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    Link to a download of the game:
    Team name: Space Skeletons
    List of team members: Dmitry Seregin, Alina Israfilova
    Name of your submission: SpaceSkeletons_BriarInTheClockworkDungeon

    WASD - move
    Left Mouse Button - use Spring Shaft
    Esc - quit game

    Pre-existing content:
    Mixamo animations of the player character


      Spring To The Action

      link to download of my game :
      Team name: Lightification
      List of Team Members: Vamshik M.
      Name of My submission: Spring To The Action

      Controls and details:
      use arrow and WSAD keys to move along with space to jump and E to interact
      aim is to go to the action sphere on the top, avoid all obstacle dummies in the go.
      If you fall of the ledge, you die.

      disclosed conttent: 2 ground textures on the top zone were photographed befeore
      other texture were made during the period
      character mesh used pre made substance.
      everything thing else was made during the duration using blender, gimp, Xnormal and sculptris.
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        Gameplay Video:

        Game: 5 Rune Studios_Bunny Escape (Android Only)

        Team Name: 5 Rune Studios

        Team Members: Jordan Parsons (Element5541), Illya Van Gils, Alex Caw, Brendan Adams
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          Spring Into Portal

          General Info
          A VR Locomotion game, for people with heavy stomachs. Maneuver around using your high-tech SpringpadManifestor(TM)-Gun. Pick up items and jump trough mini portals to enhance score. You have 3 lives. Be vary of the water.

          Game Name: Spring Into Portal
          Team Name: Flying Saucer
          Team Members: just me (d_brane)

          Left Trigger: Shoot Springpad
          Right Trigger: Lock Springpad rotation
          Use your left hand to place spring pad to jump onto. Once placed, the pads will mirror the right hands rotation. Press Right trigger to fixate rotation (jumping on them also locks rotation).

          Download Me

          EDIT: Enhanced description.
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            Team Cyaoeu - Springball


            Team name: Team Cyaoeu
            Members: 1 (cyaoeu)
            Name of submission: TeamCyaoeu_Springball
            Existing content: based on rolling template but modified heavily. Bouncy sound effect from, the rest is made by me.

            This is the first game jam I have ever submitted to. I had very limited time so my game is pretty rough, but I'm pretty happy with what I managed to do in the time I had at least!
            The game is a 3d rolling ball platformer.
            Some issues: only two levels (tutorial level and one more), checkboxes in pause menu do nothing, no music, if you go too fast you can clip through the world.

            Controls (only tested with keyboard/mouse):
            WASD - move ball
            Mouse - camera look
            Spacebar/mouse click - jump/double jump
            Shift - speed boost



              Link to a download of your game -
              Team Name - !Unity
              Team Members - Kit Clements, Ashley Wade, Lucas Brown, Alena Roberts, Michael Aldrich

              All visual assets were created during the jam by our team. The music is from Killer Tracks. Two of our sound effects (the pick pop and the start tone) are from All other sounds were recorded during the jam.

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                Download 128 MB
                Download v.1.2 129 MB
                [Updated with minor bug fixes just for fun]

                Team name: A Cat Games

                List of team members:

                Shkarbanenko Kirill - Environment Artist / Level Design / Game Design / Animation
                Alexey Lipatov – Programmer / Game Design / Technical Artist
                Vlad Nuranov – 3D Character Artist / Game Design
                Anastasiya Utina – 2D Artist / Game Design / UI Designer
                Gennadiy Berezhnoy – Music / Sound Design

                Name of your submission: ACatGames_PenguinsMeltdown

                All assets (including but not limited to meshes, sounds, textures, animations etc.) are made solely for this Jam and after the start of the said Jam.

                The spring is around the corner, but unfortunately it brings not only joy, cheerfulness and happiness, but some troubles as well. Glaciers are melting and it threatens poor little penguins. To make matters worse, fur seals are swimming around and seeking to feast on poor creatures.
                You’re a polar explorer, whose goal is to save penguins from their doom! But remember, even these furry animals need someone to care about. So make sure you saved penguins with the same colors of their cute outfits and took them to the safe place.

                F8 - List of controls in the game
                F9 - Restart
                F10 - Quit

                YouTube Walkthrough just for those who are a bit lazy:
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                  Cleaning Day - A Big Springs Story - By Endless Plumber

                  Check out the release post at the Endless Plumber devblog.
                  Link to a download of your game:
                  Team Name: Endless Plumber
                  List of team members: Matthew Blair
                  Name of your submission: EndlessPlumber_CleaningDay

                  HTC VIVE VR Controls
                  Motion Controller Trigger - Grab with associated hand
                  Motion Controller Top Button - Extend spring-loaded wrists

                  - Grab the Boombox in the load area for music.
                  - Grab the Time Clock to start the stage.
                  - Time remaining is displayed on your right wrist.
                  - Score is displayed on your left wrist.
                  - Controllers rumble when in contact with an object.

