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    Team Name: Lo-Rez
    Members: Matthew Barcas, Trang Dang, Alvin Sornsaard
    Name of your submission: LoRez_BlessingInDisguise

    Assets that were outsourced:

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      Cursed Fight

      Cursed Fight

      Team TwoPOneA
      Roberto Azorín Ferri
      Sergi Ledesma Sánchez
      David Masana Lafuente

      Submission Name:

      Download link


      We’ve developed a multiplayer game like it was played before, two players in one keyboard. It’s a round based action game in 2.5D where the goal is to kill the other player with different weapons and getting passive stats when receiving damage.

      We’ve interpreted the theme as a way to look at the good side of the bad things that can happen. That’s why, in the game, if you lose hp you earn a reward based on your missing health, so the less hp you have the more rewards you can stack up with a higher impact on your gameplay. Chances of comebacks are high

      Player 1:
      A D: Lateral movement
      W: Jump
      S (while jumping): Ground pound
      SPACE: Shoot

      Player 2:
      Left Right: Lateral movement
      Up: Jump
      Down (while jumping): Ground pound
      0-Numpad: Shoot

      Pre-Jam Content
      All the game content has been created from scratch except for:
      • The Blueprint_Effect_Explosion from the starter content.
      • A C++ code to setup the local multiplayer.

      Background music from:
      Desembra - Hit 'Em from NCS
      CydoniA Virgo: Horror Sci-fi FPS


        Link to download the game (packing finished within the time of the game jam) :!AvJIY3v7hkRqp0-_OELUJfLp_YVQ

        The first upload is here :

        And here is the game with several fixes and few additions that you should download ^^ : BloodMudFireMask

        Team name : The Wild Games
        Member Michael "NamInUz" Mavros

        Name of the project : TheWildGames_BloodMudFireMask

        Assets created outside of the jam :
        - Around half of the scenery assets.
        - Base characters and animations.
        - The regular weapons & vehicles models.
        - Music "Batalla por la Libertad" by Patrick de Arteaga & the sound FX by Cleveland Bledsoe Jr

        Controls are viewable within the game :
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          Gameplay Video:

          Game: 5RuneStudios_AdventuresOfRetlif (Windows 32-bit build)

          Game Summary: You've crash landed on a strange, trashed and polluted island. The air is too hard to breath so you must traverse the unknown in your toxicity suit and hope to find a way off the island. Can you find enough resources and help in such a desolate place? Maybe while you are there, you'll be able to lend a hand as well?

          Platform: Windows (32-bit build)

          Players: 1 player

          Team Name: 5 Rune Studios

          Team Members: Jordan Parsons (Element5541), Illya Van Gils

          List of all assets created outside of game jam period: background music, airship was borrowed from internet (free for non-commercial use), and modified smoke/steam particle effects from started content. The rest was created within the time constraints of the Summer '17 game jam.

          Oh and just to prove I'm within the time limits of submission, I've attached a countdown clock screenshot with 3 hours to spare, woot!

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            Download Link

            Team Name: HoM E's
            Submission Name: HomEs_Bles
            Team Members: Angela Li, Adam Liepins, Eric LaShelle, Richard Escontrias
            Previously built assets: Ultra Dynamic Sky, Love Me Do by The Beatles
            How to play: Hit the corresponding direction when the arrow keys overlap the circle.

            Description: Mr. Ble Bloot is a world renowned vocal artist. But his greatest crutch is his crushing stage fright. Only with his trusty disguise can he bring his wonderful sounds to the world.
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              Our first Unreal game jam

              Team Name: Room 144
              List of Team Members: Gage Copelin, Justin Chang, John Loughran, Brian Burleson-Roth and Sean Vanzo
              name of submission: Room144_BlessingInDeath
              list of assets made outside game jam: Ue4 arms and animation, gun sound effect, enemy projectiles, super grid asset pack
              controls: WSAD mouse, left shift to dash, 'F' to use grappling hook, left mouse to shoot, double space bar to double jump
              link to hires image:
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                3DNipuna_Snail Life blessing in disguise

                Categories: Best Cinematic

                Team Name:

                List of team members:

                Submission Name: Snail Life blessing in disguise

                Pre-jam Content:
                Birds content from UE4 market place , Trees and grass from UE4 Evermotion pack, stones from megascans.

                Note: Project file will be sent to PM [MENTION=809346]Amanda.Bott[/MENTION]!


                Some of WIP Screen Shots.





