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Unreal Engine 4.2 Update Preview

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    Originally posted by Daniel Vogel View Post
    Folks were in this weekend to squash the last bugs, but we weren't able to hit them all in time. The last status I saw was 8 hours ago (12:40 AM local time ET) and it said:

    Update on our 4.2 blockers…

    - TTP# 337477: P4: Android: Launch on fails due to ScriptGeneratorPlugin
    o Deleted AutomationToolScripts in P4 to see if builder properly recompiles files and checks them back in.
    o Unable to repro on the latest P4 build. NickBB checking tomorrow with other testers to verify.
    o Think this might be caused by AutomationTool.exe trying to recompile itself if it thinks it’s out of date (compared to other file dependencies) and then doesn’t recompile plugins. Will be checking a couple test cases tomorrow to see if this is true.
    - TTP# 337507: P4: iOS: StrategyGame fails to “launch on” (failed to find device)
    o Still investigating and no real leads. Think it’s an xcode related error. Investigating more tomorrow.
    - TTP# 337443: BINARY: iOS: StrategyGame fails to “launch on” (can’t find manifest)
    o Potential fix checked in where stub file is pulled out of manifest. Being rechecked tomorrow to see if this fixes the issue. Might be some fallout.
    Hi Daniel
    I have to agree with everyone else and please take your time and make this a stable release.


      Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
      I run latest preview with no issues.
      I build for both Development 32/64bits targets first, then later for Development Editor x64.
      That way I can launch/package both x86 and x64 builds with no issues.
      I've noticed if you build Development Editor only, lots of errors may happen.
      I was having the same issue as Kingbadger3D. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this as well!


        Originally posted by KingBadger3D View Post
        Untill Epic find a solution to adding necessary pre requisites that are relevant to daily builds having the master branch on git is just a waste of time.
        Understood. Our long term hope is for the launcher to provide you with all the prerequisites and such and integrate nicely with the github source flow. That's a bit out though as that team has a lot of stuff on its plate to add other useful functionality as well. We might be looking into alternative solutions to the problem till then.


          Just wanted to put in my two cents on the 4.2 delay. Before I complain, I want to say this: So far the engine works great. As with any early software there are a few bugs, but most are minor. I have really enjoyed the new Blueprint functionality, because I am an artist not a programmer. So far I have been able to do more in under a month with UE4 than I was able to get accomplished with the UDK in a year. So please understand that my impatience is just because I am eager to see new features.

          With that being said, I have been following closely and understand that there are still bugs to be worked out, but the ones that I have seen appear to be more minor than the bugs that are currently in the 4.1 release (please correct me if I missed something here). Because we are paying a subscription fee for updates, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed that the 4.2 release is extended "indefinitely". I may be the only one, but I would rather have the new technology and have to deal with a few minor issues than to have to continue waiting.

          Because nobody likes to hear complaints without a solution, I would like to suggest a solution that might be implemented to keep the impatient customers satisfied. While it is probably to late to make this happen for 4.2, I feel that it would be a great idea for 4.3 (which will obviously be quite delayed due to 4.2 running over schedule). Instead of simply offering the uncompiled previews on git, why not release a "built preview" once every week or two labeled as an "unstable release"? Those of us who have been having issues with the preview (going to try again today to get it to work) would have a simple option to try out new features, and more early adopters means more input and bug fixes before the stable release.

          Again, sorry to complain about the delay - I know you guys are working super hard. As stated before, I am an artist NOT a programmer, but if there is anything I can do to help out I will be glad to do so! Keep up the good work!


            I was going to point out that a 4.2 Preview build was uploaded two days ago, but no bother. A few minutes ago the 4.2 Release was put up on Github. Enjoy.

            Per 4.3, it's on a separate branch and I doubt its timetable would be affected by the 4.2 release.



              Well that is just all kinds of awesome. Looking forward to trying this out...


                4.2 is now available from the Launcher!

                Closing this thread, please use the new one here:
                Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator