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    Download link
    Team name:
    Team members:
    Submission name:
    Third party content:
    Creative commons 0 licenced sounds from

    Play as a person living in a small town inhabited by some strange townsmen.

    Little info:
    WASD to navigate
    Mouse - look around
    E - interact/speak
    Space - Jump
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    - Download Project Link: Gamepad & Keyboard

    - Download Extra Version Double Gamepad:

    - Team Name: 3D2 Entertainment

    - Team Members:

    - Daniel Gálvez
    - Xavi Amezqueta
    - Robert Morancho
    - Manuel Perez
    - Danel Iriarte

    - 3D2Entertainment_Fatlust

    - Description: Fatlust is a two-player game where the goal is to eat insanely and throw vomit until you defeat your opponent.

    - Video:

    - Controls:

    - Game:

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    Download Link: Original Submission - Google Drive Live Version -

    Team: islipaway
    Submission Name: Buckarunicorn
    Content: Art and Code created by me during the Jam except the main menu/intro which is adapted from previous projects. Sounds from Soundsnap Music by Sappherios

    Theme interpretation: The collective noun for Unicorns is a Blessing. Disguise your Unicorn by covering it magical objects until the physics breaks!

    Controls: WASD + Mouse

    Notes: The original submission/google drive link will often crash, this is fixed in the Itch version.
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    Hey guys, I am currently uploading my project to google drive. The estimated time remaining is 6 hours. I'm not sure if this will disqualify me but I hope you will understand.

    Here is a link for the folder that the project will be located in:

    Team Name: ION
    Team Members: Anthony

    WASD to move, Right Mouse Button to aim, Left Mouse Button to shoot, Space Bar to jump

    List of pre-made Assets:
    - Trees
    - Rocks from asset packs
    - Modeling of AR-15
    -Water from UE4 Marketplace
    -Original Waterfall Particle from the Particle Effects Project (I edited it during the time frame)
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    Project link : fixed a bug so it uploads the level as you made it and made a few things more clear :
    Team name : owninator
    Team members : Owninator
    project name: Ownrealeditor
    Assets used : Varest plugin , manuel bastoni rig , blade and character BP from last jam, luos texture cropper, stylized demo assets. nature asset pack tree.
    Description : half baked bugs
    controlls for playing : controller recommended A green/B red/Y yellow/ X blue / right trigger heal urself. Q E R F and space on keyboard
    controlls for edit : sliders buttons , play from start too level end to upload (needs a levelend to upload the level)
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    VoxBros proudly presents Please don't die!
    A game where you have to help VoxBoy to traverse through the dangers of a city by making him stumble over objects.

    Please don't die VoxBoy!

    Download Link:
    Download Link!

    - Seirei
    - Max
    - Fab

    Please don't die!

    Click on highlighted objects.

    All assets were created during the game jam, except for the fonts.
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    Download Link :

    Team name / Solo : Nightmare
    List of team members : nightmare_unreal
    Name of your submission : Nightmare_DemonBot

    I have used Infinity Blades assets , Animation Starter Pack which is provided free by Epic Games .

    Description : Main Character has been cursed with demon powers . Everyone stays away from him because of it . The world as he knows is changing now and now he is on a quest to save his world . He will either "Suppress his demon powers or unleash them" to solve the mysteries .

    Controls :
    1 : Demon Speed
    2 : Demon Gravity
    3 : Demon TimeSkip
    E : Demon Mode
    Movements : W,A,S,D

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    His Story

    Team Name: Miroir Industries
    Team Members (2): Randy Miroir Espejo, Jenny Dean
    Name of Submission: MiroirIndustries_HisStory

    SAG-AFTRA is on strike against the video game industry. This has allowed kinda-not-famous, kinda-not-great, kinda-can't-afford-membership-dues, kinda-not-insured VO talent, like Randy Miroir, to audition for roles that were previously not available to him. Like roles that really aren't meant for him. Like, seriously, roles he REALLY, REALLY should not be doing. This is His VO Audition Story. Help Randy survive this audition by choosing the correct delivery for each line. (Inspired by true events in Randy's time in the trenches of VO auditioning.)
    Warning: Minor spoilers for Her Story. You should have played it already.

    Controls: Keyboard Left and Right Arrows

    How to play: A character and line will pop up on the screen, along with three types of delivery for the line. A cursor will fall from the top of the screen. Use the arrows to guide the cursor to the correct delivery for the line.

    Download link: v0.99 Late, unplayable, & media is sluggish
    It uses the Media Framework to play FMV clips, which is still experimental. You can still play the game, but the .mp4 videos are sluggish and slows down the action of the objects, making it broken and unplayable, unless you have a powerful machine. If I ever get it running smoothly I'll post it on and let everyone know.

