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    Download Link :

    Team name / Solo : Nightmare
    List of team members : nightmare_unreal
    Name of your submission : Nightmare_DemonBot

    I have used Infinity Blades assets , Animation Starter Pack which is provided free by Epic Games .

    Description : Main Character has been cursed with demon powers . Everyone stays away from him because of it . The world as he knows is changing now and now he is on a quest to save his world . He will either "Suppress his demon powers or unleash them" to solve the mysteries .

    Controls :
    1 : Demon Speed
    2 : Demon Gravity
    3 : Demon TimeSkip
    E : Demon Mode
    Movements : W,A,S,D



      VoxBros proudly presents Please don't die!
      A game where you have to help VoxBoy to traverse through the dangers of a city by making him stumble over objects.

      Please don't die VoxBoy!

      Download Link:
      Download Link!

      - Seirei
      - Max
      - Fab

      Please don't die!

      Click on highlighted objects.

      All assets were created during the game jam, except for the fonts.
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        Project link : fixed a bug so it uploads the level as you made it and made a few things more clear :
        Team name : owninator
        Team members : Owninator
        project name: Ownrealeditor
        Assets used : Varest plugin , manuel bastoni rig , blade and character BP from last jam, luos texture cropper, stylized demo assets. nature asset pack tree.
        Description : half baked bugs
        controlls for playing : controller recommended A green/B red/Y yellow/ X blue / right trigger heal urself. Q E R F and space on keyboard
        controlls for edit : sliders buttons , play from start too level end to upload (needs a levelend to upload the level)
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        No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute


          Hey guys, I am currently uploading my project to google drive. The estimated time remaining is 6 hours. I'm not sure if this will disqualify me but I hope you will understand.

          Here is a link for the folder that the project will be located in:

          Team Name: ION
          Team Members: Anthony

          WASD to move, Right Mouse Button to aim, Left Mouse Button to shoot, Space Bar to jump

          List of pre-made Assets:
          - Trees
          - Rocks from asset packs
          - Modeling of AR-15
          -Water from UE4 Marketplace
          -Original Waterfall Particle from the Particle Effects Project (I edited it during the time frame)
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            Download Link: Original Submission - Google Drive Live Version -

            Team: islipaway
            Submission Name: Buckarunicorn
            Content: Art and Code created by me during the Jam except the main menu/intro which is adapted from previous projects. Sounds from Soundsnap Music by Sappherios

            Theme interpretation: The collective noun for Unicorns is a Blessing. Disguise your Unicorn by covering it magical objects until the physics breaks!

            Controls: WASD + Mouse

            Notes: The original submission/google drive link will often crash, this is fixed in the Itch version.
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            Itch | Twitter


              - Download Project Link: Gamepad & Keyboard

              - Download Extra Version Double Gamepad:

              - Team Name: 3D2 Entertainment

              - Team Members:

              - Daniel Gálvez
              - Xavi Amezqueta
              - Robert Morancho
              - Manuel Perez
              - Danel Iriarte

              - 3D2Entertainment_Fatlust

              - Description: Fatlust is a two-player game where the goal is to eat insanely and throw vomit until you defeat your opponent.

              - Video:

              - Controls:

              - Game:

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                Download link
                Team name:
                Team members:
                Submission name:
                Third party content:
                Creative commons 0 licenced sounds from

                Play as a person living in a small town inhabited by some strange townsmen.

                Little info:
                WASD to navigate
                Mouse - look around
                E - interact/speak
                Space - Jump
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                  Team name: Sky Key
                  List of team members :
                  -Artist/levelDesigner - Kirill Kozyrev (@sexydrunkart)
                  -LevelDesigner - PeaceMaker
                  -Blueprinter/scripter - MaxDBlack aka Noowai (me)
                  Name of your submission: SkyKey_BlightWood

                  Assets aquired/forged outside of jam: all sound files were downloaded from For outline postprocess material I send my gratitutes to Tom Looman. All NPCs are Mannequins

                  Our forest, our precious forest! Why are they hurting it? Trees are crying, they screeching and calling for help!
                  You... you must protect them. Go, kill those pesky humans! Let their blood flow and feed the trees grow strong!

                  Left Mouse Button - move to location
                  Right Mouse Button - attack!
                  Esc - exit

                  Kill woodchoppers before they cut the trees, but beware of hunters! If they catch you, the whole forest will suffer. Try to lure hunters to altar, if you must!
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                  Check out my twitter @Strandcliff where I post progress on my game "The Secret Ties of Strandcliff".


