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    [PREVIEW] Unreal Engine 4.25 Preview


    Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.25 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

    Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

    Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

    Known & Fixed Issues4.25 Preview Summary

    This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.25 release.

    AI Updates:
    • Navigation Improvements (Beta). The following improvements have been implemented for navmeshes:
      • Options for handling offline navmesh builds.
      • New CostLimit property in FindPath navigation queries.
      • Options for filling collision under navmeshes. When set on a static mesh component, the navmesh will not be generated under the surface of the geometry.
    Animation Updates:
    • Animation Insights (Experimental). The editor now includes Animation Insights to visualize gameplay state, live animation behavior, and information from recorded traces.
    • Animation Timeline Refactor (Beta). Asset editors for animation assets now use a Sequencer-like timeline that provides a more consistent look and feel when dealing with animation data. Editing of Animation Montage sections is now done in a dedicated tab with breadcrumb trails and dropdown menus. Additionally, Animation Curves now use a fully-featured Sequencer-like Curve Editor.
    • Animation Compression Improvements (Beta). Plugins can now specify new Animation Compression schemes and compression data structures. Animation Sequences now reference Compression Settings Assets, which contain one or more codecs to apply to the Animation Sequence, replacing the earlier concept of hardcoded “Automatic Compression.” Animation compression is now performed asynchronously as a non-blocking operation inside Unreal Editor.
    • Control Rig Improvements (Experimental). Control Rigs are now more memory efficient and performant than the previous iteration (up to 20% faster and up to 75% memory savings). We have added Visual Debugging, Direct Manipulation for values to improve the overall user experience. The hierarchy now supports trees of bones, spaces and controls where controls represent the 3d user interface to the rig. We also improved flexibility in user interface design and added full coverage for scripting in Python to automate workflow tasks as well as extended support for Control Rig in Sequence.
    Audio Updates:
    • Convolution Reverb (Beta). Convolution Reverb provides a way to digitally simulate reverberation based on real-world samples from physical spaces, and produces a more realistic sound environment.
    • Native Soundfield Ambisonics (Beta). This feature brings a new dimension to audio in a 3D, interactive environment by providing sound relative to the position of both the listener and the sound origination point.
    • Soundfield and Endpoint Submixes (Beta). These submixes reduce development time when implementing any spatial audio format in UE, and provide better control on spatial localization for immersive gameplay.
    • Submix Assetization (Beta). Submix Assetization makes it possible to define default submixes in UE audio settings, providing faster iteration time.
    • Master/Sidechain Compression (Beta). This is an improved method for ducking ambient sounds when the listener's focus needs to be heightened. For example, when an enemy approaches, the sound of their footsteps isn't masked by a louder but more distant grenade explosion.
    Core Updates:
    • Unreal Insights (Beta). This release features UX and architecture improvements for the Insights application performance profiling tool.
    • FProperty Refactor. UProperty are refactored to be FProperty, which means that UProperty is no longer a UObject after this release. Note that this is an API update, and the refactor should go unnoticed by end-users who don't work with the source code.
    Datasmith Updates:
    • LiDAR Point Clouds: Unreal Engine now offers native support for the most popular point cloud formats. We’ve taken the LiDAR Point Clouds Plugin from the Marketplace, made major improvements to its performance and scalability, added new settings and features including the option to delete hidden points, and made the Plugin available directly in the Plugins window of the Unreal Editor.
    • Visual Dataprep (Beta). Updates include:
      • The Visual Dataprep graph editor now has a distinct look and feel that better reflects its execution and data flows.
      • We’ve exposed the main Dataprep actions to Blueprint and Python, so your editor scripts can drive imports through the Visual Dataprep system.
      • We’ve added some new Select By nodes to filter objects by Layer, by vertex count, or by triangle count.
      • Several new Operator nodes offer additional options for setting up your scene and your Assets, such as the ability to add random offsets to the 3D positions of your Actors, flip the facing directions of triangles in your Static Meshes, replace Asset references, and more.
    • Datasmith Interop. Several updates have been made, including:
      • Rhino: You can now choose on import whether to have Datasmith tessellate all parametric surfaces for you, or whether you want to reuse triangular meshes previously created by Rhino and stored in your Rhino scene.
        In addition, Datasmith now imports Rhino points as empty Actors, and it imports technical metadata about Rhino objects as Tags on the Actors.
      • Revit: The Datasmith Export Plugin for Revit now includes a plugin for Dynamo: DatasmithDynamoNode.dll. It contains a new DatasmithDynamoNode.Export3DViewsToDatasmith node that you can use to batch export multiple 3D views from Revit to .udatasmith files.
        We’ve also made many fixes and improvements in handling pivot points, importing families and hierarchies, converting PBR materials, and naming Static Mesh Components and Texture Assets.
      • PLMXML: The Datasmith CAD Importer can now import PLMXML files. The import process automatically imports geometry from referenced files, preserves scene hierarchy and placement, converts PLMXML User Data to Datasmith Metadata, and creates a Variant for each PLMXML Product View that you can use with the Variant Manager.
    • Variant Manager. We’ve made several ease-of-use improvements to the Variant Manager UI:
      • You can use external image files as thumbnails for Variants.
      • Automatically swap a bound Actor in a Variant to a different Actor.
      • Reorder captured properties.
      • Set the values of captured color properties more easily using a color picker.
      • Capture settings from Cine Camera Actors.
      • When you set up a Variant to call a Blueprint function on activation, the function now receives additional arguments for context: the Level Variant Set Asset, the Variant being activated, and the Variant Set that owns the activated Variant. This context helps you set up complex responses, such as activating other Variants that are dependencies for the one being activated.
    • Editor Performance (Experimental). This release makes significant performance gains when saving newly created Assets, creating proxy meshes, decomposing geometry into convex hulls, and using Datasmith to import from .udatasmith, Deltagen, and VRED.
    • Modeling Tools (Experimental). We continue to make improvements to our experimental in-viewport geometry editing and sculpting tools. This release focuses on adaptive mesh sculpting, interactive tools for creating and modifying polygroups and UV mappings, and mesh repair tools.
    • Live USD (Experimental). The USD Importer is now faster and more responsive, with multi-threaded import and better rendering performance. It also makes your scene integrate better into Unreal workflows — for example:
      • Each USD Layer is brought in with its own Sequencer track.
      • The importer brings in the USD Purpose of your scene objects (default, render, proxy, guide).
      • You can assign Unreal Materials to your USD Primitives.
      • The USD Stage is now exposed to Blueprints and to Python, so you can control it from editor scripts that you write.
      • If you have a custom USD schema, you can hook up custom C++ callback functions to handle your own data structures.
    Editor Updates:
    • Disaster Recovery. The Data Recovery system records transactions and sends them to a recovery service. When the Editor detects that a session has ended abnormally, it sends a request to the recovery service and retrieves the last recorded session.
    • Editor/Paint Mode Refactor. The Mesh Paint Mode has been upgraded. The update preserves the functionality of the original tool, but provides a smoother workflow and UI.
    Gameplay and Scripting Updates:
    • Improved Convert-to-Blueprint. When creating a Blueprint from multiple selected Actors in the Level Editor, you can now make a Blueprint with a single master Actor that has one Child Actor Component for each of the Actors you selected. This means that you can now save groups of Actors to a single Blueprint and place those Actors around your Level, or in other Levels, by dropping in (or spawning) just one Blueprint.
    Mobile Updates:
    • New Default Rendering Feature Levels. OpenGL ES3.1 is now the default feature level for Android, and Metal 2.0 is the default feature level for iOS.
    • Android NDK 21. Unreal Engine 4.25 now uses NDK 21, providing Android toolchain improvements and optimizations as well as improved compatibility for Android code libraries. This will require a new setup process, as UE4 Android developers must now install Android Studio instead of CodeWorks.
    • Android App Bundles. In 4.25, developers now have the option to create an app bundle build for the Google Play Store instead of a traditional APK. Instead of creating a range of APKs for the devices you want to support, the Google Play Store uses a single app bundle (AAB) to create a customized APK for the user's device when a user downloads an app. Additionally, the final APK distributed to a user's device through an app bundle build can have a size of 150 Mb instead of 100.
    • iOS Launch Storyboards (Beta). We have added support for using XCode storyboards as launch screens on iOS devices, providing both improved means for scaling iOS launch screens and animation features. Apple now requires the use of storyboards instead of static launch screens.
    • Android Game SDK (Beta). We now support Google's Swappy frame pacing solution, providing more stable frame rates and improved touch input latency.
    • Eye Adaptation on Mobile (Beta). Auto-exposure can now be enabled on mobile devices alongside other post-processing features.
