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    Download Link:

    Team Name: RematchStudios

    Team Members: 5

    Team Members Name : Saad Khan , Taha Rizvi , Hunain Ayaz , Aqib Zahid , Nimer Aslam

    Name of Submission: RematchStudios_TheSpringers

    Third party assets:
    mixamo animations
    Two starter content materials

    Made for VR: HTC Vive

    A security guard at the springers bar is on a daily watch wishing he might just spring into action.

    Check Inside Game
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      Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
      List of team members: Shatty
      Name of your submission: Springer
      Special Category: Under 100 MB

      Description: 2D Platformer using springs to move around. Kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog, only much worse and way shorter.

      Controls: A & D to move around, Space to jump.

      Content Notes: Most content by me, spring sound effect taken and modified from, level blockout created using the Supergrid Pack on the marketplace.

      Other notes: Short on jam time this weekend, but that wasn't going to stop me from participating in the first quarterly jam. As always had a ton of fun. Just wish I had the time to make more game. Always needs more game.





        Team: Erebus Design
        Members: Nathan Harris (aka Derjyn), Tim Allen (no joke)
        Submission Name: ErebusDesign_SpringUp


        You need a microphone! Only a handful of phrases were able to get added in before
        deadline (too much time got drained on L-System adventuring and spline mesh battles). Here
        are the commands there so far:

        * Turn [red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple]
        * I hate you
        * I love you
        * Quit game

        Also, escape quits as well. Wish we had more time to add more flair and fully implement
        the plant growth system Anyhow, it's a fun toy!

        Side note: Not one person, NOT ONE... Walked by and tried this without cussing
        at the plant. Slightly entertaining, but we found it took some magic to get the speech
        recognition system to catch foul language. We got it finally, but didn't have time to
        implement feedback for that. The fun bit, was sitting there debugging and dev'ing,
        with a valid reason to be cussing up a storm.

        Our goal was to have the plant grow and react differently for "nice" and/or "mean"
        phrases. Also wanted the environment to evolve as well.

        Credits and Thanks'susus

        * Epic for the kinda-okay engine (I kid, I kid)
        * ShaneC for the SphinxUE4 plugin
        * Rama <3 for VictoryBP
        * Blueman for BluemanBP
        * Jonas Mølgaard for his L-System tutorial series... (last time any of us tinkered with
        L-Systems was 10 years ago on a TI-89. Weee!)

        Peace out!! We look forward to our t-shirts and everyone else's entries. Looks like we got some crazy stuff this jam!
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          (Renn Farnell - Nicola Bednarz)

          RennAndNyxi_The Rite of Spring

          Bring “spring into action” by drawing the wisps to the mystical runestones scattered around the world of Nyxeria.

          WASD to move
          MOUSE to look

          Hold Space to Charge Jump
          Hold Space in air to charge a second Jump
          Hold Space in air a third time to Glide

          ESCAPE key enters and exits the menu

          The onset of spring empowers your fairy, each area that you spring into action and life empowers your jump and move speed. Explore each area and bring the wisps to the rune stones in order to bring the world out of winter and into a time of prosperity and light!

          P.S Does a 100MB Rar count for the Speciality category?

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          @agamedevguy twitter
          Renn Farnell Website


            Perforce Jockeys - Pet Terminator

            Pet Terminator is a VR (HTC VIVE), Multiplayer shoot to kill.

            TEAM: Perforce Jockies
            TITLE: Pet Terminator
            Members: BananaKing932, SterlingY
            Specialty Category: VR


            Music and SFX
            Some materials from Game Textures Free pack on UE4 Marketplace


            Start game (will be in non VR mode at first), you will be greeted with a menu.
            1) Push "Play" to act as server
            2) Push "Find Games" to find an active LAN game
            3) If you want to connect to a server over the internet, make sure the server is started using the "Play" button and on the client's use console command: open <IP Address of Server Here>
            4) After connecting to a game, stereo/VR mode should start automatically.

            HOW TO PLAY:
            1) Use the triggers on your controllers to shoot at the other player
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            Run with the flock, end up a lamb chop!

            Unreal 4 in 30 Days - An Unreal Experience:


              Sea Boxers

              Download the game here:

              Game requires two gamepad controllers, like the Xbox 360 controller for Windows.

              Move with the left thumbstick, aim with the right thumbstick and hold left and right trigger for left and right punch!

              Best played with friends!

              Team name: SpringArmMech

              List of team members:

              Gabriel Ruschel (Game Programmer)
              Matheus Castanheira (Gameplay Camera Programmer)
              Rafael Brum (2D and 3D Artist)
              Thiago Cancian (Sound Editing, Game Design and Level Editing)

              No gameplay content was created before the jam. The gameplay, camera and game concept were developed on April 1st of 2017.

              Credits (and a big thanks) to:

              ♥ Epic Games for UE4 and the Starter Content ♥

              ♥ zeOrb for SuperGrid ♥

              ♥ Steven O'Brien for the game's main and only music ♥

              ♥ Mike Koenig, Daniel Simion, CGeffex, stephan and Grant Evans at for the CC SFXs ♥

              ♥ Water Material by Hired GunGames ♥

              ♥ Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. for its Illustrious post-process asset ♥

              ♥ Ginkgostory for the Modular Wooden Prop Pack ♥

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                Launch Party


                This is a Spring Based was supposed to be a party game for LAN but due to time constraints all we got implemented was a Deathmatch system. Pick from up to 8 playable classics like, Grumpy Glasses, Horse’s ***, Kancho Fingers, Carrot, Bunny’s ***, A boxing Glove, A Bee, and a Hammer. Battle with your friends in this semi competitive thing.

                Controls are simple, Use the mouse to line up your crosshairs and press space bar or LMB to spring your spring into that direction. Try to ram other players to earn points. Watch the Kill Cam to see how you died. If you get stuck, Pressing F will reset your jump.

                Launching the game sends you to the main menu, where if it’s your first time launching the game it will ask you for a user name. Once set you can Host or Join a game. Currently this only works on LAN. No Internet support yet. Once you host/join a lobby you will need to select your class and ready up with the X/Checkmark in the top right of the players list. Only 1 person can be any 1 class at a time. And you cannot launch the game until everyone is ready.

                There are some bugs with the Kill Cam system. We did not get to implement a TDM and “Rocket league” mode. There are 2 levels players can play on with different themes. Sci-Fi and Easter.

                During our dev time our bit bucket server crashed and took some hours to rebuild and bring back online.

                Trailer Video:
                Gameplay Video:
                Instructions Video (Low Audio Quality):

                Download is here:

                Team Members:

                Premade Assets:
                All Sounds were brought in from external sources or what was in the Starter content in UE4
                Everything else was made by the team


                  General info:

                  Team name: TeamyMcteamface
                  Team members: [1] - owninator
                  Project name: gameyMcgameface
                  Name of submission: TeamyMcteamface_gameyMcgameface
                  download link :
                  game info : time based score runner. if you sustain trauma your movement is affected, you can recover but it will cost points

                  controlls : space jump and F to recover from heavy trauma .. A and Y on controller

                  sourced assets : old menu.
         for the human rig
                  used a material function Luos made.
                  the epic leaderboard plugin
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                  No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute


                    Spring Game Jam - Spring Chicken

                    By Deep Space Games



                    Deep Space Games


                    Team Members
                    1. Mike Riemer
                    2. Kyle Gundersen

                    Third party assets
                    1. Alex Peterson's Space Scape Generator
                    2. Off To Join the Circus .WAV from
                    3. Come See the Show .WAV from
                    4. Happy day March .WAV from
                    5. Hokey Funokey .WAV from
                    6. Bang Bash_1 / _2/ _3 .WAV from
                    7. barnyard bash .WAV from
                    8. Birds Rooster Bawk_2 / _3 / _4 .WAV from
                    9. bak buh bakaa .WAV from
                    10. Cousin Louies .WAV from
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                      Download link:
                      Team name: GGG
                      List of team members: Glunder
                      Submission name: GGG_JumpIn
                      Description: You control spaceship. Your mission is to get​ close enough to the data container to get information. Wait for the best moment, jump in a system, evade missiles and get the information. But after your springing into action the enemy will start to erase data. You should be as fast as possible.
                      Content notes: I used stars texture from Engine Content and explosion particles from Starter Content. Everything else was done by me during Game Jam.
                      P.S. Can't PM you.


