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    Is Preview 2 coming today ?


      Originally posted by HenrikRyosa View Post
      Can anyone confirm that posing skeletal parts in Persona is broken in this preview?
      Anyone? Not hard to test...
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        Originally posted by motorsep View Post
        Is Preview 2 coming today ?
        Not today. But watch for it next week.
        Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator


          Hey guys, it's me or we are unable to slice the procedural mesh component that we create after the first slice?
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            Originally posted by Blakblt View Post
            In 4.13 all of my meshes are importing without any UV data. Is there a way to fix this?
            I confirm there is a bug regarding the UVs. Importing meshes as fbx files from Blender just like I always did in 4.12.
            Objects already have a material uv channel and a lightmap uv channel from Blender. Objects seem to imports fine with UVs in Unreal. Visually looks okay. Mobility of objects set as Static.
            But, when building lighting some errors appear: "Object has wrapping UVs". Strange black pattern appear on objects.

            Also, another bug: if you do edit-mesh and 'highlight' an element, it doesn't highlight like it used to. Isolate still works.
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              Quote Originally Posted by Blakblt View Post
              In 4.13 all of my meshes are importing without any UV data. Is there a way to fix this?
              I confirm there is a bug regarding the UVs. Importing meshes as fbx files from Blender just like I always did in 4.12.
              Objects already have a material uv channel and a lightmap uv channel from Blender. Objects seem to imports fine with UVs in Unreal. Visually looks okay. Mobility of objects set as Static.
              But, when building lighting some errors appear: "Object has wrapping UVs". Strange black pattern appear on objects.
              I work with Modo and export it as FBX and also had one mesh where it said "overlapping UVs".
              In that case, the lightmap UVs were created by the engine on import. Although they were cklearly not overlapping, I got a build warning about it....
              It didnt happen to any other meshes so far and I solved it by spacing the texture UVs a bit more apart and set the lightmap coordinate index to use them also for lightmass.

              So, I thought the create-lightmap UVs-on-inport part was a bit broken, but as you say you imported lightnap UVs from blender.....
              Are you sure the second set got really imported and the engine not simply replaced them with an own version?


                Will OpenGL ES 3.1 work if I enable it? There's a tooltip which reads "[CURRENTLY FOR FULL SOURCE GAMES ONLY]". Does this mean I need Github sources or any other sources?


                  Where is the appropriate place to report bugs/etc?

                  For now, with forward rendering enabled (not sure if related) I get this warning a lot, it's just a deprecation warning but presumably I shouldn't be seeing that:

                  LogRenderer:Warning: Mismatch between bShouldGenerateLowQualityLightmaps(0) and r.SupportLowQualityLightmaps(1), UEngine::bShouldGenerateLowQualityLightmaps has been deprecated please use r.SupportLowQualityLightmaps instead


                    Originally posted by Vaei View Post
                    Where is the appropriate place to report bugs/etc?
                    Easy to use UMG Mini Map on the UE4 Marketplace.
                    Forum thread:


                      Originally posted by KVogler View Post
                      ...Are you sure the second set got really imported and the engine not simply replaced them with an own version?
                      Hi KVogler, thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm 100% sure its using my own layout because it shows when I toggle the uvs for channel 1. Also; in Lod0 - generate lightmap UVs is disabled, Source Lightmap Index is set to 1.

                      Edit: I did some more tests and my guess is: Unreal is creating new lightmap uvs instead. Submitted the bug.
                      Edit2: added an image for clarification
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                        REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub in the 'Bug Reports' section.

                        Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator


                          I heard that 4.13 would support mixed reality, is that something that is implemented in this preview?


                            Complex collision as simple is not working any more in 4.13


                              Originally posted by Honingdropje View Post
                              Complex collision as simple is not working any more in 4.13
                              When you enable Complex as Simple (Per-Poly) Collision, make sure that you've enabled Collision under the specific LOD for the checkbox under the material.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	enablecollision.png
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ID:	1113801
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                                We have just released Preview 2 for 4.13! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.13 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                                For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the first post in this thread.


                                Fixed in Preview 2 - CL 3088355

                                Fixed! UE-32806 GitHub 2569 : Exposed GetComponentByClass to blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-26676 Blueprint native events give error when output ref params aren't in a specific order
                                Fixed! UE-30473 Moving child component in child blueprint forces parent to become dirty
                                Fixed! UE-19062 Re-parenting blueprint actors do not lose interfaces associated with their previous parent blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-33460 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UObjectPropertyBase::ParseObjectPropertyValue() [propertybaseobject.cpp:237]
                                Fixed! UE-33027 Crash when implementing interface to child blueprint and then implementing it with parent blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-33860 Ensure occurs when pasting a Custom Event and its Function into another Blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-33859 Editor crashes when selecting compile after copying a Custom event to another blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-34458 BP InitProperties() fast path: changing an array property in the defaults will leave the custom property chain stale until it is compiled, causing a crash in some circumstances.
                                Fixed! UE-34374 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UEdGraphNode::GetGraph() [edgraphnode.cpp:172]
                                Fixed! UE-34378 Using Certain Names in Blueprint Math Expression Causes Compiler Error
                                Fixed! UE-34436 Ensures when copy/pasting linked anim bp nodes
                                Fixed! UE-34380 Crash when Redoing the placement of a Blueprint with a Child Actor Component
                                Fixed! UE-34430 Editor crashes when copying a copied instance of a blueprint in the level.
                                Fixed! UE-34564 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UEdGraphPin::SerializePin() [edgraphpin.cpp:1497]
                                Fixed! UE-34119 Non-blueprint ed graphs need to clean up their deprecated pins
                                Fixed! UE-34085 Ensure occurs when force deleting a BP asset that is still referenced in memory
                                Fixed! UE-34169 Crash when force deleting blueprints that reference each other
                                Fixed! UE-28625 Direction of GetOverlapInfos parameter doesn't match
                                Fixed! UE-28398 Incorrect position after undoing replace actors
                                Fixed! UE-29903 Dragging to Change Variable Attached to Empty Reroute Node Causes Freeze
                                Fixed! UE-34350 Crash Occurs When Using Invalid HideCategories
                                Fixed! UE-34372 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!StaticAllocateObject() [uobjectglobals.cpp:2102]
                                Fixed! UE-34240 Match 3 nativization failure
                                Fixed! UE-33883 Packaging with Nativize Blueprint Assets Causes Uninitialized Defaults
                                Fixed! UE-34247 Nativized UMG assets not visible
                                Fixed! UE-34324 Accept Source on conflicted asset creates duplicate, renamed, blueprint asset and makes original unopenable
                                Fixed! UE-33423 Ensure breaking a link in anim blueprint Event Graph and then undoing
                                Fixed! UE-34548 No MacSymbols being generated for Rocket builds
                                Fixed! UE-34401 Remove GUBP callbacks to determine sample platforms
                                Fixed! UE-34249 Windows Package for Linux fails missing receipt
                                Fixed! UE-31575 Compile button disappears and Hot Reload stops working after failing to Hot Reload in some cases
                                Fixed! UE-34591 Corrupted package message on running packaged project
                                Fixed! UE-34373 Mac - When editor is crashing the UE4 process is unresponsive
                                Fixed! UE-34371 [CrashReport] UE4Game!UCollisionProfile::LoadProfileConfig()
                                Fixed! UE-34200 8,388,607 UObject limit causes cooking to fail for larger projects
                                Fixed! UE-29596 EditAnywhere TMap UPROPERTY of UObject* crashes editor if you enter garbage data in the edit box
                                Fixed! UE-29286 GitHub 2256 : Update UnrealCodeAnalyzer.Build.cs
                                Fixed! UE-33261 Hot Reloading from IDE fails
                                Fixed! UE-33849 Project Launcher spams console with "LogStats:Warning: MetaData mismatch..."
                                Fixed! UE-34132 Crash on saving imported font
                                Fixed! UE-34073 Projects fail to launch on windows when editor symbols are not installed with engine
                                Fixed! UE-34025 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!TArray<TStaticMeshFullVertex<1,0,2>,TAlignedHeapAllocator<0> >::BulkSerialize() [array.h:1350]
                                Fixed! UE-33872 Crash when opening a level with skeletal mesh asset from the map copied to the clipboard
                                Fixed! UE-31763 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_MeshPaint!FMulticastDelegateBase<FWeakObjectPtr>::RemoveAll() [multicastdelegatebase.h:75]
                                Fixed! UE-30661 Vertex Painting changes collision complexity if the asset is saved while vertex painting
                                Fixed! UE-34391 No run animation on client that is not focused when running 2 player and dedicated server
                                Fixed! UE-33010 Crash changing mesh paint material in blueprint, then changing to a different mode tab
                                Fixed! UE-33049 Transform widget visible in blueprint viewport when editing spline points in editor viewport
                                Fixed! UE-32279 Editor crashes when reselecting a mesh in paint mode
                                Fixed! UE-34453 Unable to edit thumbnails of Skeletal Mesh Assets
                                Fixed! UE-34360 Crash using "Use Selected Asset from Content Browser" button on a Text widgets Font Material
                                Fixed! UE-34265 Undo, Redo, Undoing a blueprint actor Replace action causes a crash
                                Fixed! UE-34298 Crash on LinkerLoad trying to load font on the render thread
                                Fixed! UE-33765 Creating Launcher Profile does not always shows all project available maps
                                Fixed! UE-33416 New Editor PIE window does not center to screen when running with a dedicated server
                                Fixed! UE-32623 Crash when opening a data table based on a struct named actor
                                Fixed! UE-32842 Changing a Packaged Game from Fullscreen to Windowed at Runtime Causes Title Bar to Disappear
                                Fixed! UE-33794 Display Actors Count (levels tab) goes up by one every time the project is saved
                                Fixed! UE-33580 Can't PIE or Save: Editor gets into odd state when editing parameters.
                                Fixed! UE-33867 Can't Play in Editor After selecting a color for a border widget via the eye dropper
                                Fixed! UE-34103 Gray buttons have white text
                                Fixed! UE-34252 Potential crash with UFontBulkData
                                Fixed! UE-32087 Crash occurs when creating Static Mesh from Trigger Volume
                                Fixed! UE-12157 BSP brushes break when non-standard subtractive bsp brushes are used
                                Fixed! UE-34397 LOD asset does not visibly update
                                Fixed! UE-34364 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate.dylib!FTabManager::RestoreFrom(TSharedRef<FTabManager::FLayout, (ESPMode)0> const&, TSharedPtr<SWindow,()
                                Fixed! UE-7476 Add ability to edit SplineComponent in BP editor (not just instance in level)
                                Fixed! UE-34062 SplineMesh collision can be generated incorrectly
                                Fixed! UE-32396 Widgets set to the color FF00FFFF will become gray after compile
                                Fixed! UE-34075 UMG: Sprites don't pick a default size when selected for a brush
                                Fixed! UE-33343 Print String stop printing to screen after simulating in viewport
                                Fixed! UE-34214 Foliage instances are not included when exporting a scene to FBX
                                Fixed! UE-34555 bForceOneSmoothingGroup not working for skeletal meshes
                                Fixed! UE-34493 Alembic skeletal mesh importer does not calculate correct smoothing groups
                                Fixed! UE-34474 Alembic importer plugin needs proper logo
                                Fixed! UE-34299 GitHub 2678 : Fixed ProceduralMeshComponent compile issue.
                                Fixed! UE-34292 Cancelling the reimport of an Alembic file seems to confirm the action
                                Fixed! UE-34204 bBlendOverlappingNormals does not seem to have an impact for Alembic importing
                                Fixed! UE-34418 Crash importing alembic asset over itself after saving it in Content Browser
                                Fixed! UE-34377 Crash when importing an Alembic file with Materials as a different asset type than one that already exists
                                Fixed! UE-34392 Crash importing abc file as Geometry Cache over another used in level with World Normal view mode on
                                Fixed! UE-34400 Unable to save Alembic asset with materials after importing more than once
                                Fixed! UE-34416 Frequent ensure when attacking in Couch Knights
                                Fixed! UE-34063 Update default preview scene ini and assets
                                Fixed! UE-34065 Alembic importer crashes when not assets are generated
                                Fixed! UE-34211 Crash when attempting to merge two objects using Simplygon - ProxyMaterialUtilities::CreateProxyMaterialInstance
                                Fixed! UE-34206 Camera Auto exposure in the static mesh editor bleaches everything out when the environment is turned off
                                Fixed! UE-34282 "Failed to Import" message when clicking Cancel on the Alembic Import Message
                                Fixed! UE-34288 Crash when importing Alembic files as Skeletal Mesh
                                Fixed! UE-34248 Missing space for Support UV From Hit Result setting Project Settings
                                Fixed! UE-34300 Crash when importing an Alembic file with Materials if it already exists
                                Fixed! UE-34278 Unable to reimport Alembic static meshes
                                Fixed! UE-34224 A vehicle using Async Scene on the body but not the wheels will crash the editor
                                Fixed! UE-34294 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_AlembicLibrary!AbcImporterUtilities::GenerateSmoothingGroupsIndices()
                                Fixed! UE-34251 Toggling Vertex Colors on in Static Mesh Editor makes the viewport all white
                                Fixed! UE-34293 Crash when importing the same Alembic file but as a different Asset Type
                                Fixed! UE-33921 GitHub 2639 : UE-33794 fix: Resolving an issue in ULevel::SortActorList that would…
                                Fixed! UE-34515 Alembic Import with empty first frame will cause the editor to crash
                                Fixed! UE-33675 Add 'num verts' member to FSkelMeshSection, available in cooked builds
                                Fixed! UE-32418 Overlap functions of child actor components run when spawned without overlap if player is at 0,0,0
                                Fixed! UE-28851 Fix mem reporting of DataTables
                                Fixed! UE-18982 Prevent FTickableGameObjects ticking multiple times in MP PIE
                                Fixed! UE-33380 AttachToComponent::KeepWorldTransform Causing Mesh to Flip
                                Fixed! UE-33496 Bad performance when changing (slider) values for the advanced preview scene
                                Fixed! UE-34033 User is able to give a Preview Scene Profile the same name as an existing profile
                                Fixed! UE-34074 Morph target vertex mapping can be wrong with multi material caches
                                Fixed! UE-34130 Crash when re-importing alembic cache file several times
                                Fixed! UE-34108 Adjusting Lighting Rig Rotation manually only affects the sky and not the lighting
                                Fixed! UE-33863 Editor crash when PIE is stopped during Seamless travel
                                Fixed! UE-31038 CLONE - Blueprint Child Actors have default materials after level visibility is changed
                                Fixed! UE-34279 Adding ProceduralMeshComponent Class to a project prevents the code from compiling
                                Fixed! UE-34490 Elemental Demo fails during packaging for Windows and Xbox.
                                Fixed! UE-34404 Auto align floor mesh does not work in Persona
                                Fixed! UE-34384 Crash creating loop between two anim blueprints referencing each other as sub anim instances
                                Fixed! UE-34162 GitHub 2671 : Fix sub instance curve values.
                                Fixed! UE-34121 GitHub 2668 : Sub inst post anim fix
                                Fixed! UE-34308 2DAimOffset mesh skews across viewport when anim sequence is added to offest graph
                                Fixed! UE-34498 User is not able to use StopRecordingAnimation command on a single actor
                                Fixed! UE-30827 Anim Dynamics: Make chains work better with LODs
                                Fixed! UE-29780 Crash when debug draw with Fabrik.
                                Fixed! UE-33023 Poses Asset UI doesn't update correctly when updating from new source animation
                                Fixed! UE-23453 Editor hitches when changing Default Values in Animation Blueprint
                                Fixed! UE-17815 UDN: Layered Blend Per Bone doubles rather than blends root motion
                                Fixed! UE-33923 Crash opening animation assets with Morph Targets
                                Fixed! UE-34024 Crash undoing variable change in Animation Blueprint.
                                Fixed! UE-34077 Morph targets unable to find B Material
                                Fixed! UE-34137 Crash applying animation blueprint with sub instance to Skeletal Mesh Component
                                Fixed! UE-29180 Transition ratio getter function not correct for interrupted transitions.
                                Fixed! UE-34390 CLONE - CRASH: FXAudio2SoundSource::GetChannelVolumes - Silent Crash during gameplay
                                Fixed! UE-34325 In process audio resource is corrupted during level change.
                                Fixed! UE-34154 PSVR Stereo assets are spatialized as MONO
                                Fixed! UE-31447 When playing matinee, scrubbing can cause sound to keep playing when it isn't triggered
                                Fixed! UE-34081 Procedural Sound Wave Fails to Play when returning 0 bytes in GeneratePCMData callback
                                Fixed! UE-30178 RootMotion Malfunctioning When Played in Lower Framerates
                                Fixed! UE-34032 Race condition in USkeletalMeshComponent::TickCloth due to delayable tick function.
                                Fixed! UE-25569 Investigate possible issues with seamless travel and not carrying GameMode from source to transition level
                                Fixed! UE-31990 Handle failed Simplygon proxy mesh generation with error message instead of hard checks
                                Fixed! UE-33678 On adding a set of bodies to a new Physical Animation Profile they will inherit the last profiles settings
                                Fixed! UE-33987 User cannot undo the deletion or creation of Physical Animation profiles
                                Fixed! UE-33985 When a Physical Animation Profile is copy and pasted none of the profile information is copied over
                                Fixed! UE-34164 "Warning Attempting to move a fully simulated skeletal mesh" warning spam when moving physics asset in level
                                Fixed! UE-32768 Move init/term body delegate from BodyInstance to ActorComponent
                                Fixed! UE-34287 Crash when opening a packaged code project for Win64 in shipping configuration
                                Fixed! UE-34417 World Composition origin shifting does not account for shifting the Dynamic Directional Light shadow casting
                                Fixed! UE-34367 Crash when simulating in editor with a landscape actor selected
                                Fixed! UE-34443 Warning upon Undo/redo-ing of sculpting the landscape
                                Fixed! UE-18291 Sub-level layers do not show up in Layers tab when loaded as a part of world composition
                                Fixed! UE-33842 Mobile preview crashes in QA-Promotion
                                Fixed! UE-14253 Investigate Tessellation Performance on Landscape
                                Fixed! UE-20405 Landscape 'crack free displacement' option causes landscape layer coords and UVs to be wrong
                                Fixed! UE-9055 Cannot set GenerateOverlapEvents flag on Landscape
                                Fixed! UE-26868 UInstancedStaticMeshComponent does not keep its instances on duplication
                                Fixed! UE-33850 Media Player Audio cutting out after a second on PS4
                                Fixed! UE-33481 Media player does not play the 2nd item in the playlist on PS4
                                Fixed! UE-34381 Crash after Clearing Sound Wave Asset and Deleting Media Player from Content Browser
                                Fixed! UE-34290 MediaSource assets cannot be sub-classed in other modules
                                Fixed! UE-34447 [CrashReport] SMediaPlayerEditorOutput::UpdateSoundWave(), SetAudioSink()
                                Fixed! UE-34152 Crash when re-initializing media texture resource
                                Fixed! UE-34285 Failing to load Precached Media Source
                                Fixed! UE-34385 Memory leak and WmfMedia source resolver
                                Fixed! UE-34208 Movie player crashes with Android 4.4.4
                                Fixed! UE-34217 EffectsCave sample is blurry on mobile preview
                                Fixed! UE-33915 Mobile HQ reflection incorrectly calculated in Gamma Space
                                Fixed! UE-33840 Scene is fully shadowed on Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P on Marshmallow
                                Fixed! UE-22812 Forward Rendering Override 'High' setting not affecting Android or editor preview modes
                                Fixed! UE-22810 Switching between Android and iOS Rendering Preview doesn't respect FR Overrides
                                Fixed! UE-22455 SunTemple geometry has rendering artifacts on low end devices
                                Fixed! UE-33344 Crash when Playing in Mobile Preview with Capsule Direct Shadows
                                Fixed! UE-34099 Resolution issue causes large black bar on Galaxy Note 4 when app starts
                                Fixed! UE-34143 StartCameraFade not fading camera
                                Fixed! UE-34295 [CrashReport] Crash opening project on network drive - VCRUNTIME140!<Unknown>
                                Fixed! UE-30516 Crash in FObjectReplicator::StartReplicating when removing replicated uproperty and hot reloading with two players
                                Fixed! UE-34223 Crash when changing the number of instances in a grouped sprite component at runtime
                                Fixed! UE-33200 A movie isn't played on iOS occasionally.
                                Fixed! UE-23846 iOS Movie Player can't handle videos at resolutions that aren't multiples of 16
                                Fixed! UE-32397 Error Message displays as Unknown Error when failing to supply a Remote Build server for ios on Windows
                                Fixed! UE-31363 Global Shader assert occurs when launching a DX12 project that has been built in the UFE.
                                Fixed! UE-33436 The screen is glowing green due to possible shader mismatch between C++ & HLSL.
                                Fixed! UE-34638 Iterative deploy for Android with newer ADB pushes all files
                                Fixed! UE-34614 Xbox One - Projects with an empty description field in project settings will fail to package.
                                Fixed! UE-34610 Add Android_Vulkan_HUAWEI_Mali to BaseDeviceProfiles.ini
                                Fixed! UE-34442 Cotf Hangs on Deploy.
                                Fixed! UE-34386 Chunk Installation on XB1 improperly reports complete
                                Fixed! UE-34355 Mac - Crash when opening editor on macOS 10.12
                                Fixed! UE-34302 Xbox: One Xbox does not launch the project using multi-kit deploy in the UFE, but it does copy the package to the device.
                                Fixed! UE-34213 Packaging tvOS BP from Windows binary gives Remote compiling error.
                                Fixed! UE-34432 Android Projects packaged for arm64 crash on device.
                                Fixed! UE-34192 Packaging on windows for tvOS fails if project name has certain characters.
                                Fixed! UE-34408 iPhonePackager 64 bit packaged with 32-bit deployment server.
                                Fixed! UE-34076 tvOS - Libraries not included in Build Filter
                                Fixed! UE-33955 Access Violation when disconnecting XboxOne controller [crash]
                                Fixed! UE-34581 Changing the Mac Game Icon in the project settings does not persist in Development packages of the project
                                Fixed! UE-32976 Empty CRC folder is created in the projects Saved/Logs folder when crashing on Linux
                                Fixed! UE-32052 Steam cannot be initialized on Linux (possibly Mac too) uncooked builds
                                Fixed! UE-31815 Black screen after Splash Screen When Launched On iOS Device
                                Fixed! UE-31607 Xbox One - Investigate why GPU particles don't render properly with fast semantics enabled
                                Fixed! UE-30959 Remove all HITCHHUNTER warnings in next release (4.13)
                                Fixed! UE-30795 Linux Editor crash when closing after adding a material to the project
                                Fixed! UE-30335 UFE fails to build iOS blueprint project on Windows with a UBT error for non-existing .a files.
                                Fixed! UE-32421 Packaged Shooter game does not load in Windows XP
                                Fixed! UE-29358 GitHub 2266 : BUGFIX: UBT not building on non HFS partitions on OSX
                                Fixed! UE-28549 Vehicle Advanced Hard-locks on PS4
                                Fixed! UE-26393 GitHub 2018 : Disabled user input request from ssh.exe when running it as process.
                                Fixed! UE-24594 Linux should not stage ICU on its own
                                Fixed! UE-23059 Suspicious handling of streaming media types in WindowsMoviePlayer plugin
                                Fixed! UE-22715 GitHub 1704 : UnrealBuildTool Linux improvements
                                Fixed! UE-22233 GitHub 1668 : CMake fixes
                                Fixed! UE-33304 Unable to Package Project for Mac with Source Version of UE4
                                Fixed! UE-33903 Make sure games can ship with VS2015 without needing extra redists
                                Fixed! UE-34014 iOS - Windows - Code projects fail to launch and package
                                Fixed! UE-34012 Rich text formatting is disabled on Linux
                                Fixed! UE-34149 XML Namespace is set wrong for Android in UPL
                                Fixed! UE-30847 iOS Metal-based build crashes at launch with sub-levels.
                                Fixed! UE-34315 Movie playback doesn't work on Mac and iOS the way it did before
                                Fixed! UE-34005 App crashes when Launching on or launching packaged project on tvOS or iOS
                                Fixed! UE-33856 Xcode 8 Beta Toolchain Breaks InfiltratorDemo on AMD On 10.11.6
                                Fixed! UE-31194 Mac Editor - When main Editor window is minimized other windows/panels do not redraw
                                Fixed! UE-34322 TEMP_PostReflectionCaptureRender not implemented for XB1 causing failure to LINK
                                Fixed! UE-34283 Unable to make in-app purchase on UnrealMatch3 on Android
                                Fixed! UE-34276 Mac - OpenGL - IntelGPU - opening a project in the editor crashes
                                Fixed! UE-23903 GitHub 1819 : Added warning when recomputing normals without users consent
                                Fixed! UE-23902 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FUniformExpressionSet::CreateUniformBuffer() [materialuniformexpressions.cpp:354]
                                Fixed! UE-31198 re-importing meshes is crashing the editor
                                Fixed! UE-32784 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_ShaderCore!FVertexFactory::Set() [vertexfactory.cpp:180]
                                Fixed! UE-34106 Crash when Changing Source File and Re-Importing Mesh used in Mesh Particle System
                                Fixed! UE-30398 Particle Collision causes particles to snap away from collision location
                                Fixed! UE-34461 Default Value of r.D3D.RemoveUnusedInterpolators
                                Fixed! UE-34462 NullRHI Static Analysis Warning
                                Fixed! UE-34245 Lighting channels are incorrectly greyed out for primitive components with Static Mobility
                                Fixed! UE-34174 NaNs from Roughness 0 affect Surface ForwardShading
                                Fixed! UE-34173 Changing detailmode is not applied
                                Fixed! UE-34218 Vulkan samples crash on first run
                                Fixed! UE-34231 Clearing SubUV Animation assigned texture Crashes Engine
                                Fixed! UE-34183 Ensure trying to Draw Material on a Render Target
                                Fixed! UE-33879 Crash loading Tm-Shadermodels with -opengl3 on AMD R9-380
                                Fixed! UE-33694 Make sure GPU morph feature is expose in UI
                                Fixed! UE-34531 Crash in IndirectLightingCache on level load
                                Fixed! UE-33014 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer::CreateWholeSceneProjectedShadow() [shadowsetup.cpp:1836]
                                Fixed! UE-32980 Missing DXGI Error tracking on 'D3D device lost' crash
                                Fixed! UE-32843 A ghosting effect is applying on weapons when 'r.SSR.Quality' is at a value higher than 0
                                Fixed! UE-32651 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UReflectionCaptureComponent::ReadbackFromGPU() [reflectioncapturecomponent.cpp:1383]
                                Fixed! UE-32536 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FRendererModule::RenderOverlayExtensions() [scenerendering.cpp:2107]
                                Fixed! UE-32629 Shader cross compiler generates length(float) code
                                Fixed! UE-32362 ShooterGame server crash when opening Sanctuary NullRHI
                                Fixed! UE-32204 Redo fix for UE-31578
                                Fixed! UE-31936 Stationary light overlap is broken
                                Fixed! UE-31460 Changing Materials on BSP Brushes causes a Crash
                                Fixed! UE-31461 Two-Sided Shading Model showing gray
                                Fixed! UE-32147 Packaged Build Crashing When Activating Particle System with Instanced Parameters
                                Fixed! UE-28561 LevelEditor_Viewport_Show_Developer is unable to to Toggle "Shadows of Editor-Hidden Objects" Off
                                Fixed! UE-31181 Particle light flickering with certain Post Process Settings
                                Fixed! UE-33237 Log Warning: LogRender:Warning: Missmatch between bShouldGenerateLowQualityLightmaps(0) and r.SupportLowQualityLightmaps(1)
                                Fixed! UE-33238 Actor Hidden in Game does not take lighting into account any longer
                                Fixed! UE-34175 Fix crash rendering translucency with translucent shadows which were determined to be invisible
                                Fixed! UE-33935 Can't find file '/Game/VirtualRealityBP/Blueprints/VRGameMode' warning when playing VR Template in editor
                                Fixed! UE-22726 First Person templates have various can't find file warnings when cooking
                                Fixed! UE-33949 Starting position in VR Template HMD locomotion map lower than Motion Controller map
                                Fixed! UE-34477 Need ability to pass object between hands in VR Template
                                Fixed! UE-31116 Forcing recomputation of vertex normals for MikkTSpace warning when cooking Top Down BP
                                Fixed! UE-34592 Update VR Template with new VR device ID blueprint node.
                                Fixed! UE-34544 ContentExamples BlueprintRenderToTarget level has a default thumbnail image
                                Fixed! UE-34521 Log spam when opening Subway Sequencer
                                Fixed! UE-34519 Subway Sequencer has no default thumbnail
                                Fixed! UE-34533 Improve StartupMap "two maps" message.
                                Fixed! UE-34383 Lighting needs to be rebuilt in Advanced_Lighting map of starter content
                                Fixed! UE-34212 Effects Cave content warnings
                                Fixed! UE-34188 VR Template unable to teleport with PS Motion Controllers
                                Fixed! UE-34311 VR Template opens to Empty level
                                Fixed! UE-34316 UnrealMatch3 backgrounds not scaling correctly
                                Fixed! UE-32855 Ensure all Template Character classes set AutoPossessPlayer=Disabled when instance placed in level
                                Fixed! UE-32723 Starting Camera Location inconsistent in 2D Sidescoller template between Blueprint and C++
                                Fixed! UE-31281 Vehicle Code and Vehicle BP projects have inconsistent starting camera locations
                                Fixed! UE-33843 Paper2D Code Template character uses code class in the level
                                Fixed! UE-33950 No clear messaging that locomotion is based on Map for VR Template
                                Fixed! UE-34059 "Error in Feature pack D:/Release/FeaturePacks/TP_VirtualRealityBP.upack" when opening a project in editor.
                                Fixed! UE-34061 Resave PSD test assets save with empty engine version
                                Fixed! UE-25828 StrategyGame gameplay audio is now distance based for towers and characters
                                Fixed! UE-34499 Spawnable blueprint snaps back to 0,0,0 as you translate
                                Fixed! UE-34354 All Sequences in QA_Sequencer are at origin
                                Fixed! UE-34301 Add support for converting or copying matinee move track (subtracks) to Sequencer
                                Fixed! UE-34272 Fixed frame interval playback should be off by default
                                Fixed! UE-34256 Crash creating a new level sequence and then loading a new level
                                Fixed! UE-31635 After compile, spawnable actor is stuck in spawned state
                                Fixed! UE-28523 Unable to delete a sequencer spawnable asset in world must delete via track
                                Fixed! UE-33127 Crash Undoing Create New Camera in Sequencer
                                Fixed! UE-33875 Sequencer frame by frame playback is blurry and distorted
                                Fixed! UE-33993 Curve editor (UMG) prevents Play in Editor if the a drag operation is interrupted with a right click
                                Fixed! UE-34167 Crash opening multiple UMG assets
                                Fixed! UE-31422 Rendering a movie from a recorded sequence is duplicating the character skeleton
                                Fixed! UE-34543 Crash in sequence recorder when actor classes to record is null
                                Fixed! UE-34199 Sequence EDL Export doesn't work when the shot offset is not 0
                                Fixed! UE-34155 Crash after setting a key on a Rotation Track, then trying to right click the key with Transform track collapsed
                                Fixed! UE-28459 Sequencer will not play Blendshape (Morph Target) Animations while in Realtime
                                Fixed! UE-30506 Creating a multi animation sequence that uses an additive animation does not play back correctly
                                Fixed! UE-34304 WheelScrollMultipler is bogus
                                Fixed! UE-34185 Crash when using pooled widgets in an invalidation panel
                                Fixed! UE-34352 VR does not work in packaged game with HTC Vive
                                Fixed! UE-34181 UseVRFocus has changed log spam during PIE if Oculus Rift attached
                                Fixed! UE-34297 Instanced Stereo DBuffer Decal Rendering is incorrect in VR
                                Fixed! UE-30989 r.screenpercentage command causes screen to turn blue on Morpheus PVT
                                Fixed! UE-32564 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_OculusRift!FHeadMountedDisplay::GetCurrentHMDPose()
                                Fixed! UE-32975 With Accurate Velocities from Vertex Deformation and Instanced Stereo enabled anti-aliasing does not affect the right eye
                                Fixed! UE-21424 Console renders incorrectly on SteamVR / HtcVive
                                Fixed! UE-33830 Get VR Focus State will cause a crash in standalone if an HMD device is in use
                                Fixed! UE-33928 Lag in attached components to a Camera in VR
                                Fixed! UE-34142 Editor crashes on Launch from SteamVR
                                Fixed! UE-27886 Haptic Effects do not fire on Vive controllers
                                Fixed! UE-31617 Need to add a project setting to launch a game in VR
                                Fixed! UE-34184 Missing Oculus 1.6 Support
                                Fixed! UE-32509 CRASH when Closing Editor (Alt F4 while in VR mode)
                                Fixed! UE-33228 Foliage Paint Brush present when interacting with UI
                                Fixed! UE-33553 VREditor: If you "slowly press" over UI selection bars or close buttons, nothing happens
                                Fixed! UE-33552 VREditor: Laser extends beyond UI when hovered over Selection Bar or Close Button
                                Fixed! UE-34215 UE4Editor fails to compile on Linux VREditorAvatarActor And within Or
                                Fixed! UE-34227 VREditor: Foliage Reapply tool ignores lack of trigger input
                                Fixed! UE-33689 VREditor - Foliage : Lasso Select Tool auto selects / ignore input from trigger
                                Fixed! UE-33766 Crash when starting VREditor and then changing levels
                                Fixed! UE-33970 VREditor - Vive: HMD waking up from "sleep" triggers Auto Entry to VR
                                Fixed! UE-34457 GooglePlay consumePurchase response code is not being checked for purchases
                                Fixed! UE-34161 Comment block documenting deleteFiles UPL node mislabels it as removeFiles

                                REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find to the UE4 Answerhub in the 'Bugs Reports' section
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