    • Virtual Texturing on Mobile (Experimental). The virtual texturing features introduced in 4.23 are now available for use on mobile devices.
    • Added support for Google's Billing Library 2.0.
    Networking Updates:
    • Networking Insights (Experimental). Unreal Insights now includes Networking Insights to visualize network gameplay data and identify performance bottlenecks or faulty code.
    Niagara Updates:
    • Audio Data Interface. The Audio Oscilloscope and Audio Spectrum data interface modules give you the tools to create audio visualizations using Niagara in UE4.
    • Direct Reads. The Particle Attribute Reader data interface module gives you the ability to directly read parameter data from other parts of the source emitter, or to target other emitters and get parameter data from them.
    • Parameter Panel UI Update. The Parameter Panel UI in the Niagara Script Editor has been improved, and now more closely resembles the Parameters Panel in Blueprint Visual Scripting.
    • Effect Types. The new Effect Type Asset enables you to set certain common properties that apply to all effects of that type.
    • Emitter Inheritance Reparenting. Inheritance is a powerful tool in Niagara; now you can change the parent of an emitter. When the parent is changed, any modules in the child emitter that match the new parent will be updated; but anything that does not match the new parent emitter will be preserved on the child emitter.
    • Platform Scalability. There are now ways to directly change how your emitters and systems perform on different platforms. This enables you to improve the performance of Niagara across platforms. Scalability settings are in Emitter Properties as well as in the Effect Type Asset.
    • Removal of Namespaces from Module Authoring. The use of Namespaces has been significantly overhauled. When you declare the usage of a parameter, you assign the parameter to a specific category (Inputs, References, Outputs, Locals) and give it a target Scope to read from.
    • Scratch Pad. The Scratch Pad is a miniature version of the Script Editor that displays right in the Niagara Emitter and System Editor. With the Scratch Pad you can experiment with creating custom modules and dynamic inputs, and you can either use them locally, save them for use in other emitters or systems, or delete it and start over.
    • Selection Stack UI Improvements. We have improved the Selection panel's UI! Now you can cut, copy and paste modules, inputs and renderers.
    • Simulation Stages (Experimental). We have a new framework in Niagara called Simulation Stages. This framework has a set module (called a simulation stage) that evaluates all particles before a subsequent stage.
    Rendering Updates:
    • Auto Exposure improvements. Different metering modes have had their settings unified so that it is easier to work. There are several new features and changes that go along with this update. Also, with these changes means that we have also broken backwards compatibility and provide an upgrade path. However, you will want to take these changes into consideration for your project. Look for our "How auto exposure has changed in 4.25" technical blog for more information.
    • Shader Model Improvements for Anisotropic, Clear Coat, and Transparency. Improvements include:
      • Anisotropic Materials (Beta). UE4 now supports anisotropic material properties. It can be enabled in the Project Settings under the Rendering section and use the Anisotropic input on the main material node to control its strength.
      • Clear Coat Improvements. The clear coat BRDF has been improved to be more physically accurate with punctual lights. Use the Clear Coat Shading Model and enable the Dual Normal settings in the Project Settings under the Rendering section.
      • Thin Transparency. We have a new Shading Model for Thin Transparency that enables you to achieve PBR tinted and colored transparent objects, such as tinted glass. Use the Thin Transparency shading model and the Thin Transparency expression in the Material graph to set up and use this type of material.
    • Ray Tracing Updates. Includes:
      • Niagara Mesh Emitter support for GPU and CPU
      • Supports the Anisotropic and Clear Coat Shading models
      • The Path Tracer now supports Clear Coat materials for ground truth reference image comparison.
    • Hair Rendering and Simulation Improvements (Beta). Improvements include:
      • No longer need to use a Niagara asset with your Groom Assets. These properties are exposed directly to the Groom asset now.
      • Additional options added to the Groom Asset to control the Tip, Root, and Hair Clip length.
      • Improved stability, performance, and additional workflows, especially around load time of assets.
      • Better handling of physics asset interpolation for better collision detection against the body.
      • Groom are now transferable between meshes that share the same UV space.
    • Sky Atmosphere Updates. Includes:
      • Transmittance is now evaluated per pixel ensuring luminance on planet surfaces viewed from space looks correct when enabled via console variable.
        • Enabling this also enables the planetary atmospheres to cast a shadow on nearby moons.
      • The SkyAtmosphere component now has a mode to transform it relatively according to the component transform and support hierarchy.
      • Material Layers (Beta). Improvements include:
        • Blueprint functions to modify material layer parameters at runtime.
        • Improved behavior for base materials that makes layer changes to be propagated to any child instances.
    Sequencer Updates:
    • Adding Spatialize Master Audio to Sequencer. You can now add Spatialized Master Audio to a Sequence by attaching audio sections to individual track components at specified times. Audio icons are drawn at the attachment points in the viewport to help visualize the spatialization.
    • Camera Cut Blending. The Camera Cut track now supports blending. This allows you to easily blend in and out of a cinematic or blend between different cinematic cuts.
    • Improved Camera Shakes: Spatialized camera shakes are now improved for ease of use and creating more realistic shakes, and eliminates the need to use Blueprints to setup the shakes.
    • Take Recorder Enhancements. There are several quality of life enhancements to streamline using Take Recorder and improving the overall user experience, such as specifying the frame rate of a recorded sequence and recording keyframes.
    • Template Sequences (Beta). Template Sequences allow you to easily reuse an animation sequence on multiple objects and cinematics, such as dynamically playing cinematics on arbitrary characters and props. They also reduce asset duplication and saves time overall.
    • Introducing Movie Render Manager for Exporting Media (Experimental). The new Movie Render Manager focuses on improved quality, ease of use, and streamlined integration into production pipelines, and is perfect for non-real time situations, such as creating game trailers.
    • Animating Rigged Characters in Level Editor with Control Rig (Experimental). Using Control Rigs, you can animate rigged characters in the Level Editor, and then export them as animation sequences to use game.
    Virtual Production Updates:
    • nDisplay Improvements. We have added several features designed to improve the experience of using nDisplay, including:
      • Added support for specifying GPU affinity in order to leverage multiple GPUs and optimize overall system complexity reducing the amount of computers required for nDisplay projects.
      • Implemented API RHI layer interprocess texture sharing to allow sub-processes to access gpu texture data back and forth in a safe and efficient fashion.
      • Implemented Nvidia’s new API for synchronization to avoid special cases of tearing.
      • You can now specify a custom mesh to use to warp the rendered output.
      • You can now specify viewport rendering scale in Blueprint at runtime or parameter in the config.
      • Ability to specify a collection of layers to hide from wall rendering.
      • Ability to specify multiple camera frutums for productions utilizing multiple cameras simultaneously.
      • Ability to rotate the rendered output to accommodate the most efficient wall layout for the physical set.
      • Improved how LiveLink works when used in conjunction with mult-iuser workflows.
      • Improved stability of greenscreen tracking markers using the UVs of the warp mesh or screen space for mapping.
    • 3D Text Improvements (Beta). 3D text has received several improvements for this release, including:
      • The Text 3D Actor now supports native True Type Fonts (.ttf) or Open Type fonts (.otf).
      • 3D Text meshes are now cached for better performance.
      • Procedural animations can be applied to 3D Text using the Text3DCharacterTransform component.
      • 3D Text can be extruded and beveled.
      • Materials can be applied to 4 faces: Front, Bevel, Sides, and Back.
      • Multiple formatting options are now available, such as alignment, kerning, line spacing, word spacing, etc.
    • Timecode Improvements. We’ve improved how you work with timecodes in your Unreal Engine projects to be more robust and easier to setup and troubleshoot without needing to involve an engineer.
    XR Updates:
    • Hololens 2. Unreal now supports App Remoting from a desktop app without Unreal Editor running. We also added OpenXR support displaying pixels on HL2, late stage reprojection, enabled mixed reality capture from a 3rd person camera view, and eliminated render target copies for the frame, depth, and 3rd camera render buffers, which should reduce latency by 2 ms/frame.
    • Azure Spatial Anchors Support for Hololens 2 (Beta): Azure Spatial Anchor support for the Hololens 2 has been added to Unreal. Spatial anchors will allow holograms to persist in real-world space between sessions.
    • Magic Leap. For developers targeting Magic Leap, we added support for setting up shared world experiences using new GameMode, PlayerController and GameState classes, added more utility APIs for content persistence, added API integrations for Connections and camera intrinsics, Revamped Magic Leap's the AugmentedReality interface to make migration of handheld AR project to Magic Leap easier, improved performance and stability of Zero Iteration, added Visual Studio Debugger support for Blueprint-only projects, and provided support to change thread affinities via config vars.
    • Motion Controller Keys Removal. Motion Controller keys were deprecated in 4.24 and are now fully removed in 4.25.

