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    Originally posted by butavpaul View Post
    Hello. I'm trying to setup for Android build and followed the blog post but at point 3 I need to install Android NDK r21 but Android folder is missing from UE4 folder. I've reinstalled the 4.25P2 version and I still can't find it.
    Edit: Also I can't accept Android SDK License. The file is missing
    same here
    still no answer
    I download the script from Github
    but another problem shows up
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
Views:	3020
Size:	47.5 KB
ID:	1732732
    anyway, I decide in android studio update and download SDK, NDK, version 16 to 21, also separate download NDK r14b and r18b.
    unreal engine 4.25 can't even configure and accept the license.


      I like the changes in the control rig, except you can no longer pass in or return variables?

      I see the variable options to get and set but before you could choose them to be exposed as input or output and I don't see those options. Without input or output it seems like the control rig has pretty limited value... I thought the big value was to abstract away complicated animation calculations, which would need the input variables to drive it?
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        Real shame to see that UE-66800 target fix was pushed back yet again to 4.26, which has for a while already been the only thing preventing me from using the material layering system.

        That will mark at least 7 engine versions since the initial implementation. (Noting of course that development was fully paused for a while)

        Hope it can be addressed soon!
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          unreal 4.24 & 4.25 bug make the simple object with simple material black
          please fix this bug

          fbx file


            Still GC and Unreal Insights will be broken
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              Originally posted by SuperheroHill View Post
              Anyone else get the error:

              Assertion failed: !Material->IsDefaultMaterial() [File:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Materials/Material.cpp] [Line: 335]

              I get it both in Preview 1 and Preview 2.

              getting this as well - no idea how everyone else is able to test these previews
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                A reminder to fill out the bug submission form if you'd like to make us aware of the issues you come across. A message here on the thread as well is great to make us aware, but don't forget to fill out the form. Thanks all!


                  So what does it mean if the response to a bug report is

                  Thank you for submitting your bug report.  Please be aware that preview releases are not completely quality tested, and are actively under heavy development, they should be considered as unstable until the final release.
                  with no issue number?

                  (the bug in question being that unreal insights does not work at all in 4.25, in neither of the previews so far, which seems like quite a big problem)
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                  • VictorLerp commented
                    Editing a comment
                    It means the bug submission has been received, it's just a confirmation. Once a support engineer has looked at the report and filed a ticket, you'll get another email with a link to the issue. Thanks for submitting it!

                  looks like there are actual path tracer updates..



                    We have just released Preview 3 for 4.25! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.25 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                    For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the original post in this thread.

                    REMEMBER: Please report any new bugs you find by following the How To Report a Bug Guide

