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    Yes, it is false positive (still annoying). I will try with DX12.
    However, Avast shows this when I start the game via launcher and it probably detect something. I run the game via launcher with parameters received from the backend (so game could not start without launcher). Probably that is the cause.


      I did more testing and installed Avast free version on my computer. When I started the game launcher for the first time Avast stopped file from running due to scan and game/launcher crashed. I tried to start launcher again (without nothing added as exception) and it just started without problems. I uninstalled Avast...and during uninstall I back to folder where the game was. Avast already deleted executable without prior notice . lol

      This was related to anti virus, not UE4.


        Mr. Wood I just checked my machines and I did noticed there was an added exception in Avast config for several folders where I usually place my projects and also where I do packaging, so I probably did that long time ago.

        PS: also added exception for the UE4 installations.
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          For people having problem with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL:
          I had the same problem, getting increased reports from people playing my game that they crash when using full screen or when alt tabbing with the same message.
          After checking the fix they pushed to the branch, I found a quite easy way to solve the problem without modifying one single line in code.

          Go to your project folder, Config,DefaultEngine.ini, go to the end of [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] block, and write the following line:
          Package your game, and no more crashes.