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4.25.1 Hotfix released

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    [HOTFIX] 4.25.1 Hotfix released

    The 4.25.1 Hotfix is now live!

    Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.25 forum thread.

    If you experience a bug with the 4.25.1 Hotfix, please follow the How To Report a Bug Guide to report it on the UE4 Answerhub.

    Fixed in 4.25.1

    Fixed! UE-92649 Editor analytics event can report invalid session duration if user change their computer time
    Fixed! UE-93637 Fix ISPC crash during anim decompression
    Fixed! UE-93175 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!USkeletalMesh::PostRename(UObject *,FName) [SkeletalMesh.cpp:1757]
    Fixed! UE-92819 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-ControlRig!`FControlRigParameterPreAnimatedTokenProducer::CacheExistingState(UObject &) [MovieSceneControlRigParameterTemplate.cpp:464]
    Fixed! UE-93244 Editor crashes on load after setting Oculus Audio Spat and Reverb
    Fixed! UE-93436 Impulse Responses use compressed Sound Wave data instead of the original PCM data
    Fixed! UE-93437 TimeSynth beat/bar counting fix has not been ported to 4.25 as needed
    Fixed! UE-93435 Impulse Responses are miscategorized in the Content Browser context menu
    Fixed! UE-87008 Crash changing levels in editor if media sound component in level with 'UI Sound' enabled.
    Fixed! UE-92977 Source Won't Build - UnrealInsightsCLI.cpp References Missing Header
    Fixed! UE-92812 Ensures cooking blueprints using functions that have delegate pins
    Fixed! UE-92787 Crash saving blueprint with a Get Float Attribute node and the attribute pin is set inline
    Fixed! UE-93602 Crash opening RDP connection with active UE4 session
    Fixed! UE-92940 [CrashReport] UnrealHeaderTool!FNativeClassHeaderGenerator::SaveHeaderIfChanged()
    Fixed! UE-93779 Crash Opening Recovery Hub in Engine Source builds
    Fixed! UE-92914 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UCookOnTheFlyServer::PostLoadPackageFixup(UPackage*) [CookOnTheFlyServer.cpp:3594]
    Fixed! UE-93423 CLONE 4.25 - Invalid umap file breaks cooking process
    Fixed! UE-93289 CrashReportClient doesn't report the Editor exit code when the Editor process group is killed
    Fixed! UE-92582 Crash in non-FThread are not handled and cause abnormal termination
    Fixed! UE-92835 CLONE - Assertion failed: !IsGarbageCollecting()
    Fixed! UE-92810 Crash spawning actor with instance editable gameplay tag property that was changed inline
    Fixed! UE-92595 UToolMenu Invalid Class Pointer/CDO during Garbage Collection
    Fixed! UE-93640 Support include path filter in VS project generation in 4.25
    Fixed! UE-92670 'See Power of Two Settings in Texture Editor' text overlays all Lens flares on iOS
    Fixed! UE-93518 GitHub 6963 : PIE window net mode bug fix
    Fixed! UE-92923 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-AIModule!UAISystem::UnregisterBlackboardComponent(UBlackboardData &,UBlackboardComponent &) [AISystem.cpp:220]
    Fixed! UE-92931 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!EditorUtilities::CopyActorProperties(AActor *,AActor *,EditorUtilities::FCopyOptions const &) [Editor.cpp:1367]
    Fixed! UE-93111 Calling Array_Identical in a blueprint results in a compile failure with nativization
    Fixed! UE-93497 Editor will crash during shutdown while a global Find-in-Blueprint tab is open and indexing is active.
    Fixed! UE-92773 Child Actor missing if class overriden on instance
    Fixed! UE-93237 Child Actor Components jitter around in blueprint viewport when dragged
    Fixed! UE-93426 Instance components duplicated via the in world component editor are destroyed on level reload
    Fixed! UE-90528 Ensure Amplitude >= 0.0f && Amplitude <= 1.0f when using voice chat with Steam
    Fixed! UE-92824 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-GeometryCollectionEngine!?TickComponent@UGeometryCollectionComponent@@UEAAXMW4ELevelTick@@PEAUFActorComponentTickFunction@@@Z [GeometryCollectionComponent.cpp:1003]
    Fixed! UE-91571 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!struct FSparseArrayAllocationInfo TSparseArray<TSetElement [SparseArray.h:115]
    Fixed! UE-93158 Cloth Simulation does not Properly simulate in 4.25 when used on Slave Components
    Fixed! UE-92624 Duplicate object assert on ClothConfigNv object creation.
