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    (Renn Farnell - Nicola Bednarz)

    RennAndNyxi_The Rite of Spring

    Bring “spring into action” by drawing the wisps to the mystical runestones scattered around the world of Nyxeria.

    WASD to move
    MOUSE to look

    Hold Space to Charge Jump
    Hold Space in air to charge a second Jump
    Hold Space in air a third time to Glide

    ESCAPE key enters and exits the menu

    The onset of spring empowers your fairy, each area that you spring into action and life empowers your jump and move speed. Explore each area and bring the wisps to the rune stones in order to bring the world out of winter and into a time of prosperity and light!

    P.S Does a 100MB Rar count for the Speciality category?

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    Team: Erebus Design
    Members: Nathan Harris (aka Derjyn), Tim Allen (no joke)
    Submission Name: ErebusDesign_SpringUp


    You need a microphone! Only a handful of phrases were able to get added in before
    deadline (too much time got drained on L-System adventuring and spline mesh battles). Here
    are the commands there so far:

    * Turn [red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple]
    * I hate you
    * I love you
    * Quit game

    Also, escape quits as well. Wish we had more time to add more flair and fully implement
    the plant growth system Anyhow, it's a fun toy!

    Side note: Not one person, NOT ONE... Walked by and tried this without cussing
    at the plant. Slightly entertaining, but we found it took some magic to get the speech
    recognition system to catch foul language. We got it finally, but didn't have time to
    implement feedback for that. The fun bit, was sitting there debugging and dev'ing,
    with a valid reason to be cussing up a storm.

    Our goal was to have the plant grow and react differently for "nice" and/or "mean"
    phrases. Also wanted the environment to evolve as well.

    Credits and Thanks'susus

    * Epic for the kinda-okay engine (I kid, I kid)
    * ShaneC for the SphinxUE4 plugin
    * Rama <3 for VictoryBP
    * Blueman for BluemanBP
    * Jonas Mølgaard for his L-System tutorial series... (last time any of us tinkered with
    L-Systems was 10 years ago on a TI-89. Weee!)

    Peace out!! We look forward to our t-shirts and everyone else's entries. Looks like we got some crazy stuff this jam!
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    Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
    List of team members: Shatty
    Name of your submission: Springer
    Special Category: Under 100 MB

    Description: 2D Platformer using springs to move around. Kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog, only much worse and way shorter.

    Controls: A & D to move around, Space to jump.

    Content Notes: Most content by me, spring sound effect taken and modified from, level blockout created using the Supergrid Pack on the marketplace.

    Other notes: Short on jam time this weekend, but that wasn't going to stop me from participating in the first quarterly jam. As always had a ton of fun. Just wish I had the time to make more game. Always needs more game.


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    Download Link:

    Team Name: RematchStudios

    Team Members: 5

    Team Members Name : Saad Khan , Taha Rizvi , Hunain Ayaz , Aqib Zahid , Nimer Aslam

    Name of Submission: RematchStudios_TheSpringers

    Third party assets:
    mixamo animations
    Two starter content materials

    Made for VR: HTC Vive

    A security guard at the springers bar is on a daily watch wishing he might just spring into action.

    Check Inside Game
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    The Fi--- Moment

    The Fi--- Moment

    Download Link:
    Team name: Reminisce
    Team Member: Sig
    Name of submission: Reminisce_The Fi--- Moment

    As a baby of small animal, reach to safezone.
    Snakes are looking for food, but they can't detect stationary things.
    Keep silent, and hide from them.

    Your death is not the end of your specie.
    Beyond corpses of your family.

    Pre-made content: grid materials
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    Download: Wonderbros

    How to play:
    Left, Right arrow (or A,D) to move
    Up, W or Space to jump
    S to stand still
    Q to switch characters
    E to spawn trampuline (if you have one), or pick one up

    Team members:
    Gordon Heiczman
    Szatmári Bendegúz

    Submission name: Flying Circus_Wonderbros

    External content: carneval music by Slamboree

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    Jarilojord - Seesaw Zenith

    Jarilojord presents: Seesaw Zenith!

    Here is a link to my submission that I have chosen to call "Seesaw Zenith" :

    About the game: You play as a fruit that need to find its way into a bucket of water. You need to keep the fruit in the air since it will explode upon impact with almost anything, so it is a constant battle with gravity.
    The setting is also during the spring, of course, so there might just be a small wasp-infestation.. you'll see.

    Everything in the project was created from scratch within the game-jam period by me (including all assets, music & sound effects etc). No templates were used either

    The game has also got a pretty decent "random-weather" system which varies lighting, fog-density & Rain between levels, but Lighting and Fog are changeable in the ESC-menu if that is preferred!

    Controls - WASD to add velocity to the fruit, ESC to open the menu and NUM5 to toggle a small cheat menu.
    PLEASE NOTE: The cheat menu might confuse some of the AIs in the game, so I have added a "debug" button in the ESC menu. When you click it, the game will reset, but it will remember which level you were on, and send you right back!
    ALSO NOTE: In the last level, there is a wasp-nest right at the beginning which will send out several angry wasps which will follow you around. SOME TIMES the wasps won't be able to find you, but the debug-button in the ESC-menu will take care of it garuanteed!

    General info:
    • Team name: Jarilojord
    • Team members: [1] - Felix Seljeseth
    • Project name: Seesaw Zenith
    • Name of submission: Jarilojord_SeesawZenith

    (If you manage to beat the last level, there will be a small price that I hope some of you will aprechiate ♪)

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    EDIT: I noticed my game was set on restricted for some reason and I've fixed the issue immediately. Forgive me for the troubles. Please download and give a try.

