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    So it seems you had a lot of fun making these videos? You laughing a lot
    But i like your tuts, thank you!


      For the batteries falling through the level, you can try turning on physics sub-stepping. I'll also make a note to add that as an annotation to the series when you're first working on the battery Blueprint.


        Hi Lauren. Are there any plans for doing future videos on API overview? Things like Custom PlayerControllers and how the posses pawns/Characters and also going through the Actor/Component system. Explaining the Class heirarchy and the way it all fits together can be a bit confusing at first. Explaining the PCIP Class and some of the helper classes would be helpful too. Thanks for what you've done so far though. much appreciated.
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          Thank you for this series, Ill be looking forward to watching these .


            Thanks for this series. I am enjoying it and learning a lot. If you make more in the future can you zoom in on the text like you did the the second video. On the the ones that you did not zoom in it was hard for me to see. Great lesson



              Wow, Zak's got competition! Great speaking voice (those of us who speak in a monotone will always be envious), great pace, great content. Thank you VERY much to you, Lauren, and Zak for taking the time to make this series. I really liked the interaction between programmer and artist working towards the completion of the final product. I got a lot out of that part because it really helped clarify why, as a programmer, I would expose certain things to Blueprints. In the next programming series (fingers crossed), I hope you can take more time to go into more depth on the nuances of each of the UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION decorations.

              I do have some questions and comments regarding the series:

              Epic's document on coding standards recommends that enums be put inside a namespace or empty struct, but you don't and the format that you use is also different (i.e. you use the keyword 'class'). That said, the way that you did it makes more sense to me and is more concise, so does it really matter which format I use?

              It is not clear to me why you chose to implement the method GetCurrentState() as a FORCEINLINE function in the TutorialCodeGameMode.h header file, given that you don't do this with any other getter functions. Can you explain why this function is different?

              Your explanation of the difference between the DevelopmentEditor and DebugGameEditor options in Visual Studio is the best that I've heard so far (to date I've always run with DevelopmentEditor), but I'm still unclear about why you needed to change to DevelopmentEditor when Zak took over. I noticed at one point early on that if I started the editor directly from the launcher that the BatteryPickup class was not present as a class that I could inherit from. When I started the editor from Visual Studio, however, it was there. Are the two related?

              You mention that if a particular include file is used frequently, it should just be added only once to the project, in the game module header (or that's what I understood). It would have been a nice touch if you had actually done that (good practice for those of us who are typographically impaired).

              I really liked the fact that both you and Zak left mistakes in the videos. It makes me feel a LOT less stupid knowing that even you guys make the kind of mistakes that I do. The fact that you were then able to turn those mistakes into teachable moments ... wow, really well done!

              Speaking of typos, when I was adding code to the TutorialCodeHUD.cpp file to create PowerLevelString, I wrote TEXT("%10.0") instead of TEXT("%10.0f"), i.e. I forgot to add the 'f' (I come from a Java programming background, not C++, so I've never used Printf). The net result of my mistake was that the power level did not display on the screen at all. I was thinking that you might consider in the next series (fingers still crossed, which is making it hard to type) deliberately introducing an error like this so that you can demonstrate actual debugging in Visual Studio.

              Please add more programming videos. We have Blueprint tutorials up the wazoo, but not nearly enough C++ ones. Rachel Cordone's book on programming UnrealScript, which created a simple game (much like you've done) was invaluable in jump-starting me into programming in UDK (and I just got there two weeks prior to the release of UE4 - d'oh!). This was a great series and I really appreciate the effort that you at Epic put into empowering me to do cool stuff. Thanks, you guys rock!
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                Ah this is where the thread is, I'm just going to copy this from another thread I made:

                I love the UE4 C++ Tutorials on YouTube, the Battery-Game that was covered a few days ago was great and there were many small helpers that Lauren mentioned throughout that helped me understand things I wouldn't have figured out myself or picked up elsewhere.

                Here are a few topics I'd like to see covered in future:

                - Custom Movement Components (From scratch, not building off of one of the existing ones).
                - Thorough Coverage of the 'Shooter Game' code. It's one of the most well-programmed examples yet. Go through each function and explain what it does and why etc, why some are Inline and some are not etc...
                - Inventory System Perhaps?
                - Workflows, you know what you want to do, what do you integrate first etc? Dealing with issues.
                - Programming a simple custom Plug-In.
                - Level Loading/Management.

                The wiki is great, but most of the tutorials aren't fully explained and just give you source without going through it step-by-step, I find that pretty unhelpful having no prior experience in Coding, but I am learning a lot as I go and making simple games.
                The tutes we're amazing Lauren, pls do moar


                  Thank you very much for this tutorial. I saw it a few days back, and it has greatly helped me start working on my own project.