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    [PREVIEW] Unreal Engine 4.23 Preview


    Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.23 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

    Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

    Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

    Known & Fixed Issues
    4.23 Preview Summary

    This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.23 release.

    Animation Updates:
    • Skin Weight Profiles. The new Skin Weight Profile system enables you to override the original Skin Weights that are stored with a Skeletal Mesh.
    • Animation Streaming (Experimental). Aimed at improving memory management for animation data.
    • Sub Animation Graphs (Experimental). During development, your player character’s Animation Blueprint may grow in complexity as you continue to develop and add new features. To offset issues, an extension to the Sub Anim Instance system, new Sub Anim Graphs allow for dynamic switching of sub-sections of an Animation Graph, enabling multi-user-collaboration and memory savings for vaulted or unavailable items.
    Audio Updates:
    • Open Sound Control. Provides a native implementation of the Open Sound Control (OSC) standard in an Unreal Engine plugin.
    • Wave Table Synthesis. A new monophonic Wavetable synthesizer that leverages UE4’s built-in curve editor to author the time-domain wavetables, allowing for a wide range of sound design capabilities that can be driven by gameplay parameters.
    Core Updates:
    • Unreal Insights Tool. Unreal Insights in a new tool (currently in Beta) that helps developers collect and analyze data about the Engine's behavior in a uniform fashion. This system has three components:
      • The Trace System API gathers information from runtime systems in a consistent format and captures it for later processing. Multiple live sessions can contribute data at the same time.
      • The Analysis API processes data coming from the Trace System API, converting it into a form that the Unreal Insights tool can use.
      • The Unreal Insights tool provides interactive visualization of data processed through the Analysis API, providing developers with a unified interface for stats, logs, and metrics from their application.
    Editor Updates:
    • Sequencer Curve Editor Improvements (Beta). This release includes a major update to the Sequencer Curve Editor, which adds several highly requested features and extensibility support. Artists and developers can now extend the Curve Editor by adding new tool modes, new toolbar buttons, and custom data filters (such as smoothing) without modifying engine code. In addition, the Curve Editor can now be docked separately from Sequencer, and we’ve added a transform tool that includes scaling, as well as a key retiming tool. The updated Curve Editor can be extended by plugins without modifying the engine code. There are three main ways to extend the curve editor:
      • Tool Modes
      • Toolbar Buttons
      • Data Filters
    • Data Validation Extensibility. The Data Validation plugin has been extended to support C++, Blueprint, and Python-based rules for asset validation.
    • DebugCameraController Improvements. In this release we have added new features to the DebugCameraController:
      • Orbit functionality which allows the user to orbit about a selected position or the center of a selected actor. This enables you to review assets more thoroughly.
      • Buffer visualization overview, with an option to select buffers for fullscreen view. This makes it possible to examine the contents of the graphic card buffers.
      • View mode cycling which gives you the ability to examine the different types of scene data being processed.
    • Drag and Drop to Fill Array. You can now select multiple Assets from the Content Browser and drag and drop them onto the array header to fill the array.
    • EditConditions Metadata Improvements (Beta). The new release includes an expression parser for the EditCondition metadata of the UPROPERTY system. This expression parser enables you to use simple boolean expressions to enable or disable property editing in the Details panel. This feature also adds support for enums and numeric types, so programmers can write relatively complicated expressions with minimal overhead.
    • Editor Utility Blueprints Updates. Utility Blueprints have been updated to improve the Editor’s extensibility with Blueprints, bringing Blueprints extensibility more in line with Python and C++ extensibility.
    • Hide Unrelated Nodes. Users can now select a node and use the Hide Unrelated feature to dim all other nodes not linked to the selected node.
    • ALT + Drag Function in Landscape Splines. You can now use ALT + Drag to add new control points to Landscape Splines. You can easily use ALT + Drag in Landscape Splines in a similar way to how you use ALT + Drag in other parts of the Editor.
    • Material Editor Updates. In this release we improved the workflow in the Material Editor and Material Instance Editor, and increased scriptability for Materials and Material Instances.
    • Slate Screen Reader Support (Experimental). Screen readers narrate an application’s UI to a user. Some examples of screen readers are: NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and JAWS (Job Access With Speech) on Windows; and VoiceOver on IOS. UE4 now automatically sets up basic support in any application that enables the feature, and now developers can customize that basic support by modifying UMG properties. In this release, experimental implementations are in place for Windows and IOS.
    • Wacom Tablet Support (Experimental). In this release, we have added a plugin that provides access to the additional inputs that Wacom-style tablet and stylus systems provide, such as pen pressure and tilt.
    Gameplay & Scripting Updates:
    • UMG Widget Diffing. We have expanded and improved Blueprint Diffing! The biggest change is that diffing now supports Widget Blueprints as well as Actor and Animation Blueprints.
    Niagara Updates:
    • Improved Error Reporting and Navigation. In this release, we introduce a new Niagara Message Log panel to the Script and Emitter/System editor. The panel provides immediate feedback when Script or System compilation finishes, and enables error messages to act as hyperlinks to the nodes or pins that caused them.
    • Compiling and Cooking Improvements. This release includes new options for flushing stale data so you can avoid unnecessary recompilation of Niagara Assets during load and cook operations.
    • Emitter Inheritance. When you create an emitter in Niagara, you can now choose a new option from the Niagara Emitter Wizard. In addition to creating from a template, creating a copy of an existing emitter, or creating an empty emitter--you can now create an emitter that inherits from an existing emitter in your project. If you change something in the parent emitter, these child emitters will automatically update.
    • GPU Simulation Improvements. This release improves the performance of GPU simulation. Previously, GPU profiles showed significantly more idle time in games with Niagara GPU simulations. Now, this release provides better data management and more explicit synchronization primitives between compute jobs.
    • GPU Support for Static and Skeletal Mesh Sampling. GPU simulations can now sample the surface of a mesh, grab the UV coordinates, and sample from a texture, and then use that capability to drive complex simulation logic.
    • Increased Feature Parity with Cascade. This release increases the feature parity between Cascade and Niagara.
      • Sprite cutouts
      • GPU sorting
      • AnimNotify events
      • Standardized Activate/Deactivate
      • Set Static Mesh and Skeletal Mesh targets in Blueprints
      • Sampled Bone and Socket transforms
    • Improved Error Reporting. Niagara Scripts and Emitters/Systems operate as compute shaders, and so there is the potential for messages, warnings and errors from the compiling process. This release introduces a new Niagara Message Log panel to the Script and Emitter/System editor. The Niagara Message Log panel displays all messages from the last compile, and allows you to navigate to the nodes or pins in your Script Graphs that cause warnings or errors.
    • Integration into Chaos Physics. Niagara particle systems can now be generated by the physics simulation in Chaos. Whenever an object fractures we can generate smoke and dust as well as more tiny fractured bits that enhance the physics simulation’s visuals.
    • Raytracing Support for Niagara Sprites. Niagara simulations can now generate geometry that is used by reflections and shadows when raytracing.
    • Static Switches. Niagara now supports Static Switch nodes in its Module and Function Graph Editors.
    Physics Updates:
    • Chaos - Destruction (Beta). With Chaos, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real-time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction, with unprecedented artist control over content creation.
      • Geometry Collections. These are a new type of asset in Unreal for destructible objects.
      • Fracturing. Once you have a Geometry Collection, you can break it into pieces using the Fracturing tools.
      • Clustering. The Chaos system keeps track of each subsequent Level and stores that information into something you can control called a Cluster.
      • Connection Graph.
      • Fields. Fields are the way that you can directly interact with and control simulations. Fields can be used to control any attribute on any part of your Geometry Collection.
      • Cached Simulations. With caching, high fidelity simulations can be pre-cached and played back in real-time resulting in a kinematic Geometry Collection.
    NOTE: To enable and use the Chaos Solver, you'll have to download and compile 4.23 Preview from Github. Instructions can be found here.

    Rendering Updates:
    • Virtual Texturing (Beta). Virtual Texturing is a new technology added to Unreal Engine 4.23.This is an alternative way to stream textures from disk compared to the existing mip based streaming already in UE4.
    • Ray Tracing Improvements. We have a number of new improvements to highlight - some are:
      • Performance and Stability improvements to reduce technical debt and reduce crashes
      • Sampling improvements with Ray Tracer and Path Tracer
      • Newly supported geometry types and material types
      • Multi-view support for VR and Split-Screen (there is a possibility this will slip to 4.24; not currently enabled in the preview releases)
    • Dual Height Fog. This enables users to have added control over fog in your level using the Exponential Height Fog to control a secondary fog height level.
    • Pre-Skinned Local Bounds Material Node. This expression returns various information about the pre-skinned local bounding box for Skeletal Meshes.
    • Shading Model from Material Expressions Node. Materials now support multiple shader models using logic in the Material Graph.
    • Dynamic Shadow Bias Improvements. We have added a new Slope bias parameter which, in addition to the existing constant Bias, help to resolve some issues with some manual adjustments without creating shadow acne.
    Sequencer Updates:
    • Curve Editor Updates. A major update to the Sequencer Curve Editor which adds several highly requested features and extensibility support.
    • Python Import/Export FBX. Support for importing or exporting FBX animation can be performed through Python script.
    • Usability Improvements. A number of workflow and usability improvements have been added including:
      • Track Filters
      • Stretch/Shrink
      • Adding Multiple Tracks at Once
      • Audio sections on multiple rose now blend properly
      • Store/Restore skeletal animation pose
      • UMG Multi binding
    Virtual Production Updates:
    • Remote Control over HTTP. You can now send commands to the Unreal Engine and Editor remotely over HTTP.
    • Extended LiveLink Plugin. We’ve extended the kinds of information it can synchronize and made it easier for you to apply the synchronized data to scene elements in Unreal. This makes it easier for you to drive your Unreal Engine content dynamically from other applications and data sources in your production pipeline.
    • VR Scouting. Our new VR Scouting tools give filmmakers in virtual production environments new ways to navigate and interact with the virtual world in VR, helping them make better creative decisions.
    • New Pro Video Codecs. The Unreal Engine now supports additional video codecs, making it easier to integrate Unreal into professional video production pipelines and workflows.
    • nDisplay: Warp and Blend for Curved Surfaces. You can now use nDisplay to project your Unreal Engine content on to a wider variety of physical installations, including curved and spherical screens, and scenarios that involve complex blending between overlapping projections.
    • Virtual Camera Improvements.
    XR Updates:
    • Hololens 2 Native Support. With the updates to the Stereo Panoramic Capture tool, it’s much easier to capture high-quality stereoscopic stills and videos of the virtual world in industry-standard formats, and to view those captures in an Oculus or GearVR headset. NOTE: Hololens 2 support is currently not in the Preview build.
    • Stereo Panoramic capture Tool Improvements. With the updates to the Stereo Panoramic Capture tool, it’s much easier to capture high-quality stereoscopic stills and videos of the virtual world in industry-standard formats.

