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    Really exciting release. Wanted to note a few things here.

    [BUG report]

    1. Undo isn't working on material instance changes. (If I change a spinner value, upon pressing undo, the undo message appears at the bottom but the value doesn't go back to previous one.)

    2. Random crash post closing the editor.

    3. Switching levels resets the sequencer to blank.



      Originally posted by theProfessor View Post
      Epic I can't get Chaos to work at all with 4.24 P1. I do see the fractureditor and it seems to work. I did a GeoCollection on a cube and fractured it. When I run it the map crashes. I have no trouble with Chaos in 4.23. Has anyone tried 4.24P1? I tried for about 2 hours yesterday. Any reply would be great.
      Same here, I tried 20+ times.. but i get crash..


        My experience with 4.24 as architect

        1- data smith now install with engine same time we don't need install it separately

        2- new project screen is really nice and professional and has more respect for architects and movie makers

        3- raytracing and path tracing improvement are not good enough but they are better than 4.23

        4- datasmith generating lightmap control in interesting

        5- ue4 has bug when we leave datasmith generate uv uncheck (for using 3rd party lightmaps like 3sd max) ue4 doesnt change lightmap coordinate to 1 in this mode
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot-365.png
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot-366.png
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ID:	1685494

        6- thanks for enabling high precision and .... by default
        They make lightmap quality better

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot-368.png
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ID:	1685495

        7- i like this post processing came with architectural template

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot-367.png
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Size:	383.1 KB
ID:	1685496


          if i download the preview , do i have to redownload the whole engine 4.24 when released or just an update ?


            Originally posted by HashemShepard View Post
            if i download the preview , do i have to redownload the whole engine 4.24 when released or just an update ?
            In theory you can update to 4.24 release from the 4.24 preview builds. Preview builds are really just for testing, not for shipping development. That said (in my view) the preview builds tend to be pretty good, and in some cases might be stable enough to make a release build with. It really depends on what features you need and what's important to you. You should be prepared for the possibility that you'll have to redownload everything at some point in the future, that something could get munged, or if you're developing on a preview build that the project could become unusable or broken. Have backups and you'll be fine I think.
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              Originally posted by REC View Post

              In theory you can update to 4.24 release from the 4.24 preview builds. Preview builds are really just for testing, not for shipping development. That said (in my view) the preview builds tend to be pretty good, and in some cases might be stable enough to make a release build with. It really depends on what features you need and what's important to you. You should be prepared for the possibility that you'll have to redownload everything at some point in the future, that something could get munged, or if you're developing on a preview build that the project could become unusable or broken. Have backups and you'll be fine I think.
              Yea, this is playing with fire. Preview builds are just that, for a preview. You should move to actual Engine release when it happens. Your project should be able to carry over, so the only pain is the download.
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                Tisanim - Could you write up any bugs in the submission form?
                Originally posted by Raildex_ View Post
                I've made a Bug Submission about Float RGBA Framebuffer messing up colors in the UI and Editor.
                Case # 00137966
                I've reached out to the team and will let you know what I hear.


                  Originally posted by SmartPolygon View Post
                  [BUG report] Copying and pasting nodes from materials to layered materials is not working. Nodes are copied, but connections aren't.

                  Edit: Doesn't work if bigger amount of nodes is copied. Have to figure out what exactly is causing it. Maybe can be somehow connected with materials done in previous version of engine.
                  Would you mind creating a bug report via our submission form? Thanks!


                    When I use chaos, when I press play, the editor closes.


                      Originally posted by Tim Hobson View Post

                      I'll have documentation in place for the final release. At the moment, we're not planning on releasing any assets, test ones or otherwise. We may add some in the future, but that is yet to be determined.

                      Right now, to get started with Hair, enable two plugins: Groom and Alembic Groom Importer.
                      Export your Groom from your DCC app and save it as an alembic file (.abc). This will give you a special Alembic Groom Importer window when you attempt to import it.
                      It'll create a Groom asset in the Content Browser. You can open that to see some of the available settings.
                      Drag your Groom into the level and you can start changing some of the other settings like the default hair material.

                      I know this is very high-level instructions, but at launch, I'll have an Overview, Quick Start, and Reference material in place to get people started using it!
                      Thanks for the info! Very useful

                      I can't seem to change the Hair Count and Guide Count parameters however. Are these locked until full release, or did I miss something?
                      Looks very promising nonetheless!




                        We have just released Preview 2 for 4.24! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.24 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

                        For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the original post in this thread.

