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    Sunflower Warrior

    Sunflower Warrior
    By Games Or Whatever

    Team Members: Richard Ziegler & Trevor Dedekind
    Game: GamesOrWhatever_SunflowerWarrior

    All Sound Effects are from the Youtube Audio Library.
    All other assets and code were created from scratch after the start of the gamejam, That's a lot of stuff...

    Under 100mb club! 84mb Extracted, 48mb Zip.
    Download Link:

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      Team name: Caffeinated Bacon
      List of team members: Sam Marsden
      Name of your submission: CaffeinatedBacon_AWorkingLife

      A simulation of life, and the inevitable trouble it brings.
      A game about growing and protecting your farm, contains fun physics and ragdolls

      Move - WASD
      Interact - Left Mouse Button

      Epics First Person template
      Sounds -,
      Music - Kevin Macleod
      A modified butterfly Blueprint for the birds. (Content Examples)
      Terrain Material (Modified from an earlier project - practically rebuilt from scratch but decided to include in this list)

      This is not only my very first Game Jam, but also this first game I have actually packaged and shown anyone (I really hope some-one likes it :3)
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        Game Name: Bounce Sprout
        Team name: Illumine Games
        Members: Megan (Megpixels), Ørjan (Forcedown)

        Download Links:



        Did you know that flowers make great trampolines? We didn't either.

        Keyboard recommended, but you can also use a gamepad. We won't judge.

        All Assets including music were made by us during the game jam period.

        Optional updated build with minor polish:

        Copyright 2017 Illumine Games. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named illuminegames.
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          Team name: Vatras
          Members: Vatras548
          Submission name: Vatras_SpringRivers
          Game name: Spring Rivers
          Link to download:

          Defeat all adversities and get to the spring!

          W - move faster;
          S - move slower;
          A,D - turn;
          SPACE - shoot;
          ESC - exit;

          Enemies: opengameart
          Sounds: freesound
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            Buddy the Bunny: Seasonal Takeover

            Download Link:

            Team Name:

            Team Members:
            Andrius Paulauskas
            Lukas Paulauskas

            Name of Submission:

            Third party assets used:
            Sound effects were gathered under CC0 from

            Everything else was done during the Jam.

            How to Play:

            WASD to move
            Mouse to aim
            Left Mouse to shoot
            Space to jump
            Escape to enter the pause menu

            Play as Buddy, a bunny who wakes up on the 1st of March and expects to see The Spring outside his little cove. Instead he witnesses the harsh cold of The Winter. Irritated at Santa for still being around and keeping his henchmen on the fields, still freezing the grass, Buddy takes up on himself to drive the insolent old man out... One snowman at a time!

            The goal of the game is to destroy as many of Santa's henchmen as possible.


              Bad Day Raccoon

              Bad Day Raccoon is a MOBILE action game focused on gyroscope experience. After trying to retrieve their ball from the old raccoon's property, the little squirrels will have to face the farmer Samuel R. Jackson's bad mood. Be prepared to use your machine gun to SPRING INTO ACTION! and take these disgusting creatures out of your property!

              How to play: The game only runs on mobile and requires gyroscope-capable for turning. Hold down the screen to keep firing the machine gun. Have fun! ♥
              Team : Lost Weekend
              Members: 5

              Under 100mb club too!

              GAMEPLAY VIDEO

              INTRO SHOWCASE

              LINK TO DOWNLOAD



                Petal to the Metal
                By Thirsty Nerds

                Team members :
                - Jordan Trepanier - Environment Assets / Game Design
                - Erik Vandenberghe - Level Design / Game Design
                - Yunior De la Cruz Avila - Character
                - Hugo Lamarche - Programming / Sound Effect / VFX / Game Design
                - Andrew Blakney - Game Design

                Third party assets used :
                - Sound effects from
                - Music from Kevin MacLeod
                - Everything else was done during the Gam Jam !

                Overview :
                Petal to the metal is a game where between 2 and 4 players control gnomes riding planting machines and compete to cover as much of the area in their colour of flowers.
                Inspired by the likes of Dr.Suess and other childlike Whimsy, Petal to the Metal is a light hearted way to have quick fun with friends.

                Tips :
                Use Alt + Enter to make it fullscreen !

                Video :

                Download Link :
                Debris : My commercial game made with UDK
                Scaleform with Haxe tutorial
                Scaleform with Haxe demonstration
                LeapUDK : Leap Motion Controller for UDK


         (98MB, win32, after extracting)
                  Team Jfaw
                  Martin Spectrum

                  My high score is 55. Let me know if you can beat it!

                  Click the "How to Play" button to find out how to play and click the "About" button to see a bit about the context for this submission. You can also access the how to play widget via the Escape menu while you are in the middle of playing if you need an extra reminder for whatever reason.

