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    It's developed for PC. The gameplay is simple: reach the end without being eaten by monsters (that will start chasing you once you hit an obstacle). Hitting an obstacle will slow you down, making it easier for you to get eaten. After passing level 1, level 2 is more mellow in comparison as there's no monster - try to see who can reach the end the fastest
    Team name: Empr1ze
    Team members: DGE_ (solo dev)
    Submission name: empr1ze_silentescape
    Genre: Action/racing/horror
    Assets: The textures used for the walls were used with a stock photo. The textures for the obstacles were used with the ones included with StarterContent. The particle effects originate from the StarterContent, as well. All music, sound, and main menu art were custom made by me within Game Jam period. The spaceship model was made by a friend.

    Controls: press Shift (repeat) to accelerate; arrow keys for movement.
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    [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] Where can I send our informations? I can't send a PM.

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    [Help] How I can send a PM? Sorry I'm new here!

    [FIXED](Low Resolution 32bit)

    [FIXED](Med Resolution 64bit)

    (High Resolution 64bit)

    Team Name: XCave Games
    Project: XCaveGames_SoulFetcher

    Move: WASD
    Jump: Spacebar (2x for double jump)
    tip: Finish the game!

    Team Members:
    1) John Louigi Quintos
    2) Adilou John Amistoso
    3) Mark Aldjhon Laguitan
    4) Ma. Carmela Daylusan
    5) John Jomark San Jose

    All assets, textures and materials are our own work and created within Game Jam's Time/Period, we just use the thirdperson template(but we didnt use and asset of materials in starter content).

    You are a grim reaper collecting souls. People/Other thinks only that you are a bad person/creature. But you are only collecting lost souls to guide them("to heaven").
    #Blessing in Disguise

    P.S. We are students from PH and this is our first game and first Game Jam. We are beginners just self studying using internet

    [Help] How I can send a PM? Sorry I'm new here!
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    Glück Im Unglück

    Link for Win64 (may get updated):

    Team Name: Coffee Cup Entertainment
    Team Members: 2 (Julien (Excel1337), Quentin)
    Name Of Submission: CoffeeCupEntertainment_GlückImUnglück

    Assets that are not made by ourselves: (List is also available in the credits of the game, right in the main menu)
    Character from Opengameart, with modifcation
    Character animations from Mixamo
    Sound Effects from

    The rest was self made by either me or Quentin.

    You are flying on a plane, plane wing explodes, you get sucked out and now need to open Luggages in order to find a parachute in there.
    The game gets harder every round, and quick reaction is key to success.

    Controls are explained ingame in the options menu.

    Link may get updated before deadline.
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    -- The Island -- Explore, gather, defeat bosses!

    Team name: Cas Bros
    Team members: Bernardo Castrichella (alias Vertigo23), Marco Angus Castrichella
    Submission: CasBros_TheIsland
    Sourced Assets: Olbert's Low Poly Coast pack (Ue4 marketplace), Stylized rendering ex. project, SFX (, characters (

    Keyboard + mouse OR xBox controller
    for the xBox controller: A) jump X) interaction RB) sprint

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    Enter Studios - Blessing in a Dice

    This is my dice based Virtual Reality music app. It relies heavily on the new audio engine. All sound is generated by your computer, there are no samples.
    You need HTC Vive and two motion controllers to play it. There is a tutorial inside the app.

    Team name: Enter Studios
    Members: Marius
    Name: EnterStudios_BlessingInADice

    I used 3D models that I have made myself prior to the jam. Except the 8-sided dice I made in the jam.
    Also, the sprites I have made myself in Inkscape, most of them prior to the jam.
    I have only used content that I have made myself. Except the controller models; I got them from the steam folder and chopped the front of them, and gave them a new material.

    RAR compressed download link:
    Un-compressed folder link:

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    Team name: Bear²
    Team members: Backflipwolf
    Submission: Bear²_Pa'Roll
    Assets that were created outside of the game jam period: Characters and animation from Mixamo. (Albeit altered, remove legs and re-rendered skeletal mesh and animations personally) was only meant to be placeholder but ran out of time.

    Premise of Game:
    You are a prisoner, you have been granted the chance of parole. However as the prisons are vastly overcrowded new laws have been put in place.
    To be eligible for parole you have to complete a series of challenges, these challenges will be broadcast around the world on live TV.
    Oh and there is one other small drawback... You will be forever branded a criminal and your legs will be removed.

    I ran out of time to work on this properly, Oh well I managed to get almost a full day of work into it. (For some reason since packaging the AI has broken and I have no idea how to fix it with the time remaining....)
    It was fun, I may even continue work on this project and do a full release.

    (OLD)Link: (only use if new link is broken or game didn't build correctly)
    Last edited by Backflipwolf; 07-04-2017, 01:44 PM. Reason: Adding Images / Version 0.2.0

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    I would like to submit my mini-adventure game named AnotherFace.

    You just ran aground alone on an island. You will have to discover these mysteries to escape and try to come home !