    Team Name:
    Néotl Empire

    Team Members:
    Franklin Iheanacho ('yours truly')

    Game Name:
    Man O' Spring



    Pre-Made Content:
    Sound Effects: Sound Bible - Tornado and 'swoosh' jumping.
    Music: Kevin MacLeod - Happy Boy

    Last edited by Lord Iheanacho; 04-03-2017, 06:22 PM.

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    Team: ROOT Games
    Members: Josue, Neo, & Echo9Hotel
    Project: ROOTGames_ROOT
    Pre-made Content: Sounds & Music, Intro Video
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    Android Link:
    PC Link

    Team Members: BpAndrew
    Name: Never Not Knight

    Asset Disclosure

    1 - Various Synty Studio 3d asset kits
    2 - Audio Pack
    3 - Icon Pack
    4 - Dungeon Generator (WOW THIS IS GREAT)
    5 - AI Behavior Tool Kit
    6 - Used code from my main game + old game jam games
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    Springling VR

    Click image for larger version

Name:	springling2.png
Views:	1
Size:	268.3 KB
ID:	1125930

    A Vive VR Game by Rune Berg & Kevin Duell

    Ensure that the Springling, the herald tree of Spring survives. Activate the 3 wellsprings that feeds this young tree by smashing ice towers atop the floating islands to bring about the advent of Spring- leap your way atop each one by:

    (main leaping/springing mechanic):
    1. Cross your swords (they will glow blue)
    2. While swords crossed, press tboth triggers to activate (your swords will glow purple and sizzle with energy)
    3. Uncross/Slash your swords downwards while still holding both triggers
    4. When your hands are on your sides, release the trigger and SPRING UP TO ACTION!

    Bonus: To make it easy, you can press the down (face) button on any controller while leaping to break the leap and fall down immediately. (Once you master the basics, try not using this too much to give yourself a challenge )

    Avoid: falling rocks, they can drag you down to death - slash them to pieces and they will be ineffective.

    Submission Details:

    Rune Berg
    • Game Development & Level design
    • Gameplay & VR Mechanics concept

    Kevin Duell
    • Original score for this jam
    • Gameplay concept

    Third party / Pre-made
    1. RunebergVR Pawn Components (UE4 Marketplace / GitHub)
    2. Enchantment Swords VFX by Quantum (UE4 Marketplace)
    3. SFX by
    4. UE4 Starter & Sample Content
    5. UE4 GDC KiteDemo
    6. UE4 Particle Effects Project
    7. UE Landscape Project
    8. GDC Bundle + Bulk SFX Samples for Fruity Loops
    9. Caspian sea satellite pic from NASA
    Last edited by RuneBerg; 04-09-2017, 05:51 AM. Reason: added video and NASA credit

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    Spring Step
    Made by A Flying Potato

    Download here

    Bring some life back into a dead garden!

    WASD+Space Bar for movement
    Left click to grow roots
    Right click to ignite flammable objects

    All assets made by me (because I apparently felt like making this much harder than it had to be)

    Any feedback is appreciated too!
    Last edited by Dracophantom; 04-03-2017, 02:48 AM.

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    Game Name: Elementium
    Team Name Roman
    Team Members: Just me

    Download Link: (PC and Android)

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    2. AnaroGames
    3. Arghirescu Constantin
    4. AnaroGames_ShotIT

    Can't PM you!

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    Spring is in the Air

    Name of Submission:
    Spring is in the Air
    Download Link
    [Team Name]_[Project Name]


    Team Members:
    Art Lead and Float : Keith McNabb
    Coding Lead : Philip Zimmermann
    Project Mgmt/Design : Sebastian Scaini
    Sound Lead : Luigi Zaccagnini
    Level Design : Hosein Mohamady
    Team Name:[/U][/I][/B] Springy McSpringface and the Springs Sponsored by Spring Powered INC.

    Stats Card

    Intended to use as a balanced unit making up the meat of your army.
    Average stats.
    Medium grow time.
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 50
    Health: 50
    Weight: 50
    Harder to make than all the other units, but it pays off in the end.
    Low damage output, but high defense and health make it an invaluable tank unit.
    Long grow time.
    Attack: 25
    Defense: 75
    Health: 100
    Weight: 100
    Intended to be disposable and rapidly grows. Quantity over quality.
    Low stats in all areas, but can fly the farthest.
    Can turn the tides of battle by providing rapid reinforcements.
    Short grow time.
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 10
    Health: 25
    Weight: 10

    4 Phases

    Chose your Flower
    Harvest your Flower
    Shoot your Flower
    Fight your Flower

    Premade assets:
    kite grass - optimized for use during jam
    kite tree - optimized for use during jam
    animations - Mixamo
    water material
    fog particle

    Made for PC

    Objective of Game:Spring your flowers into the action! Defeat the other person Hot Spring

    Screen Shots:


    planting:left click on the arrows on the pot to choose your flower
    harvest:left click on pots to pick them up
    left click on Spring Launchers to load the pot up.

    shoot:move mouse around to aim, left click to fire

    view :mouse wheel to zoom in and out
    move: w a s d

    Tips and Tricks

    Spread your flowers out in each lane
    Pick a balanced approach when growing your flowers
    Your Hot Spring has 1000 health, if you do not lose all your health there will be another round
    Damage caps out in a lane, do not send all your flowers to 1 lane
    Shooting an empty flower pot add no value
    the rose's weight stops you from shooting it very far - use the stat cards for help
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