                  What I got the most out of this game jam were a few things: learning how to reduce the package size in a effective way, learning how to manipulate the MatchState with the GM and the GS classes, and learning how to avoid pre-planning the framework class organization too much so that I can just dive in and make the gameplay work properly. I also got a good amount of experience working with the UMG editor. I had not ever used the Size Box before this game jam, for example. I think I still need to work on making my UI widgets look prettier and have a more appealing and clean style, though.
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                    Clan Moore - Spring Game Jam Submission

                    Spring Flowers and Showers
                    by Clan Moore

                    Team members:
                    Adrian Moore - Game Development
                    Wendi Moore - Idea and Game Play

                    Submission: 164MB

                    Pick number and type of flowers listed on scoreboard before time runs out.
                    Click on a flower to pick it and wait for it to re-grow.
                    Controls: First Person


                    The flower textures in this game use images from
                    Walls, tree, plants and grass from Epic Content.

                    Sounds from Epic Content
                    Crow from Fun Casual Sounds Epic Market Place

                    Market Place
                    Music from Tree of Life Epic Market Place
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                      Ambidextrous - Spring Loaded

                      How to Play / Controls:
                      WASD for movement.
                      Arrow Keys for movement of springs.
                      Goal is to finish the level without losing all your water.
                      -If vehicle becomes stuck make sure to move the arrow keys.

                      Team Members
                      Jesse Gibbons
                      Theo Warren

                      Third Party Assets
                      -2 Water Sounds from (public domain)
                      -2 Textures from (Pavers and Dirt)



                        Download LINK: (Google Drive)
                        Team name: BioComputed
                        List of team members: Aokami (all alone this time)

                        Name of your submission: BioComputed_MakeItToBeTheTree

                        Assets and tech used:

                        Description: You are supposed to grow into the World Tree.
                        To do this, you would have to wake up the bees by growing daisy flowers all along the meadow, clear the lakes by growing water lilies and finally seed yourself in the holy underground shrine by finding your way in caves growing bio-luminescent mushrooms.

                        I tried not to be too ambitious this time, but I clearly didn't have time for this jam.
                        Still feel ashamed to release such poorly designed and programmed content but I managed to learn 2 or 3 things.

                        I didn't have time to implement:
                        • Throwing seeds and Growing Plants
                        • Levels
                        • Sound
                        • HUD
                        • Menu

                        Control Scheme:
                        WSAD: Move
                        Space: Jump
                        Mouse: Camera

                        Other Software Used:
                        • Blender
                        • Gimp
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                          Spring Comes Armed

                          Team: 5
                          Team Members: intoxicat3, bibbit, sew, mikethemelon, SmallShake
                          Name Of Submission: TheStrangers_SpringComesArmed

                          List any content that was created before the jam:
                          - Blood from Shooter Example,
                          - Polygon Adventure Pack (meshes: trees, rocks, grass, fences, hills, clouds and bridge)
                          - Sounds from
                          - Music from - shut down by simon_mathewson
                          Everything else created during jam.

                          Winter has come and has no intention of going away any time soon. Vesna, the Incarnation of Spring, takes matters into her own hands. Armed with some very convincing arguments, she heads out to end winter once and for all.

                          Based on the slavic pagan rituals of banishing winter by destroying its effigy, Spring Comes Armed lets you experience change of seasons like you never have before.


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                          How to create first person shooter game from scratch. Lots of tutorials: - celebrating 50th Tutorial!

                          My Marketplace Assets


                            Team Name: Joakim Olsson
                            Number of members: 1

                            Team Members: Joakim Olsson

                            Name of submission: JoakimOlsson_AttackOfTheSpringRabbits

                            Download link:

                            This is a VR game, and I have only tested in on the Vive

                            Assets used:

                            I only used the bush from starter content, as well as some primitives. The rest of the assets were made by me during the weekend, using Houdini :-)

                            Since I joined this game jam yesterday afternoon I didn't have enough time to add sound or music. And it's not 100% balanced. But it's still fun :-)

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                            Twitter: @Trolljeigur



                              Link to a download of your game:

                              **POST JAM DOWNLOAD LINK** -
                              Fixes - fixed dish washing bug, relocated mum so she's not facing the window for jar opening
                              Bugs - need to click once when entering math and pipe fixing game to get mouse cursor and click once again after game to regain camera control

                              Team name: Dad Interactive
                              List of team members: @Allshar, @DennyRocketDev, @d3rzo, @jakayaki, @Slapunas

                              Name of your submission: Angry Angry Dad

                              HOW TO PLAY

                              Press "E" to drink/interact
                              Press WASD to move

                              CREDITS - Only includes font/sound/music in here, the rest of the assets were made by us during this jam.
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                              Portfolio // Game Jams // @jakayaki

                              Marketplace Assets // Stylized Wizard // Stylized Warrior // Fantasy Citizens


                                Thanks for the contest. Well done to those who won!
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