    Fixed! UE-93441 Fracture tool refuses to place noise points as close as it should, for 'large' faces
    Fixed! UE-92296 Anchored widget components are displayed incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-92879 Remove dependency on billing if Online Subsystem Google plugin disabled
    Fixed! UE-92793 Fix missing semicolon in GooglePAD_APL.xml
    Fixed! UE-92832 SetupAndroid.bat "Failed to find package lldb;3.1"
    Fixed! UE-92806 Infiltrator Demo fails to package on Linux - NiagaraGPURayTracingTransforms.usf, error: cannot assign value of type 'vec4' to type '': no implicit conversion allowed
    Fixed! UE-92741 Android launch images change size while onscreen
    Fixed! UE-92676 Provide replacement ld.lld for Win and OSX for Android NDK
    Fixed! UE-93288 Anim sequence in DLC leads to crash in IOS.
    Fixed! UE-92620 iOS custom storyboard tooltip is incorrect
    Fixed! UE-92606 IOS crash disabling idle timer when closing the app
    Fixed! UE-92424 Canvas Render Target 2D doesn't get alpha mask when rendering with ES3.1
    Fixed! UE-92333 Custom launchscreen storyboards are not copied for blueprint projects packaged from PC
    Fixed! UE-92224 iOS dither looks dark and encounters artifacting
    Fixed! UE-92216 Artifacting on object edges when camera moves for iOS
    Fixed! UE-91688 God Rays broken on Mali S20
    Fixed! UE-93138 SSH key generation fails when Windows user home directory contains a space
    Fixed! UE-92912 [CrashReport]!ProcessCompiledJob(FShaderCompileJob*, FShaderPipelineType const*, TArray<EShaderPlatform, TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >&, TArray<FShaderPipelineType const*, TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >&) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4953]
    Fixed! UE-93309 Motion blur is not working in split screen multiplayer
    Fixed! UE-93140 Any mipmap for a Texture2DArray larger than 64*64 is black in editor
    Fixed! UE-92616 Materials using Texture 2D Arrays fail to compile
    Fixed! UE-92501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-RenderCore!EmitNullShaderParameterFatalError(TShaderRefBase<FShader,FShaderMapPointerTable> const &,FShaderParametersMetadata const *,unsigned short) [ShaderParameterStruct.cpp:430]
    Fixed! UE-91853 Crash Occurs When Converting a Regular Texture To a Virtual Texture Multiple Times
    Fixed! UE-93389 MIC has loose texture streaming data once cooked
    Fixed! UE-92303 Transparent/Translucent materials rendering on top of objects with Forward Shading and SeparateTranslucencyScreenPercentage 50
    Fixed! UE-91569 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!static void AddHairStrandUpdateMeshTrianglesPass(class FRDGBuilder & const, class FGlobalShaderMap [HairStrandsMeshProjection.cpp:550]
    Fixed! UE-92863 Engine.Owner.Velocity does not clear itself between frames to 0
    Fixed! UE-93045 Niagara can lead to large precompile times when pulling from the DDC
    Fixed! UE-93059 Crash when attempting to sample a Skeletal Mesh component with an unset mesh
    Fixed! UE-93049 Depth buffer collision kills all particles after 1 second
    Fixed! UE-92904 Push users to go to Houdini for the Houdini plugin
    Fixed! UE-92789 Crash with UNiagaraComponent::GetNumMaterials on cooked out emitters
    Fixed! UE-92782 Several Niagara tests report heap issues during EngineTest
    Fixed! UE-92775 Possessed System and System Component parameters aren't modified during PIE/Simulate
    Fixed! UE-92683 Adding/Removing a parameter from a system breaks setting possessed actor's user parameters in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-93367 Possible driver crash around Niagara GPU instance count
    Fixed! UE-93093 Emitters never stop playing when triggered by AnimNotify
    Fixed! UE-93157 Crash setting the Preview Mesh on Skeletal Mesh Location when the System is parented to a Skeletal Mesh Component with an unset Skeletal Mesh
    Fixed! UE-92598 Niagara crashed the editor while a shader was compiling
    Fixed! UE-92594 the convert node incorrectly names new pins when they're created via reference
    Fixed! UE-92366 Skeletal Mesh Bone Sampling Requires CPU Access to be Enabled
    Fixed! UE-92289 Skeletal Mesh cpu access warnings are not displayed in the stack consistently
    Fixed! UE-92375 Crash when adding a Virtual Bone to a Skeletal Mesh in use by a Niagara System - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
    Fixed! UE-92376 Crash when adding/removing a Virtual Bone to/from a Skeletal Mesh in use by a GPU Emitter while sampling filtered bones
    Fixed! UE-92336 Crash when compiling a script with an orphan pin
    Fixed! UE-92254 d3d crash when using other applications and window focus with Niagara
    Fixed! UE-93613 Crash compiling a Blueprint that has an unset Skeletal Mesh component with a child Niagara Component that samples a Skeletal Mesh with more than 1 LOD
    Fixed! UE-87537 Particle Systems Don't Play In Reopened Levels With ES 3.1 Enabled
    Fixed! UE-92864 Crash when opening project with ray tracing enabled
    Fixed! UE-92830 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12Adapter::AllocateBuffer(FD3D12Device *,D3D12_RESOURCE_DESC const &,unsigned int,unsigned int,FRHIResourceCreateInfo &,unsigned int,FD3D12TransientResource &,FD3D12ResourceLocation &) [D3D12Buffer.cpp:93]
    Fixed! UE-92780 Ray tracing shader compilation may get enabled incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-93471 Raytracing with Geometry Cache has broken reflection
    Fixed! UE-93176 [CrashReport]!ProcessCompiledJob(FShaderCompileJob*, FShaderPipelineType const*, TArray<EShaderPlatform, TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >&, TArray<FShaderPipelineType const*, TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >&) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4953]
    Fixed! UE-91271 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FInstancedStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicRayTracingInstances(FRayTracingMaterialGatheringContext &,TArray<FRayTracingInstance,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [InstancedStaticMesh.cpp:1200]
    Fixed! UE-85311 Crash when enabling Level of Detail Coloration viewmodes in the Dataprep editor while using DX12
    Fixed! UE-89977 ShaderModels are rendering much darker on Windows Vulkan during EngineTest
    Fixed! UE-90111 DX12Crash while sitting idle in editor
    Fixed! UE-86619 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!FMetalDeviceContext::ReleaseTexture(FMetalTexture&) [MetalContext.cpp:715]
    Fixed! UE-92707 Crash in QAGame on exit with DX12
    Fixed! UE-93088 DX12 RHI Subrect copy
    Fixed! UE-91579 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12CommandListManager::WaitForCommandQueueFlush() [D3D12DirectCommandListManager.cpp:832]
    Fixed! UE-89235 Overwriting a Merged actor with Merge Materials and Opacity Mask crashes the editor
    Fixed! UE-92945 Fatal Error duplicating AnimatedBalloonReleaseHatch
    Fixed! UE-93264 CLONE - Experimental Mesh Paint gizmo is not aligned to mesh surface
    Fixed! UE-93241 Physical Material Masks not working
    Fixed! UE-92583 Editor Toolbar incorrectly displays it can be expanded on High DPI monitors
    Fixed! UE-93473 [Crash Report] Mac UE4Editor-Slate!FMenuStack::PostPush
    Fixed! UE-92946 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FLevelEditorViewportClient::AttemptApplyObjAsMaterialToSurface(UObject *,HModel *,FViewportCursorLocation &) [LevelEditorViewport.cpp:913]
    Fixed! UE-90593 Dataprep - output to folder is not available in the asset preview after execution
    Fixed! UE-91488 dataprep - insertion points markers of filters and operations are not always visible
    Fixed! UE-92941 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!?RHICreateUniformBuffer@FD3D11DynamicRHI@@UEAA?AV?$TRefCountPtr@VFRHIUniformBuffer@@@@PEBXAEBUFRHIUniformBufferLayout@@W4EUniformBufferUsage@@W4EUniformBufferValidation@@@Z
    Fixed! UE-92778 C4D Importer build issue with some WinSDK version
    Fixed! UE-93129 Datasmith prevents to set a package path as mesh name
    Fixed! UE-91697 Dataprep scene previously created is still tied to Dataprep instance asset after changing level name and creating a new scene
    Fixed! UE-93609 Datasmith exporter installation version is not accurate in 4.25.1.