    Fixed in Preview 2
    Fixed! UE-70289 Engine/Extras/MayaLiveLink Folder Not Appearing in Installation Directories
    Fixed! UE-76220 Specific HLOD exclusion for object does not work without setting 'Reuse clusters from previous level'
    Fixed! UE-76949 GetAllMorphTargetNames node does not have spaces in its Display Name
    Fixed! UE-74602 AltSkinWeights - Text referencing "LOD Index" does not contain a space
    Fixed! UE-76578 Error: EditCondition parsing failed: Field name "bBlendTransitions" was not found in class "AnimationSharingScalability" when viewing Use Blend Transitions in an Animation Sharing Setup
    Fixed! UE-76289 ControlRig - Runtime Debugging
    Fixed! UE-76892 Ensure opening an AnimBP using a Control Rig that was previously outputting to a curve - FControlRigIOHelper::GetOutputValue(ControlRig, SourcePath, FControlRigIOTypes::GetTypeString<float>(), Value)
    Fixed! UE-75070 Selecting/Clearing an Anim Curve for Control Rig Input/Output doesn't mark the AnimBP as dirty
    Fixed! UE-77114 Editor crashed when compiling a control rig blueprint after disconnecting an exectue after adding a draw arc - FControlRigDAG::TopologicalSort()
    Fixed! UE-77060 Editor crashed when deleting a skeleton hierarchy in control rig when show bone name is enabled - DispatchCheckVerify<void,<lambda_8d7cdf4015c073c24737a8006ae61556>
    Fixed! UE-77150 UE4Game.Target.cs references World Explorers in commented line
    Fixed! UE-76884 Editor still running in background after closing it
    Fixed! UE-76710 DataPrep - Asset preview not consistent with the scene preview
    Fixed! UE-76616 DataPrep - Adding inputs should bring the explorer
    Fixed! UE-76301 Dataprep - Inconsistent behavior of the Bounding Volume filter
    Fixed! UE-77040 Crash importing through Datasmith when Virtual Production Utilities plugin is enabled - Assertion failed: World [File:../Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Actor.cpp] [Line: 4283]
    Fixed! UE-76960 DataPrep - (Deleted Actor) adds up in the scene preview tab on each 'execute'
    Fixed! UE-75976 Dataprep : Settings panel rework
    Fixed! UE-77162 Datasmith ignores scale for tessellation parameter "MaxEdgeLength"
    Fixed! UE-77029 Importing CAD in datasmith takes an excessive amount of memory
    Fixed! UE-75972 Dataprep : misc UI cleanups
    Fixed! UE-76707 DataPrep - Bounding volume filters invalidates lightmaps settings
    Fixed! UE-77054 DataPrep - editor hangs trying to import a udatasmith with standard material
    Fixed! UE-77177 Scale and position wrong after dataprep
    Fixed! UE-72011 Crash reimporting scene after setting parent material to an instance (UObject\UObjectGlobals.cpp)
    Fixed! UE-77221 Crash undoing dataprep graph node deletion
    Fixed! UE-77175 Crash when executing dataprep graph
    Fixed! UE-59776 Import CAD - New object in hidden layer not hidden at reimport
    Fixed! UE-76013 Datasmith CAD: re-tessellate window issues
    Fixed! UE-74222 Cinema4D - invisible layer will import its content
    Fixed! UE-72497 Cinema4D - Area lights should be imported as a rect DatasmithAreaLightActorType
    Fixed! UE-70405 Visual Dataprep - Set Generate Lightmap UVs to off set lightmap coordinate index to 2
    Fixed! UE-76298 Variant created with Datasmith VRed importer cannot be reapplied after reimport
    Fixed! UE-77288 Unable to launch onto devices - Failed to launch task!
    Fixed! UE-77139 Win32 package executable is not in the root of the package folder
    Fixed! UE-76943 Code Project made in a Binary Workspace fails when Live Coding compiling after previously Live Code Compiling: Assertion failed: GIsHotReload
    Fixed! UE-76940 Previously Live Coding compiled project plugin modules crash when Live Coding compiling during PIE
    Fixed! UE-76993 Live Coding Compiling a package that was previously Live Coding compiled does not make any changes
    Fixed! UE-77082 User receives non descriptive error when building in VS is blocked by Live Coding in a project created in a Binary Workspace
    Fixed! UE-77195 Using custom build steps causes exception
    Fixed! UE-76835 Compiling Child Blueprint and editing child component's class value, results in parent component's value being changed under certain compile conditions.
    Fixed! UE-77106 GitHub 6026 : Add const qualifier to AActor::ActorLineTraceSingle
    Fixed! UE-76466 Light Sources contain duplicate LightComponent entries in Details Panels
    Fixed! UE-77304 Options missing from instances of Directional Light in Editor
    Fixed! UE-74993 Ensure when reloading an Animation Blueprint using Anim Dynamics
    Fixed! UE-76994 Crash when saving a blueprint that has a String:String TMap with only the value filled out
    Fixed! UE-77067 Child Blueprint Components in World Outliner Hierarchies Have Issues
    Fixed! UE-77151 SharedPointer.h assertion when adding a component to a C++ class
    Fixed! UE-43969 Inconsistent 'Skip Owner' Replication Behavior Between Editor and Packaged Game
    Fixed! UE-71323 Application hang due to server network loss
    Fixed! UE-63984 Instanced and skeletal meshes produce an overlap but fail to compute an MTD
    Fixed! UE-68941 Simulated actors with high mass can be pushed with certain characters
    Fixed! UE-76579 QueryOnly SkeletalMeshComponent causes collisions
    Fixed! UE-75775 Line traces against Geometry collection actors do not register
    Fixed! UE-77141 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-PolygonModeling!UFractureMeshCommand::FractureMesh(AActor *,IMeshEditorModeEditingContract &,UEditableMesh *,FTransform const &,int,UMeshFractureSettings const &,FBox const &) [FractureMeshCommand.cpp:365]
    Fixed! UE-76740 BPs don't gather on Generate GC asset click.
    Fixed! UE-68459 Warning opening QAGame and Template Projects: Console object named 'ActorComponents.Enable' already exists but is being registered again
    Fixed! UE-76665 Cluster Voronoi Fracture tooltips have typos
    Fixed! UE-76975 Cluster Voronoi Fracture does not always fracture an actor with a Sites Per Cluster value between min and max
    Fixed! UE-76989 Generate Geometry Collection Asset Button does not appear when a blueprint comprised of nest SM blueprints is the target.
    Fixed! UE-76931 Cluster Voronoi Fracture always fractures with the maximum cluster sites value
    Fixed! UE-76935 Minimum Sites Per Cluster slider has a higher cap than the Maximum Sites Per Cluster value
    Fixed! UE-76011 Texture Fracture is still accessible through the hotkey
    Fixed! UE-76587 Recursion crash clustering bones when the child is selected first
    Fixed! UE-74909 No scroll bar for Fracture Tools
    Fixed! UE-77137 Old Fracture Editor can be accessed via the Mesh Editor plugin, crashes when used
    Fixed! UE-75722 Autocluster Crash
    Fixed! UE-76094 Dragging the explode slider slowly will get it stuck on 1%
    Fixed! UE-77171 Toggling Show Bone Colors does not update level vieport
    Fixed! UE-76243 Crash fracturing a geometry collection actor while simulating
    Fixed! UE-76655 Bone color z fighting after fracturing multiple geometry collection actors using Brick Voronoi Fracture
    Fixed! UE-77259 Sub fracturing GC built from multiple meshes creates incorrect results
    Fixed! UE-76342 Asserts on startup of UnrealFrontend.exe - Assertion failed: PlatformInfo [File:<WorkSpace>\Engine\Source\Developer\TargetPlatform\Public\Common/TargetPlatformBase.h] [Line: 132]
    Fixed! UE-71896 Warning: Creating Unregistered CVar: r.EarlyZPassMovable
    Fixed! UE-70326 SunTemple - specular artifacts appear when observing pedestal of statue up close on newer Apple GPUs
    Fixed! UE-69817 iOS fails during build step with OSS Facebook plugin enabled due to spaces in filepath
    Fixed! UE-74632 iOS logging dramatically suppressed
    Fixed! UE-75945 Support instanced static meshes for Software occlusion culling
    Fixed! UE-68884 tvOS/IOS: Fails to Build with dSYM Options Enabled Due to DsymExporter Erroring Out
    Fixed! UE-75605 Unreal Deployment Server Launch crashing randomly with the editor open
    Fixed! UE-76262 Deployment server crash
    Fixed! UE-71933 Crash dragging Cooked Material into Viewport: Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
    Fixed! UE-76766 Field name Error: "AAM_TemporalAA" when in Engine/Rendering settings page
    Fixed! UE-76772 GitHub 5978 : High quality reflection intensity bug.
    Fixed! UE-76546 Editor crash when selecting No on Rebuild Modules Window
    Fixed! UE-74656 Draw to Render Target Android Regression
    Fixed! UE-75924 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FMeshDrawSingleShaderBindings::Add(FShaderResourceParameter,FRHIShaderResourceView *) [MeshDrawShaderBindings.h:140]
    Fixed! UE-75802 Instances Created From Merge Actor Have Corrupt Lightmaps
    Fixed! UE-72123 Assertion failed: !BatchElement.IndexBuffer || (BatchElement.IndexBuffer && BatchElement.IndexBuffer->IsInitialized() && BatchElement.IndexBuffer->IndexBufferRHI)
    Fixed! UE-71421 Engine Test: Screenshot 'ST_DFAO' test failed, Screenshots were different!
    Fixed! UE-77020 Unnecessary texture DDC key change related to Virtual Textures
    Fixed! UE-77269 Strip LOD issue with InstancedStaticMesh
    Fixed! UE-76709 Manual exposure values have increased a lot, now overly bright
    Fixed! UE-76507 Crash rendering sequence with separate process
    Fixed! UE-76176 Implement ribbon "roll" so that we can align trails properly
    Fixed! UE-76571 Unable to build Lighting - Warning: Failed to build lighting
    Fixed! UE-76453 RDG pooled buffers are not being released.
    Fixed! UE-76569 Fix Sequencer trying to save pose all the time
    Fixed! UE-76461 Crash using Undo/Redo multiple times on an Additive Layer Track
    Fixed! UE-76914 QAGame recorded sequence rotates pawn flat against the floor
    Fixed! UE-76941 Editor stuck in loop opening Master Sequence
    Fixed! UE-76896 SCurveEditorTree::RefreshTree crash when modifying sequencer bindings
    Fixed! UE-77148 A split reversed animation section starts on the first frame of the animation
    Fixed! UE-53803 Font Editor texture image displays offset to the bottom right with High DPI enabled
    Fixed! UE-76972 Multi-selecting hundreds of actors can take a long time
    Fixed! UE-76144 Unable to save an Editor Utility Widget when it is running
    Fixed! UE-77064 AssetRegistry Blueprint commands RunAssetsThroughFilter and UseFilterToExcludeAssets do not seem to work.
    Fixed! UE-76973 Toggling visibility on layer containing hundreds of actors can take several seconds
    Fixed! UE-76977 Creating a new world when existing world has lots of redirectors can take a long time
    Fixed! UE-77027 Editor is unresponsive (< 1fps) when selecting the root of a scene containing thousands of actors
    Fixed! UE-71890 closing geometry made with pen tool in the new map leads to crash.
    Fixed! UE-76666 Crash w/ Assertion failed: ReaderPos + Num <= ReaderSize while opening multiple assets into the Static Mesh Editor - Referencing BufferReader.h Line: 53
    Fixed! UE-75969 Crash opening TEST_Reimport static mesh in QAGame: Assertion failed: NumAttributeTypes == 7 [File:/MeshAttributeArray.cpp] [Line: 53]
    Fixed! UE-76803 Crash when opening QA-EditorSmoke-P level in QAGame
    Fixed! UE-76331 The engine crashes when adding a new brush at newly created level by a specific way.
    Fixed! UE-77126 Crash occurs while initially attempting to open a Blank project - Assertion failed: SerializeNum >= 0 [File:/Array.h] [Line: 1082]
    Fixed! UE-72745 UnrealMultiUserServer crashes when it is unable to load the ConcertSyncServer module
    Fixed! UE-75123 Deleting elements from TMap Struct in actor blueprint editor causes Crash
    Fixed! UE-77063 HDRI Backdrop samples is higher than 4k
    Fixed! UE-76338 Rich Text block appears to ignore material settings from default setting after style changes are made and ended
    Fixed! UE-76064 Details View widget is always displaying Transform category widget (empty)
    Fixed! UE-70772 LOD Distance in world composition is not meeting expectation.
    Fixed! UE-76791 Crash attempting to load a World Composition Sub Level after deleting the map - Assertion failed: Outer != nullptr [File: /UObjectHash.cpp] [Line: 722]
    Fixed! UE-76158 LiveLink Connection drops when the UE Viewport is locked for more than 10 seconds
    Fixed! UE-76995 Existing LevelSequence with livelink facial data doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-75797 The LiveLink connection drops when saving a livelink preset.
    Fixed! UE-76478 Camera Orientation is flipped 90 degrees when the LiveLink connection is established.
    Fixed! UE-76680 MayaLiveLinkPlugin is failing to built via Visual Studio
    Fixed! UE-77030 LiveLink Basic role can't be used in animation graph
    Fixed! UE-76849 Newly made Handheld Blueprint Project notifies that project file is out of date
    Fixed! UE-76509 Packaging for Hololens doesn't work in an Installed build
    Fixed! UE-77031 Failing to load Windows Mixed Reality Interop Library when launching onto or running a package on Windows
    Fixed! UE-77069 UARPlaneGeometry:DebugDraw() - PersistForSeconds and OutlineThickness ignored for BoundaryPolygons
    Fixed! UE-73217 Support latest version of OpenVR for SteamVR
    Fixed! UE-77190 Crash when launching onto Windows - OpenVR_api_dll
    Fixed! UE-75740 Enabling Apex Destructible plugin on HoloLens crashes
    Fixed! UE-77261 VRTemplate - Blueprint Error from HoloLens 2 nodes when using non-WMR hmds
    Fixed! UE-77001 Cached reflection captures on primitives are not cleared properly when a reflection capture proxy is released.
    Fixed! UE-77107 r.DiscardUnusedQuality malfunction when don't have all qualitylevel available in material.
    Fixed! UE-77101 GitHub 6021 : Fixed USplineComponent::GetDirectionAtSplineInputKey result for scaled objects
    Fixed! UE-72306 Alignment problem in UMG SafeZone

