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November #ue4jam Submission Thread

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    [GAME JAM] November #ue4jam Submission Thread

    Welcome to the November ue4jam Submission thread!

    Submit your entry here with the following information:

    Link to a download of your game
    Team name
    List of team members
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

    I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

    After posting here, PM me!

    Send me the following information:

    Team Name
    Project Name
    Each Team Member's Real Name
    Each Team Member's Email Address
    Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box)
    Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size

    If the address is not in the United States, please also provide:
    Phone number for lost postage reclaim
    Tax or VAT number (if applicable)

    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.
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    Electro Flow

    Go with the flow of the electro music and reach the top of the tower!!!

    Link to game:
    Team name: zompi
    List of team members: zompi
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      Crowbar Games - JamDaddy

      Gamepad Only

      May experience flickering from Z Buffer

      Team Name: Crowbar Games

      4 Members:
      Mark Cully (Artist / Programmer)
      Chris D’Arcy (Sound)
      Harry Haston-Dougan (Programmer)
      Sam Donaghey (Artist / Voice)

      In a universe where bread rule, humans are experimented on in the goal for world jam preservation. Until one man decides to challenge these loafs by using his newly augmented jam busters. Take out those crummy slices using his mighty flow of jam

      How long can you keep the jam flowing?

      JamDaddy - Link

      Jam bar on the top left decreases over time, as you fire and get hit.

      Pick up Jam from fallen bread to fill the bar backup.

      Controls :

      Escape = Exit
      Left Stick = Move
      Right Stick = Aim
      Right Trigger = Fire
      A / X to Play or to go back to menu on death.
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        Breath of the Wind

        Team Name: 2Monkeys 1Keyboard

        2 Members:
        Sven Stamm (Monkey 1)
        Hayato Hess (Monkey 2)

        Hello! This is our first Unreal Game Jam. We did our best for the last few days, but as we both are still inexperienced, please message us if something isn't right.

        The Goal of the Game is simple: fly the paper plane to the girl standing at the house on the other side of the map. Collect Paper scraps to complete the message. But beware, you have to use the upward winds to gain altitude and speed to travel through the level.

        Input/Controls: Mouse recommended! Keyboard (WASD) is supported, as well.
        Press M to mute the BGM.

        • Tilting your plane down will increase your speed, at the cost of altitude. Tilting back will reduce speed and increase altitude a little.
        • The best way to ride the upstreams is by circling them as close as possible.
        • You need to collect all 5 Paper scraps to unlock the whole message. If you dont want to search or them, below is a guide where to find all.
        • If you can't get through th elarge hollow Tree, there is a way to skip it, by using the first upward stream of the Windmill Area to directly fly to the platou in front of the girl.

        All Scraps Locations:

        Girl Location:

        Name of your submission: 2Monkeys1Keyboard_BreathOfTheWind

        Download (~80MB) (v2):

        Edit: uploaded an updated version with better performance and improved collision.
        We made use of some external assets (mainly sounds), as specified in the authors.txt inside the project.
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          November Jam Entry

          Link to a download of your game - Download Here
          Team name : Help I Need an Adult
          List of team members : MathewW
          Name of your submission : HelpINeedAnAdult_TheAmazeingGameMinPuz

          This was a fun little jam that I streamed the entire process of. I had some great ideas from the people watching and managed to look like an idiot for an hour when I first started =)

          This is a simple puzzle game just get from the start to the end and follow the flow of the wispy thingy. Enjoy
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            Ice Mistake

            Download Version 3 ~ POST JAM:
            Download Version 2 ~ 20 minutes after deadline:!GZoF2TpI!YpZ6o4gle...BPWr_4bK8nGOI8
            Download Version 1:!HFYxnZAL!MHGT7UjBF...gqLEr8dvRne46E

            Team Name: fpwong
            Members: Phillip Wong

            External stuff
            - Game inspired by Warcraft 3 custom game - Area Of Ice Escape
            - SuperGrid Pack
            - Sfx from
            - Sounds from Unreal Landscape Demo
            - Sounds from
            - *Epic Leaderboard (v2 onwards)

            A robot walked on ice. Big mistake.

            Version 2
            - added leader boards
            - Small map balances

            Version 3
            - collision bug fix
            - small map balances
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              Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
              List of team members: Shatty
              Name of your submission: Flow

              Description: Tetris meets Pipe Mania. Connect the pipe pieces as they fall down, and then flush them out to erase them from the board. Score attack. First couple of levels clear board after clearing enough pipes.

              Controls: A & D to move pipe tiles left to right. Space to drop the tile.

              Content Notes: sound effects from, UI art from, background music - "Carefree" by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: by attribution 3.0, leaderboard from Epic Leaderboard.


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                Team Name: Team Aviöl
                Members: berguina, scha
                Name of submission: TeamAviol_MuFlow

                Description: Fly through the flow of the music, the level is procedurally generated from a midi file. Use your mouse to stay in the center of the circle. We used the midi plugin from marketplace which we modified a little.

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                  The Flow

                  Link: The Flow Download Link.
                  Team Name/Members: Daniel Skipper
                  Submission Name: DanielSkipper_TheFlow
                  Disclosed Epic content: Infinity Blade Ice Lands/Grass Lands/Warriors, Elemental Demo, Particle Effects Demo, ThirdPerson Blueprint Template.
                  Disclosed Market Place content: DayNightCycle by Sameek Kundu.
                  Thanks to: the forums for AI perception information.