                        Fixed in Preview 2

                        Fixed! UE-83264 Crash when opening the tab of an Animation who's Anim Notify State has been Force Deleted
                        Fixed! UE-83165 Disabling Animation Output/Input does not mark the Control Rig as dirty
                        Fixed! UE-83178 Details Panel does not populate when selecting a Control Rig variable rig unit after selecting an existing non-variable rig unit
                        Fixed! UE-83174 Crash when compiling an AnimBP containing a Control Rig node that is passing a constant value
                        Fixed! UE-82817 Hard crash on double click of new control rig asset
                        Fixed! UE-82746 Disabling Execution of a Control Rig does not reset the skeleton/mesh to the unedited state
                        Fixed! UE-79707 Crash: Audio: Crash on launch when Stream Cache Size is set to low or negative values
                        Fixed! UE-55138 Inconsistent Behavior across platforms for StartTime values larger than the sound's duration in PlaySound2D
                        Fixed! UE-67736 Audio: Streaming: Streaming audio is replaying segments at the end of oneshots
                        Fixed! UE-82896 LFO controlBus modulator is not applying dynamically in PIE session on re trigger
                        Fixed! UE-82888 HighPass modulated via control bus in LFO modulation settings default does not enable HighPass
                        Fixed! UE-82862 GitHub 6322 : Added check if AudioComponent is allready beeing destroyed by owning ?
                        Fixed! UE-82897 Removing and then re adding LFO control bus will encounter a failed assertion
                        Fixed! UE-82909 Envelope Followers fail to read and send data through a Submix Follower to a Listener
                        Fixed! UE-4531 Deprecated properties get written to ini file
                        Fixed! UE-82997 UE4 crashed after checking LODs in static mesh window
                        Fixed! UE-82864 Datasmith import of 3dm file produces bad geometry
                        Fixed! UE-83356 RHINO: Some static meshes (Cones) not imported anymore.
                        Fixed! UE-83313 DataPrep - Not all assets are imported when changing the output directory
                        Fixed! UE-83311 Dataprep - recursive Folder inputs : Assets not loaded in expected hierarchy
                        Fixed! UE-83306 DataPrep - Crash deleting commited assets (UE4Editor-Core.dll!rml::internal::internalPoolMalloc(rml::internal::MemoryPool * memPool, unsigned __int64 size) Line 2535)
                        Fixed! UE-83190 Cannot save a DatasmithScene created by a Datarep asset
                        Fixed! UE-83295 Crash importing solidworks file in dataprep
                        Fixed! UE-83110 Unwanted dialog popup when importing file with datasmith after dataprep
                        Fixed! UE-83085 Wrong default asset preview tab position in Dataprep
                        Fixed! UE-83348 FCoreTechFileParser errors when compiling Github builds
                        Fixed! UE-83157 Wrong shader setup for datasmith CAD materials
                        Fixed! UE-83156 Datasmith CAD importer fails importing solidworks files
                        Fixed! UE-83155 Multiple duplicate master materials after Datasmith CAD import
                        Fixed! UE-83007 MDL Importer .uplugin supported platforms lists only Win64
                        Fixed! UE-82397 Debug and Test Build Configurations are exposed in Installed Builds
                        Fixed! UE-83297 Adding code to a content project with intermediate target can fail
                        Fixed! UE-83245 Visual Studio 2017 install from the UE4Editor install button fails subsequent compiles with "Visual Studio 2017 requires the Universal CRT to be installed"
                        Fixed! UE-83244 Adding a C++ Class to a Blueprint project puts the project in a state where the "Generate Project Files" menu items doesn't change
                        Fixed! UE-81677 UnrealMathTest fails when compiled with VS2019
                        Fixed! UE-80362 GitHub 6215 : Work to get clang-cl / lld-link working nicely on windows.
                        Fixed! UE-80562 Default Values missing from Local Variables in Blueprint Actor Construction Script
                        Fixed! UE-79672 Composite curve table cycles crash the editor
                        Fixed! UE-80976 Engine crashes when trying to copy a setter node for a GameplayTag variable from one eventgraph to another eventgraph
                        Fixed! UE-78251 Crash attempting to undo adding a Composite Data Table to its own Parent Table
                        Fixed! UE-83176 Crash attempting to view TSubclassOf property in Sparse Class Data struct after setting property to a blueprint, and then reloading blueprint
                        Fixed! UE-83175 Crash saving blueprint with a Sparse Class Data Struct containing a TSubClassOf property, after reloading a blueprint assigned to that property
                        Fixed! UE-83260 Expose FMatrix functionality to Blueprints
                        Fixed! UE-82104 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!TSet<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0>,DefaultKeyFuncs<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0>,0>,FDefaultSetAllocator>::Emplace<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0> const &> [Set.h:502]
                        Fixed! UE-81310 Sparse Data Class properties in blueprints do not update after hot reload
                        Fixed! UE-83241 Crash running Garbage Collection during Async Loading
                        Fixed! UE-82440 HDR enabled EXR files render black when capturing a movie in Sequencer