    Fixed in Preview 3
    Fixed! UE-66234 Skeletal Mesh Ref Skeleton can be built before Skeleton has finished loading, meaning it misses Virtual Bones
    Fixed! UE-74471 Audio: Concurrency: Sine Tone is heard after canceling Resolution Rule Test
    Fixed! UE-73383 No sounds are played while looking at the Focus Panels on AEOverviewMain
    Fixed! UE-68482 Allow Cooked Content in Editor setting does not prompt restart
    Fixed! UE-68486 Warning for Cooked Content in the Editor when project setting isn't enabled needs to be updated to new Project Setting
    Fixed! UE-77539 Datasmith result numbers are wrong after import
    Fixed! UE-77529 Fail to cook QAEnterprise.uproject - pin Config File Path no longer exists on node
    Fixed! UE-77404 Project fails to packaged for Android when Enterprise is enabled
    Fixed! UE-77324 Crash when executing dataprep graph
    Fixed! UE-77007 Dataprep - No warning when committing if last execute is out of sync with current pipeline graph
    Fixed! UE-73260 Gear VR fails to launch packaged projects on a Device when Enterprise is enabled for the project
    Fixed! UE-77445 Dataprep buttons' tooltips are too complex
    Fixed! UE-73285 Cinema 4D - textures are not imported after project cleanup
    Fixed! UE-74376 Cinema 4D - Cloned mesh gets renamed upon reimport.
    Fixed! UE-77357 Loading sub-levels in KiteDemo Landscape causes navigation to build for hours
    Fixed! UE-77376 Unable to add entries to a Blueprint Enumeration class
    Fixed! UE-77301 Standalone game crash when playing a replay
    Fixed! UE-73915 Geometry Collections ignore visible setting in PIE
    Fixed! UE-75762 Strike nodes seem to be broken.
    Fixed! UE-64476 Investigate when XGE is enabled that Windows to Linux Launch-On fails with errors: non-portable path to file
    Fixed! UE-76246 TVOS is disabled in installed engine build
    Fixed! UE-67565 Fix Arm7 / Arm64 versioning
    Fixed! UE-75617 ShaderCompileWorker crashes when FORCE_USE_STAT is set
    Fixed! UE-77233 GitHub 6032 : Fixes to AmbientOcclusion calculation in Screen Space Diffuse Indirect
    Fixed! UE-48123 Sobol random material function repeating over a 16-cell domain instead of expected 256
    Fixed! UE-52761 Crash when BP_LightStage SkyLight Cubemap Resolution changed by spinning value
    Fixed! UE-77247 Niagara Mesh Particles do not face camera when using Camera Position facing mode
    Fixed! UE-76515 Implement D3D12 resource deletion using fine grained GPU synchronization
    Fixed! UE-75157 Applying multiple stored curves to one curve causes unusual tangents
    Fixed! UE-75672 Activating a channel that has been deactivated puts the channel at the bottom of the list
    Fixed! UE-77408 Warning occurs when changing image format from video format to image format
    Fixed! UE-76981 Ensure undoing adding an object to folder in sequencer
    Fixed! UE-76713 Converted sequence from matinee has a binding for each animated property
    Fixed! UE-76482 Opening Cascade then Sequencer causes major Editor lag
    Fixed! UE-77400 Sequencer audio section StartOffset data will be lost due to deprecation without UPROPERTY() macro
    Fixed! UE-76299 Entering Cinematic Viewport doesn't enable Game View
    Fixed! UE-76485 If the user had the blueprint editor over the level viewport, clicking the hyperlink on the blueprint compile errors on PIE window will block input on the message buttons
    Fixed! UE-74195 Fill Data Table from CSV File crashes editor if the data table is open
    Fixed! UE-77157 Wrong translation and rotation of isolated meshes imported into Level from a USD file
    Fixed! UE-77058 Localized characters not showing up in UMG text fields
    Fixed! UE-77421 Material Hierarchy dialog contains no default message in Material Instances with no Parent
    Fixed! UE-69606 Simple collisions are regenerated each time the mesh editing tool is used
    Fixed! UE-77465 Multi-User Clients synced to the same CL in UGS can have incompatible versions
    Fixed! UE-77134 Replace Multi-User Editing Toolbar button with updated graphic
    Fixed! UE-77451 Adding an Output to a Blueprint Function hides the Outputs section
    Fixed! UE-77377 Post Process Volume Color Grading UI is not exposed in PPE Details Panels
    Fixed! UE-77332 Mesh Editor plugin enabled by default in Studio project
    Fixed! UE-77242 Collaborative Viewer - Changing Navigation technique change all name to host name
    Fixed! UE-73466 Virtual Camera Game Mode sets slate to Scene_1 after entering PIE
    Fixed! UE-77394 Looping Media Output Warning: PingPong: No frames are available | when closing the game session while the video output is up
    Fixed! UE-77138 ScoutFlareNew and VirtualProductionHelpers compile with errors - "Editor Subsystems can only be used in Editor Utilities / Blutilities"
    Fixed! UE-77525 late feature nDisplay warp & blend support
    Fixed! UE-76353 [LiveLink Backward compatibility] - Enable Camera Sync show the camera missplaced.
    Fixed! UE-69536 Resolution appears incorrect when using Windows Mixed reality Simulator
    Fixed! UE-77565 HoloLens 2 packaging fails if the project directory is renamed
    Fixed! UE-77564 HoloLens 2 doesn't support speech when remoting
    Fixed! UE-77488 WMR HMD worn state events not enabled
    Fixed! UE-77486 Re-enable SQLite for HoloLens
    Fixed! UE-77487 Partially installed SDK roots listed in HoloLens project configuration
    Fixed! UE-77485 Apex cmakelist still referencing UWP instead of HoloLens
    Fixed! UE-77369 Playing in VR Preview with GoogleVR results in a DynamicRHI.cpp ensure
    Fixed! UE-76935 Minimum Sites Per Cluster slider has a higher cap than the Maximum Sites Per Cluster value

