansing 8th crystal (in any order) so here link above to fixed version

    Disclosed Content:

    Music By:
    Team member MastaBlastya

    Goal of the game is to cleans 12 crystals and find your way using creatures which you can posses, there 3 type of them, stuning Deer, Double jumping Batman and crashing stronghold. But in order to get posses them you need to cleans enough crystals. Corrupted crystals are surrounded with deadly shadows, in order to cleans crystal you need to get rid of them or stun dem with Dee.r On the way you also find Trigger crystals that work like a switch to unlock you new paths thru the cave.

    Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys
    F - Interact with Cristals
    R - Use Ability
    E - Posses/Unposses
    Space - Jump
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      Hello, due to packaging issues at the end we were unfortunately only able to deliver the video, and not the packaged project. We're game design students, and this is our first game! Hope you guys like it.


      Lykke E. Lillebøe
      Martinus Aamot Dahl
      Natalie Johannesen
      Kristoffer T. Hansen
      Nick Jackson

      Video Showcase:

      Edit: We finally managed to fix our issues with the packing! Hope you'll take us into consideration even though it's so far off the deadline... No changes/upgrades were made to the game. Not sure if that can be proven, so you might have to take our word for it.

      Packaged game:
      Attached Files
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        Project Name - A.M.I.
        Team Name - Boilerplate
        Members - David Anderson - blueprints and gameplay, Kurt Weaver - modeling and level design, Brian and Brandy Watson - voice acting

        Project Download -

        The crew member model was created before the jam and the music/sounds are royalty free. You can pause with special right or enter, and pressing special left or Esc while paused will close the game. Pressing Y (top face or Y key) while paused will let you restart with a new pawn without losing your progress if the need arises.

        Edit - press Pg Up to toggle resolution
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        David Anderson


          FAIRY TALE

          By the Fairy Tale Team:
          1. Runeberg (C++ & BP Development, Tech Art)
          2. Kevin Duell (Level Design)
          3. Ljubica Jovanovic (Art, Modelling)
          4. Mikey Fewkes (Sound Design)
          5. Nom (Animation)

          Game Description:
          You are a Fairy trapped by Hades in the Underworld. Escape the Underworld before you succumb to the darkness.

          Recharge your inner light (health) by going through LightShafts (safety zone) and picking up Crystals (Health boost).

          Game has two modes:

          VR Mode + 3rd-person Co-op (Rift, Vive, GTX 1080 recommended):
          If your HMD (Rift / Vive) is on and connected, then VR Mode starts automatically. Spectator/s can also play a co-op Fairy in the splitscreen, the co-op fairy doesnt die but can lose light. Co-op Fairy can be used to scout and help the VR player (full co-op where each player can see and help each other out to win the game wasnt implemented).

          Third Person:
          If no VR HMD is detected, you automatically start in a solo third person mode. In this mode, you control the fairy using your keyboard and mouse.


          VR Mode:
          Press Trigger to fly. Point the motion controller to where you want to fly to.

          Third Person Mode:
          WASD/Arrow Keys + Mouse: Move fairy

          For those wanting to reset the game from scratch after playing: Delete the Saved Games in your local directory: e.g.
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            Game Name: Dark Dimension
            Team Name: Code Respawn
            Team Members (1): Ali Akbar
            Download Link:

            All gameplay logic and meshes were created during the contest period

            External Resources:
            Music & Sfx: SciFi Adventure Library / Universal Sound FX
            Particle System: Infinity Blade Particles
            Font: PermanentMarker - Font from Google Fonts (Apache License)
            Starter Content pack
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              Team: Sleepy Sheep

              Sutthiphat Skare
              Emil A Solberg
              Bjørn Erik
              Sindre ersland


              The Game: Flash

              After Game Jam:

              Mouse wheel
              Mouse right click
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                Project name
                You are an Angler Fish on the hunt for other fishes & on the run from sharks.
                Complete rounds by eating all the fishes in the level & avoid sharks & underwater vulcanos!

                Team name

                Feverdream Studios

                Team members: 2
                Felix Seljeseth: Programming, Music/Sound, Cinematics
                Even Topland: 3D-modeling, Enviroment, Animation

                Dowload Link:



                  Knowledge Is Power - However vast the darkness of ignorance, we must supply our own light of knowledge.

                  Original Submitted to Epic Game Link: KIP Download
                  Updated release, but still a fair few bugs: KIP Fixed Download

                  Disclosed content for those interested: Infinity Blade, Couch Knights, Mixamo Animation Pack (I hate re-targeting), Particle Effects, Strategy Game, Sonniss GDC Audio.