                    Blessing In The Sky

                    Link to game: Download here!
                    Team Name: Team Heaven
                    Team Members: d_brane

                    Project Name: Blessing In The Sky

                    Pre-Jam Assets: The octopus from the nvidia flex tutorial

                    Description: You are the gatekeeper. Choose who belongs in heaven, and who belongs in hell. It isn't always an easy decision, and sacrifices will have to be made, to keep all sides happy. If hell, heaven or the queue overflows you get fired. Get the queue empty and you win.

                    Controls: Left Click or '1' for heaven. Right click or '2' for hell.

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                      Hey all,

                      Download Link:

                      Team Name - Strigifo

                      Team Member(s) - Rob Brooks

                      Submission Name - Strigifo_BlessingInDaSkies
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                      Share and Enjoy!


                        A House???

                        Game Download

                        Team Name
                        Side Step Studios

                        Team Members
                        • openglsdl (Kyle) - Programming, Level Design
                        • n1ghtshot (Tim) - Lighting, Level Design, Art
                        • com32 (Chris) - Lighting, Level Design, Sound
                        • Dawn - Sound

                        Name of submission

                        List of pre-made assets created outside of the game jam period
                        • Mothership Service Rooms asset pack
                        • Abandoned Manor asset pack
                        • UE4 mannequin and animations

                        Sounds and all other assets were created during the jam.

                        Keyboard Controls

                        W,S,A,D - Move
                        Space Bar - Action

                        Gamepad Controls (recommended)

                        Left Stick - Move
                        Right Stick - Turn
                        A Button (face bottom) - Action
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	RobotsOnABudget_Banner.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	228.3 KB
ID:	1130768

                          Team name: The Retros
                          Game name: Robots on a Budget

                          All assets except sound and music and leaderboard (EpicLeaderboard) were created during this jam. and music were BeepBox originals grabbed from : Durgess__ MaggardJosh ViggarDatGuy SlendStone M_Hennel Spectrumnist Miniredpen TheGubbys ZenZen_21


                          Team members:
                          Victor Burgos
                          Mak Alexey
                          Sander Vereecken
                          Eugenio Del Vecchio
                          Helene Snow

                          WSAD, Spacebar. 99% sure I left debug controls in there, so don't touch anything else and you'll be fine

                          Get to the control panel as fast as you can, getting as many gears as you can, and losing the least lives as you can. You'll figure out why after you play Good luck!
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                          Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

                          Wishlist Neko Ghost, Jump! a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer :



                            This game tells us a short story about the Tribe and the hard choice of the Player who is trying to guide them on the right path. All you need to know to win - is that blessing in disguise.
                            We develop our game using the ARKit framework from Apple - check out our YouTube videos to understand how it looks in AR on iPhone!


                            Team name:

                            Team members:
                            Oleg Chumakov
                            Aleksandr Savchukov
                            Ilya Antonov
                            Denis Pozdnyakov
                            Aleksei Korogodin

                            Name of submission:

                            Outside assets:
                            Environment from UE4 Marketplace (POLYGON Adventure Pack)
                            Animations from
                            Sounds from
                            AR Tribe (Summer UE4jam 2017) by
                            FOLLOW US:
                            GET ARKit BUILD FOR iOS:


                              SUPER STICK FIGURES

                              Polished Version after deadline (better version):
                              GameJam Entry (old version):


                              You are Red, a hard studying Stick Figure. But one day, the bullies had enough of your smartness and throw you into a puddle with blue paint. Filled with emotions you struck back and surprisingly succeeded. When the bullies realized you got superpowers from the paint, they fled like cowards... but bullies are bullies, so they called their gang and now it's up to you to deal with the issue.

                              Controls (Gamepad / Keyboard)

                              Move: Left Thumbstick / WASD
                              Sprint: Left Trigger / Right Mouse Button
                              Dash: Right Trigger / Left Mouse Button
                              Charge Jump: Hold Face Button Down (or A on XBox Controller) / Middle Mouse Button
                              Jump: Release said key or if you don't, it triggers automatically

                              Team name: Doge Hunter
                              List of team members: Ninjin
                              Name of your submission: Doge Hunter_Super Stick Figure

                              Music: (Slammin')
                              Sfx: GDC Audio Bundle, [url][/
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                                'Gold-Hat Gets a Book' Is a simple, 3 leveled game where you take on the role of Gold-Hat's Guardian Angel. You protect him on his journey by blocking his path with hindrances, such as falling scaffolding, to stop him arriving at a more ... final destination.

                                Team: Tom Peacock Media
                                Members: Tom Peacock

                                Download Link:

                                Controls: WASD - Movement
                                Mouse - Possession
                                R - Slow Time
                                Q - Speed Time
                                Music By Patrick de Arteaga[IMG]C:\Users\Tom\Documents\Unreal Projects\UE4Jam_V1\Files[/IMG]
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