    Fixed in Preview 4
    Fixed! UE-77592 Crash compiling AnimBP when AnimDynamics Chain End is set to the root bone and Bound Bone is set to a child bone
    Fixed! UE-77747 ParallelEvaluationAnimation deprecation typo 4.32
    Fixed! UE-74302 Copying skin weights from an invalid skel mesh doesn't give you a warning or error it just quietly fails
    Fixed! UE-77811 Modify Transforms' Override Global Mode has an incorrect tooltip
    Fixed! UE-73057 SynthKnob's overlays aren't properly pinned to the widget's position
    Fixed! UE-77173 Incorrect data type in FDumpFPSChartToEndpoint::DumpChart()
    Fixed! UE-77489 "Stat Hitches" command is not recognized
    Fixed! UE-77600 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!FSlateApplication::Get() [SlateApplication.h:304]
    Fixed! UE-78014 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!OnCVarChange<int>(int &,int const &,EConsoleVariableFlags,EConsoleVariableFlags) [ConsoleManager.cpp:287]
    Fixed! UE-77851 Automation Test Failed PropertyIterator - Project.Engine.PropertyIterator
    Fixed! UE-77392 Crash after autosaving when trying to hot reload in QAGame
    Fixed! UE-77444 Dataprep progress bars don't show progress
    Fixed! UE-77830 Crash importing a file through Datasmith in Python headless mode - DatasmithImporterImpl::CheckAssetPersistenceValidity() [...\enterprise\plugins\editor\datasmithimporter\source\datasmithimporter\private\datasmithimporter.cpp:209]
    Fixed! UE-77697 Large Datasmith file crashes at the end of the import process
    Fixed! UE-77605 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObjectBaseUtility::GetOutermost() [UObjectBaseUtility.cpp:121]
    Fixed! UE-77980 Disable Dataprep editor from non-studio projects
    Fixed! UE-77989 Missing Retessellate action from actor context menu
    Fixed! UE-77993 Crash reimporting cityEngine Redlands scene (...datasmithimporter\source\datasmithimporter\private\datasmithimportfactory.cpp:698)
    Fixed! UE-77359 OpenNurbs.tps file is empty.
    Fixed! UE-77078 Wrong triangle orientation after CATIA CAD import
    Fixed! UE-76477 Retessellation materials issue
    Fixed! UE-77763 Crash on CATIA file import
    Fixed! UE-75748 Triangles disappear when doing fine tessellation
    Fixed! UE-76015 Datasmith CAD: Tessellation settings not accessible from Static Mesh Editor
    Fixed! UE-77805 Materials and mesh association are broken when importing a RHINO file
    Fixed! UE-77793 Editor crash when importing a RHINO file
    Fixed! UE-78051 Missing triangles on Datasmith Import
    Fixed! UE-74242 Cinema 4D - Reimport datasmith scene doesn't update the UVs
    Fixed! UE-77430 Cinema 4d - PBR reflectance conformity is not maintained
    Fixed! UE-72712 Cinema 4D - Object resize is not updated through DatasmithScene reimport
    Fixed! UE-77560 Cinema 4D - Unsupported dependent euler angles rotation order
    Fixed! UE-77439 Cinema4D - Fracture tool should import only visible meshs
    Fixed! UE-77432 Cinema4D - Particles are visible before birth
    Fixed! UE-74256 Cinema 4D - Material assignment not properly updated upon reimport
    Fixed! UE-77806 Cinema4D - Materials are washed out
    Fixed! UE-37807 UGS sync fails on mac with p4: Can't clobber writable file
    Fixed! UE-77597 RestrictedToClasses UCLASS Meta expects space delimiters but documentation shows comma delimiters
    Fixed! UE-77239 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FLevelCollection::RemoveLevel(ULevel * const) [World.cpp:256]
    Fixed! UE-77727 The MultiGate Node can have more than 32 output pins
    Fixed! UE-77854 Spectator is not properly unpossessed
    Fixed! UE-74143 Attempting to force delete a blueprint asset referenced by another blueprint can fail and result in the parent class to go "missing" (then crash)
    Fixed! UE-77166 Find in Blueprints generates logspam after changing a variable's type: Invalid boolean encountered while reading archive FMemoryReader
    Fixed! UE-77646 GitHub 6057 : Clip the value type selector of maps
    Fixed! UE-74598 Crash compiling an actor blueprint after reloading an in-use Scene Component blueprint that was reparented to Actor Component
    Fixed! UE-77817 Ensure copying a UCS component in the Components tab (with Hide Construction Script Components disabled)
    Fixed! UE-77818 Crash trying to make a child blueprint from a blueprint instance after pasting one of its own components into it
    Fixed! UE-77845 Fix Fast Array GUID Tracking in replays
    Fixed! UE-77899 DemoScrub command Doesn't Pause Replay
    Fixed! UE-77224 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FPhysScene_PhysX::UpdateKinematicsOnDeferredSkelMeshes() [PhysScene_PhysX.cpp:1012]
    Fixed! UE-77764 Physical Animation Automated Tests fail during CheckRBN
    Fixed! UE-77047 Chaos related plugins are enabled by default even though Chaos isn't compiled for the engine by default
    Fixed! UE-76714 Simulations/Fields sometimes don’t work/fire.
    Fixed! UE-76746 LevelSet Generation is too aggressive.
    Fixed! UE-77167 Auto Save takes a long time when the user has a bone in a Geometry Collection Actor selected
    Fixed! UE-77827 Chaos defaults to a non-working tick model in release previews
    Fixed! UE-77160 Selecting bones in a Geometry Collection Actor prompts user to check out the level
    Fixed! UE-76567 Undoing the selection of a bone in the ChaosDestructionDemo takes a long time
    Fixed! UE-77390 Geometry Collection actor Debug Draw options are only displayed when playing or simulating
    Fixed! UE-77180 Select Rigid Body section accidentally collapses when reaching the end of the navigation
    Fixed! UE-77145 NewSimplicial InitialSize process takes a very long time
    Fixed! UE-75921 Unhandled exception crash when multi selecting a bone in a re-fractured geometry collection
    Fixed! UE-76699 Array out of bounds crash switching to the Fracture Editor after reloading a Geometry Collection
    Fixed! UE-77511 Launching UE4Editor on Linux fails - cannot be loaded by the OS
    Fixed! UE-76592 GitHub 5960 : Removing conditions on include paths for QtCreator
    Fixed! UE-69256 Add FPlatformMisc::GetPlatformChunkInstall() to Linux
    Fixed! UE-77948 Linux OpenVR 1_5_17 lib is not binary compatible with our baseline
    Fixed! UE-74803 Unreal Project Browser crash when switching the uproject filter on Linux
    Fixed! UE-76563 UBT does not delete *.debug and *.sym files on -clean
    Fixed! UE-77665 Dedicated server crashes on Mac, Assertion Failed: Device [File:/AppleMovieStreamer.cpp] [Line: 148]
    Fixed! UE-77043 Xcode 11 compile warnings: Declaration shadows a variable in the global namespace
    Fixed! UE-73347 Fix SceneDepth material node usage in post-process materials
    Fixed! UE-73378 Crash on Android when launching WEX - E/libsigchain(15768): Warning: Unexpected sigaction action found
    Fixed! UE-71669 ActionRPG foliage does not react to static lighting in -game mode with Force Surface lightmaps set
    Fixed! UE-77013 Vulkan Android apps render completely black on Pixel / Android 7.1.2
    Fixed! UE-76365 Resolve inconsistencies in VulkanPipeline.cpp
    Fixed! UE-77021 Disabling Gradle causes failure when launching onto Android device.
    Fixed! UE-57319 Media textures are over saturated on ES31
    Fixed! UE-65643 OpenGLES API deprecated warnings when packaging for iOS12
    Fixed! UE-77848 Crash on start on KitKat
    Fixed! UE-76944 Crash Running Vulkan Mobile Preview
    Fixed! UE-77647 Android compiles for x64 (Intel x86_64) fail due to Oculus plugin
    Fixed! UE-75876 Assertion failed closing app on Android referencing DynamicRHI.h:176
    Fixed! UE-77461 Unaccounted Stat in Stat GPU Higher than Expected
    Fixed! UE-71643 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-Engine!FMaterialRenderProxy::EvaluateUniformExpressions(FUniformExpressionCache &,FMaterialRenderContext const &,FRHICommandList *) [MaterialShared.cpp:2039]
    Fixed! UE-77448 Windows Cooked Game Crash
    Fixed! UE-73415 [CrashReport] - UE4Editor-D3D11RHI!VerifyD3D11CreateTextureResult - FRDGBuilder
    Fixed! UE-73090 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FMaterialShader::VerifyExpressionAndShaderMaps(FMaterialRenderProxy const *,FMaterial const &,FUniformExpressionCache const *) [ShaderBaseClasses.cpp:165]
    Fixed! UE-75505 Failed to launch project with -D3D10 Command Line Argument
    Fixed! UE-77828 Landscape Mountains out of memory Crash in -Vulkan on a GTX 770
    Fixed! UE-77717 Unresolved external symbol error for RecacheMaterialInstanceUniformExpressions
    Fixed! UE-77405 Ensure when visualizing screen space subsurface scattering
    Fixed! UE-77364 Skeletal mesh receiving incorrect lighting from spotlight with transmission enabled
    Fixed! UE-76636 Normal Decal appears very dark
    Fixed! UE-75843 Launch-on for OpenGL4 isn't cooking content for Targeted RHI
    Fixed! UE-77480 Volume Texture Preview not Rendering Source Texture when Tile Size is Set
    Fixed! UE-77786 Engine Test - 'ST_DFVertexDisplacement' test failed - Displacement contact points on Spheres appear more collapsed
    Fixed! UE-77785 Engine Test - 'LODCurveLinkingTest1' test failed - Resulting Shadow is inconsistent
    Fixed! UE-77247 Niagara Mesh Particles do not face camera when using Camera Position facing mode
    Fixed! UE-77836 Crash referencing system level module dependencies at the emitter level
    Fixed! UE-77933 Add a per material flag for casting ray tracing shadows
    Fixed! UE-77362 Crash on Mac when opening TM-Transmission - Assertion failed: [File: /PipelineStateCache.cpp] [Line: 139] Shader compilation failures are Fatal.
    Fixed! UE-76628 Handled Ensure occurs Entering Circle DoF with Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-76455 Fix bad size on D3D11 RHI
    Fixed! UE-74840 Crash when landscape layers is enabled in World Settings on Mac
    Fixed! UE-77707 Show warnings when using a deprecated RHI
    Fixed! UE-76908 Recorded Skeletal Props with Subsequences have wrong times
    Fixed! UE-77473 Crash/ensure when deleting a spawnable Light from Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-77754 Remove viewport shortcuts that conflict (ie. up, down, left, right)
    Fixed! UE-77574 Skeletal Meshes in a hierarchy are recorded incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-77632 Splitting Animation Section in Sequencer puts skeleton into bind pose
    Fixed! UE-74932 Lose focus of sequencer after using shortcut CTRL+G
    Fixed! UE-77726 Crash when reloading Sanctuary.umap in ShooterGame
    Fixed! UE-74023 Vertex Paint Erase Alpha to default on 0 instead of 1
    Fixed! UE-77606 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!AActor::SetActorLocation(FVector const &,bool,FHitResult *,ETeleportType) [Actor.cpp:3462]
    Fixed! UE-74151 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MessageLog!FMessageLogListingModel::AddMessageInternal(TSharedRef<FTokenizedMessage,0> const &,bool) [MessageLogListingModel.cpp:63]
    Fixed! UE-77932 Crash when switching Viewport Types with Unloaded Blueprint
    Fixed! UE-77696 Foliage Mode's Single Instance Mode and Place in Current Level are not stored between Editor session
    Fixed! UE-77686 Crash importing into Level a USD file with Import Properties option enabled
    Fixed! UE-77791 Crash reimporting a USD file with custom property and Existing Actor Policy set to Ignore - UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UObject::PostEditChange() [...\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\uobject\obj.cpp:336]
    Fixed! UE-77911 Intermittent Crash when importing a USD file with LOD variants - IUsdPrim::GetNumLODs() [...\engine\plugins\importers\usdimporter\source\unrealusdwrapper\private\unrealusdwrapper.cpp:478]
    Fixed! UE-77699 Landscape Mode's Terrace settings are not kept between Editor session
    Fixed! UE-78023 UV overlay in Static Mesh Editor displays UDIMs incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-77692 The transaction details panel does not detect BP array variable changes
    Fixed! UE-76612 Multiple dependency warnings for Concert Client Presence Actor referencing VR and Desktop during Launch on to TM-ShaderModels
    Fixed! UE-77718 Crash rejoining MultiUser session while syncronizing packages
    Fixed! UE-77846 Pressing CTRL + A and hitting backspace/delete in an Editable Text box does not delete all text
    Fixed! UE-77522 Collaborative Viewer - Oculus - the command menu is upside down on left hand.
    Fixed! UE-77635 Unreal Studio Collaborative Viewer Blueprint Runtime Error: "Accessed None trying to read property ContextualWidget". Blueprint: BP_Desktop_FlyMode_Pawn Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Desktop Fly Mode during PIE
    Fixed! UE-74291 Synth Knob widget rotates around the center of the screen
    Fixed! UE-75834 Virtual Camera Record button on the ipad becomes inactive after a retake
    Fixed! UE-77637 Crash when Deleting a selected object from the Virtual Production VR panel - UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UObjectBase::IsValidLowLevel() [\engine\source\runtime\coreuobject\private\uobject\uobjectbase.cpp:311]
    Fixed! UE-77652 Hangs when quitting UE with live connection to Mobu with LiveLink
    Fixed! UE-77050 Vive Controllers are visible while utilizing Oculus hardware and the Virtual Scouting interactor class instead of Oculus controllers
    Fixed! UE-77438 RelativeToGameDir FilePath becomes absolute when clicking outside the field
    Fixed! UE-77066 VirtualScoutingInteractorMW is a selectable Interactor Class option in Editor Preferences
    Fixed! UE-76912 [LiveLink] Update Maya LiveLink plugin to select the role type
    Fixed! UE-77525 late feature nDisplay warp & blend support
    Fixed! UE-77760 VirtualScoutingInteractor - Vive Controller overlaps the Oculus Controller when using Markers
    Fixed! UE-76642 Handheld AR debug menu buttons are all black
    Fixed! UE-57680 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_SteamVR!FSteamVRModel::GetRawMeshData() [steamvrassetmanager.cpp:307]
    Fixed! UE-73217 Support latest version of OpenVR for SteamVR
    Fixed! UE-76173 Remove hololens message when generating projects
    Fixed! UE-74991 Vive - Motion Controller Component - Temporal AA Regression
    Fixed! UE-77258 SteamVR controller jittery and laggy with low-latency update enabled.
    Fixed! UE-77612 Packaging a blank blueprint project for Android (Multi) x86_64 fails with compile errors in OculusHMDPrivate.cpp error: unknown type name 'FPose'