                  The Flow is a horror themed, stealth, puzzle game in which you must lurk in the shadows to avoid the enemy AI, while attempting to trace 'The Flow' with your dowsing rod and activate the path ahead.

                  WASD - Movement.
                  E - Interact.

                  The dowsing rod will point you towards your next objective to activate, just follow its guidance and if you think you're at an objective hit 'E'. Activating objects will illuminate red (you do need to be quite close).

                  Due to other commitments I didn't have as much time to work on this as I would have liked. As such it is in a very rough and ready state.
                  The AI are somewhat bugged as well. They either: work properly (rare), patrol each others routes, stand still, stand still and spin on the spot (this should increase my "fun factor" rating for the wrong reasons).
                  The AI auto-destruct about 5 seconds after attacking you, which can be used to your advantage.
                  Sometimes the lighting dims suddenly and then comes back again while in the open air. Bit of a nuisance when it happens.
                  Depending on how things pan out, the game will probably take you around five minutes (or less) including loading time as it's very, very short.
                  And after all the negativity above - enjoy
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                    DOWNLOAD HERE

                    Team name: Crackpot Gumption
                    List of team members: jwainwright
                    Name of your submission: CrackpotGumption_Flowstar


                    HTC VIVE / Steam VR REQUIRED TO PLAY

                    Recommended room size : at least 2.5m x 2.5m

                    Do you have the groove? The funk? The ability to duck, dive, dip, duck, and dodge? Are you eager to sweat while blasting and jamming your way to a high score?

                    Enter Flowstar, a fast paced, music driven game for the HTC Vive.

                    Jam out to your favorite music while blasting your way to a high score.

                    It's music visualization meets wave shooter meets music-driven gameplay, and it's a blast.


                      You find the game HERE.
                      Team name: JK5000
                      List of team members: JK5000
                      Name of your submission: JK5000_TheCandyMen

                      In a candy dictatorship is no one able to think for themselves. You are the leader and you need to help the people through a series of levels. The game is inspired of the classic game Lemmings.

                      The game is mostly controlled with the mouse + keyboard. (Hint: The keyboard shortcuts can help a lot).
                      - 1 or D: Turn Right.
                      - 2 or A: Turn Left.
                      - 3 or S: Turn Around.
                      - 4 or space: Jump.
                      - Arrow keys: Move camera.
                      - RMB + Mouse: Rotate camera.
                      - Escape: Pause menu.

                      Used Software:
                      - Unreal engine 4
                      - Blender
                      - GIMP 2
                      - Inkscape
                      - Audacity
                      - LMMS

                      I have made everything doing the jame.

                      Good luck and have fun



                        (Currenly being uploaded to dropbox)

                        Team DoubleVV

                        • Vince - UI Art
                        • VegaDeserts - Everything else

                        Flo the firefighter


                        Left click: Shoot
                        WASD: Move


                        Zero optimization due to lack of time.
                        Lack of testing occured due to lack of time.

                        Resources Credit:
               - Various models and sounds
               - Various Models
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                          Team Name: Keyle
                          Project Name: Let's Chill
                          Team Member: Nicolas
                          Submission: keyle-lets_chill
                          Download link:

                          "Let's Chill" is a relaxing experience in stressful times. Navigate your way through these treacherous waters for the next 4 years.

                          Move using Arrow keys, or WASD, or controller left thumb stick.

                          All assets, code, models, textures are original, created for this jam,
                          except the following is to be credited:
                          - royalty free music by Protoje
                          - royalty free sounds by Farbour
                          - free font 'Master of Break' by Stereotype

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                            Niagara Gamejam Game!

                            (HINT NUDGE)

                            Download Link: Niagara Download

                            Legends tell us that there was a distinct difference between the swords created by the famous Japanese weapon smiths; Muramasa and Masamune.
                            When both swords are placed in water and a leaf floats towards it Muramasa swords are said to cleave the leaf in half, while Masamune’s swords would let the leaf pass unscaved.

                            Today this legend is put to the test when a tiny leaf spirit is in danger and you, the guardian of the mountain needs to protect it with your arsenal of Muramasa and Masamune swords while the spirit floats down the mighty Niagara mountain.

                            We wish you well!

                            Team name: We Lost The Keys Due To Physics.

                            Yoeri - Luos - Vleer: Lead concept, vfx artist, texture artist, material artist, 3D artist.
                            Panda Studios: Lead programmer, gameplay designer.
                            Venci Nachev: Programmer, animator.
                            Jon Riley: 3D artist, light artist, texture artist, material artist, level designer.
                            Chris McGill: Sounds artist, texture artist, character artist, 3D artist.

                            Special thanks:
                            Baily Aldrich who provided the music, thank you very much!




                              Team Name: Black jack
                              Team Member: Owninator
                              Project Name: one flow over the cuckoo's nest
                              Submission: one_flow_over_the_cuckoo's_nest
                              Download link :
                              Assets: for humanoid rig
                              : old menu
                              :content examples[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Hallo/Desktop/jam/face.png[/IMG]
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                              No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute