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Training Stream - Alan Willard Power Hour - Dec 13th - Live From Epic HQ

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    I do hope you have a stream about traces, I am interested in this. Is it possible to see the old streams? I wasn't able to see today's stream from the link.


      Hi Alexander, i hope Ian got better. Will the Ray Casting stream happen any other time? Also, Alan's was really good and i'd love to access it again but the video isn't anywhere! thank you very much.


        Originally posted by Ruhrpottpatiot View Post
        Someone who has more knowledge than me correct me if I'm wrong, but no. Traces can't implement events and why would they?
        If you have a blocking hit your trace stops as soon as it hits and you can query the HitResult for the information you need. On Ignore nothing happens, as is intended.
        The more complicated case is Overlap. In the case of a single trace overlap results are treated as a Ignore, in multi traces however you get an array of hits with the last one being the first blocking hit. You then can query the array for the stuff you need. The Overlap hit results are then treated like a blocking hit, only that the trace doesn't stop.
        So there's your reason why we don't need events for traces.

        @Topic: Get well soon Ian.

        Sorry but that did not explain why i wouldn't need events/delegates.

        The added value of events (ima just call em that now) is that i dont need to constantly poll/query the HitResult, instead i just wait till the event fires and only then query the Trace, much less resource intensive