    Fixed in Preview 5
    Fixed! UE-76130 Multiple ensures referencing SkeletalMesh.cpp when starting PIE session in Ocean
    Fixed! UE-76056 Add deprecation path for ILiveLinkSource::IsSourceStillValid changes
    Fixed! UE-77218 Packaged AudioQA fails to open on Mac, DYLD, [0x1] Library missing
    Fixed! UE-68111 GitHub 5433 : Remove the incorrect use of 'absolution' from comment.
    Fixed! UE-74986 CRASH: AUDIO: Crash when hot swapping the AudioMixer Off
    Fixed! UE-77209 Reverb effects are not being applied to audio
    Fixed! UE-78301 Crash when enabling legacy reverb
    Fixed! UE-73336 No audio (in firefox) and nasty static audio (in chrome) can be heard in QAGame on HTML5
    Fixed! UE-77229 Audio Device isn't Overriding Windows Default Device when Select inside a Project
    Fixed! UE-78067 Match3 audio stutters nonstop and is unintelligible on low end devices
    Fixed! UE-78396 Unexpected OGG Files found in Binary build
    Fixed! UE-68957 Crash exiting PIE after running Functional Tests in AnimationSharing map - Assertion failed: GEngine->GameViewport && GEngine->GameViewport->GetGameViewport()
    Fixed! UE-77756 Packaged Game Ensure Crash when GameInstance working with Async loading thread
    Fixed! UE-68214 Cooked Animation Blueprint does not appear to work and does not appear in the content browser
    Fixed! UE-76923 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!FArchiveFileReaderGeneric::Seek(__int64) [FileManagerGeneric.cpp:655]
    Fixed! UE-78213 4.23 Preview crashes with command line arguement -AutomatedMapBuildUseSCC = False
    Fixed! UE-77230 Packaging with Content Encryption specified but no Encryption Key generated fails packaging
    Fixed! UE-77882 C4D Failed import meshes with only verts
    Fixed! UE-77984 Datasmith - Error importing a GLTF file. "Could not find actor Cube for Level Sequence CubeAction"
    Fixed! UE-78241 Crash adding variant set - engine\plugins\enterprise\variantmanagercontent\source\variantmanagercontent\private\levelvariantsets.cpp:54
    Fixed! UE-78135 Material overrides are not reapplied after commit of an empty graph
    Fixed! UE-78134 Ensure occurs when selecting "Execute" multiple times after node deletion
    Fixed! UE-78015 SunPosition Plugin Assets Saved with Empty Engine Version - T_Compass M_Compass
    Fixed! UE-77588 Datasmith duplicates actors on reimport when splitting models across multiple sub levels
    Fixed! UE-78296 Dataprep editor does not remove all its temporary data
    Fixed! UE-78247 Import window should not pop on reimport
    Fixed! UE-78181 DataPrep: Actors rename after committing (_2 add to the name)
    Fixed! UE-78009 Cinema 4D Cloner Render Instances
    Fixed! UE-78102 Datasmith Material Reimport fails with no information writing to log
    Fixed! UE-78125 VRayLight Material no longer importing as constant
    Fixed! UE-78115 .udatasmith Assets occasionally fail to Reimport when Individually Reimported
    Fixed! UE-78098 Multiple PNG Warning: iCCP: CRC error when opening Datasmith Assets into SME
    Fixed! UE-78162 Forest Pack Entities Incorrectly Placed When a Single Object is used
    Fixed! UE-76015 Datasmith CAD: Tessellation settings not accessible from Static Mesh Editor
    Fixed! UE-77660 Crash after deleting a Static Mesh from the level that has been in Edit Mesh Mode
    Fixed! UE-78068 Cinema4D - Material transparency will import with low fidelity to original material
    Fixed! UE-78062 Cinema4D - missing text on buttons in reimport geometry pop up
    Fixed! UE-78444 Cinema4D - Failed to reimport Static Mesh
    Fixed! UE-78175 Material Instance reports invalid texture type error
    Fixed! UE-77305 Plugins are not creating shipping versions on package on Mac 4.23 Preview
    Fixed! UE-71800 UnrealVersionSelector does not support unique build environment
    Fixed! UE-78395 Mac fails to package/launch, msbuild: command not found
    Fixed! UE-75354 Need to send crash analytic data as soon as the crash report client is started
    Fixed! UE-77610 Quick Restarting the Editor does not apply Engine/EnginePlugin Module changes and does not find changes after Live Code Compiling
    Fixed! UE-77596 The First Live Coding Compile of a Manually Started Live Coding Console does not succeed: UE4Editor-<Project>.dll is not currently enabled for Live Coding
    Fixed! UE-77598 When Live Coding Startup is Manual a Quick Restarted Editor can no longer Live Coding Compile
    Fixed! UE-77440 Quick Restarting the Editor with no modules preloaded does not apply changes automatically
    Fixed! UE-77398 Closing a Quick Restarted Packaged Game leaves an Orphaned Live Coding Console
    Fixed! UE-77396 Live Coding console "Quick Restart" does not automatically apply Live Coding changes upon restart of a packaged game
    Fixed! UE-78421 Creating a Plugin while Live Coding is compiled Fails to compile without a descriptive warning, behavior changed from 4.22
    Fixed! UE-78293 Generating projects for VS2019 does not select correct platform/configuration by default
    Fixed! UE-77669 ShooterGame MacClient fails to build - ERROR: Couldn't find target rules file for target 'UE4Client' in rules assembly 'UE4Rules
    Fixed! UE-77455 Syncing QAGame.uproject in UGS without any files synced in the Perforce workspace fails to build due to missing Version.h
    Fixed! UE-78311 UGS Script fails on Mac and Linux - 'msbuild command not found'
    Fixed! UE-76883 UnrealVS errors due to using synchronous APIs
    Fixed! UE-78221 Crash when triggering actor spawn collision handling settings
    Fixed! UE-74501 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!StaticAllocateObject(UClass *,UObject *,FName,EObjectFlags,EInternalObjectFlags,bool,bool *) [UObjectGlobals.cpp:2309]
    Fixed! UE-78238 Adding/Creating gameplay tags lists them in reverse alphabetical order in the gameplay tag list table.
    Fixed! UE-78219 BP_Structures blueprint triggers Bad name index errors on open
    Fixed! UE-78227 Warnings Occur using Blueprint Diff Tool
    Fixed! UE-76630 AActor::IsDataValid should call IsDataValid on its components
    Fixed! UE-77577 ShooterGame AutomationScripts are duplicated outside of the engine directory
    Fixed! UE-77575 ShooterTest errors when packaging ShooterGame
    Fixed! UE-75469 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!AActor::InternalGetNetMode() [Actor.cpp:3876]
    Fixed! UE-78243 TestSession JoinFriend command crashes when executed
    Fixed! UE-76195 Missing stripping of URL until "?" in GetURLParameter function
    Fixed! UE-76714 Simulations/Fields sometimes don’t work/fire.
    Fixed! UE-65177 Crash creating a Geometry Collection asset
    Fixed! UE-77003 Editor crashes when selecting clothing for a generated LOD
    Fixed! UE-77094 Noise settings do not have tooltip descriptions in the Fracture Editor
    Fixed! UE-78111 Incorrect text for Show Bone Colors option
    Fixed! UE-65974 Editor crashed when deleting geometry collection from the content browser
    Fixed! UE-77496 Field Actor does not correctly destroy building in ChaosExamples_GeometryCollections, if the user doesn't trigger it quickly
    Fixed! UE-75639 Crash generating a Geometry Collection Asset from an actor with an empty static mesh component
    Fixed! UE-76724 Chaos settings do not appear in the Details panel after generating a geometry collection
    Fixed! UE-76368 Linux signal handler callstack logging does not work from other threads.
    Fixed! UE-72544 Windows blocks an unknown program from running when running the Linux toolchain installer
    Fixed! UE-75116 Silent install for Linux cross-toolchains
    Fixed! UE-78233 Crash Opening Set Row Structure Drop Down list for a Data Table on Linux - SharedPointer.h
    Fixed! UE-77948 Linux OpenVR 1_5_17 lib is not binary compatible with our baseline
    Fixed! UE-76987 Warning opening any project with MacOS beta Catalina: Hard Max File Limit Too Small: 10240, should be RLIM_INFINITY, UE4 may be unstable
    Fixed! UE-62828 Mac App Store compatibility: @rpaths that point outside of the bundle cause the gatekeeper verification failures
    Fixed! UE-78057 Error Unhandled Exception occurs when Packaging for HTML5 on Linux
    Fixed! UE-76951 HTML5 project does not open due to Assertion failure at open_audio_device in DebugGame
    Fixed! UE-76520 HTML5 needs to be marked as to be deprecated in 4.23
    Fixed! UE-72164 RunTimeError: index out of bounds spam trying to launch QAGame to HTML5
    Fixed! UE-77913 HTML5 Multithreading doesn't show experimental in the setting name
    Fixed! UE-72092 Action RPG failed to package for iOS with remote shader compiling
    Fixed! UE-75402 Python Error Spam while Packaging HTML5 on Mac
    Fixed! UE-78032 Global illumination Postprocess settings doesn't affect Reflection on Mobile
    Fixed! UE-78328 Shimmering main menu when packaging Match3 for Android Vulkan
    Fixed! UE-44078 Cable Actor not hidden when all layers are hidden in QA-ActorTypes
    Fixed! UE-77601 Noise Node Fails to Compile With Voronoi Noise if Ray Tracing is Enabled
    Fixed! UE-77710 Fullscreen Editor Crash when setting both IndexBuffers to False
    Fixed! UE-77716 Material with Custom Expression at Vertex Shader Stage Does Not Compile
    Fixed! UE-78422 Crash (FVirtualTextureSystem::RequestTilesForRegionInternal)
    Fixed! UE-57085 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FGenericPlatformMemory::OnOutOfMemory() [genericplatformmemory.cpp:184] - GenerateBaseCubeMipFromLongitudeLatitude2D()
    Fixed! UE-53352 DirectX Tesselation Crash
    Fixed! UE-78045 Virtual Texturing causes crash
    Fixed! UE-78353 Hit proxies marked as always allowed are not selectable when translucency selection is disabled.
    Fixed! UE-76359 Crash (Assertion failed: !HasVirtualTextureCallbacks)
    Fixed! UE-78095 Crash when refreshing certain module scripts.
    Fixed! UE-75890 LogNiagaraShaderCompiler error when launching TM-Shadermodels on Lumin
    Fixed! UE-78288 Niagara systems compile on load due to parent inheritance inconsistencies.
    Fixed! UE-76081 Ray Traced Reflections Get Darker The Higher The Rougness Value is for Metallic Materials
    Fixed! UE-75568 Major differences between the pathtrace view and lit view, causing shadowing artifacts
    Fixed! UE-78408 Ray traced reflections look wrong on clear coat materials
    Fixed! UE-77707 Show warnings when using a deprecated RHI
    Fixed! UE-78158 Windows Default RHI Setting Contains Deprecated RHIs
    Fixed! UE-72117 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12Viewport::PresentChecked(int) [D3D12Viewport.cpp:492]
    Fixed! UE-74638 UE4 gives no message when running with -d3ddebug in dx11 without the Windows Graphics tools installed
    Fixed! UE-75512 Scissor rect ensures when launching QAGame with ray tracing enabled
    Fixed! UE-76115 Assert on PIE in TM-ShaderModels: GD3D11RHI->GetQueryData(Query->Resource, &Query->Result, sizeof(Query->Result), Query->QueryType, true, false)
    Fixed! UE-77931 Crash opening a recorded live link subscene
    Fixed! UE-78113 Skeletal Mesh blurry when restoring state in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-78059 Update Matinee Warning in Editor
    Fixed! UE-75987 Sequencer - Cannot construct MovieSceneCapture object to use with RenderMovie in Blueprint
    Fixed! UE-77831 Attach tracks explicitly save and restore transforms
    Fixed! UE-78170 Crash undoing pasting of an additive section in Sequencer
    Fixed! UE-78169 Crash pasting binding onto itself in sequencer
    Fixed! UE-75853 Can't copy/paste a component from one object binding to another
    Fixed! UE-75424 Sometimes it is hard to interact with Rotation Gizmo when the Arcball is enabled
    Fixed! UE-78259 Deleting track categories needs to be localized
    Fixed! UE-77891 DetachmentRules is not applied when WhenFinished of AttachTrack is set to RestoreState.
    Fixed! UE-78455 Undoing in the curve editor clears the selection
    Fixed! UE-78443 Light Color track UI color is black until user adds a key
    Fixed! UE-77148 A split reversed animation section starts on the first frame of the animation
    Fixed! UE-77354 Non-editor-only EditConditions which depend on editor-only variables produce strange errors on load
    Fixed! UE-77870 Assert deleting values from a BP variable String TMap to Actor Soft Reference - Assertion failed: LogicalIdx >= 0 && LogicalIdx < Num() [File:<>\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Public\UObject/UnrealType.h] [Line: 3274]
    Fixed! UE-71917 Unloading MayaLiveLinkPlugin Causes Maya Crash
    Fixed! UE-78010 Exisiting SceneCapture2D asset Transform sections are not exposed
    Fixed! UE-78019 [CrashReport] FPackageName::FilenameToLongPackageName(FString const &) [PackageName.cpp:403]
    Fixed! UE-78434 Converting Virtual Texture to Regular Texture doesn't work
    Fixed! UE-75403 Failed submissions should include the submission description in the error
    Fixed! UE-78016 Crash exporting a destructible mesh with Morph Targets enabled, USkeleton::GetSmartNameContainer() [skeleton.cpp:1434]
    Fixed! UE-78008 Closing an 'Import into Level' window without importing will make the editor unable to be closed
    Fixed! UE-78073 Assertion Failed attempting to Flatten Sculpt on a Landscape with Landscape Layers enabled
    Fixed! UE-78070 Landscape Tool Brushes jump to locations away from the mouse cursor while painting
    Fixed! UE-78048 Crash occurs when creating a landscape - FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::CalculateLODFromScreenSize
    Fixed! UE-78118 Recovered changes are not saved unless the user explicitly open the recovered levels
    Fixed! UE-78097 Access Violation after Disaster Recovery completes restoring transactions from LaunchOn
    Fixed! UE-78076 Crash adding new director group to Matinee when Multi-User plugin is enabled
    Fixed! UE-74779 nDisplay game crashes when Using Directx 12 Render API
    Fixed! UE-78416 nDisplay asset warnings "empty engine version"
    Fixed! UE-78423 Widget not restored on a Undo remove after a delete+compile, hierarchy of blueprint is removed.
    Fixed! UE-77829 Crash starting a PIE session for Virtual Camera while an Oculus is connected - UE4Editor_OculusInput!OculusInput::FOculusInput::SendControllerEvents() [<>\engine\plugins\runtime\oculus\oculusvr\source\oculusinput\private\oculusinput.cpp:197]
    Fixed! UE-77464 LiveLink Controller stays unset for Clients in a Multi-User session
    Fixed! UE-78279 Enabled Concert PresenceManager when in -game mode.
    Fixed! UE-78280 Added a nDisplay module to setup message bus interception to sync across the display clusters
    Fixed! UE-78276 Added a ResetToDefault option when setting properties through the WebControl API
    Fixed! UE-78237 LiveLink - Assert using Interpolated Mode on Animation Role
    Fixed! UE-78226 OCIO not working with -game
    Fixed! UE-78123 Non thread safe access of MediaQueue can cause crash
    Fixed! UE-78178 Log Spam 'ImportText (LiveLinkSubjectName): Missing opening parenthesis:' when using Evaluate Live Link Frame node
    Fixed! UE-78228 LiveLink Deprecation Path - Special case where a source is not remove his subject before readding the same subject.
    Fixed! UE-77291 MayaLiveLink Plugin and MobuLiveLink plugin are not built in the same workspace path with Visual Studio
    Fixed! UE-78281 Fixed deadlock when using cluster events
    Fixed! UE-78222 Missing LiveLink data view options from the livelink window
    Fixed! UE-78295 Timecode synchronizer is too slow in its current implementation
    Fixed! UE-78218 Marker Traces are not visible for Clients in Multi-User session
    Fixed! UE-78182 LiveLink does not update in PIE after establishing a connection
    Fixed! UE-78224 Crash with the color picker of Composure
    Fixed! UE-78437 Add node comments for VPUtilities BP Spawn Nodes (Transient vs Non-Transient)
    Fixed! UE-78452 Apple Pro Res - Update the encoder with the proper color science
    Fixed! UE-78355 LiveLink - Bring fixes make on special project at Siggraph
    Fixed! UE-78384 Need nDisplay changes from Quokka
    Fixed! UE-76891 Unable to run BuildMayaPlugin.bat in Github Workspace, Cannot open include file: 'maya/MObject.h': No such file or directory
    Fixed! UE-78277 Added command line argument to override udpmessaging transport unicast and multicast endpoint
    Fixed! UE-77794 Disabling OculusVR or SteamVR plugins on binary BP projects causes packaging errors for Windows
    Fixed! UE-77518 HandheldAR template crashes on device after multiple rotations, Assertion failed: IsImmediate() && IsInRenderingThread() [File:/RHICommandList.cpp] [Line: 1640]
    Fixed! UE-78077 Editor will not load after enabling WMR plugin - "Failed to preload WindowsMixedRealityHMD.dll"
    Fixed! UE-75974 ARKit - Camera passthrough is skewed (squashed)
    Fixed! UE-75910 Lumin with desktop rendering renders black screen/debug info on Magic Leap
    Fixed! UE-73467 Crash with Assertion failed shortly after launching packaged First Person CPP project on Oculus Mobile - Referencing SparseArray.h:86/87
    Fixed! UE-78171 Package does not load using Vulkan on Oculus Quest
    Fixed! UE-77549 Mobile Multi-View 4.23 preview regression
    Fixed! UE-77456 HoloLens - Missing binaries to package for HL2
    Fixed! UE-78449 Enable SSL & OpenSSL modules on Lumin
    Fixed! UE-78450 Fixes for tracking to world space transform for Magic Leap
    Fixed! UE-75160 Hololens 1 remoting does not connect
    Fixed! UE-78105 Ensure occurs after opening a project with OpenXR plugin enabled
    Fixed! UE-78167 Oculus Plugin Content - Oculus RiftS Controller - Roughness Mask not connected in material
    Fixed! UE-78248 Crash when after closing the editor with Google VR plugin enabled
    Fixed! UE-78249 Duplicate call to EnumerateExtensions during setup of OpenXR plugin
    Fixed! UE-76506 Blank project fails to package for HoloLens with signing error
    Fixed! UE-78120 Crash Importing a udatasmith the share the same name as the level ...UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 2320] Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths

    Fixed in Preview 6
    Fixed! UE-54099 Morph Target Sets to Zero When Transitioning From 1 to -1 Causing Flickering
    Fixed! UE-78606 Reverb outputs unwanted noise when switching settings
    Fixed! UE-78607 Reverb does not process multi-channel sources
    Fixed! UE-59436 GitHub 4749 : Add initialize for FAudioDevice::FCreateComponentParams::bAutoDestroy (to true)
    Fixed! UE-56025 Mouse decorator shows prohibitive icon when dragging sound waves into sound cue graph
    Fixed! UE-67382 SoundWaves are never garbage-collected on under 4-core devices.
    Fixed! UE-55814 GitHub 4540 : Reverb isn't updated when volume changes
    Fixed! UE-55024 GitHub 4489 : Small fix to Spatialization Plugin Settings tooltip
    Fixed! UE-78608 SoundClass' Default 2DReverb Send Amount is ignored. The Project Settings one is adhered to (but ignored in Preview)
    Fixed! UE-62093 LuminSample: LaunchOn error: Acoustic Material does not exist. Returning Transparent Material
    Fixed! UE-78659 GTLF - Material error when importing scene with 4k texture - Sampler requires non-VirtualTexture
    Fixed! UE-78346 Wrong sampler type when importing 4k Texture using Content Material through Datasmith
    Fixed! UE-78415 Incorrect transform with Datasmith Deltagen FBX Importer
    Fixed! UE-78439 MDL import - issue when importing 4k textures - imported as Virtual texture
    Fixed! UE-78524 Warning packaging on Mac: mono 5.0 or greater exists but msbuild not found
    Fixed! UE-78400 Several unexpected ApexClothing and Google Files found in Binary build
    Fixed! UE-77533 All geometry fractures immediately in ChaosExamples_fields
    Fixed! UE-77399 Debug Draw colors for geometry collection actors update slowly
    Fixed! UE-75983 Crash adding a geometry collection to the level
    Fixed! UE-76475 Saving changes to the Pillar geometry collections in the ChaosDestructionDemo takes a long time
    Fixed! UE-77631 Poor performance triggering demos in ChaosExamples_Niagara
    Fixed! UE-77552 Some Match3 sprites rendering incorrectly
    Fixed! UE-78458 Error message says ES2 instead of ES3.1 after opening Android app set to Vulkan on an Android 7
    Fixed! UE-77927 Regression: Android Media Player Material - Plays on flipped normal
    Fixed! UE-71988 UMG Widget Blueprint Safe Zone doesn't include Galaxy S10 / S10e sizes
    Fixed! UE-77452 Decal doesn't alternate colors when sort order is changed
    Fixed! UE-75676 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FBatchingSPDI::DrawMesh(FMeshBatch const &,float) [PrimitiveSceneInfo.cpp:59]
    Fixed! UE-77812 EngineTest is crashing with CmdListNumCommands == NumCommands in OpenGL
    Fixed! UE-78694 DOF settings enabled from post process volume that where not using Circle method yet had focal distance set
    Fixed! UE-71482 AMD Vega 64 - Screen Flickering when running with -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-74656 Draw to Render Target Android Regression
    Fixed! UE-78687 Disable VT by default
    Fixed! UE-78304 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UStaticMeshComponent::HasLightmapTextureCoordinates() [StaticMeshComponent.cpp:2051]
    Fixed! UE-78720 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FMeshBatch::PreparePrimitiveUniformBuffer(FPrimitiveSceneProxy const *,ERHIFeatureLevel::Type) [SceneManagement.cpp:1075]
    Fixed! UE-77310 Severe hitching in SimpleComposure sequence
    Fixed! UE-77381 GUID warnings when building lighting in a level with movable lights
    Fixed! UE-78046 Sorted Materials in Ray Tracing not reflected properly
    Fixed! UE-77894 Engine Test - Handled Ensure running PostProcessing, Lens_DepthofField_Circle
    Fixed! UE-77728 Niagara map in Content Examples is not rendering particles in example 3.4 with -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-73088 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!MetalCommandBufferFailureInvalidResource(mtlpp::CommandBuffer const&) [MetalCommandList.cpp:110]
    Fixed! UE-78147 4.22.1 Crash in FVulkanResourceMultiBuffer::Lock
    Fixed! UE-76114 "Show Selected Nodes Only" does not work.
    Fixed! UE-78589 Spawnable Camera Rig Rail not saving changes to the spline
    Fixed! UE-78503 BSP's do not update when sliding transform boxes in details
    Fixed! UE-78445 FBX - import fails to connect 4k texture to material - TextureSample> Sampler type is Color, should be Virtual Color
    Fixed! UE-78254 Crash exporting animation sequence to fbx (vEngine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers/Array.h] [Line: 614] Array index out of bounds: 118 from an array of size 118)
    Fixed! UE-78514 Assertion Failed when attempting to add a preview component on a Landscape
    Fixed! UE-78403 Assert restoring with DisasterRecovery after creating an Autosave
    Fixed! UE-78489 Disaster recovery depends on delegate execution order to recover
    Fixed! UE-78457 Live Link data can not be undone in Sequencer Curve Editor
    Fixed! UE-78189 Crash exiting PIE referencing SharedPointer.h Line: 851
    Fixed! UE-78182 LiveLink does not update in PIE after establishing a connection
    Fixed! UE-78163 Media Player indicates video decoding is set on CPU
    Fixed! UE-78542 FileMediaCapture: The file names are padded with spaces.
    Fixed! UE-78506 MotionBuilder LiveLink plugins are out of date
    Fixed! UE-78470 QAGame fails to compile when opened - 'FLiveLinkTimeSyncTestSource::IsSourceValid': method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods
    Fixed! UE-78529 Discrepancy between UDP command arg and tooltip
    Fixed! UE-75754 Dev-VR - Hololens 2 - Remoting to device then running pie crashes
    Fixed! UE-77780 HoloLens - Editor does not prompt restart when enabling "Enable Remoting for Editor (requires restart)"
    Fixed! UE-78478 HoloLens - Auto SDK toggle crashes editor on disable with less than 3 available sdks

