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    Overgrown Dreams

    Download 32bit:
    Download 64bit:

    Team Name: Broken Palace
    Team Members: Jack Pilley, Morgan Fudge
    Submission Name: BrokenPalace_OvergrownDreams

    Pre-Jam assets: All sound files, Text font

    Backup Download Link:
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      Download link:

      GrEnAdIfY, voransoy
      All of the sound effects came from, and all other stuff is just me or starter content.



        Link to a download our game:

        Team name: Screwdriver Entertainment

        List of team members: Isamidinov Nikolay, Leontev Peter, Kolesnik Andrey, Zinnatov Ainur, Voronin Alexey

        Project name: ScrewdriverEntertainment_PostworldScavenger

        Description: You play as a survivor in postapocalyptic world. Not everything you do is good or bad. It is just blessing in disguise.

        Pre-jam Assets: Fog Of War (

        Controls: <Left Mouse Button> - position to move, <Space> - start/stop time, <Esc> - Quit
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          Blessed Soul

          Blessed Soul

          Download here
          Team name: Shaunathon6
          List of team members: Shaunathon6
          Name of your submission shaunathon6_BlessedSoul

          Team up with your faithful squire and fight back against an army of invading knights.

          Supports Keyboard & Mouse or Controller, see pause menu for controls.

          Assets Used:
          Castle Fortress on the UE4 Marketplace
          Customisable Medieval Knight on the UE4 Marketplace
          Medieval Props Pack 2 on the UE4 Marketplace
          Sword Animset Pro on the UE4 Marketplace
          Hit sounds fro
          Music from Purple Planet
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            Download Link for Manic D. Kahn:

            Team Name: MDK

            Team Member: 2


            Name of submission: MDK_Manic D. Kahn

            Outside Assets:

            StainedGlass Texture : by JoJo -

            All textures came from starter content and GT Free Materials (some materials made during Jam used textures from GT Free Materials)

            The Skull mesh is from the UE 4 Elemental Demo. Lava Knight (faces from Lava Knight model were copied and imported during the game jam)

            We used a Boulder and its Materials from the UE 4 Kite Demo.

            First person arms and animations were used. (main character)

            Third person mannequin and animations were used. (boss character)

            A modified UE 4 Template gun model was used.

            Fire and Smoke particle systems came from starter content.

            Music by:


            Main Menu: infinite realm
            Cinematic: bad timing
            Game Play: Shades

            Dev Notes:

            Game Play Map was made using UE 4 Geometry tools.

            Was made with blueprints

            Summary of Game:

            You are the hero. De-Feet the bad guy. Nuff said.

            Press "T" to bring up welcome message. It goes a little quick.

            Thank you for Playing
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              Hi everyone,

              here is our entry for the jam!

              Download link
     (Win 64 Bit build):

              Team Name: Digital Spirit Games
              List of Team Members (2): TheR1989, Malthus

              The Game
              Name: "Ghost" (working title)
              Genre: Puzzle / Platformer
              You're a ghost who isn't able to interact with the physical world. So you have to possess NPCs to use switches, which will trigger doors or elevators in the level.
              The goal is to reach the target point as fast as possible.
              But be aware: Light is your enemy and you can't stay long in your ghost form!

              WASD - Movement
              F - Possess / Unpossess NPC
              G - Use switches
              R - Restart level

              Pre Jam Content
              The game is based on the Side Scroller Template and we used the engines built-in meshes, except the NPC mesh. Game mechanics were coded during the jam.

              We used some pre-made SFX and one texture:
              - Flare Ignition SFX:
              - Spell SFX:
              - Switch SFX:
              - Stone Texture:

              Have fun and kind regards!

              R & Malthus


                Sneak Street 2

                Project Link:
                Team Name: Aristonaut
                Team Members: Jeff Stapleton, Dallin Beutler, Cory Beutler, Brandon Leishman
                Project Name: Aristonaut_SneakStreet2
                Pre-Jam Assets:
                Title screen image
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                  game broke. yeah
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                    Game Jam Register

                    Link to the Banner

                    Summary of video game
                    In a dark time, there were some organizations who thought they could play god, we follow 3 brothers who fell victim to experiments which given abilities meant to hinder them. Little did they know that these brothers were to use these side effects to their advantage!

                    Team name: Luke is bad at team names
                    Team members: Calvin Simpson,Daniel Mokobia,Robert Grieves,Luke Bourner, Jay Cummings

                    Link to the video game

                    A/D or left thumb stick to move left/right, space or A to jump, Q/E or right/left shoulder buttons to switch between the 3 characters.
                    Left/right click to use Octo-man's ability

                    Octo-Man Summary
                    octo-man can launch at certain points with hits tentacles, big guy can punch through boxes, small guy can crawl under gaps and walk over pressure plates
                    3 brothers experimented on, given abilities thought to hinder them like removing octo-man's arms but actually are a blessing in disguise to traverse the environment.

                    Per-made Content
                    okay for pre-made content there's a smoke, dust, and mist particles from the starter content pack
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                      Click image for larger version

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                      Team Name: MMs
                      Team Member: Middlle
                      Team Member: Mazar
                      2 member team

                      Disclosed Content:
                      Options menu prebuilt,

                      [WASD] to move around
                      [SPACE] Jump
                      [Q] Roll
                      [E] Interact
                      [Left Mouse] Attack
                      [Right Mouse] Block

                      Run around, collect restore your soul to be able to go to next areas
                      Attached Files
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                        TRASH McKANN

                        Team: JoSilver
                        Team Members: JoSilver (I'm a narcissist)
                        Game: JoSilver_TRASHMcKANN
                        No Assets Were pre-made, except sound effects.

                        DOWNLOAD HERE!!!

                        Updated Version Here.
                        Update 1: Adjusted Difficulty a bit.
                        Update 2: Added sound to garbage thrown.

                        EAT THE PEOPLE! EAT ALL THE PEOPLE!

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                          Download Link:

                          Team name: Spectral Studios
                          Member: Me (Andrzej).
                          Name: SpectralStudios_Misfit

                          - W (Jump), A (Move left), D (Move right), ESC (Menu).

                          List of all assets that were created outside of the game jam period :
                          Animations Starter Pack - animations, Infinity Blade Assets - meshes, Content Examples Project - some particles, Mixamo character, Luos Caves - meshes, Music - from


                            Game Download:

                            Team Name: Gordo Co. Games
                            Team Members: Cody, Ethan, Juan
                            Name of Submission: GordoCo.Games_TheLightDark

                            All assets were created during the jam, for the jam with the exception of using the cube model from the starter content and some BSP in engine.

                            We took the theme as meaning that something dark seemingly prevents you from achieving your goal but is actually something needed and is hence a blessing in disguise. We therefore built a relatively simple puzzle game designed around that concept with a small but of narrative at the end to tie back into the theme.

                            Controls (Fairly self explanatory but just posting for reference):
                            WASD -> Movement
                            Spacebar -> Teleport



                              Link to a download of your game:
                              Team Name:TimmyJimmyTimmy (4)
                              Team Members:
                              Marco Massa-programming and game design
                              Lodovico Sartirana-Concept art and 2D game art
                              Tommaso Franzoni-Character art, animations and power up design
                              Simone Fusaro-Level Design


                              Nothing was created before the Jam, all sound assets are from (thanks to those awesome content creators) and some UE4 starter content particle FX
                              Description: You are subject T1MM1 a human labrat for the D.G.I.N (Departmen of Genetic Implementing Nanotechnologies) one of the most secret and cruel department of an evil science corporation working on alterating genetics in order to achieve human transformations.
                              A malfunction has occurred in the laboratory and now you are free from your cage; you will find out that those Nanocapsules may not look inviting to ingest, but it may be your only way out.

                              We work on this project but the time is a beast, we have not been able to finish it in time, however we will shortly post the full project on this forum.

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                                You are one of the brave adventurers who decided to help the Twitch Kingdom. Cooperate with other players and complete quests or die.

                                This game connected with twitch account and twitch chat, so if you run the .exe file, it will read and react on "KingdomTwitch" chat. It may create some collisions, so just play on.

                                Commands (for each command game will answer to you):
                                warrior - spawn your character as Warrior
                                archer- spawn your character as Archer
                                priest- spawn your character as Priest
                                leave - delete your character
                                1 - join first quest
                                2 - join second quest
                                3 - join third quest


                                Team name:

                                Team members:
                                Ivan Kapranov
                                Oleg Chumakov

                                Name of submission:

                                Outside assets:
                                Icons from
                                Environment from
                                Music from
                                AR Tribe (Summer UE4jam 2017) by
                                FOLLOW US:
                                GET ARKit BUILD FOR iOS: