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    Wizards Curse
    Team Dead Deer
    Deck, ArbuzBudesh, DevilTiger

    WASD - Movement
    Space - Jump
    LMB - Attack
    Shift - Dash in direction you’re walking
    Ctrl - Lock target
    Q - Corrupt enemy onto your side
    E - Heal allies\harm enemies
    R - Kill ally for heal\mana return

    Story revolves around a hero with purest intentions trying to defeat an evil wizard, who cowardly put a curse on brave warrior to avoid direct confrontation and wait for him to die. But it turns out curse has some side effects which do help our protagonist as well.

    Assets used:
    Music from AmateurAnimator
    Main character animation from Mixamo (monster anims are custom)
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      UE4 Summer Jam Submission : Blessing In Dream

      Img Link :

      Link :
      Team Name: Roh Brothers.
      Team Members: Agust Van Roh, and my brother(Thomas Karl Roh
      Name of Submission: Blessing In Dream
      List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :+ UE4 Default Assets of ThirdPersonCharacter Project+ UE4 Default StarterPack
      Controls: - WASD : Movement - Mouse : View Control - Mouse Left Button : Attack - Mouse Right Button : Shield

      Description: You are in dream now. You have to prepare final battle with the dragon. Many traps will hurt you, but they will be a chance for you. It will help you to get resistance, and it will be protect you from attack of the dragon.
      ps : Oh My God I found miss spell in main HUD....
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        Our first jam is behind us and it was a blast.

        Team name:
        Peanut Rangers


        Panu Puurunen
        Sami Kimpimäki
        Riku Kettunen

        Character movement - WASD
        Camera movement - mouse
        Interact - E
        Esc - pause menu

        Pre-jam content:
        - All models use the default materials available in Substance Painter 2

        Spoilers and insight
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          If you downloaded it before July 4th at 5 PM ET please download again. There was a crash when joining an MP server!

          Team Name: Lone Artisan
          List of team members:
          • Chosker
          • Coes
          • Bastardi
          • vebski

          Name of the submission: DarkFrag
          Assets that were created outside of the game jam period: Only assets from ShooterGame

          DarkFrag is a Fast-paced Multiplayer Stealth Shooter, where you're only visible near lights or while shooting. Additionally you get 3 superhuman abilities that really crank up the action!
          While it works offline with Bots they can't use the abilities so it really hinders the gameplay. The fun really starts in a Multiplayer match!

          • WASD - Move
          • LMB - Shoot
          • Spacebar - Jump
          • Q/E/F - Use Abilities
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          Developer of Elium - Prison Escape
          Local Image-Based Lighting for UE4


            Link to a download of your game:
            Team name: ADsZ Team
            List of team members:
            • Dalton Nell
            • Zach Frye
            • Aaron Karras
            • Sean O'Connell

            Name of your submission: ADsZ_NarcolepsyBoy

            List of assets made during the game jam:

            Realized the list was assets made outside of the game jam, this is a list of things that were created during the game jam.
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              Inspired Workshop
              Yadikaer Yasheng
              InspiredWorkshop_T2Virus:Consciousness Remains

              i can't even draw an apple. model are all from Mixamo. codes were all written during the jam


                021 Studios
                Eric Hontz, Trevor Hagerdorn, Eric Broe
                All materials were either created with Substance Painter 2 or Adobe Photoshop.

                Controls WASD, F for flashlight, and left shift for sprint. Mac version only.


                  Team Name: StormSmashEntertainment
                  Team Members:
                  Project Name: The Phantom Hand
                  Name of Submission: StormSmashEntertainment_ThePhantomHand
                  Items created outside the Jam
                  UE4 starter content
                  Water Planes


                    Don't Look Up

                    Download link Google Drive

                    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
                    Team Members: Handkor
                    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_DontLookUp

                    Your land has been plagued by a mysterious black slime that is melting everything. You we hit by the slime but were saved and wrapped in bandages to keep you from becoming a puddle. Since you are already melting you areno longer affected by this slime and can venture forth and same the world.

                    Music and sounds from marketplace

                    How to Play:

                    Collect the magical runes to activate the shrine a save the world.

                    WASD - Move around
                    Mouse - Look
                    Left Click - Throw pixel grenade to stop slime monsters
                    E - Interact with objects
                    Spacebar - Jump
                    ESC - Quit


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                      Spirit of Perseus
                      Currently only Windows Build up:

                      Little Apple Creative

                      Kyle Brown


                      Everything was made during the game jam. All made from scratch. (Only the 3D Text, cube and sphere meshes from the default game engine).
                      Only the little outro harp sound on the victory scene was recorded earlier.(still did a little editing on it)

                      Play Notes:
                      Find the helmet of invisibility to dare stand a chance against Medusa who has turned the world to stone.
                      (no direct feedback when you get the helmet, just left click nearby it and you will have it)

                      EDIT 2:
                      I actually just played the build submitted and realized a few errors. On the first play-through if the character is initialized to 75 energy and no regeneration you have to go to the main menu, delete the save and then it should work.
                      Also if you do not save it before entering the boss fight you cannot kill the boss, and also the boss has a little too much health.
                      So after 5 minutes of fixes (just had to set default value for the player because it was incorrect, a save before entering final battle, and reducing the boss hp), a more playable working version.
                      Also added a control tool-tip in the main menu that P will pause the game.