    Fixed in Preview 7
    Fixed! UE-78919 Pose Snapshot variables do not appear as an option in Snapshot Pose node's Snapshot pin in a level blueprint
    Fixed! UE-74873 AnimCurveCompressionSettings is reset to CompressedRichCurve at editor startup
    Fixed! UE-78921 Error: EditCondition parsing failed: Field name "bAllowLoop" was not found in class "AnimNode_Trail" when viewing a Trail Controller in Anim Graph
    Fixed! UE-77906 OSC Module cannot be compiled
    Fixed! UE-77240 Crash launching AudioQA package referencing IPv4Endpoint.h:105
    Fixed! UE-78797 TimeSynthClip's bApplyFadeOut ignored
    Fixed! UE-78798 TimeSynthClip plays burst of audio if clip duration is 0
    Fixed! UE-78799 Audio capture component doesn't allow analysis when volume set to 0
    Fixed! UE-78778 Audio: Envelope Follower: Submix Envelope BP is not functioning in packaged builds
    Fixed! UE-78779 Assert when playing 2 channel audio with google resonance
    Fixed! UE-78469 Stop Quietest Concurrency rule fails to eject active sounds when a previously ejected sound becomes the louder sound
    Fixed! UE-73481 Assertion failed after closing project on Oculus Mobile - Referencing AudioMixerSourceManager.cpp:300
    Fixed! UE-78909 Normalized stereo feature results in incorrect volume scaling
    Fixed! UE-78874 Audio: Looping PCM sounds are not seamless
    Fixed! UE-77229 Audio Device isn't Overriding Windows Default Device when Select inside a Project
    Fixed! UE-78767 Quadraphonic surround files play out of the incorrect speakers
    Fixed! UE-78331 Cook on the Fly Launch Ons frequently exit abruptly on game start up
    Fixed! UE-78135 Material overrides are not reapplied after commit of an empty graph
    Fixed! UE-78673 Problem in Datasmith glTF animation transform when only rotation is animated
    Fixed! UE-78745 Crash importing glb file with datasmith glTF importer
    Fixed! UE-78689 Code projects prompt Engine Version Mismatch when 'Always open last project on Startup' is enabled
    Fixed! UE-75382 Crash launching the UnrealFrontend.exe referencing TargetPlatformBase.h Line 132
    Fixed! UE-78832 RunUAT.command SyncProject -cl=### -clean fails with "ERROR: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/UE4/Release-4.23/*.uprojectdirs'."
    Fixed! UE-78826 RunUAT.bat Syncproject -cl=### -clean fails with "ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path."
    Fixed! UE-78812 RunUAT.bat Syncproject -cl=### -project=QAGame\QAGame.uproject -build fails due to "Path '\\UE4\Release-4.23\QAGame\...' is not under client's root"
    Fixed! UE-78284 Blueprint Class must be Loaded Before it can be Selected In Construct Node
    Fixed! UE-78624 Crash saving PinTest_UMG
    Fixed! UE-78813 GitHub 6116 : Fix Dead Zone calculation
    Fixed! UE-75850 Cluster collision not working properly.
    Fixed! UE-79025 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UStaticMesh::ContainsPhysicsTriMeshData(bool) [StaticMesh.cpp:5216]
    Fixed! UE-76744 Kinematic GCs can’t be field-switched to a dynamic state.
    Fixed! UE-78133 Crash fracturing a geometry collection actor while simulating
    Fixed! UE-78017 Array out of bounds crash when undoing a fracture with bones selected
    Fixed! UE-75836 Chaos object types do not have an icon
    Fixed! UE-78549 Crash deselecting a multi-selected bone after simulating
    Fixed! UE-78989 Frequent crash breaking a cache "Record and Play" with fields
    Fixed! UE-78949 Geometry Collections Example Kiosk 1D - Hidden Collision activates and breaks sim.
    Fixed! UE-64290 Failed to register input back buffer crash when opening a project with PixelStreaming on Windows 7
    Fixed! UE-66356 Fatal Error opening a project packaged with Pixel Steaming plugin enabled - Assertion failed: DllHandle != nullptr - AMD GPU
    Fixed! UE-78933 Use -fno-pie when using clang 8.0 or higher
    Fixed! UE-78660 Editor crashes when copying from the output log
    Fixed! UE-77407 Using xcode-select to switch between Xcode 10 and Xcode 11 beta can cause Xcode 11 to be unrecognized by the editor
    Fixed! UE-77295 Mobile platforms render overly bright
    Fixed! UE-78912 Android Copy Issue with Shipping Builds
    Fixed! UE-56031 Logs on IOS are writing on top of the previous log
    Fixed! UE-78426 Rare sudden crash in editor after launching
    Fixed! UE-79037 OBB files per architecture are not unique so Play Store flags it when uploading for different store versions
    Fixed! UE-78966 HTML5 code projects fail to package for Shipping configuration from Mac
    Fixed! UE-77015 iOS / tvOS fails to package from Mac for explicitly named mobile provisions
    Fixed! UE-78896 GitHub 6120 : Component changes for NVIDIA USD plugin.
    Fixed! UE-78959 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FVirtualTexture2DResource::GetTileSize() [Texture2D.cpp:2109]
    Fixed! UE-78676 Virtual Texturing: Setting the Maximum Texture Size on a Virtual Texture Below the Virtual Texture Tile Size Crashes the Editor
    Fixed! UE-78595 Virtual Texturing: Importing a 16k Texture with Crunch Compression Crashes While Building the Virtual Texture
    Fixed! UE-78586 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FAllocatedVirtualTexture::Release(FVirtualTextureSystem *) [AllocatedVirtualTexture.cpp:132]
    Fixed! UE-78846 Virtual Texturing: Importing Texture Above Auto Virtual Texturing Size with Virtual Texture Support Disabled Labels Textures with VT
    Fixed! UE-78867 Key bindings no longer work in the niagara script editor.
    Fixed! UE-78756 Crash when undoing and redoing emitter duplication
    Fixed! UE-78752 Niagara: VectorLength.uasset in 4.23 can't be loaded due to being saved in a newer engine version
    Fixed! UE-71111 Niagara crashes in a packaged game
    Fixed! UE-78997 Change default RTGI settings
    Fixed! UE-78922 RTAO does not have a post processing volume setting to enable/disable it
    Fixed! UE-78920 Decouple ray tracing ambient occlusion from ray tracing global illumination
    Fixed! UE-79055 Adding tiling support to ray tracing global illumination pass.
    Fixed! UE-78143 [Landscape] Crash occurs while creating a landscape with DX12 RHI
    Fixed! UE-76115 Assert on PIE in TM-ShaderModels: GD3D11RHI->GetQueryData(Query->Resource, &Query->Result, sizeof(Query->Result), Query->QueryType, true, false)
    Fixed! UE-77871 Content Examples crashes on open in DX12 on Haswell machine
    Fixed! UE-78859 Crash when entering PIE with a dirty Widget BP animation track
    Fixed! UE-78741 Sequencer Is Paused always returns false
    Fixed! UE-78878 Crash when deleting an actor in sequencer with the context menu open during PIE
    Fixed! UE-78875 Crash occurs when converting a possessable skeletal mesh actor to a spawnable skeletal mesh actor without opening level associated with the level sequence
    Fixed! UE-78837 Right-Clicking in a Curve Graph is Displaying Key Options and on a Key is Displaying Curve Options
    Fixed! UE-78791 Multi Selecting keys in a UMG Animation Timeline fails selecting only the top most row
    Fixed! UE-78829 Replacing bound widget with another widget breaks binding in a widget animation
    Fixed! UE-78721 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::PostInitProperties() [UObjectGlobals.cpp:2494]
    Fixed! UE-79042 Sequence does not start playing from the start once it reaches the end of the sequence
    Fixed! UE-78965 First frame after the first loop is evaluated as part of the first loop on an Animation Section
    Fixed! UE-79078 Crash adding a section to a Live Link Track
    Fixed! UE-79004 Movie Rendered with Use Separate Process ignores sequence frame rate and uses the Custom Frame rate even if disabled
    Fixed! UE-78860 Crash when adding a sequence with 0 duration
    Fixed! UE-78880 Crash when using Get Start/End Frame (Seconds) node with MovieSceneSection have no opened bound
    Fixed! UE-78686 Blueprint projects Crash on Open when 'Always open last project on Startup' is enabled
    Fixed! UE-78585 Substance asset install prompt does not occur when attempting to create a substance when plugin is not installed.
    Fixed! UE-78792 Crash occurs when removing a sub level containing Compositing Layers from the Persistent Level
    Fixed! UE-78019 [CrashReport] FPackageName::FilenameToLongPackageName(FString const &) [PackageName.cpp:403]
    Fixed! UE-79028 Assert loading a level with Load Level in Editor Utility Widgets
    Fixed! UE-78897 GitHub 6121 : Editor changes for NVIDIA USD plugin.
    Fixed! UE-62743 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UWorld::GetCurrentLevel() [world.cpp:6377]
    Fixed! UE-78888 QAGame TM-RuntimeVirtualTextures level not rendering correctly
    Fixed! UE-78462 Help is not being translated when switching languages in Editor preferences
    Fixed! UE-78902 Language Settings - zh-CN to zh-Hans for 4.23 and Main for Editor
    Fixed! UE-78908 No default project name when creating a new project in Korean language
    Fixed! UE-78680 Unable to create a local installed build due to disaster recovery files failing to copy
    Fixed! UE-78863 nDisplay Blueprints failing to compile
    Fixed! UE-78862 nDisplay asset error "saved with newer engine version"
    Fixed! UE-75449 Crash calling Python implemented event function from an Editor Utility Widget
    Fixed! UE-52286 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Slate!FSlateApplication::DrawWindowAndChildren() [slateapplication.cpp:1213]
    Fixed! UE-78633 Ensure occurs "!PreviewSlateWidgetWeak.IsValid()" when selecting the canvas panel while changing a widget name.
    Fixed! UE-78632 Widget Blueprint and Editor Utility icons is using Blueprint Class icon
    Fixed! UE-78839 Replacing a missing Bound Object in UMG Timeline crashes the editor
    Fixed! UE-66995 Ensure condition !IsGarbageCollecting() fails in SObjectWidget destructor.
    Fixed! UE-78637 MayaLiveLinkUI is not not displayed with Maya 2016
    Fixed! UE-78817 Closing a Shipping Build of QAGame crashes the client - FLiveLinkMessageBusDiscoveryManager
    Fixed! UE-78765 LiveLink Deprecation - Assert with Custom plugin-Assertion failed: InStaticData->PropertyNames.Num() == InAnimData->PropertyValues.Num() [File:/Engine/Source/Runtime/LiveLinkInterface/Private/Roles/LiveLinkAnimationBlueprintStructs.cpp] [Line: 25]
    Fixed! UE-78754 MediaProfile - Allow user to override the base asset to add their own settings
    Fixed! UE-78923 Remote Control API
    Fixed! UE-78916 Hololens d3d device loss
    Fixed! UE-78695 FOpenXRHMD::FinishRendering() ensure/crash if editor dropdown clicked in session
    Fixed! UE-78600 Play/Simulate fails to transition back to VR Mode
    Fixed! UE-78587 Dynamic Directional Light shadows only render in the Left Eye of the HMD
    Fixed! UE-78571 Application crash when launching on to Lumin with Desktop rendering
    Fixed! UE-78848 Disconnect between the scale of the real world and the scale on HoloLens
    Fixed! UE-78717 AudioCaptureMLAudio crashes due to bad merge
    Fixed! UE-79051 Crash starting PIE more than once with OpenXR plugin
    Fixed! UE-78604 HoloLens: Static lights not rendering on geometry in packaged projects
    Fixed! UE-78915 HoloLens - Packaged apps sometimes crash on launch
    Fixed! UE-78843 OpenXR error conversion type mismatch