                    Fixed in Preview 3
                    Fixed! UE-90544 Editor analytics reads the wrong key to report the user total RAM
                    Fixed! UE-90460 Curve Editor - Transform Tool not transforming multiple keys on release
                    Fixed! UE-90361 AudioSoloSound**** is not working as expected
                    Fixed! UE-88739 Audio: Soundfield Submix: Sources sent through Oculus Binaural encoding are distorted
                    Fixed! UE-88733 Audio: Soundfield Submix: Changing encoding on the Master Reverb Submix will break reverb
                    Fixed! UE-89289 Editor crash PIE with number of players set to 4 on Linux | AudioMixerSubmix.cpp at Line 956
                    Fixed! UE-87584 GitHub 6617 : Changed static Up- and Downmix Scratchbuffer to member variable in FDecodingSoundSource
                    Fixed! UE-84654 Consider enabling DSP/ synthesis plugin by default
                    Fixed! UE-89335 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-AudioMixer!Audio::FMixerSource::Init(FWaveInstance *) [AudioMixerSource.cpp:124]
                    Fixed! UE-90427 If UE Root Directory is A Junction Errors Are Encountered During Startup
                    Fixed! UE-90394 The total amount of physical ram is incorrectly reported by FPlatformMemory::GetStats()
                    Fixed! UE-90254 Debug crash in Object Hash when loading blueprint editor
                    Fixed! UE-87699 Launching standalone shootergame would crash | GarbageCollection.cpp Line: 2561
                    Fixed! UE-90600 Several Warning: ReadToken: Bad quoted string warnings on UE4Editor launch
                    Fixed! UE-90162 Access Violation getting Engine Directory when launching Cooker through ProjectLauncher with Custom Launch Profile for EngineTests
                    Fixed! UE-90537 Unable to Compile Plugin on Mac OS with UE4.25
                    Fixed! UE-90547 UBT exception (and possible editor corruption) attempting to rebuild a project created from Binary engine - Could not find file '...Engine\Binaries\Win64\'
                    Fixed! UE-90360 Collaborative viewer needs to be available only on Windows
                    Fixed! UE-55051 AutoCreateRefTerm does not provide a way to specify that a TArray property within a struct should have a default value created for it if none is provided
                    Fixed! UE-90599 SpawnedAttributes can contain invalid data
                    Fixed! UE-90295 Deadlock if GC is triggered during the FiB index gather phase for loaded assets after editor startup.
                    Fixed! UE-35607 Setting child actor component offset breaks child component variables set in parent constructor
                    Fixed! UE-12390 Blueprints: Potentially incorporate the Actor instance name into the component name(s) when "harvesting" components from selected Actor instances to create a new BP class.
                    Fixed! UE-90008 Crash when mousing over array parameter in Blueprint function graph while debugging
                    Fixed! UE-90552 Subcomponent doesn't appear in IWCE until unselecting and reselecting Actor
                    Fixed! UE-90307 RF_DefaultSubObject cleared incorrectly via Copy/Paste
                    Fixed! UE-89825 Gpu Profiler Events lastStartTime assert
                    Fixed! UE-90325 Unable to package for Android on Binary | Missing and package.xml
                    Fixed! UE-90300 Runtime Virtual Texture crash on mobile
                    Fixed! UE-90242 TM-ShaderModels crash on iOS with GPU Hang Error on com.Metal.CompletionQueueDispatch thread
                    Fixed! UE-90199 SunTemple loads into a black screen on some Android devices
                    Fixed! UE-89802 Crash on Launch on iOS failed to initialize ShaderCodeLibrary required
                    Fixed! UE-89793 Android GL ES3_1 rendering issue around GPU particle sorting.
                    Fixed! UE-89604 TM-ShaderModel fails to launch on iOS devices with A10 chips
                    Fixed! UE-90617 Change small OBB limit to 1 GiB instead of 500 MiB
                    Fixed! UE-90616 Added more control over Gradle project
                    Fixed! UE-90615 Enabled WEBM playback in Android media player
                    Fixed! UE-90202 [TM-ShaderModels] Eye Adaptation adjust slowly on Android devices with Adreno 6xx
                    Fixed! UE-90413 GitHub 6772 : Spelling correction for "th ecommand"
                    Fixed! UE-90354 Selecting the Build option in the Editor Toolbar crashes the Editor
                    Fixed! UE-90323 Editor crash changing to mobile rendering preview levels in ActionRPG map
                    Fixed! UE-90053 Crash when pressing F5 in a Packaged Game
                    Fixed! UE-90013 Closing EngineTest -game results in a crash Assertion failed: Primitives.Num() == 0 - RendererScene.cpp
                    Fixed! UE-90014 Running EngineTest -ExecCmds="Automation RunTests Group:Rendering; Quit;" -game crashes soon after starting with Assertion failed: AttachmentCounter.GetValue() == 0 - PrimitiveComponent.cpp
                    Fixed! UE-89902 SK_Sampling_PerTimeStep fails due to screenshot mismatch
                    Fixed! UE-89175 The editor crashes if textures are dragged into a material
                    Fixed! UE-88507 Crash referencing FShaderPipeline when launching Engine Test StuM_DeferredDeletionTest.umap
                    Fixed! UE-87903 Ensure when opening QA-MeshPaint
                    Fixed! UE-89698 Changing the engine quality settings will cause the editor to crash
                    Fixed! UE-90490 Dragging more than one Texture into the Material Editor causes a crash
                    Fixed! UE-84919 Vulkan leaks memory when opening and closing windows
                    Fixed! UE-88577 Deferred Decals Broken, also impacting SSR
                    Fixed! UE-88443 Placing 'Groom' asset into scene results in assertion failed
                    Fixed! UE-80769 when using many emitters (10+) I notice significant slowdown by rendering the Niagara UI. I'm currently tabbing away from it to see the result play back smoothly in engine. I'm assuming this is due to the cost of the UI not the simulation itself.
                    Fixed! UE-90407 Add some sort of drop highlighting/filtering to Parameter Map Get/Set nodes
                    Fixed! UE-90314 Compile errors are difficult to find.
                    Fixed! UE-90120 Ribbons with tesselation seem to explode at some point
                    Fixed! UE-90203 Crash when redoing duplication of an emitter in a system
                    Fixed! UE-89959 Multiple Niagara tests fail due to missing or moved particles -vulkan
                    Fixed! UE-89906 TickGroupTest fails to complete due to time out
                    Fixed! UE-89875 Emitters cross communicate and depth buffer queries in an emitter may disrupt distance field queries
                    Fixed! UE-89189 The stack views missing module Fix issue button (replace with module) only shows modules in the library
                    Fixed! UE-88666 Allow selecting multiple platforms to include/exclude in/from scalability overrides without closing the menu
                    Fixed! UE-88578 Remove/Deprecate fast path from Niagara
                    Fixed! UE-88605 Force deleting a module script will cause that stack to be corrupted
                    Fixed! UE-88365 Textures that are rendered within a blueprint and fed into a niagara emitter are deleted unless they're also used in a material
                    Fixed! UE-87975 Parameters that have their defaults bound to a dynamic input do not appear to continually update
                    Fixed! UE-90642 Crash when adding a scratch pad script.
                    Fixed! UE-89730 Unable to search for an unloaded Module Script in an Emitter or System
                    Fixed! UE-77367 Flickering on ribbons
                    Fixed! UE-74860 Polish tooltips for at a glance readability
                    Fixed! UE-77837 System level dependencies not accounted for at the emitter level
                    Fixed! UE-87098 Niagara Stack: If and Emitter is named "Particles" a system error will occur.
                    Fixed! UE-89962 Crash on shutdown (FNiagaraEmitterViewModel::Cleanup())
                    Fixed! UE-89881 Failed to compile global shader FNiagaraDrawIndirectArgsGenCS cooking FaceARSample IOS
                    Fixed! UE-90445 Niagara doesn't tell users that real time is disabled which effectively makes it seem like effects are broken
                    Fixed! UE-90643 Enabling Anisotropic BRDF causes crash upon Editor restart
                    Fixed! UE-90243 Fix mips assert on streaming skeletal meshes
                    Fixed! UE-89967 Ensure during Vulkan Engine Test - Unknown callstack
                    Fixed! UE-89859 Packaging for Metal 2.1 fails with LLVM ERROR: Cannot link symbol 'air.min.u.i32'
                    Fixed! UE-89246 Handled Ensure: DepthStencilRenderTarget.DepthStencilTarget->GetNumSamples() == NumSamples Occurs When Enabling Forward Shading
                    Fixed! UE-89650 Adding a shot to shot track triggers an Ensure
                    Fixed! UE-85947 Ensure when opening TM-ShaderModels with Vulkan
                    Fixed! UE-90280 Simplify and Remesh Tools do not save and restore properties
                    Fixed! UE-89226 Show Grid cannot be disabled in the Static Mesh Editor
                    Fixed! UE-88330 Experimental Mesh Paint's Brush Size scales inconsistently compared to Geometry Sculpting
                    Fixed! UE-88139 Reordering instanced components in the Actor Details tab invalidates the relocated instance such that it can no longer be registered into the current world.
                    Fixed! UE-87807 Actors Mode panel appears blank while in VR Mode
