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    Originally posted by Kiwikah Inc View Post
    [QUESTION] :: Anyway you can describe a pipeline on how to capture facial animation - use it in the sequencer - with the intention of getting it into Adobe Premiere. Our team's goal is to use UE4 with the intention of using it for a short animated fiilm. Any recommended way to go about this - without having to use Maya or anything else - would be helpful.

    Furthermore : Would we be able to "record" Morph targets - i.e "Character A raises eyebrows" in UE4 - then use it as a precanned animation that can be activated in Sequencer... if I imported a facial model - Could I "ragdoll puppet it" in UE4 - capture the animation - and then use the way other animations work in the sequencer editor
    I did make a very first version of this work... if interested i can try to package this and send it. I intend to rework this, so I can make a re-target/blend between the morphs available, but I am learning BP as I go along. ;-)

    In general I would look into how one could do this generally... between different characters, say it should be possible re-target to the morphs for the current mesh BP to some for MB-Lab (Blender) characters. For that to work you would want to "cut out a bust of you character (in Blender or UR4) and then view the results in a Morph match system...

    One feature that would be nice is a blend between say mouth-morphs, MB-Lab come with a standard set of face-poses. Blending from one to the other should show how the various targets has counter productive results. Thus one should be able to register hiracy of related morphs... a hiracy/grouping with internal resistances.


      Originally posted by yjkwon View Post
      Hi all, I think the download link for the example project is broken. Is there any other link available?
      I think only the project file is corrupted, cut/paste/rename any other one to the project Folder and you will be OK.


        Glad I found this thread


          its weird that you show preview of a girl and the project has male 3d model