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Unreal Engine 4.7 Preview

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    Hi everyone!

    It has been a long and exciting journey (since December 17th!) but the Preview for version 4.7 is now complete. 4.7 is released!!

    Thank you all so much the help in reporting issues and improving this release. Of course we weren't able to get to all the bugs, but we have fixed hundreds. And with the help you provided, we certainly caught some which we wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

    I know there are still some unresolved issues on this forum thread, but because the Preview has come to an end, I am going to close down this thread. If you still experience a bug in the 4.7.0 release, please log a report for it on the AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section if you haven't already yet. If you wish to discuss something about the release, please feel free to do so in the new discussion thread.

    Cheers, and thanks again for all the help.
    Stephen Ellis | Senior Engine Coordinator