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    Fighting game template and 'where to begin with when making a fighting game'

    [Question] With the announcement(s) of Tekken 7 (and Mortal Kombat X) is there any chance of getting a template on the marketplace for making a fighting game or somthing else to start a project in this game-type direction?

    [Question] What would be a good way to start with when someone would like to make a fighting game? Right now for me it seems to be a bit pointless to have an active subscription. Right now I'm practicing on making mocap with a 3d camera since without puch/kick/block animations I can't really make progress on blueprint scripting for the fighting game system in the editor D: Any suggestions is highly appreciated
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      Hi there,
      [QUESTION] Do you have plans to come to the midwest? Hopefully Chicago?


      Isaac Nichols
      Game Developer & Music Producer - Threaded Pixel Studios
      Currently working on Drones & Ruins a Sci-Fi twin-stick shooter.


        [Question] Do you guys plan on releasing a bare bones open world game sample?

        [Question] Do you guys plan on working with the Oculus team and making a plugin for the now open source Raknet?

        [Question] What is the status of Unreal Motion Graphics?

        [Question] What is the status of Sequencer?

        [Question] Do you plan to come to Salt Lake City Comic Con?

        [Question] Do you guys plan on supporting the blender foundation more in the future?

        [Question] Would it be possible to get Mark Reign or Tim Sweeney on one of the livestreams?

        [Question] Do you plan on integrating OpenGL 5 into the renderer? When available of course

        [Question] For Paper2D do you plan on making an Isometric Sample Game?

        [Question] Would it be possible to get an engineer from Nvidia on a future livestream to talk about The upcoming Tegra K1, best practices with APEX and PhysX?
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