                        Fixed! UE-77999 The socketbuilders do not properly join multicast groups on iOS
                        Fixed! UE-82442 Clients cannot connect to Dedicated Servers using SteamSockets
                        Fixed! UE-83321 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-HairStrandsCore!FMulticastDelegateBase<FWeakObjectPtr>::CompactInvocationList(bool) [MulticastDelegateBase.h:171]
                        Fixed! UE-82368 ensure on running fracture tool on large scale meshes
                        Fixed! UE-66732 Warnings when building with -std=c++17
                        Fixed! UE-83153 Crash when pasting text into CrashReportClient on Linux
                        Fixed! UE-81604 Two-sided shading models are appearing very dark
                        Fixed! UE-83096 HTML5 Preview Mode warnings are displayed when starting the Editor
                        Fixed! UE-82614 Indirect lighting missing on mobile platforms
                        Fixed! UE-82591 Strange Lighting Emits in QA-Effects on Android Device
                        Fixed! UE-83347 Match3 exception during make APK on second package -- The file main.obb.png already exists
                        Fixed! UE-82141 HTML5 preview hotkey exists in Level Editor Keyboard Shortcuts without platform
                        Fixed! UE-83319 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!FRefCountedObject::Release() [RefCounting.h:84]
                        Fixed! UE-83086 Crash occurs when right clicking in System Overview graph of a Niagara System
                        Fixed! UE-83077 Dragging Emitter modules from designated sub-section causes the Editor to crash
                        Fixed! UE-83068 No tool tip appears when trying to move emitter modules in selection tab
                        Fixed! UE-83183 Check on dragging a module from Particle Spawn to Particle Update in Same Emitter and then toggling the Module's enable/disable state
                        Fixed! UE-83166 System Scalability module being added to template Niagara systems and erroring
                        Fixed! UE-83167 Emitter is incorrectly deleted when modifying the timeline.
                        Fixed! UE-72557 Add multiview support for ray tracing
                        Fixed! UE-68185 Texture LOD support for ray tracing
                        Fixed! UE-82995 Driver crash when opening new material with Ray Tracing
                        Fixed! UE-82694 Strange flashes of color switching views in Ray Tracing
                        Fixed! UE-83394 Path tracing issues with NEE and uninitialized memory
                        Fixed! UE-83322 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!ProcessCompiledGlobalShaders(TArray<FShaderCommonCompileJob *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > const &) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4637]
                        Fixed! UE-83258 ProceduralMeshComponent shadows can't be turned off when ray tracing.
                        Fixed! UE-83235 Ray tracing does too much work when all the effects are disabled.
                        Fixed! UE-79753 SkyLight contribution does not respect the "Affect Reflection" or "Affect Global Illumination" boolean
                        Fixed! UE-81022 Fix bool SetShaderValue
                        Fixed! UE-83064 DXC multi line error messages truncated to only the first line
                        Fixed! UE-82887 Unhandled Exception selecting Engine Content Static Meshes with Static Mesh Content Browser Filter active
                        Fixed! UE-82880 Stroke around selected object does not disappear when toggling off "Selection"
                        Fixed! UE-81459 Ability to retrieve the bound object from python scripting
                        Fixed! UE-82842 Selection End and Playback Range End appear to be on subframes
                        Fixed! UE-83418 Quick Binding filter is too aggressive
                        Fixed! UE-83310 Crash selecting ActorSequence component in the world
                        Fixed! UE-83257 Two BP nodes named FindBindingByTag
                        Fixed! UE-80569 Display Modal Slate Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
                        Fixed! UE-80577 Display Editor Toast When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
                        Fixed! UE-80575 Prevent OS Save Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
                        Fixed! UE-82424 Unclear resize UI for Structure variables
                        Fixed! UE-82006 Sun gizmo in TimeOfDay template sometimes does not appear when holding CMD + L
                        Fixed! UE-81865 Enabling and Disabling Content Only plugins in Blueprint Projects results in target being updated in Build Step, change from previous behavior
                        Fixed! UE-83104 Plugins list not sent in analytics
                        Fixed! UE-82962 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!CastLogError(wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *) [Casts.cpp:11]
                        Fixed! UE-82889 Unhandled Exception creating a new Level after opening and closing the Stats window
                        Fixed! UE-82762 SkeletalMesh: Delete material slot can alter LOD Material remapping
                        Fixed! UE-83317 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!HHitProxy::IsA(HHitProxyType *) [HitProxies.cpp:113]
                        Fixed! UE-83246 Visual Studio install banner overlaps with Project Location/Name fields
                        Fixed! UE-83216 Skeletal mesh bake material can have a wrong result
                        Fixed! UE-83204 (Crash) Skeletal mesh bake material can crash if there is some material ID manipulation
                        Fixed! UE-83202 Convert skeletalmesh to staticmesh can swap material IDs
