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    [GAME JAM] Epic MegaJam Game Thread

    Howdy folks!

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    This is a space for you to share and discuss all things MegaJam! Feel free to share and post about your progress, and ultimately your final screenshots or a link to your game. If you're sharing images and progress on social, make sure to use our tag, #ue4jam.

    Reminder - *This is NOT a submission thread.* To submit your game, fill out THIS FORM by November 9th, at 3pm.

    Happy jamming.
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    What's the theme?


      Originally posted by surfsquid View Post
      What's the theme?
      "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."
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        Originally posted by surfsquid View Post
        What's the theme?
        However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.
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          THEME: "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

          Stamp this somewhere folks!
          Lord Iheanacho
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            Puumped! Can't wait to see all the great games at the end.
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              So excited! I'll be streaming a lot of development progress here:


                Will definitely be in this one. I am already done with the planning process, so I can start working on it for sure! I will stream tomorrow GMT+2 if anyone is interested in taking a look . Stream:
                Main channel:


                  Hey guys!

                  I've created a discord server for the jam!
                  I hope to see all the people participating and other enthusiasts there. Lets meet and talk, have fun together, maybe help each other in a difficult situations.

                  Dear admins, if the idea would fit - please contact me, so I could give control over the server to you.

                  I made it on Western Europe setting, hoping no one would experience any lag. Not sure how its going to be though.
                  If there is any other official/fan Discord channel - let me know.

                  Here's the link:


                  I really like the new organizational changes made to the jam. It's super cool.
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                    Well I've gotten sick with terrible timing, but at least I've started and I'm going to try to get this game finished in time. Happy jamming everyone.


                      Hi. If I going to make multiplayer co-op, how do I have to send build? Can I send dedicated server code separatelly or I have to place server in the game build and one player will be like a server?
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                        Tinkering with something that is basically a walking simulator. So... not much to the mechanics as such. Here is a mood board though:


                          where are we going to see thse games?


                            Hi forum,

                            if someone still feel passionate to participate this jam, i'd love to discuss it real quick and make something fun. Actually the soul/social fun app/game for entertainment.
                            Looking for a ue4 guy who could take a blueprints/c++ part of developing, to make texture export from ue4 to server in realtime(stream or just save to file triggered by event).
                            IM me for detail
                            cheers and good luk to everyone!


                              Amanda.Bott For the Gameplay Video, do you want a link to download it or a YouTube link?