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    Really enjoyed the your tutorials. To the point, and unlike most of UE4's videos, you didn't spend 75% of the time adjusting blueprint placements and connections around.
    My question comes down to multiplayer, more on the C++ side, but should be relevant to either. I have a project that I'm working on in which I have a bunch of machines that sit idle, waiting for a command (We'll call them student machines for this case). Let's say 10 student machines need to listen to 1 instructor machine. The instructor machine shouldn't load into the student's game, but should be able to send a command (or custom event) to the student machine. The instructor machine will have a simple dashboard to monitor all of the other machines, but I can't seem to find a way to trigger an event from another machine. Another issue is that after the instructor machine triggers a student machine event, the student machine needs to switch over to a listen server to allow the instructor to, then and only then, join the student game session. Since you seem to be knowledgeable on the subject, I was wondering if you could give me any input or point me in the right direction?


      Hey Billy
      No questions, I just wanted to thank you for this very concise and helpful series
      also "A key programmer skill is to find assets the aritist made, and use it in way they didn't intend, so it makes them sad." are words I live by <3