                        Fixed! UE-83179 GridPathAIController says that AIController is experimental
                        Fixed! UE-83100 Packaged content-only project is missing UE4Game.exe
                        Fixed! UE-83172 Actors with masked material do not retain opacity when merged with material containing opaque material
                        Fixed! UE-83144 Certain texture maps generated by merge actors would be red instead of greyscale
                        Fixed! UE-83262 Possible to crash when generating normals in a runtime generated static mesh
                        Fixed! UE-83213 ImportBufferAsTexture2D crashes when image bit depth is not 8 or 16.
                        Fixed! UE-83080 Crash changing editor's Locale settings (...Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Internationalization/ICUCulture.cpp)
                        Fixed! UE-83364 Converting Parameters to Constants does not remove parameters from the Parameter Defaults Panel
                        Fixed! UE-82530 Unable to Manually Change Material Layers Values after Initial Toggle to Allow Edit
                        Fixed! UE-83367 plane cut tool fails to put normal and UV on partial success
                        Fixed! UE-83312 Crash when using the Flatten or Plane brush from DynaSculpt
                        Fixed! UE-83186 MeshDescription serialization crash on mesh with vertices but no triangles
                        Fixed! UE-83393 Crash using the Normals tool on FireThingMed static mesh asset in QAGame
                        Fixed! UE-82851 CollabViewer - VR Clients sees the context menu displayed twice
                        Fixed! UE-83286 White text render actors on mostly white backdrop makes reading text harder.
                        Fixed! UE-83282 TP_ArchvizBP Should be TP_AEC_ArchvisBP
                        Fixed! UE-83284 ArchvisGameMode BP in the root. This should be moved to a "Blueprints" folder.
                        Fixed! UE-83283 Archvis Template Levels are in the root. They should be in a "Levels" folder
                        Fixed! UE-83149 Handled ensure when running VirtualCameraSample on Windows
                        Fixed! UE-82979 LiveLinkRole is selectable in the Evaluate Live Link Frame Role dropdown
                        Fixed! UE-82948 LiveLink Window Log Spam with Warning 'Trying to add a frame in which the world time has a value too low compare to the engine's time' when establishing a LiveLink connection between two machines
                        Fixed! UE-82928 Live Link Player Controller with Transform Role fails to transmit data with Warning: Can't evaluate frame for 'Root'
                        Fixed! UE-83261 Crash on exit from PIE during VCam session - UE4Editor_UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::TeardownPlaySession() [...\engine\source\editor\unrealed\private\playlevel.cpp:816]
                        Fixed! UE-81801 Text 3D Actor Culling
                        Fixed! UE-83288 nDisplay - Openlevel crash in the cluster
                        Fixed! UE-83207 ndisplay-c-functions-are-set-to-final
                        Fixed! UE-83142 nDisplay template launched in PIE does not produce game with 6 rectangles.
                        Fixed! UE-82669 Virtual Prodution Template - Warning that Project File is out of date
                        Fixed! UE-82996 Magic Leap: Editor Crash with ML Audio
                        Fixed! UE-82941 Bad Screen Resolution size when Steam VR HMD Connected
                        Fixed! UE-83188 SteamVR: Assert after removing HMD while in PIE
                        Fixed! UE-83150 Project will not open when Windows Mixed Reality plugin is enabled on a machine that does not meet the minimum requirements
                        Fixed! UE-80171 Crash on Editor startup with Instanced Stereo enabled
                        Fixed! UE-83173 Enabling instance stereo causes editor to crash on launch upon restarting it
                        Fixed! UE-83113 SteamVR Input button is too prominent


                          So no quality improvement on Runtime Virtual Texturing. It's still unusable for us as using it with large landscape would result in RVT resolution so big that it would crash the engine (see my post here )


                            New Atmosphere Fog Component.
                            -if only we would have official support for radial gravity and nav-meshes for planets as well. (Yes there are a few attempts at radial gravity but either multiplayer doesn't works or they don't use the official character (which means not the full functionality) -as for navigation meshes there's nothing at all -even the ability to use recast on other down vectors would help but yeah) -otherwise nice update!


                              I can't create a project with the same name that I created and deleted before.
                              Only in c ++ projects

                              An error occurred while trying to generate project files.

                              Running D:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.24/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe -projectfiles -project="D:/Belgelerim/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.uproject" -game -rocket -progress
                              Discovering modules, targets and source code for project...
                              ERROR: The Visual C++ 14.23 toolchain is known to have code-generation issues with UE4. Please install an earlier or later toolchain from the Visual Studio installer. See here for more information: https://developercommunity.visualstu...ation-bug.html

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                                When the scripting language is coming , Tim ? We are waiting for it