                  Gameplay Demo

                  Previously Created Content:
                  * Built atop a clean VR template project
                  * About half the falling stuff 3D models
                  * 5 or so low-poly city building 3D models
                  * CC0 audio was created by others from Music is CC-licensed from Silent Partner (full attribution provided in-game)
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                    Download link Google Drive

                    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
                    Team Members: Handkor
                    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_DigForSpring

                    Due to some technical issue, the goddess Persephone has tasked you to dig to the center of your world and switchover the seasonal clock to spring. She gifts you the minimal of tools and a catalog to order better tools.

                    Music from marketplace

                    How to Play:

                    Get to the center of the world and switch the clock over to spring.

                    WASD - Move around
                    Left Click - Use Shovel, Pick or Dog
                    Q/E or Mouse Wheel - Change Tool
                    Esc/Spacebar - Open/Close Catalog


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                      Slash Slash Revolution
                      By Team Mollusk


                      Download Links:
                      Google Drive

                      [Requires SteamVR Roomscale]

                      Team Mollusk

                      How To Play
                      Movement - Left hand Trackpad
                      Attack - Swing Controllers
                      Grapple - Triggers

                      Kill 100 Spiders to win!

                      Third Party Assets:

                      Infinity Blade Firelands
                      Environmental Assets

                      Infinity Blade Adversaries

                      Soundsnap Subscription
                      Spider enemy Sounds
                      Magma Ambience
                      Blade Hit SFX

                      Chibola Cinematic Pack
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                        Nightjar Jamjar presents Little Giants!
                        (codename Springjar)

                        Aim: Eat the super firefly and use it to unlock super fireballs to unfreeze the Spring of Spring!
                        You play the game as both Livet the leveret (he's bouncy and can kick) and Natten the Nightjar (he can glide, and spits fire?!), the goal is to thaw the spring spring, and help spring spring back into action. (see what we did there)

                        Download Link:

                        Team NightJarJamJar Members;

                        Submission Name: NightJarJamJar_LittleGiants

                        WASD to Move
                        Mouse 1 to Kick / FireBall
                        Mouse 2 to Dive
                        Space to Jump
                        Q or E to Swap Characters
                        Shift to Sprint
                        Esc to bring up pause menu and/or abandon the cause

                        This was our first time working as a team, and it was a great experience! We're a small flock of hobbyists and students and we learnt so many things for next time! We're also going to have to learn some more stuff for next time we think. Someone needs to get better at rigging (uuurgh I wasted so much time rigging a character that then didn't work!). We ended up having a bunch of materials and assets that we didn't have time to implement, and we also have some sounds that overlap if you do the start running around too fast in the beginning. We'd have loved to spend more time on the level design, as we think we made some pretty fun mechanics, and the level could have been better at displaying that! All in all, we're really happy with what we achieved. ^_^

                        No spiders.

                        We used some of the movement bits out of the third person template, but otherwise everything was made from hard work, love, and the murder of snowmen.
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                          Download Link:
                          Hopefully these links all still work. If not... ಠ_ಠ

                          Team name: Hyperbole
                          List of team members: Aaron Karras, Zach Frye
                          Submission Name: MrSpring

                          Move with ASDF
                          Hold space to begin charging your spring jump, release space to jump
                          Mouse cursor to move the camera
                          E to interact with the door.
                          Escape open the pause menu.

                          Disclosed assets:
                          Sonnis's GDC 2017&2016 library for sound effects.
                          Carefree and Life of Riley from
                          Post Process from Stylized Rendering

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                            http://Game download:
                            Team: Laoniu Studio
                            List of team members:1
                            Name of your submission :LaoniuStudio_Never Out
                            I use a 3rd party theme on marketplace:
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                              Name of submission: HeadsAndBrains_SpringHatesPolitics

                              Game story:
                              Every spring Dangaladang citizens hold elections for the mayor of their city. BUT as the spring(yes you play as spring) you have to spring into action and make those elections as miserable as possible by planting flowers on their way to the speech tribune to fire up their allergies and prevent them from giving a peaceful speech.

                              How to play / Rules / Fun facts:
                              Hold Left Mouse button on a unique colored politician(weird figures that look like humans :P) and drag to plant flowers until you reach the tribune with same color. Flower line can't intersect itself or other flowers. At the end of each level there is supposed to be a button to go to next level. So if it is missing please restart the game.
                              Game is based on Numberlink games. Puzzles are generated randomly but there are no unsolvable puzzles generated .

                              F to go windowed-fullscreen,
                              WASD to move camera around,
                              Mouse Wheel to move camera closer and further,
                              Hold and drag Left Mouse button to plant,
                              Right Mouse button to remove flowers if needed.

                              BUG NOTE: if you can't plant flowers on normal ground, right click on politician to "hopefully and possibly" fix it. Otherwise just restart the game .

                              Team: HeadsAndBrains
                              Members: Nicat Mammadov, Tural Mammadov

                              Going for under 100mb with 73mb unpacked.

                              Used little part of this sound. Everything was made in last 2 days of GameJam (wasted first 30 hours on another game and figured it was boring).
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                              MARKETPLACE | YouTube


                                Just under the wire... whew!

                                My project is called is Ver Perpetuum, a game about growing crops in zero gravity. Here's some gameplay:

                                Team Name: Hippowombat

                                Team Members: Hippowombat

                                Instructions are included in the game's UI.

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