                    Fixed! UE-89826 FCachedReadPlatformFile and FCachedFileHandle doesn't properly work on Mac when a file is open in read/write/append and makes UnrealRecoverySvc crash
                    Fixed! UE-89609 Place Actor' Option Does Not Exist Until An Object From The Content Browser Is placed First
                    Fixed! UE-90516 Cook fails when cooking content for windows with the LiDAR Point Cloud Support plugin enabled.
                    Fixed! UE-59618 Highlighted section in the Output Log is not visible
                    Fixed! UE-87471 LogTemp warnings fire each time the user swaps between experimental Mesh Paint Mode Selection and Paint modes
                    Fixed! UE-90562 Crash when storing window size and position while exiting PIE
                    Fixed! UE-89963 Windows Editor Project Settings Does Not Contain Linux Section Under Platforms
                    Fixed! UE-78722 Potential Memory Leak with Disaster Recovery Plugin
                    Fixed! UE-81196 Datasmith Import options are not saved on reimport
                    Fixed! UE-90416 Dataprep - Timeline yellow dot stays lit even when nothing is in the graph
                    Fixed! UE-90400 in Dataprep editor, pressing "X" in the commit warning, will commit the import anyway
                    Fixed! UE-90365 Datasmith python API construct_datasmith_scene_from_file returns an empty scene
                    Fixed! UE-90345 Dataprep - sanitized Level name not refreshed
                    Fixed! UE-89966 Broken hierarchy of datasmith imported through dataprep after reimporting
                    Fixed! UE-90570 DataPrep - Recipe Graph pane not in the default layout
                    Fixed! UE-90508 dataprep - Crash overwriting a level
                    Fixed! UE-85637 Crash in Editor After committing dataprep assets following import and execute
                    Fixed! UE-89117 CAD files are not recognized when trying to import with Datasmith plugins enabled
                    Fixed! UE-90514 MDL Importer does not list .MDL format from the Content Browser
                    Fixed! UE-85388 MDL imports empty duplicate folders at the Content folder's root level
                    Fixed! UE-90316 Revit Structural Steel Connections are not exported with Datasmith
                    Fixed! UE-89970 VRED import crashes editor
                    Fixed! UE-50033 [CrashReport] USpeedTreeImportFactory::FactoryCreateBinary()
                    Fixed! UE-90130 USD Stage - Unhidden Prim loses its animation
                    Fixed! UE-90238 LiDAR Point Cloud: Assets can be incorrectly culled when rotated
                    Fixed! UE-90239 LiDAR Point Cloud: Lack of access to points' size is preventing users from using some custom VFX
                    Fixed! UE-90237 LiDAR Point Cloud: Missing C++ version of the ACSII import
                    Fixed! UE-90240 LiDAR Point Cloud: Ray-based operations on a single point are missing
                    Fixed! UE-89964 Add to fbx importer an option to force "reset to fbx" behavior when doing automation reimport
                    Fixed! UE-88251 .USD filetypes not available on export
                    Fixed! UE-89584 USD Stage - animation length in track is not accurate
                    Fixed! UE-89765 Import Textures boolean is still editable in FBX Import Options with material creation import methods on Linux
                    Fixed! UE-89051 USD Stage is not working in PIE
                    Fixed! UE-90493 Unexpected geometry changes to landscape when in "Player Collision" view mode
                    Fixed! UE-90550 Landscape Tool crashes on Layer Import
                    Fixed! UE-90563 Text on BP components can lose its translations when they are instanced into a level
                    Fixed! UE-90204 Fixed-size font for "Stats" pane in Material Editor by default
                    Fixed! UE-89792 Need UI to disconnect material layers from parent
                    Fixed! UE-90436 Cannot rotate viewport camera while using Create Polygon tool
                    Fixed! UE-90269 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MeshPaintingToolset!UVertexAdapterClickTool::IsMeshAdapterSupported(TSharedPtr<IMeshPaintComponentAdapter,0>) [MeshSelect.cpp:148]
                    Fixed! UE-90171 Crash when generating proxylods on some datasets
                    Fixed! UE-88662 Cannot draw closed path in PolyPath Tool
                    Fixed! UE-85652 Crash when importing large FBX with Morph Targets and Disaster Recovery enabled
                    Fixed! UE-90423 MoviePipeline: Playback Bounds don't work correctly on sequences with only a camera cut track.
                    Fixed! UE-90418 MoviePipeline: Output setting in Shot Config doesn't import from Preset
                    Fixed! UE-90404 Sequencer: Control Rig: Blending sections doesn't work with Control Rig Sections.
