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Spring #UE4jam Submission Thread!

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    Velcro Mind
    Download APK 59mb

    Team name: OneShotGames
    Team Members: Yakim
    Name of your submission: OneShotGames_VelcroMind
    Best Mobile Game Specialty Category
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      Team Name: Hexa Game Studio


      How to play:
      - Point and Click action game, move with LMB and use your Skills with the key Q,W,E
      - Use TAB to change Elemental Status
      - Try to Survive and Protect your magic Cube!

      Team Members:
      Abraham Kim
      Diego Honorato
      Rhenan Fidelis
      Teo Oliver

      Premade Assets:
      - Some Particles
      - Some Animations


        Team Name: ./fun
        Number of members: 1

        Team Members: LatuberculeDemoniac

        Name of submission: LaTuberculeDemoniac_MoskitoStrikesBack

        Download link:

        Your goal:
        Make everybody suicide themself in the village by avoiding beeing clapped cause you're the bigger killer of this world!!!

        Move with WSAD (planar moves), mouse button left/right (up/down), and mouse moves (view)

        Assets used: everything was created during this jam by myself.

        Special: Package <100MB

        Note: Some guys say that 3 days aren't enougth and i agree. Jams are for me special events where I learn a lot and for this prototype of prototype of game, It tooks me one entire day to learn animations, AI ect... 1 day spent over a total of 1.5 is a lot and we can't go really far with that when we are solo team.
        I hope the next jams would be over 7 days.

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          My project decided not to package and I've had to migrate it completely but it's almost uploaded.


          Team Name: In Your Head Games

          Team Member: Tom C.

          Game Name: Springing to help (VR)

          The game assets were made by me from either; Oculus Medium, Blender, Audacity, or BSPs baked into static meshes.

          The movement component took the most time and still needs work but I like much more than teleportation.

          During the recreation of the project I think I lost some of the editor settings for performance but you can click on the right thumbstick for the frames and I stayed at 90 for the few minutes I tested it now.

          I learned a lot over the past few days and I'm really glad to be a part of the great community!
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            Team Name: Me, Myself and Twitch Chat
            Team Member: Middlle
            1 member team

            Disclosed Content:
            Options menu prebuilt,
            Music: Doobly Doo Kevin MacLeod (
            Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

            100mb project category

            [A] [D] to move around
            [SPACE] Jump

            Run around, collect spring parts and build spring platform to be able to go to next areas

            UPDATED VERSION after GameJam Deadline

            Changes in the level, sound and UI
            Fixed last high jump bug
            Add Gamepad support
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              Game Name: Game of A Tree in a spring.
              Team Name: sZXZ
              Team Members: 1

              Disclosed Content:
              Manhole covers created before
              Some textures from source(allegorithmic)

              You are a tree and you grow leafs by throwing pollen in the crowds so they have allergy.

              then you have 600 points leafs are fully grown.

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                Team Vizionary - Spring Loaded Ragball Mayham

                Team Vizionary Presents:
                Spring Loaded Ragball Mayham


                Download link:gdrive download link

                Team Members:
                1.) Vizionary
                2.) Oddkward
                3.) ub3rwarrior

                Modeling in Blender 2.78

                Premade assets:
                Music: Various tracks by Kevin MacLeod (
                Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

                Font: Aldo the Apache Font
                Author: AJ Paglia




                  Download Link:

                  Team Members:
                  Zack Keosaian

                  Premade Assets:

                  WOW THAT TOOK A WHOLE HALF HOUR TO UPLOAD. I'm actually proud of this game, I've finally become the soccer mom I've always wanted to be. I've created AI that reproduces and it's beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Quickly feed your babies and reach the goal score or sit back and watch your family grow. It's your choice. I love you all.


                  WASD- Flight pitch

                  Spacebar- Accelerate flight speed

                  E (Hold down for 2 seconds)- Interact with objects

                  P (Hold down)- Check status of butt cargo, offspring murdered, and amount of honeycombs fed
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                    Spring Cleaning Action - by Vhite Rabbit

                    Download Link:
                    Team: Vhite Rabbit
                    Members: Jonathan Hale, Florian Isikci, Maximilian Welscher, Tobias Stein, Philipp Dörflinger
                    Submission Name: VhiteRabbit_SpringCleaningAction

                    The game will be available (for pay what you want) on soon!

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                      Mansel In Distress!

                      The heir to the kingdom has been kidnapped! As a brave member of the Order of the Pansy, you must save the day! But the Anenome Knights will certainly try and stop you at every turn...

                      Link to a download of your game:

                      Game has no audio (so no one thinks their sound isn't working)

                      Move - A/D keys or left stick on a gamepad
                      Jump - Space or gamepad bottom button (A on xbox controller)
                      Attack - J key or gamepad left and right buttons (X and B on xbox controller) [Character has a triple attack, last attack deals double damage!]

                      Advanced Gameplay Tips

                      Team name- Bluewater Games

                      Number of team members: 2

                      Name of your submission - Mansel In Distress

                      All art except the below links were done by Christine
                      Enemy sprites from this link:
                      Background from this link:
                      Font from: (Upheaval Pro by Aleksandr Savenkov)

                      (sorry for the delay, had to deal with internet being down during upload so please excuse this being a little bit late on upload)

                      Apr 3rd Edit: We made a day 1 patch for the game since we found a bunch of stuff broken after getting it packaged. Like how the enemy AI just wouldn't attack and would just run at you. Patch notes are in the zip file. But we left the original entry as is for contest purposes, but give the day1 patch a try also to see just how much we fixed in a few hours.
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                        Team name: AlwaysLate
                        List of team members: Maciej "Taberu" Dębski

                        I have made this game in less than 18 hours. It is not finished of course.

                        Background picture used:



                          Game Name: TeamHavoc_SpringBreak99
                          Team Name: TeamHavoc
                          Team Members: Me, Myself, and I

                          It's Spring Break '99, and you're coming home for the week. Sure, it's been a few months since you last spoke to your parents - how much could things change?
                          WASD. F is for Flashlight, and E to interact. Shift is sprint.

                          There are bugs, and glaring omissions - such as a start menu. This also means Alt+F4 is your friend when its closing time.
                          Lots of things I wanted to do, only did a few. The game exists in a semi-functional diorama state right now. The final part is done, but there are some bugs that I couldn't get out that ruined the experience. Maybe I'll

                          Download Link: PC
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                            I already post on page one, but o think was a link problem,

                            2. AnaroGames
                            3. Arghirescu Constantin
                            4. AnaroGames_ShotIT

                            Can't PM you!


                              Hello! Sorry, I first accidentally posted in the wrong topic. For proof: Please, you gotta give this project, I sat with him for 3 sleepless nights. And because we missed the fact the deadline!


                              Download url:
                              team: SteamStudio
                              Members = 5.
                              Project: SteamStudio_Armagedon2000

                              List any content that was created before the jam:
                              1)Bots mesh and anim(dont Main(player) character)
                              3) SoundRun and Fire
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                                I was just browsing through all the entries and realized that for some reason, my post was gone! I don't know how that happened. I did send a pm to Alex in time but since I don't have an on-time post here, I'm sure we're disqualified. But I figured I would post the game here anyways so people can check it out since it seems a shame to not post what we did at all.

                                Link to a download of your game:

                                Team name: Better Bug Games

                                List of team members: Jason Quesenberry (Grimm) and Austin Schumaker

                                Name of your submission: BetterBugGames_Vesna

                                *egh. On the repost here I forgot to mention previously made assets. The background was premade as well as the sound effects and music. We made everything else.
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