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Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

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    [GAME JAM] Summer #UE4jam Submission Thread!

    Welcome to the Summer UE4jam Submission thread!

    Submit your entry here with the following information:
    • Link to a download of your game
    • Team name
    • List of team members
    • Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    • Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame
    • I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice. Not a requirement.
    • Include a list of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period. Entries are scored based on what is made during the jam.

    After posting here, PM [MENTION=809346]Amanda.Bott[/MENTION]!

    Send me the following information:
    • Team Name
    • Project Name
    • Each Team Member's Real Name
    • Each Team Member's Email Address
    • Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box)
    • Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size

    If the address is not in the United States, please also provide:
    Phone number for lost postage reclaim
    Tax or VAT number (if applicable)

    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.
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      Another super early entry from me. Heading out of town tomorrow and I'm not sure if my internet will be good enough to upload a full UE4 project, so I spent ~10 hours straight today working on this to get done what I could. It's pretty much done aside from some minor bug fixes and other minor details, and maybe some voice lines that could be added in. If I get the chance to work on this more and get it uploaded while I'm away, I'll update this post & the GameJolt page. If not, oh well...

      Team name: Connor and the Wigglywams
      Team members: Nate and Connor (with some help from a few friends for some miscellaneous voice lines)
      Name of submission: ConnorandtheWigglywams_AttackoftheMutantBunglesandtheConvenientlyInconvenientBungleInvasion (A mouthful, I know)

      I used the Easy Save & Load, Advanced FirstPerson Character, and TaikuMenus 1 packs from the UE4 marketplace in the creation of this project, all of which were heavily edited or re-purposed. The Easy Save & Load pack was used for checkpoints and the end-game achievement. The Advanced FirstPerson Character pack was only used for the interaction/picking up item system, which was heavily edited. The TaikuMenus 1 pack was used for the main menu, using a heavily edited version of the Dark Kitten preset, with the background removed, icons changed, text added, and buttons changed/removed/rearranged.

      If you want to see how this game relates to the theme (aside from the monsters helping you after you cure them), make it to the end.

      The only required hardware is a mouse with a mouse wheel, and obviously a working computer with Windows..

      WASD - Forward/left/back/right
      Spacebar - Jump
      X - Skip dialogue
      Left mouse button - Interact/pick up
      R - Reset (if you get stuck)
      Shift+Esc - Quit

      EDIT: 7/3/2017, 11:36 PM - Uploading the fifth and final update for the game. Good luck everyone!
      EDIT 2: 7/3/2017, 11:44 PM - Technical difficulties, it will be uploaded just a few minutes after midnight. I hope that will be okay.
      EDIT 3: 7/4/2017, 12:11 AM - Just tested the game and found out it won't load the levels.. Trying to get this fixed...
      EDIT 4: 7/4/2017, 12:53 AM - Fixed. Uploading now.
      EDIT 5: 7/4/2017, 1:04 AM - Uploaded the final version.
      EDIT 6: 7/4/2017, 1:19 PM - Just kidding. Had to fix a few bugs. Final version is live.
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        This Is my first game Jam so I may be updating the game before the jam ends.

        Team name: Team Goanna
        Team member: Goanna (Joe)
        Name of submission: Team_Goanna's_Swing

        I did not use any assets made before the jam, I also didn't use any assets made by others except for the content that comes from the third person template (Not the starter content).

        The game relates to the theme with it's need to be connected to something (better to under stand if you play the game).

        WASD - Forward/left/back/right
        Spacebar - Jump
        Left mouse button - Attach
        H - restart
        Esc - Quit


          Watch Video Demo here:

          Mr Undertaker is a game of you playing as The Undertaker who has to kill the city police (Which seems bad) but they actually are Zombies, so you're actually making the society a favor, Kill and deliver to the graveyard as much as policemen as you can in the short amount of time chosen but be careful because the floor is slippery, You have the ability also to open and close the back door of the Hearse.Have Fun being Mr.Undertaker.

          How To Play:
          WASD To Move, Right and Left Mouse Button to Open and Close the Hearse Back door to collect the dead bodies.
          Link to a download of the game:
          Team name: The Warriors

          List of team members: 1, Me (Ue4Hero)
          Name of the submission: MrUndertaker_TheWarriors
          Extra Assets: Zombie PoliceMen is from Mixamo and Buildings from a ue4 template, the building and city assets from EpicGames Template.
          Hearse from:
          The Whole idea is inspired by:
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            Download Link:

            Team/Solo Dev: Hadar Silverman
            Submission Name: Finding Light
            Content: Most individual art assets from marketplace or modified from marketplace. I mostly focused on programming & scene composition.

            [EDIT] I've blogged a little about the dev process here:

            Requires a pretty beefy computer to run. Mine was only getting around 25fps to achieve the effect i was aiming at.

            Theme interpretation: I interpreted the meaning of a “blessing in disguise” to be the act of finding good in bad, redemption in tragedy, or light in darkness. So, my game jam entry is about “Finding Light”.

            Controls: WASD + Mouse
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              Cook for the Giant (VR)

              Cook for the Giant (VR)

              This is an initial playable version, the game will be updated one or two times until end of the jam! The game is free until at least five weeks after the jam.
              Download Link:
              This is a VR-only Game!

              Team Name: Vhite Rabbit

              List of team members:
              Jonathan Hale
              Falk Ridder
              Florian Isikci
              Maximilian Welscher
              Timothy Hale

              Submission Name: Cook for the Giant

              Pre-jam Content:
              We started off with a project containing C++ code which matches the VR template of the Unreal Engine (picking up objects, the blue hands and the hand poses) as well as some safety system which blends in Vive controller when they get to close to each other or the headse and a haptic feedback effect for picking objects up. All the other assets and code were created during the jam.
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                Agent Blessing

                My first Jam ever and boy oh boy did I not have alot of time to do much but hey, life happens.

                I got a fairly complete game but it had to be super simple for me to even finish it in the amount of time I had, but now it just sounds like I'm making excuses.

                I took the theme as literal as I could, so the concept of the game is that you are Agent Blessing and you have to get into various disguises to avoid detection!

                Of course the actual game itself mostly consist of basic shapes and Starter Content, but the gameplay is completely original.

                Download link: Here

                Team name: Slim Pickings

                List of team members:

                Name of Submission: SlimPickings_AgentBlessing

                Pre-Jam Content:
                If the Starter Content counts, then thats all the Pre-Jam content that I have used.


                  How can I share my Android Project here ? Do I have to upload it on Play store or o can zip my APK + OBB files and you guys will take care of rest ?
                  Please respond as soon as possible.

                  Thank you
                  It's Jam time


                    This is my first jam and finally I have done it! After days of hard work and thousands of issues first version of my game is ready!
                    Game has 2 big levels and great number of enemies. Also small story mode.
                    I enclose README.txt file.
                    CAREFUL game contains black humor Contact me here via steam
                    Team name: Wave after wave
                    List of team members: MrRaider
                    Name of Submission: Hellraiser

                    Pre-jam Content: 2 maps from store that`s only pre-jam things which I have used.
                    Controls: WASD to move, space to jump , esc to open pause menu , left mouse button to attack , left alt to walk , triple click or more to use combo.
                    Platform: Windows 64-bit
                    Download link : here is my masterpiece
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                      GameplayUniverse_Through foul and fail

                      Through foul and fail

                      Team GamePlayUniverse:
                      Markus aka. Marki217q
                      Merlin aka. Merarlion

                      Controls (Controller only):
                      Left Stick: Walk
                      Right Stick: Look around / Select a debuff
                      A-Button: Jump (and double-jump)
                      X-Button: Pick up objects
                      RB (Hold): Open debuff menu
                      LB: Throw held item
                      Pause to open the ingame menu
                      Xbox Controller

                      How do we project your theme onto our game?
                      You need to accept debuffs for yourself to give your partner a boost, but it goes both ways. Therefore it is a blessing with a bad side attached to it, even though the bad side only applies to your partner.

                      This is a little puzzle game where you need to power up your abilities by decreasing the same abilities of your partner and vise versa in order to get through all of the six levels with your partner.
                      This is a co-op Game! You need a second player (local splitscreen) and a second gamepad to play this game with!

                      We created everything in Project on our self, except:
                      (Under CC) The Music:
                      A pre-build Post Process Shader that we modified

                      Windows x64: Google Drive

                      Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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                        Hi there,

                        Here is my submission.

                        Team name: Marius Myburg (individual).
                        Project name: Beeing Hungry

                        Game premise: You are hungry. Angry bees are between you and delicious honey. Can you make it through without getting stung? Bees - a blessing in disguise

                        Here is the download link:!AkkV5BHA56Qjh5BwI7Oc7hQDwuXH6A



                          Download link:

                          Team Team Remco
                          Members 1. Remco (aka Amsanity)
                          Submission name TeamRemco_Disguise
                          Platform Windows 64-bit

                          Like every FPS game (WASD+Mouse)

                          Content Disclosure
                          Audio from 99sounds.
                          Textures from
                          Monster model made with Fuse, animated with mixamo.
                          Used the UE4 First Person Template as base.
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                          UE4 Jam Entries:
                          March 2016
                          September 2016
                          Epic MegaJam October 2016
                          December 2016


                            Season's Blessings

                            Season's Blessings

                            You are one of the world's most famous disguised men: Santa. Your mission is to bring your blessings in the form of a gift to a home, but you had best do so under the cover of darkness.

                            Team name: Thomas & Tim
                            Members: Me (Thomas), and my colleague, Tim.
                            Name: ThomasAndTim_SeasonsBlessings


                            - Vive only.
                            - Left motion controller touchpad forward & back to control movement (just touching).
                            - Left motion controller touchpad left & right press for snap rotation.
                            - Left motion controller aims where you want to go.
                            - Your knees control your head height - you're gonna need 'em.

                            Note: If you have a large room set up, you might fall out of the world at the spawn. Just move the Vive to the middle of your room a bit and hit space to reload the level.

                            - Uses Mordentral's VR expansion for the player character, but the movement method is fully custom. It's mostly for the correct capsule collision.
                            - Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod at
                            - Obviously uses the UE Mannequin.
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                              I would like to submit my mini-adventure game named AnotherFace.

                              You just ran aground alone on an island. You will have to discover these mysteries to escape and try to come home !

                              Link (finished on time) :
                              2nd link to play more comfortably (contains a hotfix on an issue of the light that was really important to move forward in the adventure, and an issue at the start of the last cinematic - no additional content or code) :
                              Team name : BegounetTeam
                              Team member : Begounet
                              Name of submission : BegounetTeam_AnotherFace

                              List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
                              + ThirdPersonCharacter pack template from UE4 (blueprint gameplay and mannequin's animations)
                              + StarterPack (only for fire FX I believe, that I modified)

                              Intro of the game :

                              Comments : It miss sounds and particles, but did not have time to do more ^^
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