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                  Download link:

                  Team Name: Event Horizon
                  Team Members: me
                  name of Submission: EventHorizon_Reunion

                  Controls: WASD to move, F for flashlight, E to drop Flare Q to pick them back up, RMB to zoom, LMB to fire

                  Content that was created outside the Jam:

                  Some assets from starter content
                  Water planes from the learn tab
                  glass material from automotive material pack




                    Team Name: Dot Info
                    Team Members: Max Ritchey and Chris Boutin
                    Name of Submission: DotInfo_TheLich

                    Every asset in this game was created within the game jam with the exception of the music which was leftover from a personal project a year ago.

                    Controls: Mouse, Escape/P: Pauses

                    Description: Play as Flank and the Cool Summer Knight and defeat the evil Lich. How does that apply to "Blessing in disguise"? Play the game and find out!
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                      UE4 Summer Jam Submission Agent Blessing

                      Agent Blessing

                      Project Link: Agent Blessing

                      Team Name: Bladekyle.

                      Team Members: Bladekyle.

                      Project Name: Bladekyle_Agent Blessing.

                      Pre-jam Assets: Simple characters pack [Marketplace] (This includes all characters and their textures and materials).

                      Description: You play an agent working for an organisation, you recently lost part of you memories and are slung into action without much knowledge of story.

                      Controls: WASD - Movement | Mouse - Screen movement | E - Interact | 1 - Equip weapon | F - Equip silencer |

                      Additional images:
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                        Requires VR headset with motion controllers

                        Team Name: Degenerate Vertices
                        Team Members: Adam Graham, Stephen Cameron
                        Submission Name: Blessing In Disguise
                        Basically all assets were made before the time frame of the jam except the soldier model. All animations, sounds, other models and textures were made previously.


                          Spoopy Jr. Is Done With Spooping
                          Only me, Bardia Nikfarjam (Burt for short)
                          1056 Hemphill Street, Atlanta, GA 30318
                          Size Medium

                          Burtfire_Spoopy Jr Is Done Spooping
                          Used some starter content materials, a free font and one rock from the open world pack, the rest I made from scratch in the time (including the spooky song ). It's time for bed now, happy fourth everyone! Thank you!

                          Spoopy Jr. is tired of spooking people, so he's changing it up by helping the neighborhood while it sleeps. Otherwise known as... the Blessing in Disguise!

                          WASD/Left Stick - Move
                          Space/A Button - Jump/ Double Jump
                          CTRL/B/B Button - Interact



                            WANDERER VR

                            Download Link:

                            Team Name: MadTitans

                            Submission Name: MadTitans_WandererVR

                            Team Members : Ankit , Akshay and Aditya

                            How to Play: Start the Game , Strap on your Google Cardboard Gear and Just Gaze at Sphere above your head once to Walk/Stop and Sphere below your FOV to Jump. and Keep an Eye out for your Oxygen Meter and fill them by Colliding with Green Statues placed by other lifeforms on this planet. If dead , wait for 5 seconds to respawn at beginning of map.

                            Platform : Android with Google Cardboard support.

                            Game Summary: Earth is in ruins as usual and you were set off on an inter-planetary quest to find something that will help to survive humanity. During One mission , due to unfortunate circumstances during your space journey , you were stranded on an unidentified planet. Now you have limited oxygen supply , Only goal is to somehow wait for your teammates to pick you up and in mean time explore the planet and secrets hidden in it.

                            Previously build assets: Created Specific usage VR Controller for Google CardBoard using Third person Template given in UE4 3 days before announcement of themes , 1 Alien Skeletal Mesh imported from Mixamo.
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                              Team Name: Warp Studios
                              Team Member: JohDav
                              Project: Warp Studios_Lights and Shadows

                              WASD - Movement
                              E - Interact
                              I - Inventory

                              Game Summary: Lights and Shadow's is a small adventure/sneaking game in a haunted hotel. Keep in the dark to stay away from ghosts and other creatures and solve the mystery.

                              Previously built assets: Most archtectural assets from

                              Characters built in Mixamo during Jam.
                              Music composed and recorded during Jam.

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                                Overgrown Dreams

                                Download 32bit:
                                Download 64bit:

                                Team Name: Broken Palace
                                Team Members: Jack Pilley, Morgan Fudge
                                Submission Name: BrokenPalace_OvergrownDreams

                                Pre-Jam assets: All sound files, Text font

                                Backup Download Link:
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