    Fixed in Preview 2
    Fixed! UE-89378 Montage Sections tab does not scroll when it includes many sections
    Fixed! UE-89320 Editor Closes/Crashes after adding animation sequences to an Anim Montage are undone
    Fixed! UE-88277 Crash in Editor After Editing an Animation in the Curve Editor and Rapidly Pressing CTRL + Z
    Fixed! UE-86626 GitHub 6538 : SteamAudio: Add Dynamic Geometry Support
    Fixed! UE-87178 Editor process does not exit due to infinite wait in AudioDevice FadeOut
    Fixed! UE-88888 Source Rotation for Ambisonics Sources is not working.
    Fixed! UE-90136 Fix issue with automation driver message handling
    Fixed! UE-90056 Do not use crash reporter client in monitor mode for dedicated servers
    Fixed! UE-89329 QAGameServer -iostore does not call the IoStore commandlet
    Fixed! UE-89293 Packaging QAGame with bUseIoStore in Binary fails with a UAT crash - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000044 - ParsePakOrderFile
    Fixed! UE-87771 End user can specify "-nopak -iostore" in a BuildCookRun commandline, which will skip using IoStore, causing end user confusion
    Fixed! UE-86065 Uproperty Map<TWeakObjectPtr<UObject>, FString> crashes when Item is added from Instance's Details Panel
    Fixed! UE-90213 Installed Build Command Fails with Visual Studio 2019
    Fixed! UE-81222 Packaging Mac Client through the File Menu Dialog does not create app bundle
    Fixed! UE-89418 Crash Report Client does not run in background of packaged UE4Game
    Fixed! UE-89829 GitHub 6742 : # Ignore documentation generated for C# tools
    Fixed! UE-89867 Missing new plugins from enterprise templates
    Fixed! UE-89895 Test_SetByCallerStackingDuration encounters warning: No GameplayCueNotifyPaths were specified in DefaultGame.ini
    Fixed! UE-87809 Update ObjectMacros.h to include DeterminesOutputType and any other MD_ / etc... flags we can find that are currently undocumented
    Fixed! UE-89736 CLONE - AI controlled pawn does not navigate around obstacles
    Fixed! UE-89908 UBlueprint::SearchGuid is unused and can be deleted
    Fixed! UE-89939 Deleting struct in Windows Explorer leaves dirty traces in BPs.
    Fixed! UE-88129 User-instanced subobjects owned by a streaming sublevel's Blueprint CDO cannot be garbage collected with the owning world after the sublevel has been reloaded in the editor.
    Fixed! UE-88789 Dispatch Event binding on a component breaks when an actor using it changes state and compiles.
    Fixed! UE-68023 Undo of apply instance changes does not restore instanced components
    Fixed! UE-44333 Collision does not appear to work in a packaged game after nativizing child assets
    Fixed! UE-90285 Crash after selecting 'Assign to Selected Actor' on a level blueprint bound event and compiling the level blueprint
    Fixed! UE-84760 Strange error attempting to use struct inputs within Macro Library
    Fixed! UE-89719 Changing the input pin type of a macro graph does not invalidate any previous connections
    Fixed! UE-90087 Blueprint breakpoints do not trigger on Begin Play
    Fixed! UE-79501 When duplicating a Blueprint that has modified Blueprint Display Name, we should reset it or increment it on the new BP
    Fixed! UE-85090 K2Node_FunctionResult needs to handle renames in its string pointers to default objects
    Fixed! UE-89891 Changing mobility on one component will result in multiple toasts about attached components' mobility changing
    Fixed! UE-88804 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Engine!UWorld::SpawnActor(UClass *,FTransform const *,FActorSpawnParameters const &) [LevelActor.cpp:395]
    Fixed! UE-85398 FXmppModule::ProcessPendingRemovals is never called, causing closed xmpp connections to never be cleaned up
    Fixed! UE-89833 [Pixel Streaming]: Update Encryption lib
    Fixed! UE-89854 Platform extensions showing up under an additional Engine folder in UE4 solution
    Fixed! UE-70197 Background Blur in UMG is filled with black when UI.CompositeMode is used in HDR
    Fixed! UE-89825 Gpu Profiler Events lastStartTime assert
    Fixed! UE-89798 Overtime, Crash Report Client fail to launch when editor crash on Linux
    Fixed! UE-89432 Linux log spam when extra window open
    Fixed! UE-84939 CrashReportClient does not launch on Linux when issuing 'debug audiogpf'
    Fixed! UE-89918 GitHub 6746 : Re-enabled FMacPlatformProcess::IsSandboxedApplication.
    Fixed! UE-89165 QAGame Packaged with Sig/Pak Files fails to Launch on Mac
    Fixed! UE-89933 TM-ShaderModel fails to launch on iPad Air 2 (any <= A8)
    Fixed! UE-89822 Global shaders don't be recompiled after turn on/off MobileHDR
    Fixed! UE-89810 Provide more control over OBBs mounted at startup
    Fixed! UE-89660 Custom Depth comparisons on mobile incorrect when no custom depth primitives are rendered
    Fixed! UE-89451 Add support for "Apple Development" certificates
    Fixed! UE-89450 QQ Pinyin Input method cannot input characters into EditableTextBox on Android Platform.
    Fixed! UE-90038 It will crash after set r.Mobile.AllowMovableDirectionalLights to false
    Fixed! UE-89998 New SetupAndroid.bat (and other scripts) not present in binary build
    Fixed! UE-89986 ActionRPG assertion exiting to main menu on iOS
    Fixed! UE-90230 [Action RPG] Smoke effect behind unpurchased items has hitching issues which are exacerbated by longer game sessions
    Fixed! UE-89915 recompileshaders console command is broken during COTF
    Fixed! UE-89879 Crash upon using RHI -vulkan with error: "Entry.Offset > PrevOffset"
    Fixed! UE-89811 Invalid Shader Param in LightPropagationVolume.
    Fixed! UE-89370 SimplifySkeletalMeshLOD assert during cooking
    Fixed! UE-89175 The editor crashes if textures are dragged into a material
    Fixed! UE-90265 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: CurrentScope == nullptr
    Fixed! UE-90079 Crash when opening the editor on Linux - Failed to compile global shader FHairEnvironmentLightingVS with Fatal error: [File: ShaderCompiler.cpp]
    Fixed! UE-90033 "Assertion failed: ClearValue.ColorBinding == EClearBinding::EColorBound" Occurs When Trying To Open QAGame With -OpenGL
    Fixed! UE-89993 SkyAtmosphere.ViewPlanet automation tests fail with screenshot differences on DX12
    Fixed! UE-89995 Multiple VolumetricFogDynamicLighting automation tests fail with screenshot differences on DX12
    Fixed! UE-89610 Crash changing texture format for a texture
    Fixed! UE-89472 Cascade particles flash during playback of Anim sequence
    Fixed! UE-89900 LPVs have incorrect PreExposure
    Fixed! UE-89883 Android Shader crash - Errors compiling global shader FHairEnvironmentLightingPS
    Fixed! UE-89968 CornellBox Engine Tests fail due to dark shadows in Ambient Occlusion
    Fixed! UE-82636 Material layers do not prompt recompilation of all Materials that utilize them
    Fixed! UE-89916 New matrix parameters in the stack have random values.
    Fixed! UE-89884 Dynamic Beams endpoints and tangents being stretched instead of recalculated
    Fixed! UE-89777 Niagara Ribbon Facing Mode Custom Side Vector does not work correctly
    Fixed! UE-89778 Assert when dragging and dropping a module with a data interface.
    Fixed! UE-89503 Crash while System is compiling - Assertion failed: !bDeletedThroughDeferredCleanup
    Fixed! UE-89707 Unable to click delete button when module name is too long in Niagara Editor
    Fixed! UE-89379 Niagara Editor unpausing
    Fixed! UE-89362 Select by simulation target now generates errors in the module graph
    Fixed! UE-89437 Sprite cutout textures do not take Particles.UVScale into account
    Fixed! UE-89225 The SetEmitterEnable BP function doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-90219 It is too easy to mess up Emitter State conversion from Emitter Life Cycle in deprecation
    Fixed! UE-90187 Extreme Flickering Occurring In Entire Level When Facing Niagara Systems on Android
    Fixed! UE-90177 Module and multiple input copy/paste doesn't work correctly with static switches.
    Fixed! UE-90106 Text overlaps with buttons in selection stack.
    Fixed! UE-89280 The engine crashes if you attempt to rename a module in the stack in 4.25
    Fixed! UE-89372 Creating Niagara.Numeric crashes unreal
    Fixed! UE-88802 Niagara Viewport does not display editor scalability setting
    Fixed! UE-88981 Out of sync engine tests for skeletal mesh
    Fixed! UE-87938 CPU emitters do not generate warnings if textures are referenced within it
    Fixed! UE-87600 Crash clearing a Niagara Parameter Collection Instance's Collection
    Fixed! UE-88765 Get Niagara Emitter Vec3 Attrib Results in Hard Crash
    Fixed! UE-88754 Creating a Matrix within an Emitter Spawn crashes the Editor
    Fixed! UE-86912 Crash when right-clicking a node in a Niagara system and closing the Niagara editor
    Fixed! UE-82074 Niagara systems do not update their thumbnail on first click of the thumbnail update button
    Fixed! UE-85665 Rejection sampling, from the particle spawn script, is not supported
    Fixed! UE-86683 Modules need kick-starting after a 'fix-issues' is used.
    Fixed! UE-77005 Assert - Numeric types can be used as inputs for Dynamic Function Scripts
    Fixed! UE-76871 Niagara Sample Static Mesh. Source Not Working
    Fixed! UE-76161 DataInstance.Alive doesn't propagate across spawn/update scripts
    Fixed! UE-76002 VM crash when inserting certain module in Niagara stack
    Fixed! UE-67339 Niagara spams warnings about sampled static mesh vert colors when none are available
    Fixed! UE-66243 Editor crash when adding multiple receivers to a Niagara emitter's event handler
    Fixed! UE-66256 Inconsistent rules with our variable default settings functionality make it harder to author content
    Fixed! UE-89701 Error messages spam when selecting multiple emitter in Timeline
    Fixed! UE-90115 Crash when renaming and undoing renames.
    Fixed! UE-90110 Impossible to tell from the system overview which items have been renamed or what their original name was.
    Fixed! UE-90108 Delete trash can showing up for all selection stack groups even when they can't be deleted.
    Fixed! UE-89950 Can not undo deleting a renderer from the stack view.
    Fixed! UE-90109 Can not rename renderers.
    Fixed! UE-87220 Crash when pasting certain modules within a Niagara Emitter
    Fixed! UE-89898 SimStagesGrid2D test fails due to screenshot mismatch
    Fixed! UE-89914 EngineTest crashes prior to completion 'InstancedStaticMesh.cpp] [Line: 1254]'
    Fixed! UE-89439 Niagara sprites are not visible in ray tracing
    Fixed! UE-89160 r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects 1 with raytracing enabled crashes the editor
    Fixed! UE-89223 Niagara crashes the editor when Ray tracing is enabled and static meshes are assigned to a mesh renderer in 4.25
    Fixed! UE-89997 Multiple Niagara screen shot tests failed w/ DX12
    Fixed! UE-88123 Inconsistent lighting results in jittering shadows with ray tracing enabled
    Fixed! UE-80815 GitHub 6243 : Small improvements to reflections
    Fixed! UE-77668 Crash on failed PSO creation with raytracing on a Quadro 8000 (...hash PKNDJIND )
    Fixed! UE-77061 Particle reflections lose accurate motion vectors during camera translations
    Fixed! UE-83322 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!ProcessCompiledGlobalShaders(TArray<FShaderCommonCompileJob *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > const &) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4637]
    Fixed! UE-81590 Ray tracing ignores enable/disable flag for sections
    Fixed! UE-89880 Platform-specific shader debug information generation does not work
    Fixed! UE-86272 Crash when Baking Materials using DX12
    Fixed! UE-72725 Support for DRED on D3D12
    Fixed! UE-89624 Crash if the number of spline points is less the one spline point currently selected
    Fixed! UE-89594 Changing Weight and Texture paint mode settings do not persist when switching menus.
    Fixed! UE-89401 One-off crash referencing TickableEditorObject.h:81 when viewing show flags dropdown
    Fixed! UE-89294 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FEditorModeTools::ActivateMode(FName, bool) [EditorModeManager.cpp:928]
    Fixed! UE-89337 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UUnrealEdEngine::CanSelectActor(AActor *,bool,bool,bool) [EditorSelectUtils.cpp:492]
    Fixed! UE-89059 Layer Parameter Panel Crashes
    Fixed! UE-88992 Mac - Unable to drag-drop import with special characters
    Fixed! UE-87910 ClassViewer creates wrong object after losing focus
    Fixed! UE-87649 Crash when compiling a running Editor Utility Widget
    Fixed! UE-87472 Entering experimental Mesh Paint Mode paint mode disables mouse viewport nagivation
    Fixed! UE-87032 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-MeshPaint!TexturePaintHelpers::CreateTempUncompressedTexture(UTexture2D *) [TexturePaintHelpers.cpp:350]
    Fixed! UE-86260 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!FText::IsEmpty() [Text.cpp:276]
    Fixed! UE-72760 Distance-scaled camera speed setting causes undesired behavior with flight controls
    Fixed! UE-89627 Packaging QAEnterprise for Mac fails - ERROR: QAEnterprise modifies the value of GlobalDefinitions. This is not allowed, as QAEnterprise has build products in common with UE4Game.
    Fixed! UE-87689 Safe Zones are not being drawn in New Window PIE
    Fixed! UE-89767 Text Entry is not applied or cancelled on focus lost during Rename
    Fixed! UE-89760 Crash creating a Dataprep asset - Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/Misc/PackageName.cpp] [Line: 497] LongPackageNameToFilename failed to convert '/Game'. Path does not map to any roots.
    Fixed! UE-89508 Dataprep - Crash outputing in the same folder as the dataprep instance
    Fixed! UE-90147 Incorrect location of spawned actors using Spawn Actors At Location
    Fixed! UE-89334 Co-ex issue with Datasmith exporters.
    Fixed! UE-89279 Crash exporting revit files (VCredist not installed by our exporters setups)
    Fixed! UE-89088 Dataprep recipe node renamed 'Reinstanciated blue print' upon re-compiling a blueprint user defined node.
    Fixed! UE-87594 Graph panel resets to initial view when an action is added to the graph
    Fixed! UE-88619 Crash when renaming a dataprep action
    Fixed! UE-88788 USD Stage - Undo/redo has incorrect behavior
    Fixed! UE-79198 Dataprep - 3d viewport, Lightmap density not rendered properly
    Fixed! UE-86875 Annoying movement of the graph panel when dragging an item and entering by the left side of the window
    Fixed! UE-90146 Dataprep - widgets bleeds outside of action node when moving separator
    Fixed! UE-90052 Crash when creating dataprep asset in 4.25 preview 1
    Fixed! UE-90181 Crash when reimporting animated scene with dataprep while sequencer is open
    Fixed! UE-89598 Dataprep Warning msg to overwrite level appears twice
    Fixed! UE-89565 Dataprep - F2 not working on Actions as it should
    Fixed! UE-89580 Dataprep - Crash trying to input relative navigations to level creation
    Fixed! UE-89579 Dataprep - Level name should be sanitized
    Fixed! UE-89576 Dataprep - Move step to + Add Step should rename the button accordingly to the action
    Fixed! UE-89550 DataPrep - Output to Folder should do a sanitize check on the name of the folder
    Fixed! UE-89704 CAD - RHINO - Re-import DS scene with Generate ligthmap UV doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-88545 Some entities in Revit exporter Datasmith scenes have an offset on their meshes
    Fixed! UE-89848 Skeletalmesh Insert LOD is messing material ID and section data
    Fixed! UE-90253 Crash when adding LOD and saving after
    Fixed! UE-89531 AutoSave detects dirty assets after saving changes made to a level containing a HLOD - causing a crash
    Fixed! UE-89905 Python USD tests fail with no suitable file found for
    Fixed! UE-89784 Crash reloading geometry cache from abc file after a PIE
    Fixed! UE-89779 USD Stage - Camera transforms are incorrect in PointInstancedMedCity sample scene
    Fixed! UE-89679 Crash opening animation sequence from Skeletal Mesh imported via Alembic file
    Fixed! UE-89422 USD Stage - Hiding a Prim is broken
    Fixed! UE-89118 USD Stage - Phantom prims are created when a new one is given the same name as another top-level prim
    Fixed! UE-90127 USD Stage - Skeletal meshes disappear when toggling visibility
    Fixed! UE-90041 USD Stage - can't hide Mesh type Prim
    Fixed! UE-77474 Unit size is not considered at import from USD file
    Fixed! UE-82921 Opened USD Stage window is not updated when opening level with or without UsdStageActor
    Fixed! UE-83038 USD Stage - Leaving a Prim name empty leave an item in the tree that can't be used
    Fixed! UE-89873 Shader Warnings entering Landscape Mode in LT2020_Chaos
    Fixed! UE-89641 Crash when auto saving after painting landscape grass with PhysX enabled
    Fixed! UE-89620 Crash when auto saving after painting landscape grass with Chaos enabled
    Fixed! UE-89629 Crash loading level after moving Edit Layer landscape to the persistent level
    Fixed! UE-90272 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape!FLandscapeGrassWeightMeshProcessor::Process
    Fixed! UE-89860 Changing localization to Japanese localizes Help URL to
    Fixed! UE-89644 CLONE - CLONE - Material layers editor bugs
    Fixed! UE-90086 Changing the channel name inside of the channel mask parameter node results in crash
    Fixed! UE-89557 Merging actors with Merge Materials and Opacity Mask enabled crashes the editor when placed in level
    Fixed! UE-89887 3D Gizmo is show in Modeling Mode even with no selection
    Fixed! UE-89495 Crash after undoing painting on a skeletal mesh
    Fixed! UE-90271 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MeshModelingToolsEditorOnly!UShapeSprayTool::Setup() [ShapeSprayTool.cpp:77]
    Fixed! UE-90220 Mouse gets stuck in capturing state in various Modeling Mode Tools
    Fixed! UE-90205 Normals do not properly update after undo/redo in PolyEdit Tool
    Fixed! UE-90165 Typing new value into Subdivisions field of Displace Mesh Tool doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-90163 Checkerboard Material does not work in multiple Tools
    Fixed! UE-87675 Cancel Tool Crashes after switching to Cinematic Viewport
    Fixed! UE-87545 Checkerboard Material does not work in Inspector Tool
    Fixed! UE-87544 Wireframe toggle should not invalidate current result in Simplify & Remesh
    Fixed! UE-87445 Checkerboard material mode in UV tools seems not to work
    Fixed! UE-84209 All material slots display slot 0 when using the Utility tools in Mesh Editing
    Fixed! UE-86277 One off Crash when deleting faces on a mesh in modeling mode
    Fixed! UE-70360 MeshEditing - Crash when deleting sections
    Fixed! UE-83273 draw polygon undo removes completed polygons but does not reset in-progress polygon state
    Fixed! UE-83097 draw polygon tool inconsistent click behavior
    Fixed! UE-89239 Camera and controls invert in static mesh editor when looking straight down
    Fixed! UE-84211 Normal Maps are flipped when using Utility tools in Mesh Editing
    Fixed! UE-89934 QAGame allows the user to Reload newly-created unsaved Asset
    Fixed! UE-89912 MoviePipeline: Canceling mid-render soft-locks the Editor
    Fixed! UE-89896 MoviePipeline: First frame is evaluated overly often
    Fixed! UE-89847 PNG sequence is rendered fully transparent
    Fixed! UE-89773 Crash rendering FrameAccuracyMaster_Master with Movie Render Queue - CurrentCameraCutIndex >= 0 && CurrentCameraCutIndex < CameraCuts.Num()
    Fixed! UE-89764 Audio tracks on multiple rows not playing back
    Fixed! UE-89708 Event counter showing incorrect count during sequencer playback
    Fixed! UE-89429 Recorded data is offset when not recording from 0
    Fixed! UE-90209 Sequencer: Next/Prev Key loops to start/end when at last/first key
    Fixed! UE-90173 Movie Render Queue does not render fade tracks
    Fixed! UE-90085 Using the shot_name token in File Name Format writes out DefaultShotName for every shot
    Fixed! UE-87811 Warm Up count setting under Anti-aliasing Render Movie Pipeline Settings
    Fixed! UE-87300 Engine Warm Up Count not restoring when Local Render is finished engine time is faster
    Fixed! UE-85324 TakeRecorder: Place source-specific settings before User Settings
    Fixed! UE-89619 Timed Input Monitor - Timecode Provider is not updated when changed from the Project Settings (needs restart)
    Fixed! UE-89513 LiveLink default preset fails to load if it depends on external modules
    Fixed! UE-90196 LiveLinkOverNDisplay plugin does not follow naming convention of "Live Link" and "nDisplay"
    Fixed! UE-90039 LiveLink over ndisplay crashes when using a preset in project settings
    Fixed! UE-90006 Virtual Production blueprint utilities fail to compile
    Fixed! UE-88434 Vprod: 60 FPS timecode on ref pin
    Fixed! UE-80154 Teleport to a bookmark doesn't teleport the user to the correct location
    Fixed! UE-89656 SteamVR icon displayed prominently in the Unreal Editor toolbar by default if SteamVR is installed
    Fixed! UE-89321 SteamVR turns off vsync globally
    Fixed! UE-89044 Object outlines vibrate/jitter when selected in editor viewport
    Fixed! UE-87013 steamVR runtime is called on editor launch
    Fixed! UE-81832 ARKit3QA - Should disable Automatic Signing option

