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November #ue4jam Submission Thread

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    Team name: Team Azaia
    List of team members: Zach (@zknet)
    Name of your submission: TeamAzaia_Float



      Game Name: Fowl Flow Afoul
      Team name: VALKRYSA
      List of team members: Alice Robinson (Valkrysa)
      Name of your submission: Valkrysa_FowlFlowAfoul


      (Please use this link so I know how many downloads I got) Link To Game:

      Sourced Assets:

      = Sounds =
      Chicken Yell -
      Tree Fall Sound -
      Chicken Ambient -
      Clean And Clear Sound Cue -

      = Starter Content =
      Grass material, oak material, basalt material, tech material, basic rock

      = Learn Tab Content =
      Ocean Example, modified though so that is why it looks different

      This entry marks game jam number 3 for me (#2 if we're just going by UE4 jams) and it's been just as rewarding as the Mega Jam.

      Just as always I decided to dedicate 50% of the time to skill acquisition. In this case the major new skill was modeling animated characters in Blender with skeletal animation to be used in game so that I don't have to rely on default Unreal or Mixamo animations anymore.
      I also learned how to use blend spaces, anim blueprints, and how to make a new character from the ground up. With this I no longer feel the need to use default example characters, and when using them they will no longer be mysterious.
      I also learn Blender to enough of a level that I use hotkeys elusively for quite a few tasks now.

      On day 3 I started on the process of making the actual game. In the process I learned how to make 3D widgets (to make awesome floating text like in WoW) and how to use the sappling tool in Blender to make good looking trees.

      Day 4 I did polish including an intro, an outro, cleaning up the level, adding exciting little flourishes. I also learned how to use the save game system so that I could save player preferences.

      I look forward to the next jam!

      Alternative Download Link:
      Drop Box Direct:
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        Winds of Revenge

        Google Drive

        Team Name: Team Crybabies

        Team Members:
        • Allshar
        • DennyRocket
        • Derzo
        • Islipaway
        • VictorBurgos


        WSAD to move character
        E and LMB to interact with object, pickup planes and throw planes
        Q and RMB to interact with objects, drop planes, and cancel charging
        A and D during flight to control plane roll

        All Music provided by, royalty free.
        All SoundFX provided by Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia.
        EPIC leaderboard plugin :
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          LINK : Google Drive
          Game Name: Astro 404
          Team Name : The 404
          Name of our submission: The404_Astro404

          Team members:
          - Tuhono Cowan
          - Jessie Lau
          - Tanihiarii Opuu
          - Wilfred Johnston
          - Harold Utia

          - Move : WASD
          - Gravity On/Off : Left mouse
          - Jetpack : Right mouse

          You are an astronaut who has to get out of a space station to reach your lovely space rocket.
          Gravity is the key!

          We created everything except the musics/sounds.
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            Link :
            Team Name : PADORMIR

            5 Members :
            Jérémie Tama
            Kaimi Kimitete
            Parisea Tekurarere
            Aitomiti Nardi
            Kiehiva Peterano

            Bob wants to get to his girlfriend. To be able to do so, he’s gonna have to overcome obstacles

            Controls :
            WSAD to move Bob
            Z restart
            Ctrl go down
            Space go up



              Link :

              Game Name: Rate Ur Pulse
              Team Name : Bacon Rimonado
              Name of our submission: Bacon Rimonado_Rate Ur Pulse
              Team members:
              - ATGER Tumatarau
              - FLOHR Moerani
              - GIBOULOT Erroline
              - LANGOMAZINO Poerava
              - FARNHAM Tiihiva

              - Move : a = left; d = right
              - Jump : Space bar

              You play as Gloobe the coolest white cell surfer in the bones area. You have to find your way to the Redaton party which is situated in the heart while doing your work (kill the bacteria).

              We created everything except the musics/sounds.


                Going with the [Data] Flow.

                Tower defence game where you use blue prints to program your towers.

                Team Members:
                Graham Chow
                Liz Chow (she did the palm tree)

                Use your mouse like you would editing blue prints.
                A/D keys to scroll left and right.
                Click on the electric cannon to edit its behaviour.
                The simplest configuration is to simply link the power block.

                The Power block sets the power of the electic arc cannon [none low, medium and high].
                The Priority block sets the priority of the path to resolve its action. Default low priority.
                The Ship Size block is a filter.
                The Range block is a filter.

                In the above picture, the resolution is if any small ship is in range hit it with a low power attack. If not, if there is a large ship, hit it with a high power attack.

                The electric cannons have limited energy reserves and will not fire if they don't have enough energy.

                In there is a resolution ambiguity, it will randomly select one.

                Game over when more than 5 ships get past your defence.

                This is kind of very loosely based on an blue print idea I had before. But that was only a programming GUI concept. 95% is new. Everything else is new.

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                Graham Chow
                Strange Orbitz (


                  Dance Flow


                  Team name: The T-Baggers

                  AHIEFITU Martin
                  SALMON Manoa
                  MOREAU Orama
                  FRACCALAGLIO Anthony
                  HAUMANI Tefau'ura

                  WSAD to move character
                  Left Clic: Based shot
                  Right Clic: second projectile
                  E: make zombies dance
                  Q: ultimate attack that kill zombies

                  All zombies and animations are from Mixamo

                  Map structure are from Unreal engine, other assets are made by us

                  Music:Teminite & Panda Eyes - Highscore from Youtube (free)



                    Link to a download of your game
           (EDITED, one route was unreachable in build, fixed)

                    Team name: Team Magma

                    List of team members:
                    "R1chieXD": Richard Nazarian (Programming)
                    "Imotoh": Deniese Datema (Art)

                    Name of your submission: TeamMagma_FlowRace

                    Left Mouse - Ready up
                    AD - Movement
                    W or Space - Jump/WallJump
                    Esc - Menu
                    T - Chat

                    Multiplayer obstacle race game. Play against other people and complete the course in 3 laps to become the winner! Overcome and use the "flowing" obstacles. What is the fastest route?

                    - Host must have port 7777 UDP forwarded.
                    - Players can only join during the ready up fase and won't be able to join when the game is already in progress.
                    - Host can restart game in menu screen, game also automatically restarts after game end.

                    Sounds from
                    Everything except the chat system and host/join setup (some modification) has been made during the jam period.
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                      Team : Bloodline

                      Game : AntiGen

                      Members :

                      Laser sound DL from
                      Bubbling sound DL from
                      Used some starter content
                      All other assets were created by the team

                      Download Link


                      You must kill as many viruses as possible as you flow through the bloodstream to save the human you are inside of. You will only succeed if you kill enough viruses...
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                        New version
                        game stop bug fix donwload

                        Team name: sleepingdragon
                        project name:cars

                        WSAD to move car
                        ESC to pause
                        space key to reset car
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                          Beard Envy - Flow

                          Team Name: Beard Envy
                          Project: Flow

                          Beard Envy is:
                          Aaron Coker
                          Josiah Ward
                          Ben Webster

                          All assets created by us within the jam except sound (courtesy of and

                          You roam around the components of a computer, electricity flows everywhere, lighting your way. But it is not too happy about your presence...

                          It's a randomly generated rogue-like. There are 50 various upgrades that you have a chance to find to better deal with the enemies. There is one boss room per level, and killing the boss will take you to the next level.

                          Download link:

                          Had a blast doing this and learned alot! Also streamed the entire process which was crazy fun, lots of cool people stopped by to chat with us, we will be streaming again for sure. Keep an eye out for us:
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                            Download link Dropbox
                            Download link Dropbox (original build, blue dragon heads don't turn caused by known issue (UE-12326))

                            Team Name: Succubi in Hats
                            Team Members: Handkor
                            Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_AstralMaze

                            You are a wizard traveling through the astral plane when suddenly you are trapped in a maze where you are unable to move on your own. Inhabiting the maze are large passive astral dragons. Zap them with your magic and travel along their mighty breath.

                            Left Click: Zap dragon
                            R or Spacebar: Reset room


                            Error found in the shipping build where the blue dragon's heads don't move. They should oscillate back and forth (screws up the difficulty). Cause by known issue (UE-12326), applied workaround.
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                              The Flow Show

                              The Flow Show - Fishlegs Productions

                              Download Link:

                              Team Name: Fishlegs Productions

                              Team Members:
                              Jay Thomas
                              Liam Paddick
                              Josh Hinge

                              Name of Submission: The Flow Show

                              Description: The Flow Show is a game about an Alien TV show. In simple terms the object of the game is to kill as many humans as possible for the entertainment of your species.

                              WASD for movement.
                              1,2,3 and 4 for weapon selection(weapons are unlocked at higher scores).
                              Right click to change the range on the rocket launcher.


                              Any models not made by us were obtained from:
                              Sounds and Music are from: and

                              NOTE: Pausing is broken. Sorry.

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                                Download link

                                Team Name: Shadow Helm
                                Team Members: Ian Reichert-Watts
                                Name of your submission: Stability

                                Grapple for extra stability and get to the goal!

                                WASD - Move
                                Space - Jump
                                Left Click - Left hand grapple
                                Right Click - Right hand grapple
                                Escape / P - Pause
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