                  Sadly I didn't get to test as well as I would have liked due to other events. I've released a slightly fixed version which lets you get past the first puzzle, and also re-enabled your AI ability to attack enemies that are attacking them. As such I still don't know if you can actually complete the game but for now this will be as good as it gets.
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                    Team Spectrum

                    Shaun Baker
                    Kenneth Ma
                    Sean Herron

                    Game: Assimilation
                    Shift: Dash
                    Space: Jump (Hold for bigger)
                    W, A, S, D: Movement

                    Controller supported:
                    Triggers: Dash
                    Bumpers: Jump


                    Disclosed assets: Main menu font belonging to Darrell Flood (Inversionz).
                    Attached Files
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                      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_122205.jpg Views:	1 Size:	25.9 KB ID:	1383527

                      Astro Mining Simulator VR

                      Team: Vira Games (

                      Platform: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift


                      Intergalactic executives gave you one job - to extract all valuable materials from the hostile asteroid LUX-27 rotating in utter darkness somewhere in far regions of space.

                      Remotely command your drones to illuminate the asteroid and mine its resources. Call your mechanical minions back to repair and charge batteries, create and install new equipment for them on a hande 3d printer.

                      The asteroid is full of creepy creatures that will hunt your drones in the darkness. Give your drones lamp posts to protect them from hostile environment, but be careful not to run out of resources or creatures will overrun you.



                      Choose one of the three robots on the screen to the left and give them commands using the overview map: press command button on the monitor and a point where to execute it on the map.

                      List of available commands:
                      GO TO - Move to a point on the map.
                      MINE - Gather resources from the crystals.
                      AUTO MINE - Automatically find closest crystal deposit and gather resources.
                      RETURN - Go back to the base.
                      REPAIR - Repair the drone (drone returns to the shuttle where you can install new components on it)
                      LIGHT - place a light at a point.

                      When repairing a drone you can print components on the 3D printer which is located on the right side of the room. You can print components and connect them to the robot with your hands. You can swap robot components for best looks and mining performance.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	photo_2017-11-10_15-56-33.jpg Views:	1 Size:	88.6 KB ID:	1383629Click image for larger version  Name:	photo_2017-11-10_15-56-36.jpg Views:	1 Size:	132.0 KB ID:	1383630Click image for larger version  Name:	photo_2017-11-10_16-00-57.jpg Views:	1 Size:	219.6 KB ID:	1383631Click image for larger version  Name:	photo_2017-11-10_15-58-03.jpg Views:	1 Size:	89.0 KB ID:	1383632
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                        Game Name: Axon : Bringer of Enlightenment
                        Team Name : PrismaSlice
                        Team Members (1) : Wesley Eldridge
                        Download Link :!AgaS9ldtSUq6it0HdyA7E_IZF5nwvw

                        All assets were created during the Jam.

                        Axon is charged with clearing the plaque from the neurons of a clouded mind and bring back light and enlightenment. Clear the Neuron and ride the Synapse to the next! Collect energy to increase your stamina and strength, but watch out! When Axon's energy reaches zero, his journey comes to an end...

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                          Team: Wicked Pickle Interactive

                          Doug Wheeler

                          Project Synopsis:
                          In Last Light, players take on the role of the Traveler, as he guides the last ember of a dying Sun to fend off the encroaching darkness, and the creatures that come with it!

                          - Use the left mouse button to move one tile at a time

                          DOWNLOAD LINK:

                          Disclosed Assets: All BACKGROUND items and particle systems are from Epic's Infinity Sword packs. Audio clips can be found on
                          KNOWN ISSUES:
                          - Don't click the tiles too fast or the player character freezes and you'll be forced to restart the stage
                          - For some reason, buttons (retry, start, and skip) need to be pressed twice.

                          NOTE: Had a great time doing this and learned some valuable things along the way.


                            Game: Abyssal Zone
                            Team: GRTNS
                            - Tyler Staggs - Level Designer
                            - Christopher Robayna - Composer / Sound Designer
                            - Ninjin - 3D Art / Animation / Programmer / VFX
                            - Gost0r - Lead Programmer


                            Controls: Move using left gamepad stick (or WASD), Charge/discharge your light by rotating the right gamepad stick (or the mouse) clockwise/counter-clockwise


                              here you go, guys, Meronikto, a game I made together with some colleagues after work/ during lunch.

                              The main idea behind is that you are a goddess of light and dark and want to make the people of a certain town in ancient Greece believe in you.

                              All art/ code is done during the jam, except for the music.


                              Code: Jonathan Steyfkens
                              James Hodgson
                              Art: Sander Vander Meiren
                              Design: Ben Meredith


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                                Hello all !
                                here is our Project

                                Project Name : Droogie
                                Team Name : Droogies

                                Download: HERE

                                Video Walktrough
                                (from editor) :

                                We will update this video.
                                Thanks to all !

                                Project Page