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Unreal Engine: Now Available to Everyone for Free

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    Interesting and a generous move ladies & gents. Thank you.


      Honestly this is too much! $20 was a steal for the best engine. Your work is extremely appreciated and I hope moves like these pay back hugely in the future! This is much more than "doing the right thing" by any stretch!



        So, it was no royalties and a subscription fee. And now it is royalties and no subscription fee. Did I get that right?. I think the former deal was better
        for the developers.


          One thing that has me very excited about this is the modding community. Previously, if I released a UE4-based game, how would mods work? Would modders have to pay $19/mo/user in order to mod my game? Would I have to create my own editor tools and release those so modders could create mods without paying anything? It was murky.

          But now, that's all gone! There's no subscription fee barrier for people to create mods to my game. That's pretty awesome.


            Great move. and things can only get better.
            Getting there...


              Mind blowing.......I can't say thanks enough. I hope I can give back somehow.....I'll have to figure it out


                Originally posted by golgepapaz View Post
                So, it was no royalties and a subscription fee. And now it is royalties and no subscription fee. Did I get that right?. I think the former deal was better
                for the developers.
                No the royalties remain the same as they were before, just the subscription fee has been dropped.
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                  OMG no words can describe how EPIC this is

                  Thank you !
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                    Hello golgepapaz,

                    The 5% royalty was always there, we are removing the initial subscription fee. Also it may be worth noting that this only takes effect after the first $3,000 a quarter past the initial $3,000.

                    Make it a great day
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                      Not only that, but Tim is a time-traveller... now we know his secret

                      This blew my mind. I was one of the lucky few who was given a free license until next year after the beta program, and I'd happily have paid triple the cost of the engine a month regardless. You guys <3



                        Wow i cant believe epic is doing this...

                        I want to cry of happines..

                        I believe 19 month was fair enough, and im just a hobbist...

                        Thank you, thank you very much epic..

                        You guys are awesome...
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                          Simply amazing. And I thought at 19 bucks a month it was still a steal of a deal. Pleasant surprise when I just updated my launcher, saw some changes and decided to come to the forum to see what was up.
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                            This is a great thing you guys are doing!
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                              I'm speechless. Epic pushes the bar even higher at a time when you think they've already outmatched all competitors with their tremendous offering.

                              All I can say is, THANK YOU EPIC! Thank you!

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                                wait, for real?......what else can I say, you are amazing!