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    Updates to the UE4 Answerhub

    Hey everyone,

    Over the past few years we’ve been regularly making updates and improvements to the UE4 Answerhub (our question & answers site); some past examples include displayed Votes and Views, the Recommended and Hottest question tabs, the Product Version selector, and the list of Top Karma earners (to name a few).

    Recently we’ve rolled out our 14th Answerhub update which, along with some smaller quality-of-life improvements and backend changes, contains a few updates which I wanted to make a point to mention.

    Improved Search Filtering - Now, whenever you run a keyword search on the Answerhub you can filter by whether you want to see All Questions, Questions with Answers, or only Questions with Accepted Answers. Our hope with this addition is to allow you to find the answers you’re looking for even faster than ever.

    Formatted Code in a Scrollable Field - If you have ever needed to copy a large amount of code or an entire log file into a post, you know that it can take up an immense amount of space and require a lot of scrolling to get to the end. Now, you only need to select the text and click the “Code Sample” button to apply code formatting and embed it in a scrollable text field. This will help make your posts much more readable and approachable for others.

    Your Accepted Answers will remain Accepted - Many of you let us know about your frustrations whenever an answer had been marked as “accepted” and then someone responded with something as simple as a “Thanks” and this marked the answer as un-accepted. Now, additional comments will not affect the status of an accepted answer, and it is up to the original author of the question if they want to change its status. Our hope is this will better help to accurately flag more questions as resolved, ensure that question-authors only need to accept the correct answer once, and to guarantee that answer-providers get to hold onto their well-earned karma points! The only exception to this rule is answers that are provided by Epic or other support partners; we intentionally want our answers to become re-opened with activity so we don’t miss out on any new developments.

    I hope you find these updates valuable, and we will continue to update and improve upon the Answerhub site in order to ensure a rewarding experience.


    p.s. - Please post any feedback or suggestions you may have about the site to the Feedback forum
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    Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator

    Awesome! Each of these are nice, but the last point is THE real good news
    Thanks Epic!

    ps: could we get the "share" link on an answer, like in stackoverflow?
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      Ehhh, Can you make content of Answers Hub scalable to the width of the browser window? Having a thin column of answers in a wide browser window looks ridiculous ) Thanks.


        while a welcome improvement, it still falls short in my opinion.

        gonna quote myself about a suggestion I made (over a year ago) regarding question statuses,
        Originally posted by Chosker View Post
        I wanted to add a comment about the status of questions.

        questions get marked as 'resolved' (I know, for tracking purposes). but this happens as soon as anyone from Epic comes in and says "we will look into it" (which might or might not happen). this is completely misleading and frustrating - it tells me you almost treat this post as you'd treat other posts that are fully and properly resolved.

        this loophole has been specially noticeable in this post - an editor crash that I've been following already for one year and two months. that's right, one year and two months of "we will look into it, marking as resolved", then I bump the thread, repeat.

        I'd suggest the following statuses for answerhub questions:
        - Open - happens when a question is created, new info is given, etc. basically what is now "not resolved"
        - Answered - Epic or someone else has provided an answer, and is waiting for input from the original user to see if that solves the issue
        - Pending Fix - the issue is acknowledged as a bug, and is waiting for a fix from Epic's side. here at least a bug tracking number should be provided (so we check the changelogs of new releases, in case the answerhub post is overlooked)
        - Resolved - The fix is applied and the user has confirmed he doesn't have the problem anymore, everyone is happy. really resolved. for real.
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