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4.10.2 Hotfix Released

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    [RELEASE] 4.10.2 Hotfix Released

    The 4.10.2 Hotfix is now live!

    This Hotfix resolves a few important issues. Feel free to continue the discussion about this release on the 4.10 announcement thread.

    Fixed in 4.10.2- CL#2818068

    Fixed! UE-23845 Crash when using "Set Key Time" on an animation key in UMG
    Fixed! UE-24685 Matinee movie recording is broken in 4.10
    Fixed! UE-22573 A REINST error occurs in widgets that reference one another
    Fixed! UE-24115 Cannot launch the editor in DebugGame Editor configuration from Xcode
    Fixed! UE-24563 Editor should launch launcher silently

    Important Note - 'VisualStudio2015 Update 1' is not compatible with the UE 4.10.2 release. Please do not update to VisualStudio2015 Update 1 while using UE 4.10.2
    edit: after further testing, we are not aware of any issue with VS2015-Update1 and the UE 4.10.2 release
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