    All future development will be on my itchio page:
    Last edited by RANDOLPH ESPEJO; 07-12-2017, 04:48 PM. Reason: v0.99 update download link added, post-Jam itchio link added submission Late, broken, and unplayable

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    You are one of the brave adventurers who decided to help the Twitch Kingdom. Cooperate with other players and complete quests or die.

    This game connected with twitch account and twitch chat, so if you run the .exe file, it will read and react on "KingdomTwitch" chat. It may create some collisions, so just play on.

    Commands (for each command game will answer to you):
    warrior - spawn your character as Warrior
    archer- spawn your character as Archer
    priest- spawn your character as Priest
    leave - delete your character
    1 - join first quest
    2 - join second quest
    3 - join third quest


    Team name:

    Team members:
    Ivan Kapranov
    Oleg Chumakov

    Name of submission:

    Outside assets:
    Icons from
    Environment from
    Music from

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    Link to a download of your game:
    Team Name:TimmyJimmyTimmy (4)
    Team Members:
    Marco Massa-programming and game design
    Lodovico Sartirana-Concept art and 2D game art
    Tommaso Franzoni-Character art, animations and power up design
    Simone Fusaro-Level Design


    Nothing was created before the Jam, all sound assets are from (thanks to those awesome content creators) and some UE4 starter content particle FX
    Description: You are subject T1MM1 a human labrat for the D.G.I.N (Departmen of Genetic Implementing Nanotechnologies) one of the most secret and cruel department of an evil science corporation working on alterating genetics in order to achieve human transformations.
    A malfunction has occurred in the laboratory and now you are free from your cage; you will find out that those Nanocapsules may not look inviting to ingest, but it may be your only way out.

    We work on this project but the time is a beast, we have not been able to finish it in time, however we will shortly post the full project on this forum.

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    Game Download:

    Team Name: Gordo Co. Games
    Team Members: Cody, Ethan, Juan
    Name of Submission: GordoCo.Games_TheLightDark

    All assets were created during the jam, for the jam with the exception of using the cube model from the starter content and some BSP in engine.

    We took the theme as meaning that something dark seemingly prevents you from achieving your goal but is actually something needed and is hence a blessing in disguise. We therefore built a relatively simple puzzle game designed around that concept with a small but of narrative at the end to tie back into the theme.

    Controls (Fairly self explanatory but just posting for reference):
    WASD -> Movement
    Spacebar -> Teleport

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    Download Link:

    Team name: Spectral Studios
    Member: Me (Andrzej).
    Name: SpectralStudios_Misfit

    - W (Jump), A (Move left), D (Move right), ESC (Menu).

    List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
    Animations Starter Pack - animations, Infinity Blade Assets - meshes, Content Examples Project - some particles, Mixamo character, Luos Caves - meshes, Music - from

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    Team: JoSilver
    Team Members: JoSilver (I'm a narcissist)
    Game: JoSilver_TRASHMcKANN
    No Assets Were pre-made, except sound effects.


    Updated Version Here.
    Update 1: Adjusted Difficulty a bit.
    Update 2: Added sound to garbage thrown.


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    Click image for larger version

Name:	BANNER.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	214.7 KB
ID:	1130631



    Team Name: MMs
    Team Member: Middlle
    Team Member: Mazar
    2 member team

    Disclosed Content:
    Options menu prebuilt,

    [WASD] to move around
    [SPACE] Jump
    [Q] Roll
    [E] Interact
    [Left Mouse] Attack
    [Right Mouse] Block

    Run around, collect restore your soul to be able to go to next areas
    Attached Files
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    Game Jam Register

    Link to the Banner

    Summary of video game
    In a dark time, there were some organizations who thought they could play god, we follow 3 brothers who fell victim to experiments which given abilities meant to hinder them. Little did they know that these brothers were to use these side effects to their advantage!

    Team name: Luke is bad at team names
    Team members: Calvin Simpson,Daniel Mokobia,Robert Grieves,Luke Bourner, Jay Cummings

    Link to the video game

    A/D or left thumb stick to move left/right, space or A to jump, Q/E or right/left shoulder buttons to switch between the 3 characters.
    Left/right click to use Octo-man's ability

    Octo-Man Summary
    octo-man can launch at certain points with hits tentacles, big guy can punch through boxes, small guy can crawl under gaps and walk over pressure plates
    3 brothers experimented on, given abilities thought to hinder them like removing octo-man's arms but actually are a blessing in disguise to traverse the environment.

    Per-made Content
    okay for pre-made content there's a smoke, dust, and mist particles from the starter content pack
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