    Fixed in Preview 3
    Fixed! UE-90544 Editor analytics reads the wrong key to report the user total RAM
    Fixed! UE-90460 Curve Editor - Transform Tool not transforming multiple keys on release
    Fixed! UE-90361 AudioSoloSound**** is not working as expected
    Fixed! UE-88739 Audio: Soundfield Submix: Sources sent through Oculus Binaural encoding are distorted
    Fixed! UE-88733 Audio: Soundfield Submix: Changing encoding on the Master Reverb Submix will break reverb
    Fixed! UE-89289 Editor crash PIE with number of players set to 4 on Linux | AudioMixerSubmix.cpp at Line 956
    Fixed! UE-87584 GitHub 6617 : Changed static Up- and Downmix Scratchbuffer to member variable in FDecodingSoundSource
    Fixed! UE-84654 Consider enabling DSP/ synthesis plugin by default
    Fixed! UE-89335 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-AudioMixer!Audio::FMixerSource::Init(FWaveInstance *) [AudioMixerSource.cpp:124]
    Fixed! UE-90427 If UE Root Directory is A Junction Errors Are Encountered During Startup
    Fixed! UE-90394 The total amount of physical ram is incorrectly reported by FPlatformMemory::GetStats()
    Fixed! UE-90254 Debug crash in Object Hash when loading blueprint editor
    Fixed! UE-87699 Launching standalone shootergame would crash | GarbageCollection.cpp Line: 2561
    Fixed! UE-90600 Several Warning: ReadToken: Bad quoted string warnings on UE4Editor launch
    Fixed! UE-90162 Access Violation getting Engine Directory when launching Cooker through ProjectLauncher with Custom Launch Profile for EngineTests
    Fixed! UE-90537 Unable to Compile Plugin on Mac OS with UE4.25
    Fixed! UE-90547 UBT exception (and possible editor corruption) attempting to rebuild a project created from Binary engine - Could not find file '...Engine\Binaries\Win64\'
    Fixed! UE-90360 Collaborative viewer needs to be available only on Windows
    Fixed! UE-55051 AutoCreateRefTerm does not provide a way to specify that a TArray property within a struct should have a default value created for it if none is provided
    Fixed! UE-90599 SpawnedAttributes can contain invalid data
    Fixed! UE-90295 Deadlock if GC is triggered during the FiB index gather phase for loaded assets after editor startup.
    Fixed! UE-35607 Setting child actor component offset breaks child component variables set in parent constructor
    Fixed! UE-12390 Blueprints: Potentially incorporate the Actor instance name into the component name(s) when "harvesting" components from selected Actor instances to create a new BP class.
    Fixed! UE-90008 Crash when mousing over array parameter in Blueprint function graph while debugging
    Fixed! UE-90552 Subcomponent doesn't appear in IWCE until unselecting and reselecting Actor
    Fixed! UE-90307 RF_DefaultSubObject cleared incorrectly via Copy/Paste
    Fixed! UE-89825 Gpu Profiler Events lastStartTime assert
    Fixed! UE-90325 Unable to package for Android on Binary | Missing and package.xml
    Fixed! UE-90300 Runtime Virtual Texture crash on mobile
    Fixed! UE-90242 TM-ShaderModels crash on iOS with GPU Hang Error on com.Metal.CompletionQueueDispatch thread
    Fixed! UE-90199 SunTemple loads into a black screen on some Android devices
    Fixed! UE-89802 Crash on Launch on iOS failed to initialize ShaderCodeLibrary required
    Fixed! UE-89793 Android GL ES3_1 rendering issue around GPU particle sorting.
    Fixed! UE-89604 TM-ShaderModel fails to launch on iOS devices with A10 chips
    Fixed! UE-90617 Change small OBB limit to 1 GiB instead of 500 MiB
    Fixed! UE-90616 Added more control over Gradle project
    Fixed! UE-90615 Enabled WEBM playback in Android media player
    Fixed! UE-90202 [TM-ShaderModels] Eye Adaptation adjust slowly on Android devices with Adreno 6xx
    Fixed! UE-90413 GitHub 6772 : Spelling correction for "th ecommand"
    Fixed! UE-90354 Selecting the Build option in the Editor Toolbar crashes the Editor
    Fixed! UE-90323 Editor crash changing to mobile rendering preview levels in ActionRPG map
    Fixed! UE-90053 Crash when pressing F5 in a Packaged Game
    Fixed! UE-90013 Closing EngineTest -game results in a crash Assertion failed: Primitives.Num() == 0 - RendererScene.cpp
    Fixed! UE-90014 Running EngineTest -ExecCmds="Automation RunTests Group:Rendering; Quit;" -game crashes soon after starting with Assertion failed: AttachmentCounter.GetValue() == 0 - PrimitiveComponent.cpp
    Fixed! UE-89902 SK_Sampling_PerTimeStep fails due to screenshot mismatch
    Fixed! UE-89175 The editor crashes if textures are dragged into a material
    Fixed! UE-88507 Crash referencing FShaderPipeline when launching Engine Test StuM_DeferredDeletionTest.umap
    Fixed! UE-87903 Ensure when opening QA-MeshPaint
    Fixed! UE-89698 Changing the engine quality settings will cause the editor to crash
    Fixed! UE-90490 Dragging more than one Texture into the Material Editor causes a crash
    Fixed! UE-84919 Vulkan leaks memory when opening and closing windows
    Fixed! UE-88577 Deferred Decals Broken, also impacting SSR
    Fixed! UE-88443 Placing 'Groom' asset into scene results in assertion failed
    Fixed! UE-80769 when using many emitters (10+) I notice significant slowdown by rendering the Niagara UI. I'm currently tabbing away from it to see the result play back smoothly in engine. I'm assuming this is due to the cost of the UI not the simulation itself.
    Fixed! UE-90407 Add some sort of drop highlighting/filtering to Parameter Map Get/Set nodes
    Fixed! UE-90314 Compile errors are difficult to find.
    Fixed! UE-90120 Ribbons with tesselation seem to explode at some point
    Fixed! UE-90203 Crash when redoing duplication of an emitter in a system
    Fixed! UE-89959 Multiple Niagara tests fail due to missing or moved particles -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-89906 TickGroupTest fails to complete due to time out
    Fixed! UE-89875 Emitters cross communicate and depth buffer queries in an emitter may disrupt distance field queries
    Fixed! UE-89189 The stack views missing module Fix issue button (replace with module) only shows modules in the library
    Fixed! UE-88666 Allow selecting multiple platforms to include/exclude in/from scalability overrides without closing the menu
    Fixed! UE-88578 Remove/Deprecate fast path from Niagara
    Fixed! UE-88605 Force deleting a module script will cause that stack to be corrupted
    Fixed! UE-88365 Textures that are rendered within a blueprint and fed into a niagara emitter are deleted unless they're also used in a material
    Fixed! UE-87975 Parameters that have their defaults bound to a dynamic input do not appear to continually update
    Fixed! UE-90642 Crash when adding a scratch pad script.
    Fixed! UE-89730 Unable to search for an unloaded Module Script in an Emitter or System
    Fixed! UE-77367 Flickering on ribbons
    Fixed! UE-74860 Polish tooltips for at a glance readability
    Fixed! UE-77837 System level dependencies not accounted for at the emitter level
    Fixed! UE-87098 Niagara Stack: If and Emitter is named "Particles" a system error will occur.
    Fixed! UE-89962 Crash on shutdown (FNiagaraEmitterViewModel::Cleanup())
    Fixed! UE-89881 Failed to compile global shader FNiagaraDrawIndirectArgsGenCS cooking FaceARSample IOS
    Fixed! UE-90445 Niagara doesn't tell users that real time is disabled which effectively makes it seem like effects are broken
    Fixed! UE-90643 Enabling Anisotropic BRDF causes crash upon Editor restart
    Fixed! UE-90243 Fix mips assert on streaming skeletal meshes
    Fixed! UE-89967 Ensure during Vulkan Engine Test - Unknown callstack
    Fixed! UE-89859 Packaging for Metal 2.1 fails with LLVM ERROR: Cannot link symbol 'air.min.u.i32'
    Fixed! UE-89246 Handled Ensure: DepthStencilRenderTarget.DepthStencilTarget->GetNumSamples() == NumSamples Occurs When Enabling Forward Shading
    Fixed! UE-89650 Adding a shot to shot track triggers an Ensure
    Fixed! UE-85947 Ensure when opening TM-ShaderModels with Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-90280 Simplify and Remesh Tools do not save and restore properties
    Fixed! UE-89226 Show Grid cannot be disabled in the Static Mesh Editor
    Fixed! UE-88330 Experimental Mesh Paint's Brush Size scales inconsistently compared to Geometry Sculpting
    Fixed! UE-88139 Reordering instanced components in the Actor Details tab invalidates the relocated instance such that it can no longer be registered into the current world.
    Fixed! UE-87807 Actors Mode panel appears blank while in VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-89826 FCachedReadPlatformFile and FCachedFileHandle doesn't properly work on Mac when a file is open in read/write/append and makes UnrealRecoverySvc crash
    Fixed! UE-89609 Place Actor' Option Does Not Exist Until An Object From The Content Browser Is placed First
    Fixed! UE-90516 Cook fails when cooking content for windows with the LiDAR Point Cloud Support plugin enabled.
    Fixed! UE-59618 Highlighted section in the Output Log is not visible
    Fixed! UE-87471 LogTemp warnings fire each time the user swaps between experimental Mesh Paint Mode Selection and Paint modes
    Fixed! UE-90562 Crash when storing window size and position while exiting PIE
    Fixed! UE-89963 Windows Editor Project Settings Does Not Contain Linux Section Under Platforms
    Fixed! UE-78722 Potential Memory Leak with Disaster Recovery Plugin
    Fixed! UE-81196 Datasmith Import options are not saved on reimport
    Fixed! UE-90416 Dataprep - Timeline yellow dot stays lit even when nothing is in the graph
    Fixed! UE-90400 in Dataprep editor, pressing "X" in the commit warning, will commit the import anyway
    Fixed! UE-90365 Datasmith python API construct_datasmith_scene_from_file returns an empty scene
    Fixed! UE-90345 Dataprep - sanitized Level name not refreshed
    Fixed! UE-89966 Broken hierarchy of datasmith imported through dataprep after reimporting
    Fixed! UE-90570 DataPrep - Recipe Graph pane not in the default layout
    Fixed! UE-90508 dataprep - Crash overwriting a level
    Fixed! UE-85637 Crash in Editor After committing dataprep assets following import and execute
    Fixed! UE-89117 CAD files are not recognized when trying to import with Datasmith plugins enabled
    Fixed! UE-90514 MDL Importer does not list .MDL format from the Content Browser
    Fixed! UE-85388 MDL imports empty duplicate folders at the Content folder's root level
    Fixed! UE-90316 Revit Structural Steel Connections are not exported with Datasmith
    Fixed! UE-89970 VRED import crashes editor
    Fixed! UE-50033 [CrashReport] USpeedTreeImportFactory::FactoryCreateBinary()
    Fixed! UE-90130 USD Stage - Unhidden Prim loses its animation
    Fixed! UE-90238 LiDAR Point Cloud: Assets can be incorrectly culled when rotated
    Fixed! UE-90239 LiDAR Point Cloud: Lack of access to points' size is preventing users from using some custom VFX
    Fixed! UE-90237 LiDAR Point Cloud: Missing C++ version of the ACSII import
    Fixed! UE-90240 LiDAR Point Cloud: Ray-based operations on a single point are missing
    Fixed! UE-89964 Add to fbx importer an option to force "reset to fbx" behavior when doing automation reimport
    Fixed! UE-88251 .USD filetypes not available on export
    Fixed! UE-89584 USD Stage - animation length in track is not accurate
    Fixed! UE-89765 Import Textures boolean is still editable in FBX Import Options with material creation import methods on Linux
    Fixed! UE-89051 USD Stage is not working in PIE
    Fixed! UE-90493 Unexpected geometry changes to landscape when in "Player Collision" view mode
    Fixed! UE-90550 Landscape Tool crashes on Layer Import
    Fixed! UE-90563 Text on BP components can lose its translations when they are instanced into a level
    Fixed! UE-90204 Fixed-size font for "Stats" pane in Material Editor by default
    Fixed! UE-89792 Need UI to disconnect material layers from parent
    Fixed! UE-90436 Cannot rotate viewport camera while using Create Polygon tool
    Fixed! UE-90269 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MeshPaintingToolset!UVertexAdapterClickTool::IsMeshAdapterSupported(TSharedPtr<IMeshPaintComponentAdapter,0>) [MeshSelect.cpp:148]
    Fixed! UE-90171 Crash when generating proxylods on some datasets
    Fixed! UE-88662 Cannot draw closed path in PolyPath Tool
    Fixed! UE-85652 Crash when importing large FBX with Morph Targets and Disaster Recovery enabled
    Fixed! UE-90423 MoviePipeline: Playback Bounds don't work correctly on sequences with only a camera cut track.
    Fixed! UE-90418 MoviePipeline: Output setting in Shot Config doesn't import from Preset
    Fixed! UE-90404 Sequencer: Control Rig: Blending sections doesn't work with Control Rig Sections.
    Fixed! UE-90372 Adding a template sequence track can sometimes result in the editor freezing
    Fixed! UE-90367 MoviePipeline: Shots after the first one sometimes don't evaluate
    Fixed! UE-90363 MoviePipeline: Some High Res tile counts cause crash
    Fixed! UE-90357 MoviePipeline: A shutter angle of zero causes a crash
    Fixed! UE-90210 Sequencer: Copy/Paste Keys should overwrite existing keys or have option
    Fixed! UE-90209 Sequencer: Next/Prev Key loops to start/end when at last/first key
    Fixed! UE-90208 Sequencer: Curve Editor: Would be good to have a way to save level sequence from Curve Editor/Hot Key
    Fixed! UE-90207 Sequencer: Curve Editor: Change hot keys for Tools from 'W' and 'E' to something else.
    Fixed! UE-89581 Lock to viewport button is missing when going into a nested sequence with a spawnable blueprint
    Fixed! UE-89877 Crash adding template sequence to itself
    Fixed! UE-79065 Ability to specify window size in sequencer command line renders
    Fixed! UE-87173 Ensure playing camera shake with Single Instance enabled
    Fixed! UE-87532 Adjusting Start Values for Play, work and view area in Sequencer does not work as expected
    Fixed! UE-90677 MoviePipeline: Export step doesn't do anything
    Fixed! UE-90658 MoviePipeline: Screen Percentage options don't work.
    Fixed! UE-90584 Crash when adding two of the same actors from the Modes Panel in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-90656 Adding a camera cut track through sequencer scripting does not set the movie scene's camera cut track
    Fixed! UE-89945 Enabling Audio Capture Timecode Provider, (LTC audio) crashes Editor
    Fixed! UE-85110 VR Scouting - Can not hold grip on Camera for re-location
    Fixed! UE-90380 Crash loading a sub level
    Fixed! UE-89446 Remove Leap Motion plugin from engine
    Fixed! UE-89321 SteamVR turns off vsync globally
    Fixed! UE-89656 SteamVR icon displayed prominently in the Unreal Editor toolbar by default if SteamVR is installed
    Fixed! UE-90640 Azure Spatial Anchors: watcher not working
    Fixed! UE-84326 Deploying a C++ project with Morpheus enabled causes a Crash on Launch 'sceVideoOutConfigureOutputMode failed: 0x80290016'
    Fixed! UE-86191 "Scene Capture Component 2D" Causes Big Performance Dip In VR
    Fixed! UE-86077 Packaging plugins for HoloLens fails
    Fixed! UE-85716 HoloLens crashes on EngineTest launch
    Fixed! UE-87447 OpenXRInput providing invalid suggested bindings for go_controller and daydream_controller
    Fixed! UE-87311 Planar Reflections Cause Big Performance Hit In Packaged VR Projects
    Fixed! UE-86577 XR: Mobile VR crashes with Assertion Failed: Enclosing block should never be called
    Fixed! UE-86576 XR: Oculus Go fails to launch packaged project with app stopped working popup

    Fixed in Preview 4
    Fixed! UE-90733 Editor summary event may not be sent as expected because CrashReportClient may not consume the pipe data
    Fixed! UE-90664 Editor summary analytic event reports incorrect idle time if the crash occurs before the first tick
    Fixed! UE-90719 FPlatformMisc::RequestExit() can corrupt the EditorSessionSummaryWriter
    Fixed! UE-87753 Opening the Trace Data Filtering panel causes an extreme drop in editor responsiveness
    Fixed! UE-90503 Curve Editor - Retime Tool Anchors get lost when moved beyond timeline range
    Fixed! UE-90878 Anim timeline flickers left-to-right when panning view on Notify track
    Fixed! UE-67705 Single animations can take up to 8 hours to compress
    Fixed! UE-88651 Crash deleting poses in pose asset
    Fixed! UE-90246 Crash closing the editor when compressing animations
    Fixed! UE-90548 Editor crash when choosing Additive Control Rig in Animation Blueprint | Casts.cpp at Line 10
    Fixed! UE-89115 GetPlayerController accessed none in the Sanctuary_Audio blueprint when playing ShooterGame
    Fixed! UE-89055 Stop Lowest Priority is no longer stopping the correct sound waves
    Fixed! UE-90718 Editor Crash in Audio::FMixerSourceManager::BuildSourceEffectChain
    Fixed! UE-90539 GitHub 6778 : Move FAudioCommandFence's WaitTimeMs to ConsoleVariable
    Fixed! UE-90347 Fix-up Filters for Audio Types (Remove Sub-Types from Filters)
    Fixed! UE-90875 VirtualStudio Sample LogAudioMixer Warning: Audio device removed
    Fixed! UE-85715 Audio: Scaling Priority via Attenuation is not fully supported
    Fixed! UE-82202 Audio: Modulation: Curve Editor: Modulation Curves are changing order when Output Settings are modified
    Fixed! UE-88731 Audio: Soundfield Submix: Incompatible soundfields remain linked if Encoding Format changes after linking
    Fixed! UE-90673 One off crash dragging an asset into the level viewport - Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x108acfc8
    Fixed! UE-90427 If UE Root Directory is A Junction Errors Are Encountered During Startup
    Fixed! UE-90381 Staging hang when an asset size is larger than the max chunk size
    Fixed! UE-90266 UE4Editor-CoreUObject!FPackageName::FilenameToLongPackageName(FString const &) [PackageName.cpp:453]
    Fixed! UE-90839 Unable to compile UE4 with Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5.0
    Fixed! UE-89255 TraceLog crash in QAGame
    Fixed! UE-90699 Encountering an ensure followed by a crash produces incorrect callstack
    Fixed! UE-90154 Debug Crashing in a Debug Attached Cooked game produces crash artifacts outside the expected locations
    Fixed! UE-90700 Client crash in UObject::DestroyNonNativeProperties
    Fixed! UE-90698 7MB regression in Function memory
    Fixed! UE-90338 Mac packaged builds as rather than <ProjectName>.app
    Fixed! UE-82581 Debug ThreadEnsure callstack not populating in Output Log
    Fixed! UE-90439 Collab Viewer - Clicking in the environment while interaction menu is open repeats last triggered action
    Fixed! UE-90402 Collab Viewer - Laser pointer is not appearing properly in Walk mode
    Fixed! UE-90360 Collaborative viewer needs to be available only on Windows
    Fixed! UE-90499 Editor crash when selecting a inherited child actor that got deleted in converted actor
    Fixed! UE-90496 World position is saved as relative position when converting actor, causing teleportation upon conversion
    Fixed! UE-90497 Converted Actor Component Tree is different in BP Editor and Level
    Fixed! UE-90922 Soft Object References set directly on parameters are not correctly referenced
    Fixed! UE-90948 ability tasks that change the movement type did not reset it when they finished
    Fixed! UE-86045 Initial overlaps aren't populated by BeginPlay
    Fixed! UE-90825 Renaming a variable in parent blueprint results in value in child blueprint being reset to default
    Fixed! UE-90900 Subcomponent doesn't appear in IWCE if component was added from Content Browser
    Fixed! UE-52921 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!USceneComponent::DestroyComponent() [scenecomponent.cpp:847]
    Fixed! UE-90474 Adding multiple Child Actors through the Construction Script and then changing the Child Actor's class results in mismatched ID names
    Fixed! UE-90393 Crash attempting to PIE after editing physics asset
    Fixed! UE-90359 Crash attempting to PIE in ChaosDestructionDemo
    Fixed! UE-90810 Update XDK to QFE13
    Fixed! UE-90920 UDIM not working on Linux
    Fixed! UE-90526 UFE Custom Launch Profile Fails to Create <Project>.app on Mac When Deployed
    Fixed! UE-90578 Movable lights and movable static meshes do not render shadows in TM-RectLights
    Fixed! UE-90697 Compile Ocean Android failed for ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_GRADLE_VERSION
    Fixed! UE-90189 Niagara GPU particles flicker in TM-ShaderModels on android
    Fixed! UE-90176 [TM-ShaderModels] Crash on open: Assertion failed: Mapping file OpenGLVertexBuffer.cpp
    Fixed! UE-90910 Render static' flag crashes editor in OpenGL ES3.1 shader complexity view mode
    Fixed! UE-85881 Ambient cubemap from dynamic skylight is missing in ES3.1 when high quality reflections are enabled in the material
    Fixed! UE-90180 TM-ShaderModels Decals do not appear on some Android devices
    Fixed! UE-90932 VisualizeMotionBlur pass not properly handling output override.
    Fixed! UE-90876 VirtualStudio Sample LogD3D11RHI Warning: Temp texture streaming buffer not large enough
    Fixed! UE-90850 Handled Ensure when running packaged Match3
    Fixed! UE-90726 Exposure differences are too prominent when r.UsePreExposure=False
    Fixed! UE-90442 SSGI_DirectionalLight_Movable triggers an assert in -d3ddebug mode
    Fixed! UE-90097 Deferred decal does not display when running GTAO.
    Fixed! UE-89341 Modules fail to compile if a function uses the parameter map
    Fixed! UE-88547 Crash copy/pasting a Module with a Scratchpad Dynamic Input Script into an emitter in another project
    Fixed! UE-90830 Need an indicator for the Niagara Emitter Sim Target
    Fixed! UE-90744 Crash mousing over parameter on a Map Get that was pasted into a Scratch Pad module script
    Fixed! UE-90694 Functions can't use exec pins
    Fixed! UE-90667 Entering a renamed module's original name does not rename/reset the display name of the module
    Fixed! UE-90512 Niagara GPU shader compiles often fail first engine tests
    Fixed! UE-90384 Selecting to include/exclude a platform via +/- buttons does not update the button that lets the user expand a list of the platform's variations properly
    Fixed! UE-90327 Copy-pasting renamed Niagara modules are created with Source Name instead
    Fixed! UE-90091 Scratch pad modules do not handle gpu DI calls
    Fixed! UE-87290 Skel / Static Mesh DI Preview vs Default Mesh
    Fixed! UE-90882 Can't add parameters to a scratch pad graph.
    Fixed! UE-72141 Actors with Niagara components don't wait for the system to finish before being auto destroyed
    Fixed! UE-90187 Extreme Flickering Occurring In Entire Level When Facing Niagara Systems on Android
    Fixed! UE-62320 Niagara parameters that are set via construction script do not update when starting PIE/Simulate
    Fixed! UE-88914 Using Collision in Niagara without an Update Age module will prevent any particles from spawning
    Fixed! UE-90463 Fatal Crash When Enabling Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)
    Fixed! UE-89996 4.25 crashes regularly (Assertion failed: SizeX <= GetMax2DTextureDimension() )
    Fixed! UE-88238 ShaderCompileWorker crashes when packaging BP projects for Magic Leap on Mac
    Fixed! UE-77639 Crash enabling Landscape Layers in editor with -Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-87734 CLONE - Reset Camera toolbar button non-functional in Static Mesh Editor
    Fixed! UE-90812 "Hide Unrelated" button duplicated in animation blueprint editor
    Fixed! UE-81196 Datasmith Import options are not saved on reimport
    Fixed! UE-89427 Binary build - NotForLicensees features unavailable
    Fixed! UE-89173 Collab Viewer template project railings have no collisions
    Fixed! UE-90788 Dataprep - Crash editing a dataprep asset
    Fixed! UE-90746 Variant Manager - Auto-Record is broken
    Fixed! UE-90736 Datasmith Importer - Shader colors are not properly imported
    Fixed! UE-90666 Crash when performing Jacketing test with delete parameter
    Fixed! UE-90665 Multiple file is not static, can not attach warnings when importing file through dataprep asset
    Fixed! UE-90647 Warning when opening dataprep asset, unable to find Slate Widget Style 'DataprepAction.TitleTextBlockStyle
    Fixed! UE-90506 Crash when assigning material to datasmith asset
    Fixed! UE-90492 Importing Datasmith CAD file Persistence IGS results in extra geometry static mesh actors
    Fixed! UE-90480 Importing Datasmith CAD file results in several LogDatasmithDispatcher Handler Errors
    Fixed! UE-90149 dataprep - Preview state are kept in other pane even when filter is deleted
    Fixed! UE-90958 Crash when opening dataprep recipe
    Fixed! UE-90916 visual dataprep crashes on undo on action creation
    Fixed! UE-86868 Dataprep imported lights have their assigned IES Textures wiped after re-opening the level
    Fixed! UE-82875 CollabViewer - Oculus - Laser Start point is visible on the oculus controller.
    Fixed! UE-90937 Red Lines in PIE viewport of Collaborative Viewer when tilting the camera up and down
    Fixed! UE-90598 Errors importing datasmith attributes generated from 3ds Max
    Fixed! UE-90772 PLMXML: Error at import: ImportContext.InstanceGraphRootRefs.Find(FirstInstanceRef) != INDEX_NONE
    Fixed! UE-90820 Cinema 4D - Animations with linear interpolation are incorrectly imported
    Fixed! UE-90807 more than one mesh get the same material even though material was only applied to one mesh
    Fixed! UE-90662 USD Stage - fails to save a level with USDStageActor
    Fixed! UE-90659 USD Stage - Point instances are not cleared when opening another usd file
    Fixed! UE-90645 Warning when creating new USD asset from reference
    Fixed! UE-90638 Importing USD asset from USD Stage crashes the editor
    Fixed! UE-90894 Landscape component ForcedLOD setting has no effect
    Fixed! UE-90880 Connecting a Parameter to the Material Output Node does not add the Parameter to the Parameter Defaults Panel
    Fixed! UE-90322 Merge actor produces wrong texture on imported c4d asset.
    Fixed! UE-90494 Crash occurs moving PolyCut tool across mesh - Assertion failed: IsTriangle(TriangleID) [File:...DynamicMesh3.h] [Line: 502]
    Fixed! UE-90455 Crash undoing after switching modes from Mesh Paint to Place mode
    Fixed! UE-91007 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-ModelingComponents!UPolygonSelectionMechanic::BeginChange() [PolygonSelectionMechanic.cpp:269]
    Fixed! UE-90972 Select- Separate results in no material assignment
    Fixed! UE-90946 Internal Python objects visible from Construct Object BP node
    Fixed! UE-78553 Audio tracks with multiple subtracks will paste parent track when a subtrack is copied and pasted in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-89514 Curve Editor: Changing Pre or Post-Extrap modifies all curves
    Fixed! UE-90734 MoviePipeline: Render (Remote) only renders one job and not full queue
    Fixed! UE-90723 Cinematic Viewport reports inaccurate values
    Fixed! UE-90521 MoviePipeline: Presets can't be shipped with project as QAGame is embedded in path
    Fixed! UE-90917 Crash rendering sequence with a Temporal Sample count > 1
    Fixed! UE-84852 Event not saved correctly when duplicating Level Sequence
    Fixed! UE-89454 Depth of fields behavior when Focus Method is None
    Fixed! UE-91019 MoviePipeline: Lack of preview is confusing.
    Fixed! UE-90689 render manager outputs 16 bits exr but says they are 32 bits
    Fixed! UE-90653 Redoing an edit to a widget blueprint component's value fails if the value is scrubbed
    Fixed! UE-90786 Warp Utils plugin crashes on Editor restart
    Fixed! UE-90685 Color Correction Volumes have lost internal connections and references.
    Fixed! UE-90857 Cant delete annotation on collab Viewer
    Fixed! UE-90809 AzureSpatialAnchors remoting feature fixes
    Fixed! UE-90728 AzureSpatialAnchors -cannot set AppProperties on cloud anchor
    Fixed! UE-90678 Create Collab Viewer For Hololens2 Device
    Fixed! UE-90998 Hollolens Viewer Template: problem when moving actors
    Fixed! UE-90949 Invalid image layout when using VR preview
    Fixed! UE-90874 Assert on Oculus Quest running deployed project
    Fixed! UE-90862 HoloLens packaging fails in GetTextureBuildSettings()
    Fixed! UE-90410 GitHub 6769 : Move HoloLens input sim injection for controller tracking status to t?
    Fixed! UE-90411 GitHub 6770 : Better activation criteria for input simulation
    Fixed! UE-90412 GitHub 6771 : Support for the hand pointer pose in input simulation
    Fixed! UE-90166 Failure to open projects on android due to multiple libraries not loading
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    Great pace in rolling out new versions! Any idea when we could expect chaos to be supported within the binary release (in beta I'd imagine)?


      Can't wait for the actual release!
      Changelog looks awesome, as always.


        UProperty is no longer a UObject after this release.
        This is going to break almost all of my plugins, I will have to refactor them all lol..
        But I have always advocated UProperty should not be an UObject, so cudos anyway!
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          Can't wait to check out...


            So many cool things I want to try... but I’m really hoping for 4.25 to primarily prioritize bug fixes.


              Well, I am itching to "Play" engine game again.


                Sounds very good, in particular the sky atmosphere! But... I would also prefer this update to focus a bit more on bugfixes, specifically UE-87701. Right now, PIE is essentially unusable in combination with large landscapes (which you kind of need in typical scenes involving nice sky atmospheres...)
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                  Originally posted by Solenism View Post
                  Sounds very good, in particular the sky atmosphere! But... I would also prefer this update to focus a bit more on bugfixes, specifically UE-87701. Right now, PIE is essentially unusable in combination with large landscapes (which you kind of need in typical scenes involving nice sky atmospheres...)
                  16 pages of fixes here, but I know what you mean. I assume this release would not be a stability release as GDC would have been the right time to show off some new tech.


                    So I assume updating our code for the new FProperty won't be as simple as just replacing UProperty with FProperty everywhere, or will it?


                        • Thin Transparency. We have a new Shading Model for Thin Transparency that enables you to achieve PBR tinted and colored transparent objects, such as tinted glass. Use the Thin Transparency shading model and the Thin Transparency expression in the Material graph to set up and use this type of material.


                        I like the addition of the

                        To handle disabling private variables now that everything is moving private.
                        However I had to declare my own

                        for now as no equivalent was added for the replication override macro as well.

                        *Edit* Preview 1 also seems to be missing UnrealHeaderTool in the binaries?
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                          Incredible update, so many good features here. Excited in particular for the new navmesh options, the great new audio features (reverb + sidechain improvements) as well as the Niagara emitter reparenting + new features. Thanks for yet another stellar update.


                            Navmesh updates look good, a step in the right direction, hopefully more to come. Niagara as well. Very interested in the Networking Insights.
                            Seeing a lot of "updates" in general in this release, rather than new features, yay, good stuff!
                            Perhaps this means a focus primarily on bug fixing and stability this time around? Maybe? Hopefully? Yes? PLEASE?

                            Looks great. Really hoping the "Fixed in 4.25" list grows exponentially over the coming weeks.


                              awesome features update!

                              Just little bit disappointed with raytracing update, still there is no info about raytrace indirect lighting(GI) in reflection to truly solve a bake lighting work for us archviz artist, and roughness in refraction to give us a good frosted glass.

                              but appreciated your work rock guys!!