    Fixed in Preview 8
    Fixed! UE-79033 Tones do not cease playing, causing rapidly cycling sounds
    Fixed! UE-79311 Audio: Sound Submix: Crash when modifying Output Volume on a Sound Submix with an Effect applied
    Fixed! UE-73260 Gear VR fails to launch packaged projects on a Device when Enterprise is enabled for the project
    Fixed! UE-79034 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-DataprepEditor!FMulticastDelegateBase<FWeakObjectPtr>::CompactInvocationList(bool) [MulticastDelegateBase.h:169]
    Fixed! UE-79150 Android APK size ~200 MB larger than previous versions of the engine (blank project)
    Fixed! UE-79223 UE - Child Actor Component creates a zombie child actor in the World when delete is Undone
    Fixed! UE-79220 Child actor changes name on load
    Fixed! UE-79131 LogStreaming Warning "Failed to read file 'ChaosSolver_16x.png' error" when opening Template projects
    Fixed! UE-79036 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12DynamicRHI::LockBuffer<FD3D12VertexBuffer>(FRHICommandListImmediate *,FD3D12VertexBuffer *,unsigned int,unsigned int,EResourceLockMode) [D3D12Buffer.cpp:294] - GeometryCollection
    Fixed! UE-78999 Max collision particles are set too low.
    Fixed! UE-79154 Clicking in Fracture Editor outliner blank space crashes editor.
    Fixed! UE-66355 Assertion Fails when opening project with PixelStreaming: Unable to open NvEnc encoding session - AMD GPU
    Fixed! UE-79043 Editors in Environments that can't load PixelStreaming, can't package a game with the PixelStreaming plugin enabled
    Fixed! UE-77815 Log Spam - IOS device listing is disabled (to many failed attempts)!
    Fixed! UE-74107 HTML5 server crash after multiple connection attempts
    Fixed! UE-77599 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-IOSTargetPlatform!FDeviceQueryTask::Run() [IOSDeviceHelperWindows.cpp:85]
    Fixed! UE-79063 Crash when an HTML5 client connects to a Host
    Fixed! UE-70472 GitHub 5571 : Return status code in http response callback in HTML5 builds
    Fixed! UE-79040 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!ProcessCompiledGlobalShaders(TArray<FShaderCommonCompileJob *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > const &) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4597]
    Fixed! UE-77371 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12DescriptorCache::SetUAVs<3>(FD3D12RootSignature const *,FD3D12UnorderedAccessViewCache &,unsigned short const &,unsigned int,unsigned int &) [D3D12DescriptorCache.cpp:333]
    Fixed! UE-79165 Runtime Virtual Texture Volume Not Binding Correctly After Floor Source Actor is Rotated
    Fixed! UE-79039 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FHitProxyMeshProcessor::AddMeshBatch(FMeshBatch const &,unsigned __int64,FPrimitiveSceneProxy const *,int) [SceneHitProxyRendering.cpp:654]
    Fixed! UE-79175 Runtime Virtual Texture Volume does not appear when searching for it in the modes panel
    Fixed! UE-79180 Editor Crashes After Painting Virtual Texture and Moving It Across Geometry
    Fixed! UE-79134 Deletion of NiagaraSystemInstance: bNotifyOnCompletion modified after the class instance has already been deleted.
    Fixed! UE-79026 Emitters at display 3.4 in Content Examples Niagara map are not rendering
    Fixed! UE-79129 Quadro GPUs not loading Niagara GPU Particles
    Fixed! UE-78305 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12DynamicRHI::CreateStructuredBuffer_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate &,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int,FRHIResourceCreateInfo &) [D3D12StructuredBuffer.cpp:33]
    Fixed! UE-79045 Crash using Ray Tracing with mGPU virtualization - Assertion Failed: Enclosing block should never be called
    Fixed! UE-79059 Ray Traced Translucency Option Doesn't Function in Post Process Volume
    Fixed! UE-79167 Composure fails with Ray Tracing enabled
    Fixed! UE-68239 Add support for objects that do not cast shadows
    Fixed! UE-78588 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FHaltonSequenceIteration::InitRHI() [Halton.cpp:79]
    Fixed! UE-72117 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-D3D12RHI!FD3D12Viewport::PresentChecked(int) [D3D12Viewport.cpp:492]
    Fixed! UE-77728 Niagara map in Content Examples is not rendering particles in example 3.4 with -vulkan
    Fixed! UE-79231 FRHIGPUTextureReadback stall the renderthread waiting on RHI threads
    Fixed! UE-76115 Assert on PIE in TM-ShaderModels: GD3D11RHI->GetQueryData(Query->Resource, &Query->Result, sizeof(Query->Result), Query->QueryType, true, false)
    Fixed! UE-77873 Engine Test - Crash in Rendering Thread while running Editor with -OpenGL4
    Fixed! UE-78988 Projects ran through xcode 11 Assert on PIE with: Shader uses texture(OutVelocityFlatTexture[1]) as read-write
    Fixed! UE-78875 Crash occurs when converting a possessable skeletal mesh actor to a spawnable skeletal mesh actor without opening level associated with the level sequence
    Fixed! UE-78876 Using RecordTake command does not play animations
    Fixed! UE-79228 User interaction lost with the Sequencer Curve Editor Transform tool after a curve is deselected
    Fixed! UE-78938 UI Flashes when selecting the different tracks in a Widget Animation
    Fixed! UE-79230 Sequencer Curve Editor Vertical Snapping default settings are more aggressive than intended
    Fixed! UE-78939 Nothing happens when selecting Create Pose Asset from Sequencer context menu
    Fixed! UE-79168 Ensure when dragging keys outside Sequencer Curve window bounds with the transform tool, OutputMax > OutputMin [CurveEditorScreenSpace.h] [Line: 98]
    Fixed! UE-79316 Crash when copying Sequencer Animation Track
    Fixed! UE-79125 Landscape Foliage does not render in TM-VRSmoke
    Fixed! UE-78913 HLOD System - Rebuilding Medium HLODs sometimes results in bad textures
    Fixed! UE-79211 Crash When Building HLODs
    Fixed! UE-78899 GitHub 6123 : Texture changes for NVIDIA USD plugin.
    Fixed! UE-79096 GitHub 6138 : Texture changes for NVIDIA USD plugin.
    Fixed! UE-79022 Moving Objects with Surface Snapping Enabled Causes Major Offset
    Fixed! UE-64538 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Landscape.dylib!FLandscapeComponentSceneProxy::CalculateBatchElementLOD()
    Fixed! UE-79212 Broken normals when using runtime virtual texture BaseColor+Normal format
    Fixed! UE-79309 Material Instance Editor can crash if Expression is null
    Fixed! UE-78737 Crash occurs on Mac when closing the editor after building lighting and saving built lighting data
    Fixed! UE-79330 HDRI Backdrop is not displaying at runtime
    Fixed! UE-78973 Virtual Studio Sample Needs Plugin for 4.23
    Fixed! UE-79327 Crash in livelink when activating/deactivating subjects in Mobu with old plugin
    Fixed! UE-79320 LiveLink - Crash on stage when the number of curves changes dynamicly
    Fixed! UE-72102 Magic Leap warning during launch on: FMagicLeapHMD::EnablePrivileges
    Fixed! UE-79132 Late Update Race condition in UMotionControllerComponent::SendRenderTransform_Concurrent
    Fixed! UE-77564 HoloLens 2 doesn't support speech when remoting
    Fixed! UE-78960 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-OculusAvatar!UOvrAvatarGazeTarget::BeginDestroy() [OvrAvatarGazeTarget.cpp:68]
    Fixed! UE-78294 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-OculusEditor!SOculusPlatformToolWidget::SOculusPlatformToolWidget() [OculusPlatformToolWidget.cpp:30]
    Fixed! UE-78917 Add a new OpenXR Input binding UI
    Fixed! UE-77905 //UE4/Release-4.23 Automation Test Failed (Char - System.Core.Misc.Char)
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    Virtual Texturing

    Thank you Unreal gods.


      Thx a lot looking forward to test it out


        Awesome update incoming, big thanks to everyone who worked on this!

        Quick question, regarding:

        Material Editor Updates. In this release we improved the workflow in the Material Editor and Material Instance Editor, and increased scriptability for Materials and Material Instances
        Can someone expand on this? What in the workflow is being improved, what is being changed/added to affect scriptability?


          Originally posted by hippowombat View Post
          Awesome update incoming, big thanks to everyone who worked on this!

          Quick question, regarding:

          Can someone expand on this? What in the workflow is being improved, what is being changed/added to affect scriptability?
          There will be much more detail on this for the full release notes - but there was overall a burst update to the Material and Material Instance editors, with additional functionality aimed at navigating material hierarchies, etc. The fundamental workflow is the same. We also exposed more information about materials through script-available functions.


            Originally posted by Shadow.Storm View Post

            There will be much more detail on this for the full release notes - but there was overall a burst update to the Material and Material Instance editors, with additional functionality aimed at navigating material hierarchies, etc. The fundamental workflow is the same. We also exposed more information about materials through script-available functions.
            That sounds awesome, thanks for the quick response and doubly thanks for all the hard work!


              Any documentation for the Virtual Texturing feature would be great. So I can give feedback during the preview phase.


                I noticed a lot of crashes when using the material editor with ray tracing turned on, is part of the improvements for material editor around this issue?


                  Great work, thanks. And I couldnt get Chaos to work . A brief explanation would be perfect. Btw, I built it from the source


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                    Great work, thanks. And I couldnt get Chaos to work . A brief explanation would be perfect. Btw, I built it from the source
                    same for me. Every time I click “fracture” on a static mesh, it freezes then later crashes.


                      • Skin Weight Profiles. The new Skin Weight Profile system enables you to override the original Skin Weights that are stored with a Skeletal Mesh.

                      I'm very curious how this works.
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                        I couldnt even find the fracture, where is it?
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                        same for me. Every time I click “fracture” on a static mesh, it freezes then later crashes.


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                          I noticed a lot of crashes when using the material editor with ray tracing turned on, is part of the improvements for material editor around this issue?
                          I can only speak to my changes which were more workflow based, but the full release notes will be the best place to check for more comprehensive information about 4.23 updates.


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                            same for me. Every time I click “fracture” on a static mesh, it freezes then later crashes.
                            Did you convert static meshes to Geometry Collection first? In the Chaos demo videos Epic Games released months ago they first created Geometry Collection grouping static mesh actors...


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                              I couldnt even find the fracture, where is it?
                              mesh editor tool.