                      So here's the link if anyone's interested in a more playable experience, but unchanged from the original submission.

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                        Game : The Entropic Shop (HTC Vive game)

                        Requirements : HTC Vive

                        1st Link :!yB8C0KKA!HeKzmQLQ4...WFXMauFwCX6SmM (some material links are broken)
                        2nd Link:!bJcHmSqQ!ZDwLqpSBQ...kGbxYA1VN2Q4-U (no broken materials due to packaging)

                        Team name : Big Horn Studio

                        Members : Gobelin, Hinori, WirelessKiwi, Macawena

                        Submission name : BigHornStudio_EntropicShop

                        Nothing was created before the jam, except a basic VR pawn (trigger) and some functions to pick objects.

                        Description : "Hey you ! Yes you, owner of the Entropic Shop ! You laughed at me last time, remember ?
                        It's time to be punished !
                        I curse you and your shop ! Haha ! You'll never be rich again ! Oh and here is your friend, you know, the Inspector... Good luck to pay him in time ! Niark !"
                        Objectif : Pay the inspector with valuable items. You have 1:30.
                        Items change when you look away.

                        Controls :
                        PAD to Teleport
                        Trigger to grab object

                        Due to an input problem, only the Right Controller is able to pick up object...

                        PS : we have decided to finish the game so we can now provide a link of the fully working game.
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                          The Lost Song VR 1 (Prologue): A True Artist

                          Synopsis: You're the blind son of a famous painter, scorned by your father for your disability - but artistry comes in many forms and yours in fact, shine brighter in the dark...

                          Requirements: Vive

                          Link to a download of your game

                          Updated version to fix loading streaming level nodes for those interested to play through all 3 levels (official entry above got stuck at beginning of level 2 w/ a slight dialogue carfuffle:P):

                          Team name
                          Artisans of Reality

                          List of team members
                          Anton Peishakov (all music and melodies, live cello piece)
                          Rune Berg (development, tech art, fx)
                          Ty Hegner (dialogues, 3d modelling)

                          Name of your submission

                          Assets from the marketplace & the public domain:
                          RunebergVR Plugin (
                          Hand (low poly) by Anura (
                          Low Poly Male by Gregory (
                          Low-poly base-meshes (male & female) by Julius (
                          Classic Sponza model by Marko Dabrovic
                          Panel Door Pack 1 free VR / AR / low-poly by LemonadeCG (

                          All other materials used in this submission are otherwise original and made exclusively for this jam.
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                          VR Developer (C++ / BP), Room-scale specialist

                          Free VR Plugin:

                          Udacitty Unreal Nanodegree Mentor & Project Reviewer:


                            Team: Smarty Pants Games
                            Members: Daniel Stroup, Programmer; Jacob James, Lead Designer; Rebecca Stroup, Music.
                            Name: SmartyPantsGames_Mark's New Shoes
                            Assets created outside of game jam period: Floor and wall textures, main level song
                            Include a list of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period. Entries are scored based on what is made during the jam.


                              Download link :
                              Team Name : Hexeva
                              Members : HeXtion and Eva
                              Game Name: HeXeva_DesertMadness

                              We only used a couple plants, trees from forest set, Sheeps, Statues(all of them were manually edited during the Jam).
                              Also used few downloaded audio tracks.

                              All other objects, animations and textures were made by Eva during Jam. I made the whole project completely in Blueprints, and i voiced the main character myself .
                              Hopefully this is gonna work because we ran out of time D:

                              P.S , realised after Uploading.
                              Don't try to kill rats, they're immortal xD don't mind, checkpoints doesnt work :O

                              Heres a download link with fixed Checkpoints and saves THIS LINK IS NOT FOR THE JAM because it was fixed after the deadline! It's just for players who want to try it out.
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                                Project: Zesty Summer

                                Download link:

                                Alien life in the form of glowing crystals has just crash landed in a nearby lemon field. The crystals immediately started to mutate the nearby lemons. These lemons have started their march towards town and a nearby mine. Kill the lemons on this platforming adventure and possibly save thousands of human lives in doing so.[/CENTER]

                                Team Name:

                                Lava Bear

                                List of Team Members:

                                Jake Williams
                                Dave Engleman
                                Bryce Mengus
                                Ian Goldsmith

                                Name of Submission:



                                Jump - ( W or Space)
                                Attack Once - (Left Click)
                                Attack Sweeping - (Left Click During / After First Attack)
                                Move - (A or D)
                                Help Menu - (Tab)

                                Pre-Jam Assets:

                                One Starter Particle and one Skybox from the starter content pack. The Sound tracks we pulled from Patrick De Arteaga’s website, Sound clips used from the Universal Sound FX from the Unreal Market place.

                                ***(update 1: Okay so after looking around online the issue seems to be related to this... and is currently happening with our game. I will attempt to try what the people here have suggested but I just wanted to point this out to Epic as a issue that is still on-going 4.16.2)***
                                ***(Update 2: Tried the fix by just adding a simple variable / changing every material by moving nodes then saving and that worked. The materials are all back and working. Will keep this here in-case someone else in the jam has similar issues.)***
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