                        Spring Kingdom

                        Spring Kingdom

                        Download for Windows (39 MB)

                        Team: ReeJK
                        Members: ReeJK
                        Name Of Submission: ReeJK_SpringKingdom

                        Standard usage for WASD + Mouse
                        Space - Jump
                        E - Use
                        LMB - Throw

                        All assets was created specially for jam, except ambient sound (Alex Mason - Attraction)


                          Spring To The Action

                          link to download of my game :
                          Team name: Lightification
                          List of Team Members: Vamshik M.
                          Name of My submission: Spring To The Action

                          Controls and details:
                          use arrow and WSAD keys to move along with space to jump and E to interact
                          aim is to go to the action sphere on the top, avoid all obstacle dummies in the go.
                          If you fall of the ledge, you die.

                          disclosed conttent: 2 ground textures on the top zone were photographed befeore
                          other texture were made during the period
                          character mesh used pre made substance.
                          everything thing else was made during the duration using blender, gimp, Xnormal and sculptris.




                            Game Download
                            Team name: Blueprint Games
                            List of team members James Thomas, Katie Nelson, Guy Boxall, Sam Williamson
                            Name of your submission BlueprintGames_BillyBustUp
                            Game Description Collect golden statues and eat socks whilst avoiding the demon goats
                            Game Controls

                            The goats seem to have a glitch after packaging so don't talk to them or you won't be able to leave

                            Shift - Roll
                            Space - Jump/Double Jump/Fly
                            Right Click - Attack

                            Third Party Content Used

                            background mountains are also from suntemple
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                              Back for the UE4 Spring Quarterly Jam, it's SPROINKS!

                              Join our springy heros as they venture into a mad scientists lair who is systematically straightening all the springs in the land (oh no!)

                              Download the game HERE
                              Team name : Crackpot Gumption
                              List of team members: jwainwright
                              Name of your submission: CrackpotGumption_Sproinks


                              Sproinks is a fast paced springy platformer for up to 4 players where bouncing and rocket jumping are as much of an asset as they are an impediment.

                              Dodge pits, kill mean robots, reach the exit at the end of three levels.

                              GAMEPAD HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


                              Left Thumbstick (or WD on keyboard) controls the angle and speed of the bounce/run.

                              Right Thumbstick (Mouse) Controls the gun arm

                              Holding the Left Trigger (or right mouse) empowers a spring, making it go further and faster.

                              Right Trigger (or left click) fires a rocket.

                              THINGS TO KNOW

                              Color is important. Purple blocks allow for bouncing without *any* momentum loss, allowing for massive and extremely fast jumps. Red blocks kill *all vertical momentum* but significantly speed up your low to the ground bounces. Rockets can be used to rocket jump pretty much anywhere.

                              Assets Not Created During the Jam

                              I really tried to complete everything solo this time, but simply ran out of time.
                              I pulled music from the
                              Game Music Mega Pack :

                              and some Sound FX from
                              Universal Sound FX :
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                                Spring Rider VR

                                Link to a download: DOWNLOAD
                                Team name: Impossibility
                                List of team members: Vasily Gnuchev
                                Name of your submission: Impossibility_SpringRiderVR

                                Spring Rider VR is a simple endless run game with lot's of fun physics, ragdoll animations and springs. And Spring Riders, of course!
                                Try it - HTC Vive required!

                                R_Trigger: Fire
                                L_Trigger: Jump
                                Right/Left Thumbstick - Dodge

                                Content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission:
                                I used standard Unreal VR_Template, grass texture from here and used some sound assets from FreeSound (sounds by users: zagi2, stumpbutt, suntemple).
                                No other previously created assets used.
                                Artheon VR Museum:
                                Impossibility Labs Inc.: