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Unreal Engine 4.6 Preview!

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    This sounds fantastic, good job dev.


      I can't find the web browser... anyone know where this bad boy is hiding?


        **** you guys work fast, another awesome update incoming then


          Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
          No, this allows you to use emissive textures as lighting--like if you've got a computer screen you can have it emit light and shadows into the level. This is only for static lighting though. It's important for oddly shaped light sources.
          Before, emissive textures can just glow and not actually emit light into the level.
          I was convinced this worked before. I guess not. Big improvement!


            Originally posted by DanielW View Post
            The UE3 method was to create actual light sources out of the emissive texels. They were sampled explicitly which meant area shadows were smooth and they had bounce lighting, but they also bloated the build times significantly.

            The new precomputed emissive lighting in this build is simpler - it just gathers emissive lighting while gathering the GI. That means you only get direct lighting from those emissive texels, and small bright emissive spots will cause splotchiness in the resulting lighting. However build time is not affected.

            Another way to think of it is that sampling of UE3 emissive texels was on purpose at a cost, while with this new method it's by accident for free.

            There's a new PrimitiveComponent option to disable this behavior, which is useful on emissive light sources where you have placed a light actor (light bulb for example) so you don't get double lighting.

            I believe this was just Landscape being moved out of the engine module, for better compiling iteration times.

            No, static lighting is computed at lighting build time so it can't handle procedural level creation.
            good to hear this was what I was hoping for because I use a lot of emissive lights in my game currently but usually just for stylistic purposes and not wanting them to illuminate the scene per say. If I want the area to glow that color I just add a light bulb and make it whatever color the emissive is. Glad the option is there to keep the behavior the same.



              Any news on when Phat will be improved.

              Or when physics assets of character will no longer be rejected by the character capsule (as this makes ragdolls no longer a viable option)?
              Free UE4 things available. More coming


                No pictures ? :P
                Check out my game OldSchool Nightmare :


                  Awesome to be getting a preview for this already.
                  Regrettably though, math expression nodes, an incredibly helpful addition which was added in 4.4, then broken in 4.5 (work but you can't compile projects with them) are still broken in 4.6, which means I have to hunt through my entire project to resolve problems like this, and amazing addons like iTween for UE4 that relied on countless math expresion nodes basically have to rebuild everything in a more convoluted way if they want people to be able to build projects with it. Really disappointing considering I heard in answerhub that it was recognized as a problem awhile ago and plans were made to fix it. A blueprint node that straight up breaks your ability to compile your project really shouldn't be available when you could spend a lot of development time just testing the project in the editor.

                  Another bug found so far
                  When I try to get the transform or location of a named bone in 4.6 it immediately crashes (just opened a new project in 3rd person blueprint and found it happening when trying to get a bone of the default character mesh in there)
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                    Humanoid Rig
                    Root motion from everything

                    Thank you!



                      Will it be some complete video tutorials for each new major features ?
                      That's another blasting release
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                        Hi Guys,
                        I've run into a minor issue with my UMG HUD when moving from 4.5 to 4.6. The HUD will not re-compile in 4.6 and I am getting the following message

                        Binding property 'textdelegate' on widget 'textblock_1082' needs to be bound to a pure function 'Get_HUD_ArmorValue_Text_0' is not pure

                        So the first question is just what is a PURE function? All this function does is cast back to the player controller to get a float value for the armor and then convert it to a string to print it on the screen.

                        P.S. I was able to fix this issue by checking the "PURE" function box option inside each of the functions within the HUD blueprint
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                          Originally posted by Stephen Ellis View Post
                          Are you still seeing these issues in the 4.6 Preview, and can you link me to an AnswerHub report of the issue?
                          No, just wondering since they weren't in any of the changelogs. If those are supposed to be sorted I'm definitely installing now!

                          EDIT: Well, it's "fixed", just not in a way that's useful to me. It seems the fix has been to take the scale of the root of the animation and apply it to the skeleton, rather than to scale the motion attached to it. So the unscaled root motion is correct, but only because the root is scaled down to use it. This can be fixed by changing the Lock for the root motion to "ref frame" but then this goes back to the old functionality of requiring artificially scaled root motion to properly interpret it.

                          So it's not a step back, it just isn't a step forward, either, at least not for ME, at least unless I want my skeleton at 1/12th size during anims that use root motion. Ah well.
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                            Hi again
                            I may have found another issue. This time the problem is with the apply damage node within blueprint. When I run my game in the editor and step on my landmine which is coded with blueprints, it correctly fires off the radial damage routine. However, my pawn class does not appear to be receiving any sort of damage event message at all. So even thought the landmine should score 750 points of damage the result is nothing since the pawn class never receives the information. This was running correctly in 4.5 and I was getting the information via the any damage event in the pawn class.


                              I think I have another issue regarding mobile lighting (although I also see the same.

                              I have a scene with the lighting set up as follows :

                              1.Directional Light set to moveable - dynamic shadows ON.
                              2.Skylight set to stationary - dynamic shadows OFF.
                              3. Point light set to static

                              In the editor and standalone game I see the point light baked into the static light maps and everything is good, but on Mobile the point light is ignored and not baked into the static lighting.

                              See here for more details



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                                Oh boy THAT :
                                Precomputed Direct Lighting from Emissive Materials
                                Precomputed Emissive Lighting

                                In UDK, SU was using ONLY emissive material and GI... for UE4 I had to manually add (static) lights to every little thing I had in there....
                                I am so looking forward to that !