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    The inertia blending is totally underwhelming unless this isn't what its for




      Wrap Box corrected aligment in UE 4.24???


        SSGI work!
        and modeling tool is awesome!

        try Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview Modeling Mode Sculpting Tools (Experimental)
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          This time it was very fast


            Originally posted by mordentral View Post
            Not too happy with

            Getting marked for deprecation to go private in the next version after 4.24. I have plugins that turn off relative replication on components that move themselves and where I want total control over the replication (motion controllers for example) without turning it off for the entire component. With these going private DISABLE_REPLICATED_PROPERTY no longer is allowed to be used on them and I can't specifically turn off any of these replicated properties on their own anymore......

            I also had a bReplicateMovement I added to some component classes that used DOREPLIFETIME_ACTIVE_OVERRIDE to take effect and those will no longer function.

            This will leave people that aren't directly editing source stuck with all scene components forcefully replicating their relative transforms unless replication is turned off entirely on them.
            Why is it that even necessary for Epics to do? Its so illogical...


              Just one question:
              Joe Graf wrote a long article in Medium about "Building UE4 Blueprint Function Libraries in Python " which should be included in UE 4.24.
              I haven't seen this feature neither on your feature list, nor on the Trello road-map .
              Is it already available in Preview 1?


                "New" Sky and sun thing makes everything white? What's the problem?


                  Uuuh. Definately need some time to spend on testing new stuff. There's lot of it. Finally foliage ray traced shadows will work.


                    What about Epic Online Services? hope there will be some progress in the near future


                      A few questions about some of the release notes since I'm not able to test myself due to the VR project related instant crash with Preivew 1 (reproducible with a brand new VR Template project in 4.23 P1):

                      Originally posted by Amanda.Bott View Post
                      Mobile Updates:
                      • Auto-instancing on Mobile (Experimental). We are planning to support the auto-instancing feature of the HLR on mobile devices for improved performance due to reduced draw calls. This functions the same as desktop auto-instancing, but it uses a texture instead of a buffer due to limitations on Mali devices, which can only support a buffer of 64 kb..
                      Super excited about this coming to the mobile rendering pipeline finally! :

                      1. Will this work with mobileVR and multi-view?
                      2. Will they support physics (unlike traditional instance static meshes)

                      If not when is that planned? It would be huge for many Oculus Go and Quest projects.

                      Originally posted by Amanda.Bott View Post
                      • Android App Bundles. Android App Bundles are a new upload format for the Google Play Store that defers APK generation and signing to Google Play itself. Google’s Dynamic Delivery system then provides an APK optimized for a user’s device configuration automatically. As of 4.24, we will be supporting App Bundle builds through the Unreal Engine.
                      Does this also effect the signing and distribution of Oculus Go and Quest APKs? Or is this deferred APK signing another way to export?

                      Originally posted by Amanda.Bott View Post
                      • OpenXR (Beta). A new UE4 plugin that utilizes the new OpenXR standard to support a wide range of VR and AR devices through a single plugin.
                      Not a question but looking forward to what this can do for us
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                        Hi Luis7a,
                        Unreal Engine deploy for IOS 13.2 and 13.3 beta without problems now. I have not tested 4.24 preview 1 for IOS 13 but you can use UE4 4.23.1 for it. I have made a lot of tests from UE 4.23.1 on Windows 10 to Ipad Pro 12.9 with IOS 13.3 beta 1.1.


                        Originally posted by Luis7a View Post
                        Will 4.24 support iOS 13?


                          Hair and Fur Rendering and Simulation (Experimental). We have experimental support for hair rendering and simulation. In 4.24, you’ll be able to import your Alembic (.abc) groom from an external DCC application, create and setup your hair using the Groom component in UE4, Author and Edit your Material in UE4, and use Niagara to set up hair physics with some adjustable settings.
                          This sounds awesome but can we get more info on it? is it going to be performant enough to be usable in games or is it expected to be more of a cinematic/film feature?

                          Also love to see material layers getting some light after so long!

                          keep up the awesome work!


                            Originally posted by gozu View Post

                            Have you cleared out your DDC, and your intermediate and saved folders?
                            Yup, cleared out all three, made no difference. I've been updating projects to new versions since 4.5 and I don't recall having this issue before, even with preview builds.


                              Originally posted by Vaei View Post

                              That is huge. They need to de-deprecate it. Its bad enough they privatize owner so you can't manually re-add it to GetLifetimeReplicatedProps if you don't want to call Super.

                              This is actually basically an emergency at this point. Anyone doing custom replication is getting totally shafted. Do not do this, Epic.
                              If they added bReplicateMovement at the scene component level I wouldn't have much of an issue with it. But as is, it is going to cause me (and likely lots of others) one hell of a headache.

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                                Landscape Blueprint Brushes and Landmass Plugin (Beta). Up until now Landscape data could be imported and/or edited from the Landscape Editor Mode only. This new feature opens the Landscape data to Blueprints. It is now possible to assign Blueprint Brushes to the new Landscape Edit Layers. Those Brushes have a Render event that can be implemented in Blueprint that allows the user to inject landscape data (Height data and/or Weightmap data) into the Edit Layer.
                                I don't understand how to use this.
                                I created a basic landscape and a Landmass Brush blueprint and placed it into the level and now?
                                How can i assign a layer to the LB actor or assign the LB actor to the landscape?

                                What i have to do?
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