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    Sjokoboll Studios - Hinupolis

    Feverdream studios are proud to present:

    In Hinuopolis, you take on the role as a city-planner trying to ride our a severe electrical storm by using careful tactics, but also sharp reflexes! Your goal is to build & maintain a series of lightning-diverters across the 3 parts of the city, and in the end, you might be able to grant the various parts of the city 100 % immunity to lightning strikes! Maybe this storm could be a blessing in disguise!

    All programming as well as all the 3D-models, textures, graphic design & sound effects were done from scratch by Felix and Mikkel during the game-jam period! All the particle effects are very modified versions of Unreals "Explosion" particle effect, the point lightning particle-effect, and one of the cloud-particles form the shooter demo =)

    (All the buildings are procedural placed at the start of each round, so every game will feel kinda fresh)

    We were also very happy to get permission from the awesome canadian producer "Billboard" to use some of his tracks from his new EP as our soundtrack! His music is awesome, and it has been a great source of inspiration in the making of this game! Link to his soundcloud:



    Team Name: Feverdream Studios
    Members: 2 (Felix Seljeseth, Mikkel Engeset)

    Name of submission: FeverdreamStudios_Hinupolis
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      Download link to Game:
      Team Name: KSIGames
      Team Members 1:Josh
      Assets created before Jam: Character



        Team name: Play For Food
        Members: Lipatov Alexey, Utina Anastasia
        Name of our submission: PlayForFood_PerAsperaAdBonum

        Gameplay video:
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          Team4 -- Hunt the Blessing

          Submission name: Team4_HuntThBlessing

          Download Link:

          Team memebers: Jens and Marius

          The game is a multiplayer game meant to be played with 4-7 players. We took the phrase blessing in disguise literally. The story is that a blessing was intercepted on its way to its target by a crew of blessing hunters. The blessing disguised it self as one of the hunters and need to kill the rest to survive. The hunters try to kill the blessing to claim its power.

          WASD movement
          Left mouse to shoot
          Middle mouse to ditch and possess hunters (as the blessing)
          Right mouse to aim with sniper

          Premade assest used:
          Foliage by OliverMH aka. mAlkAv!An -
          Speedtree UE4 monthly pack for March, May and June
          Unreal Engine Engine Content
          Unreal Engine Starter Content
          Unreal Engine Animation Starter Pack
          Unreal Engine Third Person Template
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            Fatal Exception

            David M_FATAL EXCEPTION

            play as one of the last virus hunters fighting to rid the system of corruption.

            WASD - Walk
            Mouse - Look
            LMB - Shoot (hold to charge the chargeshot)
            RMB - Ironsights
            Tab - Open Weapon Cycling Menu (then Tab to cycle weapons, LMB to select)

            TEAM NAME:
            David M

            TEAM MEMBERS: [MENTION=512359]nerdsbeware[/MENTION]

            PreJam Assets:
            Some bits of starter content (explosions, etc.)
            Anim Starter Pack
            Game Music Mega Pack
            An AI System that I had previously prototyped (although I had to basically rebuild it from the ground up)

            So it looks like the packaged version has a couple game breaking bugs. Just wanted to let you know so it's easier to play. If you die, you will need to exit with alt f4 and restart the game (and sit through the cinematic again). Also, it looks like I duplicated my player start, so if the level starts with you falling through the air, just bring up the console and type Restart Level until you get the right player start. Sorry for the inconvenience

            Also, just a quick note on the theme. My "blessing in disguise" has the players character infected with several debuffs which you are given the option of removing at the start. However, carrying them to the end of the game would see them reverse into massive buffs during the final boss fight. So essentially the choice is: hard level / easy boss OR easy level, hard boss. That said, I missed the final steps in the implementation, so it doesn't work as intended. So... don't touch any of the cubes at the beginning.
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              Pentrometric Studios

              Jimmy's Ghostly Tale


              We were meant to be a team of 4 but due to some team members being busy This was created by just the 2 of us.

              Project Name: PentrometricStudios_JimmysGhostlyTale


              All assets, textures blueprints where created during the time of the jam, as such we ran out of time to create sounds.
              WASD to move
              Mouse X to rotate
              F to interact with Basemnet Game
              Last minuete submission because we had numerous packaging failures. (Project name is project8 due to rebuilding in new project)

              Download Link :!AptvYx8c5bAwjSr59-IbRP8yTyqJ

              PS Have had to resubmit due to the previous build link navmesh had an error and AI did not move.
              PSS The Last submit was still incorect and made game end early.
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                Link to a download of your game:

                Team name: System Brigade

                List of team members: Sergio Madera, Camilo Vacca, Daniel Pacheco

                Name of your submission: SystemBrigade_CurseSpirit

                Assets created outside the jam: All sound effects where from royalty free sources. The door model as well.



                  Download link:

                  Team name: Daddycats

                  Team Members (5): Viere, Curry, Diego, Juanjo & Maria.

                  Submission name: Daddycats_Runic

                  Assets created outside the gamejam:
                  -Music: (Name: Lost Time, Author: Kevin MacLeod)
                  -Sound Effects: and


                    UE4 Summer Jam Submission : VR Run and Gun

                    Requires VR (Vive, or Oculus + Touch), 180 degrees setup should work
                    Link :
                    Itch.Io Link
                    Youtube Playlist of the development:
                    Team Name: Beep2Bleep
                    Team Members: Beep2Bleep
                    Name of Submission: VR Run and Gun
                    List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
                    VR Starter kit
                    Bitmaps from Substance Designer were used to generate materials
                    Right thumbstick/pad to move
                    Trigger to Pickup Guns, Aim at enemies to shoot, menu button to drop guns to reposition them

                    VR Run and Gun is a first person VR shooter. You move with your right thumbstick/pad and move around the arena to shoot and dodge your enemies. You have 3 minutes to kill as many enemies as you can to get a high score.

                    Intended theme use was when you were hit to lose time but gain ability to place turrets, that was not implemented.

                    Edit: Link added, same build as before 2pm deadline.
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                      Spoop Manager 2018

                      Spoop Manager 2018


                      Team Members:
                      Daniel Blibaum
                      Danielle Lewandowski
                      Patrick Nafarrete
                      Kyle Shanks

                      Assets created outside of the jam:
                      Background gameplay music (chiptune)

                      Assets not created by us:
                      UE4 Default Mannequin
                      Audio, Super Passion Club


                        Link to a game page:
                        Direct link to download:
                        Team name: TiMer Games
                        List of team members:
                        - Tom Raudys
                        - Tim van Kan
                        - Merel van der Wal
                        Name of your submission: How I Met Your Mother.
                        Please remember to rename your project to: TiMerGames_HowIMetYourMother
                        More Info:
                        We used assets from Synty studio and focused on the programming. We created the UI assets and some other small elements. The music is from the Marketplace and sound effects are credited in the accompanied txt file + we used some sound effects we have licenses for as well.

                        About the game:
                        Ted woke up to late and is now at risk of missing his train. Your task is to make sure that he doesn't make it in time.
                        By doing this you will allow him to meet his future wife. Good luck!

                        About the project:
                        Due to our exams we only had 1 day to work on the game, nonetheless we are still very proud of what we achieved in about 12 hours. We hope you will like it as well.

                        EDIT: Added Banner and required credits to download link.
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                          Fresh Lemonade - Dear Child

                          Download: download from
                          Team name: Fresh Lemonade
                          Team members: (1) Graeme_Crackers


                          All assets created by me during the gamejam, including 3 musical pieces, except for:
                          The footsteps and ambient wind I used Foley I created before the jam for a different project.
                          Modified default UE4 sky sphere.


                          This is a game about the loss of a loved one. While I would never want to say that having a family member pass away is a "blessing," there are important reflections to be made about how we value life, and how we love in relationships. These things are often greatly affected by the grief we have personally dealt with in our past. In this game I explore the perspective of someone going through grief over the loss of a parent. The character walks through places that have strong memories associated with them, and has to face their fears and discouragements along the way towards finding peace with the death of the character's mother. I hope that by playing this game you are able to reflect on the people you love, both the ones with you and those who have passed on, and treasure each day with them more. Feel free to discuss or ask questions on the page.

                          Additional Instructions:

                          The game content is finished once you have read the 2nd letter. Unfortunately due to time constraints I did not include menus, or a closing screen.

                          Additional Screenshots:
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                          You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers


                            Download Link:

                            Alternate Download Link:

                            IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY CAVEAT - There is a bug with the main menu at this time. Please press escape once when the game starts.

                            Team Name : Team Miaow
                            Members: AlessaBaker, SniperGirl85, OrganicComputer, ThinkOG, BATTLESQUATCH
                            Submission name : TeamMiaow_TheTrial
                            Platform : Windows 64-bit

                            Purchased Assets:

                            European Forest by Dokyo

                            Female Movement Animset Pro by Kubold

                            Sculpted Rock Pack by Danny
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                              Team name: raincoatz hood
                              Team members: NEED_A_JACKET
                              Submission: RaincoatzHood_RetroSlice

                              Everything created within the GameJam timeframe.
                              Due to a rush, no sounds are included in the game.



                                Team Name: Aberry Games
                                Team Members: Dustin Meijer, Douwe van Gijn, Esther Kok, Arianne Meijer
                                Name of the submission: AberryGames_Terrestial
                                Everything was made from scratch!

                                We were experiencing "unknown" build errors, so we have a zip of the unreal project
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