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    First, I would just like to say thank you to the Epic team for all their work and prethought about the linux community. I have been compiling on linux since at least 4.7, and I have had minimal issues even at that early stage. I would also like to give a shout out to the guys you mention, who are also active on the #ue4linux freenode irc channel, they have helped me numerous times when I run into issues on the linux side.

    That being said, I would like to use the momentum of this post to advocate a few high priority issues:

    1. Native linux editor/launcher support.

    I understand that many AAA companies want to target linux as a platform, especially with steambox around the corner, but I really want to emphasize the need for full native editor and launcher support for the linux community. I am a sysadmin who is increasingly dissatisfied with windows primarily for ideological reasons, and I want to end up where I can use Unreal on linux without having to resort to windows for anything at all. Right now the primary pain point for this is the launcher and the marketplace. I have to use my windows machine to buy marketplace items and download them, then port them manually over to my linux boxen. To me the launcher is the highest priority on the linux list. I know it may not be yours, but I hope you hear my cry.

    2. OpenGL vs DirectX

    Look, we all know that in the benchmarks, Direct3D wins in most cases, but I really want to get away from worrying about Direct3D at all. That means we need more focus on OpenGL and in the future, Vulkan, support. I know there are plenty of bugs associated at the time, but you guys are doing great work and in a timely fashion, but I just wanted to mention that this is important for those of us who prefer OpenGL over Direct3d. Also, don't forget that Wayland is right around the corner in linux-land, so don't get blindsided by that eventuality.

    3. Forums

    Why is there no forum dedicated to Linux? I think this should be a thing, yesterday! Not everyone has the ability to idle on irc like I do, and I expect many of the answers that are given there would be better used in a permanent forum.

    That's all, not much to whine about really, because you guys are doing an Epic job of things (hahaha, hahah, I crack myself up).

    Thanks for all the work you have put into UE4 on linux, you guys truly might be the entity that allows me to completly remove myself from Microsofts horrible NSA infested ecosystem.


      How many Linux game devs are out there compare to Windows/OSX?! Sadly, a very few. The needs of many outweigh needs of a few.


        We're all supporters of Linux here so I can't really disagree with what ArcaVorago said, but at the same time, talking about ideology is pretty much the death of the argument.
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          I'm developing almost all my assets on Linux. Only thing keeping me on windows is Epic Games Launcher. Linux' are really nice operating systems and IMHO there should be a dedicated forums for this platform absolutely. Windows is Windows because of the softwares supporting it. Please give your full support as Epic to this wonderful OS.

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            So..., still no Linux installer/launcher download? Or have I overlooked something


              Probably launcher is too much effort for now but dedicated forum seems reasonable. I'm with two hands for that.
              Also polished vulkan renderer will be very vital for the engine coz multi-platform support. But you probably know that and work hard for it.But the sad things is there is no clue for vulkan in the roadmap.
              Thanks for all and good luck


                Originally posted by motorsep View Post
                How many Linux game devs are out there compare to Windows/OSX?! Sadly, a very few. The needs of many outweigh needs of a few.
                Or the one... <grins>

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                Smooth Zoom Camera Plugin for 4.24 here.


                  Some months ago I had shader 5 missing on Linux, but I need to compile it/come back in some months. Currently I finish something else. Hopefully with Vulkan/shader5, looking forward to that. Or allow crosscompile for plugins, but I prefer to be on Ubuntu.


                    I am not a Linux developer, but mainly out of necessity. If there was a full version of UE available, I would love to use it. I look into the Windows future with increased scepticism, mostly for privacy reasons as well as out of the fear that at some point their generosity will turn into the opposity when they have managed to hook up enough people with their "free" Windows 10. I am already running my email and such on a Linux VM box here in order to get used to it. Basically, the only reason right now keeping me from making my workstation Linux is, because I need Windows for UE.


                      Originally posted by RCL View Post
                      There are so many things we would like to do with Unreal Engine 4 on the Linux platform, but currently don’t have time for:
                      • Improve Unreal Engine 4 scalability by running a game server on a large, NUMA machine with tens (hundreds?) of CPUs and analyzing how we could utilize them
                      I'm a research assistant at Lawrence-Berkeley Labs where I was investigating the feasibility of this - but not for a game server, for running an editor server! Specifically allowing multiple users to access UE4 installed onto a subset of one of our supercomputer clusters with graphical capacity, where it can be accessed by dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands, of students remotely working on systems that don't have the hardware to run UE4 locally (the high number as part of a hackathon hosted by UC Berkeley or ourselves).

                      What sort of information and insight might be useful? Currently direct engine development is out of scope for my project (which is simply visualization), though it could evolve.

                      Is there anyway we can lend our resources to increased Linux and cluster support (other than hiring people ourselves)?


                        How to upgrade to version 4.14? of 4.13
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                          Originally posted by icomputo View Post
                          How to upgrade to version 4.14? of 4.13
                          The same way you update to 4.13 from 4.12. Check out the branch and compile if you haven't made any changes to the engine.



                            I think he did also the CodeLite integration. Many thanks.
                            Now I wait for Vulkan on Linux and Windows Desktops.


                              hey peeps, was gonna build the editor on Linux, but can't find the repo any more. Getting a 404 error.



                                Well, are you logged in ?
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