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    please, re-add the zipped download of third-party dependency. It was quicker to download, especially if you have more than one PC.
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      Originally posted by Alessiot89 View Post
      please, re-add the zipped doenload of third-party dependency. It was quicker to download, especially if you have more than one PC.
      I would love that too, for redist.
      Not like piracy redist, of course, but for between workstations redist...


        Originally posted by DrDude View Post
        Can someone please confirm for me how well UE4 runs nowadays on a 2011 model iMac, please?
        2.7Ghz i5
        12GB Ram
        AMD Radion HD 6770M 512Mb

        Will I be wasting my time getting UE4 again or how well does it run on these specs nowadays?

        Thanks in advance for any feedback
        Something is wrong with your setup. I'm using late-2009 iMac with an old HD4850 and I've got no low fps problems. And that was always like that.
        Tim S.
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          oh!I see,thank you very much


            Is it me or has the WASD functionality on the top down broke? Instead of facing the direction of the button pressed with A and D the character just constantly spirals, when S is pressed it always walks backwards, but then when W is pressed, instead of going up it moves like tank controls. If you uncheck "orient rotation to movement" then WASD works perfectly fine. Perhaps it's done differently now than in 4.5.1?


              After taking a look at the engine source for 4.6 input mapping, I noticed FSlateApplication::Get().ProcessKeyDownEvent(KeyEvent); and FSlateApplication::Get().ProcessAnalogInputEvent(AnalogInputEvent); are exposed, so using something like

              bool EmitKeyDownEventForKey(FKey key, int32 user, bool repeat)
              	FKeyEvent KeyEvent(key, FSlateApplication::Get().GetModifierKeys(), user, repeat, 0, 0);
              	return FSlateApplication::Get().ProcessKeyDownEvent(KeyEvent);
              Would approximate FSlateApplication::OnControllerButtonPressed(FKey, int32, bool);

              Except that using KeyEvent() causes FKeyEvent::ToText(void)const implementation to be required in your implementation file, e.g.

              FText FKeyEvent::ToText() const
              	return NSLOCTEXT("Joystick Plugin Events", "Key", "Text");
              which you cannot add because doing so causes error C4273: 'FKeyEvent::ToText' : inconsistent dll linkage.

              Any guidance on adding custom input mapping in 4.6 epic? or has this been broken without an engine patch?

              I guess you can suppress the warning with #pragma warning( disable:4273 ) but this feels hacky, still would like to know the proper way to achieve this
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                I just updated to 4.5.1. Thought perhaps 4.6 hadn't been released for mac yet. Clicked on Add Engine which has now prompted me to install 4.6.0.
                So 4.6.0 is a new release and not an update right. If installed does this mean I will have two copies of UE?
                How do I uninstall 4.5.1 when the time comes?


                  New versions always secondary-install like that. It's good to do this, since it means if something breaks in the transition to 4.6 from 4.5.1 you can fall back to older versions.

                  When the time comes, just select "remove engine" under 4.5.1's drop-down in the launcher (or something similar to that text, I can't recall exactly) to delete all of the engine files for that version.

                  Again, I wouldn't do it right away though. Since I started with UE4.2 every major new release has broken something in my project and I've had to go back to the old one for reference until I can nail down the cause and make the appropriate changes. Just part of the process with software like this.


                    Thanks RythmScript, perfect advice!!!


                      I think a better way when migrating content from one project to anther would good. your content browser can get out of hand if you don't set aside some time to relocate thing around, even downloading content from the marketplace is a bit of a pain.


                        Originally posted by Alessiot89 View Post
                        please, re-add the zipped download of third-party dependency. It was quicker to download, especially if you have more than one PC.
                        +10, zipped download is more convenience.


                          Blueprint variables now have to be marked public/editable to be accessible from other blueprints.
                          Is there any reason for this change? Because it is a pretty bad change.

                          We already had this problem with C++ variables, and this BP change only makes things worse rather than fixing it.

                          Consider this case for example, which has been happening to us on multiple large productions:

                          This is a BP placed in a level. Everything except for the green marked properties should not be visible, but it is, because all those properties came in from the C++ base class. The green properties internally control everything, so the end user is only expected to change those green properties. They are faced however with a long list of very confusing properties, most of which they cannot change or it will break things/not work.

                          We have had it happen before that people start editing stuff they are not suppose to, because it is not clear what they should and should not change. And that was a problem already with C++ based classes, but now that BP enforces you to do the same thing this problem just got worse.

                          Speaking of which, what we also don't have is the ability to make grayed out properties in BP, and information boxes. I want to be able to display info (text/values) in the properties to the end user. For example if I have a text field, I want to be able to display somewhere "text field length is currently 65 characters" to ensure there is feedback to the end user as to how he is doing char limit wise (or for whatever other reason).


                            Originally posted by Alessiot89 View Post
                            please, re-add the zipped download of third-party dependency. It was quicker to download, especially if you have more than one PC.
                            I'd like this too.
                            With zip files you have a lot of advantages:
                            - You can use a download manager to limit your trafic bandwidth / pause and resume later.
                            - You can use a separate machine to download it.
                            - You can store it for reinstalling UE later.
                            - You can download Android and HTML5 support without having them installed yet.
                            - You can download Mac support from a non-Mac machine.
                            etc. etc.
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                              Is anybody else having issues with the new network demo recording? It crashes upon putting in the playback command line for me. I'm just playing in the third person template.

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                                Originally posted by onlycalvin View Post
                                how to use WebBrowser in Blueprint?
                                Originally posted by Matthew Griffin View Post
                                I'm afraid we don't support it in blueprints yet. Just to clarify its usage too, since it is a developer module, it's intended to be used in the editor and other programs rather than games. That makes it something we will largely be using internally but you could still make use of it.

                                The small controls help pop up in the bottom left of editor viewports uses it to display a html file and there is an example of its use as a web browser in the slateviewer example. The main class of interest is SWebBrowser.

                                Though look at this


                                It recently went BSD licensed and is the same chromium browser, this time for use in-game, not withheld by the developer-folder eula restriction.