    Fixed! UE-92232 VRED import fails on a matrix size check
    Fixed! UE-92158 VRED exporter fails if a material as submaterial but none selected
    Fixed! UE-92362 Add a second version of the VRED python exporter to support VRED >= 2021
    Fixed! UE-93325 HISM nor rendering correctly in main pass when marked for VT AND Main Pass
    Fixed! UE-92448 Mesh lod streaming doesn't work on cooked version
    Fixed! UE-93118 Crash in DefeatureMesh
    Fixed! UE-92512 Assert after importing .MDL files and closing project
    Fixed! UE-87039 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Foliage!AInstancedFoliageActor::MapRebuild() [InstancedFoliage.cpp:3305]
    Fixed! UE-88574 Assertion when attempting to create a landscape with Edit Layers enabled on linux
    Fixed! UE-93162 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!ULandscapeMaterialInstanceConstant::UpdateCachedTextureStreaming() [LandscapeRender.cpp:4329]
    Fixed! UE-93460 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::PostEditChange() [Obj.cpp:338]
    Fixed! UE-93730 Landmass: Custom Brushes completely broken in 4.25 due to wrong RT format on DistanceField Render Target.
    Fixed! UE-92961 Crash when using FText::FromStringTable
    Fixed! UE-89363 Mesh Smooth tool does not smooth mesh correctly in implicit mode
    Fixed! UE-92939 Duplicate mesh tool names the new mesh "Combined_Meshes"
    Fixed! UE-92930 PolyCut Tool loses UVs in Cut-and-Fill Mode
    Fixed! UE-92926 [Crash Report] UE4Editor-MaterialBaking!FMaterialBakingHelpersImpl::PerformUVBorderSmear(TArray<FColor,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &,int &,int &,int,bool) [MaterialBakingHelpers.cpp:74]
    Fixed! UE-93555 Crash when cooking a scene containing a runtime-generated static mesh
    Fixed! UE-91000 Multiuser nodes are not found in VPN
    Fixed! UE-93290 CrashReportClientEditor crashes about 2% of the times
    Fixed! UE-93495 Python 3.8+ changes the C locale on init
    Fixed! UE-92883 SetPlayRange no longer working
    Fixed! UE-93038 Using Time Dilation with an audio track causes audio to echo
    Fixed! UE-92947 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MovieRenderPipelineEditor!UMoviePipelinePIEExecutor::OnPIEStartupFinished(bool) [MoviePipelinePIEExecutor.cpp:101]
    Fixed! UE-92826 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FRichCurve::GetKeyRef(FKeyHandle) [RichCurve.cpp:167]
    Fixed! UE-92804 Copying and pasting animation sections into another animation track adds multiple sections on different rows
    Fixed! UE-92808 Crash when creating a level sequence player after a level begins its tear-down
    Fixed! UE-93284 Unable to Create Anim Sequence from Live Link Recording with Facial Data
    Fixed! UE-93577 Attempting to bake transform on actors with parents recorded in Take Recorder causes the engine to hang seemingly indefinitely
    Fixed! UE-93576 Actors recorded with attachments in Take Recorder are plotted at time code but have attach tracks and in at 00:00:00:00
    Fixed! UE-93199 Set Playback End will cause a sequence's upper bound to be inclusive.
    Fixed! UE-92513 Crash when opening a sequence with an additive control rig track
    Fixed! UE-92454 Sequencer Export to FBX file framerate is always 30fps, regardless of playback rate in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-92236 Recompile all segments
    Fixed! UE-93488 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MovieRenderPipelineCore!UMoviePipeline::TickProducingFrames() [MoviePipelineTiming.cpp:29]
    Fixed! UE-93472 Crash rendering sequence when subscene is open in sequencer
    Fixed! UE-93429 Can't set a sequence to another sequence if it exists in another shot
    Fixed! UE-93559 PIE with single process starts multiple server windows
    Fixed! UE-93339 Slate-based Program targets assert on start up
    Fixed! UE-92909 Creating Widget at run time with an exposed variable causes Engine crash with Assertion
    Fixed! UE-92668 Take Recorder Playback with LiveLink data throws ensure - Ensure condition failed: !NewTransform.ContainsNaN()
    Fixed! UE-93421 Fixed frame rate fails when starting TimecodeSynchronizer
    Fixed! UE-70979 Selection outline rendering inconsistently in VRMode
    Fixed! UE-93527 GitHub 6965 : Restoring remoting from game
    Fixed! UE-93134 LOD view selection incorrect for split-screen
    Fixed! UE-92511 Hololens - interop build process cleanup
    Fixed! UE-91915 Hololens - passthrough camera not working