    Link (finished on time) :
    2nd link to play more comfortably (contains a hotfix on an issue of the light that was really important to move forward in the adventure, and an issue at the start of the last cinematic - no additional content or code) :
    Team name : BegounetTeam
    Team member : Begounet
    Name of submission : BegounetTeam_AnotherFace

    List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
    + ThirdPersonCharacter pack template from UE4 (blueprint gameplay and mannequin's animations)
    + StarterPack (only for fire FX I believe, that I modified)

    Intro of the game :

    Comments : It miss sounds and particles, but did not have time to do more ^^
    Last edited by Begounet; 07-05-2017, 02:16 PM. Reason: Add hotfix

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    Season's Blessings

    Season's Blessings

    You are one of the world's most famous disguised men: Santa. Your mission is to bring your blessings in the form of a gift to a home, but you had best do so under the cover of darkness.

    Team name: Thomas & Tim
    Members: Me (Thomas), and my colleague, Tim.
    Name: ThomasAndTim_SeasonsBlessings


    - Vive only.
    - Left motion controller touchpad forward & back to control movement (just touching).
    - Left motion controller touchpad left & right press for snap rotation.
    - Left motion controller aims where you want to go.
    - Your knees control your head height - you're gonna need 'em.

    Note: If you have a large room set up, you might fall out of the world at the spawn. Just move the Vive to the middle of your room a bit and hit space to reload the level.

    - Uses Mordentral's VR expansion for the player character, but the movement method is fully custom. It's mostly for the correct capsule collision.
    - Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod at
    - Obviously uses the UE Mannequin.
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    Download link:

    Team Team Remco
    Members 1. Remco (aka Amsanity)
    Submission name TeamRemco_Disguise
    Platform Windows 64-bit

    Like every FPS game (WASD+Mouse)

    Content Disclosure
    Audio from 99sounds.
    Textures from
    Monster model made with Fuse, animated with mixamo.
    Used the UE4 First Person Template as base.
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    Hi there,

    Here is my submission.

    Team name: Marius Myburg (individual).
    Project name: Beeing Hungry

    Game premise: You are hungry. Angry bees are between you and delicious honey. Can you make it through without getting stung? Bees - a blessing in disguise

    Here is the download link:!AkkV5BHA56Qjh5BwI7Oc7hQDwuXH6A

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    GameplayUniverse_Through foul and fail

    Through foul and fail

    Team GamePlayUniverse:
    Markus aka. Marki217q
    Merlin aka. Merarlion

    Controls (Controller only):
    Left Stick: Walk
    Right Stick: Look around / Select a debuff
    A-Button: Jump (and double-jump)
    X-Button: Pick up objects
    RB (Hold): Open debuff menu
    LB: Throw held item
    Pause to open the ingame menu
    Xbox Controller

    How do we project your theme onto our game?
    You need to accept debuffs for yourself to give your partner a boost, but it goes both ways. Therefore it is a blessing with a bad side attached to it, even though the bad side only applies to your partner.

    This is a little puzzle game where you need to power up your abilities by decreasing the same abilities of your partner and vise versa in order to get through all of the six levels with your partner.
    This is a co-op Game! You need a second player (local splitscreen) and a second gamepad to play this game with!

    We created everything in Project on our self, except:
    (Under CC) The Music:
    A pre-build Post Process Shader that we modified

    Windows x64: Google Drive

    Screenshots (click to enlarge):

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    This is my first jam and finally I have done it! After days of hard work and thousands of issues first version of my game is ready!
    Game has 2 big levels and great number of enemies. Also small story mode.
    I enclose README.txt file.
    CAREFUL game contains black humor Contact me here via steam
    Team name: Wave after wave
    List of team members: MrRaider
    Name of Submission: Hellraiser

    Pre-jam Content: 2 maps from store that`s only pre-jam things which I have used.
    Controls: WASD to move, space to jump , esc to open pause menu , left mouse button to attack , left alt to walk , triple click or more to use combo.
    Platform: Windows 64-bit
    Download link : here is my masterpiece
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    How can I share my Android Project here ? Do I have to upload it on Play store or o can zip my APK + OBB files and you guys will take care of rest ?
    Please respond as soon as possible.

    Thank you
    It's Jam time

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    Agent Blessing

    My first Jam ever and boy oh boy did I not have alot of time to do much but hey, life happens.

    I got a fairly complete game but it had to be super simple for me to even finish it in the amount of time I had, but now it just sounds like I'm making excuses.

    I took the theme as literal as I could, so the concept of the game is that you are Agent Blessing and you have to get into various disguises to avoid detection!

    Of course the actual game itself mostly consist of basic shapes and Starter Content, but the gameplay is completely original.

    Download link: Here

    Team name: Slim Pickings

    List of team members:

    Name of Submission: SlimPickings_AgentBlessing

    Pre-Jam Content:
    If the Starter Content counts, then thats all the Pre-Jam content that I have used.

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