                    Fixed! UE-90372 Adding a template sequence track can sometimes result in the editor freezing
                    Fixed! UE-90367 MoviePipeline: Shots after the first one sometimes don't evaluate
                    Fixed! UE-90363 MoviePipeline: Some High Res tile counts cause crash
                    Fixed! UE-90357 MoviePipeline: A shutter angle of zero causes a crash
                    Fixed! UE-90210 Sequencer: Copy/Paste Keys should overwrite existing keys or have option
                    Fixed! UE-90209 Sequencer: Next/Prev Key loops to start/end when at last/first key
                    Fixed! UE-90208 Sequencer: Curve Editor: Would be good to have a way to save level sequence from Curve Editor/Hot Key
                    Fixed! UE-90207 Sequencer: Curve Editor: Change hot keys for Tools from 'W' and 'E' to something else.
                    Fixed! UE-89581 Lock to viewport button is missing when going into a nested sequence with a spawnable blueprint
                    Fixed! UE-89877 Crash adding template sequence to itself
                    Fixed! UE-79065 Ability to specify window size in sequencer command line renders
                    Fixed! UE-87173 Ensure playing camera shake with Single Instance enabled
                    Fixed! UE-87532 Adjusting Start Values for Play, work and view area in Sequencer does not work as expected
                    Fixed! UE-90677 MoviePipeline: Export step doesn't do anything
                    Fixed! UE-90658 MoviePipeline: Screen Percentage options don't work.
                    Fixed! UE-90584 Crash when adding two of the same actors from the Modes Panel in Sequencer
                    Fixed! UE-90656 Adding a camera cut track through sequencer scripting does not set the movie scene's camera cut track
                    Fixed! UE-89945 Enabling Audio Capture Timecode Provider, (LTC audio) crashes Editor
                    Fixed! UE-85110 VR Scouting - Can not hold grip on Camera for re-location
                    Fixed! UE-90380 Crash loading a sub level
                    Fixed! UE-89446 Remove Leap Motion plugin from engine
                    Fixed! UE-89321 SteamVR turns off vsync globally
                    Fixed! UE-89656 SteamVR icon displayed prominently in the Unreal Editor toolbar by default if SteamVR is installed
                    Fixed! UE-90640 Azure Spatial Anchors: watcher not working
                    Fixed! UE-84326 Deploying a C++ project with Morpheus enabled causes a Crash on Launch 'sceVideoOutConfigureOutputMode failed: 0x80290016'
                    Fixed! UE-86191 "Scene Capture Component 2D" Causes Big Performance Dip In VR
                    Fixed! UE-86077 Packaging plugins for HoloLens fails
                    Fixed! UE-85716 HoloLens crashes on EngineTest launch
                    Fixed! UE-87447 OpenXRInput providing invalid suggested bindings for go_controller and daydream_controller
                    Fixed! UE-87311 Planar Reflections Cause Big Performance Hit In Packaged VR Projects
                    Fixed! UE-86577 XR: Mobile VR crashes with Assertion Failed: Enclosing block should never be called
                    Fixed! UE-86576 XR: Oculus Go fails to launch packaged project with app stopped working popup


                      > Fixed! UE-90325 Unable to package for Android on Binary | Missing and package.xml
                      Thank you


                        I'm excited to say that Preview 3 seems to have fixed this error!! Thank you Epic games!
                        Assertion failed: !Material->IsDefaultMaterial() [File:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Materials/Material.cpp] [Line: 335]


                          Overwriting sampling for ray traced translucency still has no effect:

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	RT_Trans_Sampling.jpg Views:	972 Size:	97.7 KB ID:	1733859
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                            frostic Looks like the " UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): ERROR: Missing precompiled manifest for 'Launch'. This module was most likely not flagged for being included in a precompiled build - set 'PrecompileForTargets = PrecompileTargetsType.Any;' in to override." bug has been fixed in Preview 3, I got a successful packaged build!


                              Animation Timeline Refactor (Beta). Asset editors for animation assets now use a Sequencer-like timeline that provides a more consistent look and feel when dealing with animation data. Editing of Animation Montage sections is now done in a dedicated tab with breadcrumb trails and dropdown menus. Additionally, Animation Curves now use a fully-featured Sequencer-like Curve Editor.
                              Oh man. This is great. The curve editor was so hard to work with before while the sequencer curve editor was pretty good.