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Training Stream - Getting Started with Landscape Materials and Foliage - Feb 14 - Live from Epic HQ!

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    Originally posted by Gorlim View Post
    I am trying figure out how the material he shows 31:25 works, is it available to download anywhere, he says he was going to share it but i could not find it, i understand that he was using assets he could not share, but the material looked really complicated to me and i was hoping he would go into more detail on how to set it up, the approach he used to texture and fill the landscape with grass and trees looked very useful and i was hoping to use it in my own scene.
    Same question. Where tis node could be downloaded? Do we miss something?
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      Same issue as the above 2 posts. There's no "content" download linked in the description of this thread unlike Andrew's other landscape tutorial. Given that he never goes into those material expressions, it'd be nice to see an example. The in-question nodes can be seen in this screenshot and are used to link the distribution of the foliage to the underlying texture when applied.
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        As an amendment to my above post, to future readers, it would seem that you can achieve what these nodes are doing via this technique. I believe this is the "magic" he employed:

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          Where is the Landscape Node? cant find It