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Announcing Section 5 of Survival Game - Networking your game

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    Hi all! How i can run dedicated server for a game?
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      how is this game different from the rest of world game? for example counter strike, gears of war games are already there.explain why? reply ASAP


        It's not a production-ready or unique game "as such". It is more a tutorial for using Unreal Engine to implement common game concepts into your project, so you yourself can create something new and different.


          The weapon ray difference you mentioned is part of those known issues and will be fixed.


            Originally posted by Tom Looman View Post
            Section 5: Networking your game.

            Visit Project Page

            UPDATE: Wiki Docs are now available for this section!

            We're announcing the fifth section of the survival sample game today! The documentation will be available in about a week, in the meanwhile you can follow the progress by downloading the project through at GitHub.

            Features of this section include weapon improvements such as reloading and accuracy. Zombie damaging attacks and movable items to make the environment more dynamic.

            The documentation this section will focus on replicating data between server and clients to network your multiplayer games.


            Known Issues as of section 4
            • Rifle impacts never despawn.
            • Weapon rays are calculated from camera center instead of weapon, causing issues when enemies are close and a difference between server and client FX.
            • Bullet trail moves to 0,0,0 in worldspace.
            • Physics simulation is choppy on clients on dropped items.

            Visit Project Page

            UPDATE: Wiki Docs are now available for this section!
            Thanks for the realease always makes these releases anticipating. And also thanks for the latest hotfixes, makes so many things better than what it already was and also fixes so many bugs and glitches.

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