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New Visual Effects Tutorial: Lesson 5 Modifying Color

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  • New Visual Effects Tutorial: Lesson 5 Modifying Color

    Continuing the Visual Effects Building Blocks tutorial series, we will show you a simple method for modifying and controlling the color of your particles which allows for quick and easy edits. This method is also excellent when coupled with Blueprint runtime color modification and Particle Parameters.
    Take a look at the full tutorial (along with previous tutorials in the series) over on our wiki. As always, I’ll be on this thread to help out and answer any questions you guys might have!
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    If you are using particles, you can mix and match color using InstanceParameters.

    You could add particleEvents and drive the color of your existing decals using the you setup an MID for your decal, and modify a color parameter of your decal with particle events.

    I you emit red particles, the event in your red particles would modify the color of your decal MID on collision event with a could change the entire surface, or localize your changes using masks etc. etc.

    Scale a normal against the z of vector component to make paint get thicker etc. etc.

    Sounds like fun, I hope this helps you out!

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    Awesome, this might be exactly what I was looking for.

    I've been trying to make a little paint mini game, where you shoot paint color of your choosing out of a hose, and once hit hits the canvas (static mesh), throws an appropriate decal down (or even mixes the colors).

    I'll have to take a walkthrough of these tutorials!

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