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    Fresh Lemonade: Inertia

    Team name: Fresh Lemonade
    Team members: Graeme_Crackers

    There are two things I love, Space, and physics. This is a space flight racing simulator that hopes to shed light on how physics in space actually works! Unfortunately this means the controls will not be as "easy" as most space flight sims today, since in reality, an object in motion stays in motion. Navigate through the checkpoints to complete two maps in the fastest time that you can. Hopefully you'll learn something new about how inertia and zero-g movement work in the vacuum of space!

    - Models are all from engine content (cube, sphere etc).
    - Materials created with starter content textures.
    - SFX Created from person sound libraries/royalty free sources.
    - Music written previously by myself, not during gamejam timeframe.
    - Skybox/planet from "ScifiBunk" in learn tab.

    This game is best with a controller!
    Extra controls for keyboard included inside .zip file

    Throttle forward: Right trigger

    Gyroscopic Rotation:
    Yaw: Right stick left/right
    Pitch: Right stick up/down
    Roll right: Right bumper
    Roll left: Left bumper
    Toggle ON/OFF Gyroscope auto-stabilize (ON by default): D-pad Left

    Reaction control system thrust (RCS):
    -This is the lateral movement which allows you to "strafe" in any direction.

    Left/right: Left stick left/right
    Up/down: Left stick up/down
    Backwards: Left trigger
    RCS Auto-break: Left stick button.
    -Thrusting with RCS will disable the auto-break, however
    using the throttle will not.

    Screen Resolution:
    -Open console using `
    -Type in r.setRes 1920x1080 (or whatever resolution you want)
    -Put "f" at the end if you want fullscreen and "w" if you want windowed.
    -The game should automatically start the game with the "best" resolution
    for your monitor in fullscreen.

    Google Drive Download Link:
    (By accident there are two controls text files. "INERTIA_CONTROLS" is the up to date one)

    A friend having an existential crisis live on stream when he realized that no friction in space means no friction in space:

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    You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers



      TEAM NAME: 5 Rune Studios
      List of Team Members: Jordan Parsons, Illya Van Gills
      Name of Submission: Tubular!

      Description: Tubular! is a 3D time trial tubing game (we also pay homage to the style of games we grew up with).

      Get through all the check points to add time to your clock - every second counts!
      If you make it through this windy canyon to cross the finish line, you WIN! Be careful though, many large boulders and the screwy terrain can be the difference between you making it or having to start all over.

      Controls: WASD

      Don't laugh at the art for the cover, we are both programmers and proud of it We had to do what we could with the time we had hah
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        Download Link:

        Notes: super late, might take a while to load the main level, many bugs. But uploading anyways!

        Name of Submission: Save the sheep

        Team Name: Team Pyjamas

        List of Team Members:
        Julian Stopher - Programmer
        @Slapunas - Rigger/Animator/Props
        @Jakayaki - Character Artist


        Materials for props and the terrain came from substance share and substance source.

        font for ui:

        Black Vortex Kevin MacLeod (
        Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
        Portfolio // Game Jams // @jakayaki

        Marketplace Assets // Stylized Wizard // Stylized Warrior // Fantasy Citizens


          Download Link:

          Team Name: SporkWorks
          Team Member: SporkAlmighty
          Name of Submission: Flow Boats

          Description: Take control of an origami boat and work with the flow in this tiny boat race simulator.

          Controls: WSAD controls pitch and yaw, QE controls your roll. The stream's flow provides the rest!

          This is my first real project using Unreal Engine. I needed a kick in the pants to focus me on actually finishing a game concept, so the Game Jam was a godsend. I think I spent about half my time in community walk-throughs and documentation, but I had a blast walking through the steps of designing, plumbing, and (more or less) implementing something playable. I ran out of development time hard, so it's more of a tech demo than anything, but I really wanted to try my hand at buoyant water and spline-based flow maps for movement. I'd like to throw out my thanks to the amazing Unreal community - there's a tremendous amount of time and effort that's been poured into teaching and sharing with others, and I am grateful for the passion and enthusiasm that I see for creation. I wouldn't have gotten anything out the door if it wasn't for all the helpful videos, forum posts, and answers. All the 3d assets are courtesy SketchUp's 3D warehouse, converted into OBJs and read into UE. No sounds, unfortunately - it, and other things, were sacrificed after I hit a couple stumbling blocks.
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            DOWNLOAD LINK:

            Team Name: Wicked Pickle Interactive
            Members: Doug Wheeler
            Project Name: Heart Forge

            Description: I decided to see what I could create without a plan. The short version, not much. Haha However, I did enjoy working on the project immensely.

            Goal: Find and activate the two pumps to receive the Golem's Iron Heart

            Move - WASD
            Jump - Space

            Assets: Infinite Blade Firelands and Particle Pack by Epic Games and Chair Studios

            As I went into this without any planning, there are a couple technical hiccups. The ending is abrupt and there are no menus to speak of. I kind of went overboard with the environmental stuff.
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