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Unreal Engine 4.3 Update Preview

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    Originally posted by Fire Knight View Post
    Have they announced a time frame for the release of 4.3?
    Within 2 weeks according to the last livestream. Could be sooner.
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      Pasting a timeline node causes a crash: "Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths."
      Zoltan Erdokovy, Sr. Technical Artist


        Hi ZoltanE,

        Can you post this on the AnswerHub along with the following information:

        If you are experiencing a crash, then please provide us with the .LOG and .DMP files from your [project]\Saved\Logs folder. Additionally, you can please send us the CrashReportClient.log file located in *C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Programs\CrashReportClient\Saved\Logs*.
        Can you also list any specifics about your project, whether it is code or BP based, and any steps that you think are necessary to replicate the issue. Also, posting relevant images, if you are able to do so, will make the replication of the issue much easier as well.

        Once you've posted this can you edit your comment above or post a new reply with the link to the question on AnswerHub. This way we'll be able to get this looked into as quickly as possible!

        Thank you!

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          Right, I hoped it was a known 4.3 issue. It goes up to Answer Hub.

          EDIT: I have pretty much the same crash log as mentioned here so it's a known problem.
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          Zoltan Erdokovy, Sr. Technical Artist


            I saw on Trello that "3D collision/physics" is done for Paper2D. Does that mean that it can simulate 3d rigid body physics constrained to two axes (i.e. functionally equivalent to 2D rigid body physics), or does it simply refer to things like whether or not two sprites are overlapping, or to something else entirely?

            I ask because I have an idea for a 2D mobile game involving rigid body physics. Could I get started on it with 4.3? And if I could, would I just be better off waiting until a later version when Box2D is fully integrated for performance reasons (I'd probably have around 100 rigid bodies in a given level)? Thanks in advance, and nice update by the way.


              This is an awesome update, and has many of the features that i have been wanting.

              With a new flying blueprint project, I noticed that the character plane does not seem to collide with landscape elements.

              Twice, a prompt told me i had low fps and it was setting optimal engine settings, after which the computer crashed telling me that my video driver is out of date, but it is not.

              Anyway, this engine rocks and has heaps of untapped potential. Keep up the great work!


                LPV causes system crashes after 4.3, not only engine crashes, but there is a fix.
                Please include this in a hotfix, it's too big of a deal to push it until 4.4


                  Awesome update guys!

                  One question tho, is it possible to use BlueprintImplementableEvent in custom component (parent = UActorComponent) and access it in blueprints?


                    Transluancy shadowing and Distance Field Ambient Occlusion are beautifull, collision mesh and spline will be usefull tools.
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                      Why isn't the official 4.3 release on the front page ?
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                        Hi everyone,

                        4.3 is now live, please check this link for more information:!
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