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December #UE4jam Submission Thread

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    [GAME JAM] December #UE4jam Submission Thread

    Welcome to the December ue4jam Submission thread!

    Submit your entry here with the following information:

    Link to a download of your game
    Team name
    List of team members
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

    I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

    After posting here, PM me!

    Send me the following information:

    Team Name
    Project Name
    Each Team Member's Real Name
    Each Team Member's Email Address
    Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box)
    Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size

    If the address is not in the United States, please also provide:
    Phone number for lost postage reclaim
    Tax or VAT number (if applicable)

    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.
    Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
    How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
    Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

    Team name psychoROBOT
    Team members 1
    Project name psychoROBOT_TheSnowball.
    Game link

    Game controls A to steer Left, D to steer Right,
    Try to score 31 points before reaching the bottom
    of the mountain.
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      Team name: Matt Woelk
      Team members 1
      Project name: Outlast The Flood
      Game Link:!Sko2lBQA!IQ8jz-mRG...zgxJkWU5DI_ZxI

      mouse + keyboard

      Two sound effects are cc0 from, and the other I made.

      This is also my submission for Ludum Dare 37, whose theme is "One Room".




        Title: Snowball Snowball FIGHT
        Team name: Arran Langmead
        Team members: 1

        Game Link

        Controls, 2 gamepads required
        Left analogue stick = move
        Right analogue stick = look
        RT = Shoot

        Move around to collect snow, shoot your opponent and be the first to shrink your opponent 3 times.
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          Team GamePlayUniverse:
          Markus aka. Marki217q
          Merlin aka. Merarlion

          Controls (Controller only):
          Left Stick for walking
          A-Button to pick up and drop items
          X-Button to repair machines and tables
          B-Button to dash forward
          Y-Button to see possible recepies in front of a machine
          Pause to open the ingame menu [or join for other players]
          Xbox Controller

          How to play:
          Just put the right ingredients on the right table to produce the needed items. Simple as that!
          Part-set: 2x Wood, 1x Paper @WoodCarver
          Carbody: 2x Wood, 1x Plastic @WoodCarver
          Rocketbody: 3x Wood, 1x Wool @WoodShaper
          Rockettip: 1x Plastic, 1x Paper @WoodShaper
          Cotton: 1x Wool, 1x Paper @SewingMachine
          Fur: 3x Wool, 1x Plastic @SewingMachine
          Giftbox: 2x Paper [MENTION=184563]Package[/MENTION]Folder

          Car: 2x Part-set, 1x Carbody [MENTION=59935]A[/MENTION]ssembler
          Rocket: 2x Part-set, 1x Rocketbody, 1x Rockettip [MENTION=59935]A[/MENTION]ssembler
          Teddy: 3x Cotton, 1x Fur [MENTION=59935]A[/MENTION]ssembler
          BPNode: 1x Idea, 2x Despair, 1x Anger [MENTION=184563]Package[/MENTION]Folder
          Don’t forget to put the end products in a empty Giftbox! @Wrapper

          You need to produce Gifts for the christmas night, but the machines aren’t as fit as they used to be. Be sure to repair them, before the damage spreads to nearby tables and machines; Otherwise it will end in a disaster.

          This is a co-op Highscore-Game!
          Points are being collected by producing the shown item. Don’t forget to wrap up the Gifts before sending them to the sled! You can also get a friend to help you out. Tell us your Score!

          Windows x64:

          Screenshot (click to enlarge)
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            Age of Snowmpires

            Game: Age of Snowmpires
            Team: Bohrium
            Members: Bohrium
            Download link: Click me!

            Everything made by me during the jam.

            And this time, I made an RTS about snowball wars.
            Has pretty standard controls, I wrote most of them down in the included "Help" menu option. Should be pretty clear.
            There's 5 different missions or game modes. There's also info about those in the same help menu.

            Notes/tips (You can figure these out yourself pretty easily.):
            * Mouse wheel zooms in and out.
            * You can set waypoints for buildings.
            * You got access to control groups.
            * Snow Mines can only be built on piles of snow.
            * Units attack everything in range, you lack direct control over who they target.
            * Workers throw weak snowballs.
            * Using "passive mode" (green peace sign) will let you flee from fights.
            * You can move the camera off the playable map area. (No, you won't fall off the edge.)
            * You might be able to shimmy through the trees to get into places you're not supposed to, there's nothing outside of them.
            * You win by destroying all enemy buildings (except walls).
            * You lose by losing all your buildings (except walls).
            * The yellow in the Snow Mines is from mining lights, not urine.
            * The characters are extremely short sighted and have short stubby arms, so they can't throw the balls very far.

            And a youtube video for a quick glance at the game:

            Edit: Saw my game being played and some people pointed out that I totally forgot to mention I used my options widget from before. So that's the only thing I didn't make during this jam. Even re-did the same kind of basic fir tree model for the third time (those kind of trees just work so well in jams).
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              It Only Gets More Cluttered
              Team: mortus
              List of team members: mortus

              Why does the Epic Jam always have to be held at the same time with the Ludum Dare? It is a combined Ludum Dare / Epic Jam entry made in 48 hours (LD37 begins more than a day later). LD37 theme is "One Room". When I've started I thought that the game fits both themes equally, but right now I think that it might be closer to the "One Room" actually.

              It Only Gets More Cluttered is a puzzle platformer where the room gets more cluttered with walls and platforms as you move towards the level completion.

              Select the order in which platforms will appear in the beginning of each level, and then run around and collect glowing spheres to warp in selected layers. The exit will open once you've collected all spheres on a level.

              R or Escape to restart level.
              WASD / Arrow keys to move around
              Space to jump
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                Team Name: Grumpy Team
                Project Name: COLD
                Team Members: @sertacogan,@yelayak
                Name of Submission: Cold_GrumpyTeam

                Game Link
                Click here!

                "Cold" is a game involving a series of events that are a little coincidence.

                Movement: W,A,S,D
                Jump: Space
                Interaction: E
                Pickup Object: R
                Pause Game: Escape
                Detailed Status: C

                Additional Assets From

                Unreal Particle Cave (Particles)
                Object Inspection System by Sertaç Ogan (Edited)
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                  Team: Derzo
                  Team members: 1
                  Game: Not enough snow

                  Movement: W,A,S,D
                  Turn the camera: Q, E
                  Restart level: F

                  Additional Assets
                  I got some audio assets and the font from these websites, I made everything else

         (the site was limited time, free SFX downloads, now unavailable)

                  Download link

                  Also here's higher contrast version if you're color blind

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                    Team Members:

                    Additional assets:
                    All audio from Game Audio GDC 2016 Pack -

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                    UE4 Jam Entries:
                    March 2016
                    September 2016
                    Epic MegaJam October 2016
                    December 2016



                      A little casual "runnergame" (/rollergame?), where you roll down a hill as a snowball, collecting powerups on your way and dodging obstacles.

                      Team: Hammelsmack
                      Members: HammelGammel
                      Projectname: Hammelsmack_Avalanche
                      Additional Assets: Snowtexture from



                        Dorncog's Snowball Effect


                        EDIT: I've further worked on this and put a first version on ->

                        Download Win64:
                        Team name: Dorncog
                        Team members: mBeierling

                        About the game
                        A snowball rolling down a hill. You need to dodge obstacles. The theme perfectly pinpoints this kind of game. I'm sure mine will not be the only one using this mechanic ;-)

                        I aimed for a visually interesting, but still very simple look, as I worked only alone and just had one free day this weekend.

                        Additional Assets
                        - mountain atmo sound from Unreal's "Particles" demo project
                        - Kenney's KenVector Font
                        - awesome no-copyright music: Cylinder Two by Chris Zabriskie (
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                          The Snowman Effect

                          Team Name: Team Aviöl
                          Members: berguina, scha


                          Description This is a stealth game. You are a SnowMan. Your goal is to collect Golden Boxes. You win when you collect them all. Hint: they are all in the same kind of places.

                          UE Mannequins are patrolling the area. They are your enemies. If a mannequin sees you it's game over. Fortunately, they are a little blind and very dumb. If you freeze (F) when they approach they won't notice you.

                          Controls: WASD+mouse for movement, Space for jump, F to freeze. Good luck!

                          Download here

                          Used assets and software Unreal landscape examples for trees, music and materials; MovementAnimSetPro; WorldMachine; TurboSquid for Snowman's hat.

                          PS: Just discovered that you can fly. It wasn't planed. You can go higher places and have some nice views (yes, the map is uselessly large).
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                          Modular Japanese HouseScaffold System
                          Snap Plugin for EditorSnap Plugin for Games



                            Game name: Revolution!
                            Team name: VALKRYSA
                            List of team members: Alice Robinson
                            Name of your submission: Valkrysa_Revolution

                            Play with sound for the full experience.

                            (Please use this link so I know how many downloads I got) Link To Game:

                            Versions Available:
                            Win32, Win64, OSX

                            Sourced Assets:
                            Yell 1 - Modified from
                            Yell 2 -
                            Mouse Icon -
                            Conversion Sound -

                            As usual I decided to dedicate 50% of the time to learning a new topic, this months topic: AI with Blackboard/Behavior Trees/Services/Etc
                            Despite starting the jam a day late I stuck to the above plan and am pretty happy with the results.
                            I also decided to play around with cable components and simulated physics on bones, as will be obvious from the game.

                            Alternative Download Link:
                            Drop Box Direct (Win64) -
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                            A proud and noble software developer






                              Team name: Volkiller730
                              Team members: Volkiller730

                              About the game:
                              You play as a prisoner that is being forced to test a Shapeshifting product for the company that runs it, but your endgoal is to escape..

                              after watching VictorBurgos stream my game i realized i did a bad job explaining some things ingame. So Touching Boxs/anything Red/Blue changes their size. and the endlevel it is not clear that your goal is escaping through the window. the level with the credits is a freeplay/joking level and has no end but you can change your size in that level by pressing any of the numbers that appear on the walls if you want to play around.

                              WASD to move
                              Mouse to look
                              Space to Jump

                              very simple look, as I worked alone. This is my 3rd UE4Jam. with this jam my goal was to dive into the parts of Unreal I had not really touched. I think I Achieved that I learned a bit about physics/destructibles systems and about my main goal of the audio systems.

                              I knew everyone was going to do something with snow/snowmen so I avoided that and my theme connection has more to do with the definition of Snowball Effect. snowball effect is a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger.

                              Additional Assets
                              - Security Camera from Epics BluePrint Project
                              - Lava Substance
                              - Fence Texture
                              - mixamo for Rigging (which forked up on second iteration of character so but I said whatever soo he walks funny haha )
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                              Check out my games on Google Play